Brandy & Monica Perform ‘The Boy Is Mine’

Published: Thursday 18th Dec 2008 by Sam

Ten years after Brandy & Monica’s smash ‘The Boy Is Mine’ set alight the charts, the R&B stars reunited on stage to sing the song recently at Brandy’s showcase for Atlanta’s V103 radio station event. While it was a great for the nostalgia and what not, it kinda irked me as a) I would have preferred it be on a bigger platform – i.e. something televised and not some dingy club b) Monica’s ad-libbing (which I usually like) and over singing were borderline painful. Still, it’s wonderful seeing these two onstage together once again. Watching this takes me back to a time when the R&B scene was populated by actual talented artists.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    borderline painful? wtf are u talking about.. now if it was Rihanna id understand your point of view but monicas sings very well

  2. SMELLY YRUS December 18, 2008


  3. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    LOVED THE PERFORMANCE…upset i missed it for the damn atlanta hawks game smh.umm borderline painful? r u serious..did u really listen. I think ppl are stuck on these half ass singers that you forget what REAL singing is.

  4. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    I loved Brandy & Monica's peformance. I happy they reunited I can't wait for Mo's new cd & I love brandy's new cd too. I hope they do a tour together that would be blockbuster. Great job!

  5. Julez December 18, 2008

    Who cares! Happy 28th Birthday to Christina Aguilera!

  6. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    U really hating on Mo right now she held her own and then some. Brandy was the one holding back.

  7. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    ^^^^^^^Brandy was holding back bcuz on the original..she was supposed to not be extra on that part..lmfao..and monica was too extra for that..but I heard it's a longer vid out there somewhere and Brandy did her crispy runs & adlibs too…Still love both of my girls to death..But I know alot of people thinking that hitting high notes is singing but honey Monica was kinda off key and my music majors know what i'm talkin bout

  8. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    yeah, for a simple acapella, monica overdid it! she went off key when she tried to belt. And they didn’t really get to Brandy’s adlib section in this short clip.

    Oh well, I love both ladies and it’s great to have them perform together..

  9. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    i think they both did good Mo had a chance to shine because that was her part to do her thing and she did……HUMAN in stores now go get that!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous December 18, 2008


  11. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    i agree with sam

  12. Anonymous December 18, 2008

    haha yeah, now we have talentless btches like christina milian and kelly rowland these days. smh

  13. Jammie December 18, 2008

    Monica was a bit much but shows she is a better vocalist then Brandy. Brandy just is the princess of harmonizing to me.

  14. Anonymous December 19, 2008

    This pretty much shows you how the industry builds you up, then throws you in the crapper. This song spent 13 weeks at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and 11 weeks at number 1 on the United World Chart. It also won Brandy and Monica a Grammy. Now they both have s***** album sales and no one gives a crap about them. Brandy used to be well-liked outside of the urban crowd (think of her Cinderella days), but now she can only sell to the urban crowd.

  15. antertain December 19, 2008

    All i can say is i love em' both. Mo always the Diva and Bran the Princess but it works like butter on Bread. I jus excited to see them both on stage.
    Mo always on crazy ad-libs but was 2short to annoy me. I wanted to hear Bran Bran do her silky runs

    None of them have anything to prove & did u see how happy they both were on stage.
    These chicks & Aaliyah sent the trend on moving the urban scene forward as soloist and the all came out very young. Which artist comes out the age they did(12-15yo) and does well nowadays… Just Usher was apart of that clan.

    Chris Breeze & co came out 16+

    They the heat and i want 2 see more…

  16. Anonymous December 19, 2008

    The fact these two lovely ladies can come together & still SANG i'm just happy. Monica oversinging? Pure hateration. If that was Brandy you'll be praising her. It was Monica's part…glad she didn't sang it like 10 yrs ago..but, put some fire in it. I'm sure Brandy…when her part came up..did the same!

  17. Anonymous December 19, 2008


  18. Anonymous December 19, 2008

    @ anonymous 10:15

    you on crack right?
    christina is trash but kelly if she was out during the R&B times shed probley be bigger than ever cause all her songs bring back memeories unlike some of this new trash we here in the radio for example single ladies wtf is that?

  19. Anonymous December 20, 2008

    People kill me they sang acapella which means there was no special way monica had to sing her part.Don’t get mad at mo because her voice is stronger than brandy’s they both did there thing.One minute it’s monica is holding back by not singing now it’s monica is over singing leave the hate behind please.

  20. Anonymous December 20, 2008

    that was horrible

  21. Ms Keia December 21, 2008

    I’m going to look for the video in it’s entirety because from what Sam posted . . . the performance wasn’t all that . . . at any rate . . . I think both ladies have good voices and they can definitely hold there own . . . Loves Brandy’s new cd . . .

  22. Anonymous December 25, 2008

    I also agree with Sam. Monica was definitely overdoin’ the s***. Them gettin’ together was okay at best.

  23. Anonymous December 28, 2008

    They were singin over the acapella track brandys performance was off a lil (i was there) she still gave you that brandy sound though, she just couldnt get there like normally. Monica took us to church for a minute but it sounded good i took pics. That was a v103 event, brandy showcase they hugged and everything it was cool because believe it or not it was history who knows if they will ever do it again.

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