LeToya’s Album Set For June 2008 Release

Published: Thursday 27th Dec 2007 by Sam
LeToya LuckettR&B star LeToya’s sophomore album has been confirmed for a June 10th 2008 release. The news may come as somewhat of a disappointment to her fans, as the singer has been quoted as saying that the album was set to drop at the start of 2008. Interestingly the album is listed as being released under Virgin Records; however it’s doubtful there’s much to that as LeToya’s label Capitol and Virgin recently merged. {Source}
Though I’m all for LeToya and the label making sure the album is ‘right’ (I’m assuming this is the reason for the delay), it is kinda risky for her to be out of the limelight for so long.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Myke December 27, 2007

    I think this is great idea..enough time and correct timing all the janets and mariahs wil be out the way..the alicia and mjb albums would die down by then…but she has to be careful cuz beyonce will be releasing summer 08 i bet!

  2. Anonymous December 27, 2007

    Beyonce will be released in June as well. I read it last week on another blog.

  3. Anonymous December 28, 2007

    is she trying to look like Aaliyah???
    anyways i think beyonce will kill her in albums sells if beyonce releases it the same month
    im not even a beyonce fan but its the truth

  4. Brooklyn_Swagga347 December 28, 2007

    I wish people would stop comparing any of the new or old members of destinys child to beyoncé, letoya is her own artist and so is kelly rowland I’m soooo tired of hearing people compare kelly and Bee. And I’m tired of people blaming beyoncé for everything. Let kelly and letoya be their own artists sheeesh! Go on letoya, yo mama is my homie! Shouts out to Miss Pam! Git it guuurrrrl!

  5. Smile December 28, 2007

    hey brooklyn_swagga397 we weren’t comparing Letoya and Beyonce. We just said that it’s the month when Beyonce will release her album and she will beat Letoya because she sells better!!!!! nothing else!!! ok!

  6. YaChi December 28, 2007

    How does anyone assume Beyonce is going to “kill” her in album sales? What is this based on? Beyonce didn’t even out sell DC and the second album didn’t sell as well as the first so again what is this based on?

    Letoya is the ONLY other DC to go straight to #1. Not even Kelly did that well. Letoya was also out of the limelight for 6 years so that is saying something.

    People are going to compare all of DC including Michelle when she drops her R&B album next year as well.

    I personally think that is what’s wrong with the music industry amongst other things, no competition. They only release when there is a high probability of being #1 the first week out.

    Any who, if they both drop at the same time, cool. Both of them need to step their game up, especially Beyonce because the majority will be comparing them whether people like it or not. DeJaVu was wack as hell my opinion. Irreplaceable saved that album IMO and opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.

  7. Anonymous December 28, 2007

    acutally kelly’s first debut album sold more than letoyas last album the only reason it sounds like she did better is because she hit #1 and her number of shipments

  8. Anonymous December 28, 2007

    Yachi said LeToya did better than Kelly. Letoya did have a number one album but her album only sold 1 million copies while kelly’s sold 2.5 million copies. Kelly had Stole which hit number 27 yet torn only hit number 31. Dilemma was number one (yes it does count as kelly’s song because its a duet.) and she’s also had Can’t Nody. Kelly had three songs from her first album chart but had four singles while LeToya had two singles which hit 31 an 102 so I would’nt say Letoya did better than Kelly.

  9. YaChi December 28, 2007

    It depends on if you are going by worldwide sales or just US sales.

    Kelly’s first album sold 2.6 mill with only 600K sold in the US. The 2 mill came from overseas.

    I haven’t found any info regarding Letoya’s worldwide sales so you may be correct. However, Toya has sold 1.5 mill in the US market.

    Point I was trying to make is I want more than what we’ve been getting from all of these artists.
    Give me some great music and not this Pop crap that doesn’t say anything any day.

  10. Anonymous December 28, 2007

    but kelly sold more
    and won a grammy which in letoya’s case she hasen’t even been nominated 4 nothing

  11. Anonymous December 28, 2007

    Letoya didn’t sell a million coppies..she shipped them. 450K are collecting DUST on the shelves.

    beyoncé will eclipse her once again!

  12. Melissa December 29, 2007

    Here ya’ll go comparing yet another artist to Beyonce. Anyway, I hope her album is realeased first and Beyonce releases her album in November like I read on her site so ya’ll don’t go off on the mouth saying “oh Beyonce sabatoged her b/c she released her album right after” And if Letoya still don’t sale, who ya’ll gona blame then?

  13. YaChi December 29, 2007

    Right again Anonymous. However, that was with Dilemmma. Not to take anything away from her, but she can’t seem to do anything without a collabo effort.

    Sorry Melissa, yes we are getting into the comparisons again. I was talking to people who came on this thread talking about Beyonce killing Letoya in sales and I feel that isn’t backed up by anything. Read a few post up.

    Any who, my entire point again is I want these artist to step up. Today’s music sucks big time and the numbers speak for themselves. Nobody is selling like before and it’s not all due to downloading. The musical content has no substance and everybody is talking about the same thing, what they got, who they screwing/who screwed them over, blah, blah, blah.

    Where are the Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On, Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five The Message, the Tracey Spencer’s with This House. Nobody is talking about jack ish.

  14. Anonymous December 29, 2007

    u just made your self look stupid because letoya will never be kelly or beyonce

  15. Anonymous December 30, 2007

    ^Good why would LeToya aspire to be like Kelly or Beyonce? It would just make LeToya a selfish person just like Beyonce and Kelly were to their friends. LeToya is her own person and will succeed on her own merit. The fact it took 2-3 comments about how Beyonce will eclipse her sells, shows some fear of LeToya possibly becoming the next big thang to hit music. And if LeToya is pushing her album back in order to make it her personal best, IMO that is the definition of what an artist is. If I remember correctly someone did not give their personal best by creating an LP in 2 weeks (left many fans dissapointed).

    U made a very valid statement Yachi, music is not what it used to be…timeless.

    I don’t know if I believe Sam’s sources yet until LeToyaonline says otherwise. Either way Stans making comparisons is not going to stop me from buying LeToya’s album. Her first was good, the next one will be great.

  16. YaChi December 30, 2007

    Anonymous, what was the point of you calling me out of my name?!?!?! You can’t have an intelligent conversation without resulting to childish tactics?!?!? Your mother didn’t raise you any better than that?!?!?!

    Letoya has made it clear she doesn’t want to be Beyonce or Kelly. I don’t know if your pee brain ass has heard the new Swagger joint, but she is actually shouting Beyonce out and she sells her clothes in her boutique.

    These women don’t know any of us and this post is about Letoya’s new album, not Beyonce’s.

    If you don’t have something nice to say or can’t say anything without saying something unsubstantiated or incredibly stupid don’t say anything at all, dumb ass.

  17. Melissa December 30, 2007

    Just get over it. there cd’s are comming out at the same time, lets just let the album sales do the talking.

  18. Anonymous January 1, 2008

    Yachi and anonymous or whatever are very delusional. If u seriously think that a legend like Beyonce will be outsold by someone she’s always outshined then ya’ll are truly delusional. Everybody knows that Beyonce will outsell her and that’s a fact. Beyonce sold 6 mill off an album she made in 2 weeks. people like Letoya take years to make albums and don’t even sell half that much so shut the hell up ya’ll don’t even know what ya’ll talking about.

    For Letoya’s sake she better not release her album around Beyonce’s. Then Letoya really will flop.

  19. Anonymous January 1, 2008

    ^No…u need to shut the hell up, and know what ur talking about. The only reason Beyonce sold as much is becuz she re-release her album. It was not as good as her first LP (everybody, including u the delusional stan knows it). 2nd of all if u trully took the time to read what I said u would understand where I was coming from. Dumbass stans like u like to take time out of your schedule of kissing Beyonce’s asscheeks to call LeToya a failure. I simply think u r wrong. Beyonce tried before and LeToya still went platinum. And what I said still stands, U R SCARED cuz LeToya has potential to move units like ur idol. Otherwise u would not bother putting LeToya down just to boost up ur disgusting ego. U STFU and GROW UP!

    P.S. And for the record let all the delusional, insane, need help, immature, stans out there that r just like u know LeToya has fans too (not stans).

  20. Anonymous January 4, 2008

    ^^^^If anyone is a delusional stan it’s your ass. Beyonce didn’t have to TRY to sabotage Letoya. Letoya’s album went number 1 one time only b/c nobody else came out during that time. And she still only sold what Bey sells in two weeks. And FYI Know your FACTS b/c BDAY went double platinum BEFORE the rerelease you r***** so you’re the one who don’t know what they talking about. Also Irreplacable was such a huge hit that Bday actually had more success than DIL so you don’t speak for millions of people who say Bday is much better than DIL.

    Letoya is a DC reject and she will do low numbers. Even with Torn that b**** still couldn’t sell records. Beyonce fans don’t have nothing to worry about b/c she’s been the Queen for years just like Monique and others have said. If we was worried than Letoya of all people would be the LAST thang Bey fans would worry about.

    Look at Letoya’s numbers and compare them with Beyonce’s and you will have a nice laugh. Beyonce fans worried about Letoya? ROTFLMBAO You deserve a most delusional stan of the year for that s***. Holla at me when Letoya gets 50/11 commercials, 10 grammy’s, is first female artist of excellence, and the list goes on and on. When Letoya does even half the s*** that Bey has already done then you can mention her in the same sentence as Beyonce. LMAO @ the only Letoya stan on here.

  21. Anonymous January 5, 2008

    ^U r worried…u sick twisted pervert. January 4th and LeToya is still on ur mind. LMAO U NEED HELP! U R freaking LUNATIC! And I will HOLLA-BACK GURL=)

  22. Anonymous January 5, 2008

    I just realize something since some of u stans like to build a shrine around Beyonce. It must hurt some of the stans’ pride to see LeToya the so-called DC reject rise above all critics and Matthew Knowles to become a solo star all on her own. Her album is much anticipated for 2008..and for LeToya possibly going head to head with Beyonce might be bad for business on Beyonce’s part. Just think about it. Some of her stans r tired of her and to think LeToya has fans of her own…Whoa! I can see why u would call LeToya a b****. LeToya does not know the meaning of giving up or to back down.

    Never Say Never!

  23. Anonymous January 7, 2008

    ^^^^You are so sick and pathetic and it’s not even funny. I have never seen someone stan for Letoya so much in my life. Who knew Letoya Luckett had stans? LMAO And it’s a FACT that Beyonce is more successful than Letoya just check her stats. She’s the first female artist of excellence, sold 130 mill, 150 awards, 183 mag covers, the list goes on and on. And Beyonce must stay on your mind because you got upset that everybody was saying that Letoya won’t top Beyonce which she won’t I mean that’s a fact. Beyonce has a large fanbase so it’s quite obvious that she will sell better than Letoya who doesn’t have a large fanbase. So good luck I suggest you buy a bunch of her albums and stop comparing her to Beyonce b/c it will only make her look worse. LMAO Letoya Luckett of all people. That is just too hilarious. Well at least she can say she got 1 crazy stan. Good job! ROTFLMAO

  24. Anonymous January 7, 2008


  25. Anonymous January 8, 2008

    Dr.Phill can’t cure your disease. Wow! What a nutjob. This is too funny..lol What a waste of time on a fanatic. U proved time and time again that u r the #1 STAN. Coo..Coo..

    I just bet u like to go play house with a Beyonce doll in your closet. U playing Solange the sister. LMAO!

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