New Video: Mariah Carey – ‘H.A.T.E.U.’

Published: Wednesday 9th Dec 2009 by Trent

Moments ago, Mariah Carey released the highly anticipated video for her new single ‘H.A.T.E.U.’ The clip was directed by Brett Ratner and shot in two locations: New York and Malibu. ‘H.A.T.E.U.’ has thus far peaked at #76 on the Hip-Hop/R&B charts.

Ever had the feeling that you’ve just been ‘Punk’d’? Well that’s what I’m experiencing at this very moment. Wasn’t the video filmed at two different locations? Wasn’t Mariah supposed to be wearing actual clothes in some of the shots? As much I support the ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’ adage, I sense that it is high time that MC starts showing some variation in her productions because quite frankly, I’m tired of looking at an extended series of glamour shots in every video. In fact, what does running around on the beach have to do with the song?

Hopefully, this is just one version of the clip. Nevertheless, this is going into the box at the back of my mind with the ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ video; never to be spoken of again.


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  1. lil ne ne December 9, 2009

    garbage. time to hang it up mimi

  2. coldhearted December 9, 2009

    I kinda liked it. At least she’s not trying to act like she’s 20.

  3. knox27 December 9, 2009

    Oh gosh MiMi…i really thought after tha garbage dat was IWKWLI u were goin 2 make us 4get about dat and c** wit a bang…but u just continue 2 bore…i love the album but her visuals r just lazy

  4. Pinkpop December 9, 2009

    I really don’t know who highly anticipated it :$

  5. dan December 9, 2009

    mimi, go away from that f****** beach and put some clothes on!
    so tired of seeing you in front of a sunset

  6. Imyourstar702 December 9, 2009

    Oh god…. dont tell me that was the video?? so what went wrong this time Brett Ratner shot this video so why is it so unispiring?? another disappointment… its nice video but just very boring!!!!

  7. Jaz December 9, 2009

    WOW she has really lost it. What a waste of a good song on an uninspiring non-relatable scrap of a concept for a video. Mimi your time is up, sorry just apalling:(

  8. Melanie December 9, 2009

    def jam is the worst label for mimi
    all they care about is that flop r******

    Mariah should have been put this song out as a single.

  9. AC December 9, 2009

    Love the video!Simple but so beautiful!

  10. GeeMan December 9, 2009

    Simple and cheesy but I like it.

  11. Bobby from Bulgaria December 9, 2009

    I like it. 🙂
    Yes, it’s pure and simple, cuz it’s the lyrics that are important here… We all know that.

    Talking about uninspiring videos – Beyonce’s are “so very inspiring”… Blah… 🙂

  12. Imyourstar702 December 9, 2009

    its nice to see what you look like Bobby, lol 🙂

  13. jess December 9, 2009


  14. rightround(U.S.A pride!) December 9, 2009

    she is so NOT hot. sorry. i think she should retire too.

  15. To Coo December 9, 2009

    this was real safe….I love the song but video is real safe….

  16. Gary December 9, 2009

    Ok so i’m like NOT A MARIAH FAN AT ALL .

    This video was simply AMAZING , it didn’t bored me 1 second , So simple but sophisticated at the same time , i will defend her on THAT , the video was A.W.E.S.O.M.E , don’t ask me how she did that ! ( the fact that there’s only her singing and it look so mad good lol )

    it’s maybe cuz i think of her at night … hahaha

  17. G.U.S December 9, 2009

    Simply… it’s so beatiful video. she looks like whoa!!!!! glamorous lady!!!!!! MARIAH FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. N December 9, 2009

    It’s definitely not as bad as the I Want To Know What Love Is video!

    I think with the next vid, Mariah needs to pull out all the stops – perhaps her own video resembling elements of Toxic with ‘Inseperable’… no??

  19. wanda December 9, 2009

    There won’t be another video. Stick a fork in it, this era is done! Defjam isn’t going to throw money at a project that isnt selling 333k after9 wks- #notagoodinvestment!

  20. nate December 9, 2009

    REALLY MARIAH!!! This album actually has nice records on it, with some good stories in them, why not show a story in your video??? dumb.. music videos has never been mariah’s strong suit though, glamour shots is all she needs… but i comment the editor though cause i saw the set pics and they edited the hell out of Mariah in this video..

  21. Alexis December 9, 2009

    What happened to the middle of the song?? I love Mariah but I’m getting irritated with 2009 being the year of low budget chick videos. Unless you’re Beyonce, who can pull those off because she dances a lot, put something in your video besides your pretty face (and your Louboutins). Tell a story. Do something. I love Mariah and I love HATEU, and I think Memoirs was a completely underrated album that should have done/sold way better than it did. But if this is someone’s version of promotion, what else can one expect?

  22. B December 9, 2009

    I actually bought and like the cd and this song. What I don’t like, however, is Mariah frolicking around on the beach, yet AGAIN!!! This is an extension of I’ll Be Loving You Long Time, which was better. She’s been doin this since Honey. Mariah, we get it, you like the be half clothed and on the beach. Now give us an image that we haven’t seen before, you with some clothes on.

  23. parisian girl December 9, 2009

    what’s vthe f****** concept of the S***** video?!!
    oh Lord i can’t believe it!!!i’m so disgusted!!this song is one of my favorite!
    ok mariah i think you could start thinking about the next album cuz this single will flop too!!

  24. Ankka December 9, 2009

    it’s like “I’LL BE LOVING U LONG TIME” PART 2!!!! BORING!!! the song is ok …..

  25. fiercerMC December 9, 2009

    It’s boring… I’m a big MC fan but unfortunately, this video is her worst!!
    However, a good song don’t need a good video…

  26. FeDDe December 9, 2009

    I dont like it.

  27. ARTISTK December 9, 2009


  28. Chica December 9, 2009

    It’s very beautiful and simple but there isnt much going on in it. Oh well it’s decent but of course could have been better.

  29. DANNY BARCELO December 9, 2009

    This isn’t Really what I was Expecting .. But Your Still The Best Mariah !!

  30. Kyus December 9, 2009

    She’s so beautiful. I hope I look as good as that when I’m 40.

  31. Kevin December 9, 2009




  32. Rob December 9, 2009

    This is absolutely one of her WORST videos ever! WTF Why Mariah Why?!! It just makes no sense, has nothing to do with the song. She looks like a p*** star. She needs to be banned!

  33. GeeMan December 9, 2009

    After watching this video a second time I realized something this video is paying homage to Love takes time same setup with the beach but without the swimsuit and this video has color. MOIA= homage and throwback vibe.

  34. Bobby from Bulgaria December 9, 2009

    I just watched the video for a SECOND time and with the music ON this time, cuz I was at work when I watched it the first time. Now, I think the video’s REALLY PERFECT…

    I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her face… Taking in each and every word from her lips, catching her expressions and emotions, I was there…

    That’s what the video was for… WOW… I felt everything…
    And if you can’t… Well, you have to be heartless and soulless…

  35. Yuff December 9, 2009

    The song is so beautiful and this video didn’t do the song any justice at all. I didn’t feel “Punk’d,” but I did feel dissapointed.

  36. korey December 9, 2009

    did nobody else notice the 2nd verse was cut out!!


    talk about a recession video….
    this song deserved the video treatment “we belong together” and “dont forget about us” got!!

    damn mimi… makin’ it real hard to be a lamb right now!

  37. AC December 9, 2009

    Stop hatin!Yes it’s not We belong together but this is a GREAT video!I think it’s not boring at all!They have focused on the feelings!And that’s what music is all about…FEELINGS!I’m feeling bad that people just can’t relate to the song only because they don’t like the video!Music is supposed to touch your soul but apparently you’re all so superficial and need a video to tell you what you’re supposed to feel!

  38. Quinn December 9, 2009

    To the above comment – stop trying to make excuses! Calm down alot of people like Mariah and the song is great its just the video is trash! She had no business being on the beach in a bathing suit – yet again especially for this song. If she wanted to focus on the “emotions” why was there constant images of her in the bathing suit trying to look s***? Its lame. Just be honest.

  39. Quinn December 9, 2009

    (I think AC is really Nick Cannon in disguise reppin hard for his wifey). LMFAO

  40. FUSION December 9, 2009

    It’s not a ground breaking video, but at the same time, its not awful. Its simple and sexual, which suits the song. I don’t get what people were expecting? There’s only so much you can do with the theme of the song. i think the vid is iight – nothing to set the world alight, but my girl looks s*** hot in the video and I actually find it more tasteful than any of Mariah’s recent vids. Moreover, i am also delighted to see the girls make a return, Mariah’s boobs look magnificent lol.

  41. AC December 9, 2009

    @ QUINN

    Memoirs is a flashback to her career!It’s not the first time she did a video on the beach..Check the Love Takes Time video and you can see the similarities!But i guess you’re gonna say that she had nothing to do on the beach either for that song too!So if people love the Love Takes Time video I can’t see why not this one!
    Show some respect and stop hatin!

  42. Quinn December 9, 2009

    @ AC
    Just watched the Love Takes Time Video and must say it is miles more sensible and tatsteful than this mess above. In that video we did not get needless camera pans at her boobs and body and the video played the entirety of the song. What happened to the second verse? And Memoirs is not a flashback to her career, from Mariah herself, “Each song tells its own story. Each one is like an intimate conversation or entry in a private diary. A lot of the songs reflect specific, different times in my life, actual events that happened to me, some of which are from way back in the past. Others were inspired by movies or from a friend of mine that may have told me their story.[22] People can listen to it and pick out certain songs that mean something to them – women especially. It’s about women’s empowerment and overcoming certain things. It’s fun too though. It’s got a little bit of something for everybody”.
    Regardless, the video is s***, will go down as one of the worst vidoes of her career, is airbrushed to death(we all saw how fat she looked in the unedited pictures), and is the final nail in the coffin to the horror of the Memoirs era – her lowest seling to date. Boo hoo.

  43. AC December 9, 2009


    When I say flashback i mean the concept!If you actually had bought the cd you would realize that the whole concept is to recreate different eras from her career!!!And this video has the same concept!As for the closeups on her boobs and her body i personnaly like it cause she’s HOT!The album is GREAT and as long as she gives us good albums i don’t give a f**k about the rest cause for me it’s all about music!

  44. The OneMr December 9, 2009

    OMG!! Love this video, GreaT VIDEO!!! Thaks MC for doing what you do and sharing your voice with us!!! People its about the music not the video……you can watch a video on the radio in you car its about the song and the meaning behind the music!! With this new generation its no mistery that most would be into a video over real music!!! Enoy MC and the few other like her while you can because music will be lost all together soon!!!

  45. Chris T. December 9, 2009

    next time I feel sad or reflective I’m gonna go run around the beach in my boxers on a windy/slightly chilly day

  46. Jeff December 9, 2009

    You can’t find a bigger Mimi fan than I. I remember classic Mariah: “Vision of Love,” “Emotions,” and “Fantasy.” I love her new album; however, she again fails to deliver on this video!! I feel like I’m watching what was left behind from the “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time” video shoot. Absolute crap. That said…I love the song itself and the lyrics. Get it together, Mariah!

  47. Bobby from Bulgaria December 10, 2009

    I guess people today just want to sit on the couch, eat popcorn and be entertained and amused by watching some “very interesting, groundbreaking and inspiring” videos…

    Well, guess what? That’s not the movie theater and that’s not an action movie…

    You should use your minds and your hearts more… You should be more open to capturing the emotions just from a look at someone’s eyes, from a blink, a wince, a posture… Don’t be such free-riders… Move and shake up your brains a little…

  48. Quinn December 10, 2009

    To the above post

    there is nothing to “open our minds” from ill-fitting, stuffed sausage-like bathing suits, s*** posturing and a wind machine.
    Once again, the song itself is haunting and full of emotion.
    The video is like soft p***, very cheap and boring soft p***.

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