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Published: Friday 29th Jan 2010 by Sam

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That Grape Juice were fortunate enough to catch up with Grammy-nominated R&B star Fantasia Barrino recently.  The 25 year old, whose new VH1 reality series ‘Fantasia For Real’ has been a hit with viewers, spoke candidly with That Grape Juice in a 40 minute long conversation about many a topic. Areas discussed include how ‘real’ the show actually is, her new album, the rumours which threatened to destroy her career, her romantic life (yes, we asked about Antwaun Cook!), industry politics and so much more. As ever, we asked the questions you really want answers to…and answer them Fantasia did. A lengthy, yet great read; this is Fantasia for real….Enjoy!

{Transcription by Bisi Kadejoh}

Fantasia Shouts Out That Grape Juice

Sam: Hey Fantasia! How are you?!

Fantasia: I’m good. How are you?

Sam: I’m great, thank you.

Let me first congratulate you on the success of your new show, ‘Fantasia For Real’, which has been really well received.

Fantasia: Thank you so much.

Sam: You’re welcome.

Tell us a little about how the show came about?

Fantasia: Well, it was all my idea. There have been a lot of things that have been happening in my world over the last two years; things which were being reported all over the radio, the news, the internet – some true, some false. What happened, though, was that a lot of it was destroying my name and my character. I couldn’t get a lot of shows, people weren’t booking me, and I wasn’t working; and, as you know, I have to work to pay my bills and look after my child. So I decided I wanted to do a show to let the people hear the facts from my mouth. My grandmother always says “let people hear it from the horse’s mouth”; that way people don’t have to believe anything anyone else says, they can hear it straight from me. I have always been an open book; I’ve always been that artist that speaks my mind. I had my book out which was a bestseller, as well as my Lifetime movie where I told people, you know, “life is not a fairytale”. At least it hasn’t been for me; I’ve had a child at an early age, along with a lot of other things in my past. However, I overcame them, and I’ve always been that young lady that has inspired other people who have been through the same thing and just let them know that you can be whatever you want to be and be successful at it, regardless of the struggles. I’m just like the audience, I’m not trying to be Jesus or anything (laughs), but, yeah, that’s why I decided to do my reality show.

Sam: Were you worried about venturing into reality TV? Baring all, showing your family?

Fantasia: Not at all. As said, my life has always been an open book. I’m always been quite vocal about my family; I’ve spoken about them in my Lifetime movie, our struggles coming up. I mean, you didn’t neccesaily get to see them, but I’ve always spoken about my family. So before I agreed to do the show, I asked them (if they wanted to be a part of it) – I don’t like throwing anything on anyone or forcing them into something they wouldn’t choose to do. I have a very strong-minded family, so I kinda just laid everything out on the table, letting them know the things that could happen – like “you guys are gonna start being on the internet, like I’m on the internet all the time” (laughs). We all sat down and talked it out, and they agreed that it’d be fine to allow the cameras into our home. I have a family who are very entertaining; we’ve always been that way. In my home town, we’re kinda popular, known for singing and travelling…like (in our town) everybody knows the Barrino family, they all know the three kids that would travel and sing…we’re known for entertaining. So, I knew that (the show) would be something they’d be comfortable with. I didn’t want to do anything that would put my family in danger – especially my child, but I just wanted people to see that I do have a loving family and a talented family. As well as that, they also have been so much of a heavy load on me for a while, so I’m trying to clean up what I messed up (laughs). I created that monster. But I love my family and if it wasn’t for them I couldn’t do what I’m doing today.

Sam: That’s great. So, we all know what form reality TV shows have taken on in the past. How much of ‘Fantasia For Real’ is indeed real as opposed to scripted?

Fantasia: Well, in the beginning, they (VH1) came to me, and because it was all new to me, they’d be things they’d try to put together or say that maybe they missed. However, as you can see, I have a very energised family, who do things very spur of the moment. We don’t really work well with scripting. So I have to be honest, we did bump heads with VH1 at the beginning. I had to call a meeting, sit them down and say “look, this is what my family is. If you want to get the best scenes, you gotta just keep the camera rolling. You can become a family with us, you stay here in the midnight hours with us…” – because I have a family full of Rock stars; we don’t sleep (early). We wake up real late and stay up all night long (laughs). So we had to sit and come to an arrangement, which saw me advise them to “keep the cameras on and I promise you’ll catch it. Whatever you need, you’ll catch it. You’ll catch the moments when I’m crying, when I’m attitude-y, when I’m happy and laughing, when I’m singing, when we have a little spat, or when I just want to storm out. You’ll catch it”.

So VH1 ended up becoming like family. We’re from the South, so when we eat, they eat, when we laugh, they laugh, when they’d have problems with boyfriends or their families they’d come to us and talk about it. We became a big family.

Sam: The show lays heavy emphasis on the recording process of your third studio album. What sound can we expect from the album?

Fantasia: First of all, let me just say this; my dream, my wish, is to come to where you are (London) and perform my music. I’ve never come over to perform my music over there before and I really want to with this album. I’ve been all around the States and I’ve shared my music with everybody here. I don’t know if you know it or not, but when I hit the stage I turn into a different person; I kick off my shoes…

Sam: …we all know, trust me! We’ve seen it on the Youtube’s, the American Idol’s etc (laughs!)

Fantasia: (Laughs!!!) Well I’m ready come do that over there (laughs)! I just had to get that out…

But this album…wow. It’s been 3 years since I’ve had an album out, and with all thanks to God I’ve still been travelling and doingfantasia interview 3shows off of my first album ‘Free Yourself’. That has been a blessing. But it’s been 3 years and what I’ve realised about myself is that I love music. I love all kinds of music; I love Funk, I love Jazz, I love Blues, I love Rock, I love Hip-Hop…I love MUSIC. If something was to ever happen to me – which it won’t God-willing, ‘cause hell I’m only 25 (laughs!!!) – I’d love for when people think of Fantasia for them to think of music all around the board. When I was on (American) Idol, you had the chance to experiment with different genres of music; one week we’d have to do Blues, one week we’d have to do Country, one week we’d have to do Folk….you know, whatever. We had to pick a song and turn it into our own. I realised that I can do so many types of music. So I kinda want to put that into my album – show my versatility, show that I’m not just an Urban, soulful, Gospel, R&B singer. I can do it all. On my first album I had a song called ‘Summertime’ from the musical ‘Porgy and Bess’ that everyone fell in love with and is one of my favourites. I also did a Willie Nelson song on that album, ‘You Were Always On My Mind’, just showing people that I love to do all types of music. I’m 25 years old and I’m ready to live my have such an old soul and I guess it’s because of 1) everything that I’ve been through at such an early age and 2) me growing up listening to older music. I mean I loved Monica and Brandy when growing up and had their CD’s, but I’d play my Tina Turner, Aretha (Franklin), Patti (Labelle), and Luther CD’s more (laughs). I guess it was because that music made me feel something; it made me move, it made me emotional, it gave me chills. It wasn’t just the artist, it would often be the saxophone in the back, or the piano Donny Hathaway played that said something to me. I was just in love with all that Old Skool music, so it gave me such an old soul. But, in the show, you will see – as a grow older – that I begin to let go of some of the loads that made me feel so much older and, you know, those things which made me feel like I was way older than 25…letting those things go and living my 25 year old life.

So I’m working with different producers, not only soulful and Urban producers, but I’m also working with crossover producers and writers who I’ve never worked with before. People like Claude Kelly, a producer by the name of KP out of Atlanta, Novel, Rico Love – who I love, love, love – as well as my brother Rico….

Sam: We actually interviewed Rico Love a few weeks back and he was singing your praises. He had just come out of the studio with you…

Fantasia: I love him!

I don’t ever meet a stranger. I have a bubbly spirit; when I meet you, 9 times out of 10, we’re gonna be friends darn-it (laughs!). That’s how I am with the producers I work with. I bring them into my life, that way we can make the best music; it’ll be something that means something, it’ll be, you know, truthful music. I always say that I can’t a sing song if I can’t relate to it. It just won’t come across as a real song. So when I go into the studio with them (producers and writers), I pour it all out. I let them know everything that is going on in my life; and that’s how we come up with great songs.

This album for me, it means a lot. It’s a special baby. All my albums are my baby, but this is special….it’s my third baby (laughs). You know, I put in all of my emotions, I’m even writing. I’m working with my brother Rico – who when we get together, we know what we like…

Sam: He sings back up for you, right?

Fantasia: Yes he does (you know your stuff!) He’s also working on his own album; he’s working with T.I. and Grand Hustle. He’s doing a lot of stuff on his own as well.

Sam: Can we expect any guest features on the album? If so, who?

Fantasia: Yes, you can! I would love, love, love to do something with Mary J (Blige) just because me and her stories are somewhat alike. I respect and love her for everything she has been through and the woman she has blossomed into. Also, Adam (Lambert) from American Idol! I love him; he’s the only guy I know that can wear mink nails and look great…

Sam: (Laughs!)

Fantasia:…I love him (laughs!) I keep hearing how much he loves me, so we might get to do something together. There are a lot of artists (I’m itching to work with); Kanye West, I’m a big fan of Cee-Lo (from Gnarls Barkley). Who else? Hmmm. I know this may sound strange, because we’re totally different artists, but I’d love to do something with Sade. So hopefully we can get that in the works before we get this album finished. Oh and Erykah Badu. I can’t forget Erykah…I love Erykah.

Sam: Do you have an album title as at yet?

Fantasia: Not right now. I always pray about those. The album title means a lot. Like I said, with everything I’ve fought for and been through – I won’t say all, because you’ll see it on the show – but all of this could have really been over for me. As in DONE-DONE for me. Everything from the bad management, to the negative press…it could have been done for Fantasia. So the title of this album means a lot to me. So I’m going to pray about it, hoping that God gives me the best one, the one that will best describe my music, that will best describe what I’m talking about, what stage I’m in right now as an artist. Don’t worry, I will call you and let you know, you’ll be the first to know!

Sam: Thank you very much!

What about a release date? I’ve heard sometime in March?

Fantasia: Yes! It’s going to be March/April, no later than that. We do not have long to go at all. I have about 80-something songs, believe it or not. So it’s gonna be hard sitting down and choosing which songs to place on the album – as they are all great, great songs. No later than March/April, but we don’t have long to go at all.

Sam: Your last record (2006’s self titled ‘Fantasia’); you talk quite freely in the opening episode of ‘Fantasia For Real’ about that album not doing well. What do you feel went wrong?

Fantasia: For one, when you put out an album, it’s like taking care of your baby. You have to nurture it, you have to cater to it, put your time into it. At the time, like I said, there were so many things that were not into place, not in to order with me. I had management telling me to do one thing and the record company telling me to do another. I thank God it still got me nominated for 3 Grammys for ‘When I See You’. That song rode on its own, but I just let the album go and went to the ‘Colour purple’ I didn’t get to promote it and a lot of people were saying they didn’t know I had an album out. And that wasn’t good for an album. But, hey, that’s a lesson learnt. You cannot put out an album and just let it go and say ‘yeah, I’ll just see how it does’. You have to get up and do your promotion and do your radio tours and let people know you have an album out. At the time my manger felt it was best for me to go to ‘The Colour Purple’. I guess (by) me not putting the time in to the album, it didn’t do as well as it should of.

Sam: The show is aptly titled ‘Fantasia For Real’. What rumours floating around can you categorically say are false?

Fantasia: There are a lot of things I will cover in the show; (that) my house was in foreclosure, I wasn’t living in my house anymore, Simon Cowell helped me pay for it (laughs). I missed 50 shows on ‘The Colour Purple’. There were rumours I wasn’t working at all, there were rumours I was plum, dumb and illiterate. There were a lot of things out about me, and at the time I didn’t have a publicist (to quash them) and I still don’t have a publicist. It made it no better for me because I couldn’t speak up for myself, so the rumours got worse. It became really bad for me because promoters and people who were thinking about booking me for something were hearing ‘she’s not working, she’s not showing up for this and that’ and deciding ‘we’re not going to book her’. So this show is my way of clearing all of that up and it’s also my way of growing within myself, changing some things in myself, living my own life with my family. For 6 years now, I’ve been taking care of them and for some of the things that were happening that were true, I couldn’t rely on anybody else because I was the only one in the house doing everything. So this show, right here, was a blessing for me.

Sam: You’ve been linked to Antwaun Cook. What exactly is your relationship with him? What’s your response to the reports?

Fantasia (Laughs!) This is crazy. You would think I’m dating the president (laughs). As I said earlier, right now my main focus is what I fought so hard for…and that is my career. Everybody has time for love, I’ve been in a lot of relationships as you know because I’ve always talked about them and sung about them in my songs (laughs). Right now, though, I’m just mainly focused on my career. (Antwaun) is a friend of mine. I’m 25 years old, I have friends. I’m always down for conversating, but I’m focused on trying to raise an 8 year old by myself, going to school and getting my GED. It can be a lot. I’m totally married to my career right now (laughs).

Sam: Ok then (laughs)

Many people consider you to be one of the driving forces in R&B music today, yet argue that you aren’t given as much mainstream attention as some lesser gifted artists. What are thoughts on this?

Fantasia: I have to speak up on this; music has changed a lot, and it’s not like how it used to be. Back then you didn’t just have.fantasia-reality-show one artist that everybody is focused on. You had so many singers out; you had Anita, Patti, Diana Ross, Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, James Brown, and Prince. You had all of these artists that were all amazing singers, that stood flat-footed and just sang great music. It is changed a lot now. You can look a certain way and don’t have to sing so good and you’ll become an overnight hit (laughs). Which is cool. But there’s a lot of artists who I respect and that I feel don’t get enough recognition like a Jazmine Sullivan or an Angie Stone, Eryka Badu or Jill Schott or Algebra, Raheem Devaughn. They are ‘Sangers’…that’s what I call them. They don’t do a lot of ‘pop, lock and dropping it’ but they move you, their vocals are connected to a soul, and they’re Soul singers. Nowadays it’s hard for those Soul singers because people want to hear one hot song. It’s like it’s expected for everyone to ‘pop, lock and drop it’ to be successful (laughs). Music is just not how it used to be; those ‘Sangers’ (I mentioned) I haven’t heard much from them or seen a lot of their videos like I see other peoples and I don’t knock that – I mean I go to the club and want to hear club records. But I go through things and I need to hear records that tell me ‘okay you can get up today and put with your boss shit again’ or ‘there’s this guy I’m feeling’…. what’s going to get me through? And lot of the times it has been Jazmine Sullivan. I listened to Jazmine Sullivan the whole time I was in ‘The Colour Purple’. Every day I would sing (sings ‘Dream Big’ by Jazmine Sullivan  )as I would get ready for my show. Because it kept me fighting and prepared me for the role I was about to play. It encouraged me and inspired me. I guess I would be put in that category of being a ‘sanger’ too. With this album I’m not changing anything, I’m just letting people know that I can still be in the club and that soulfulness can still be in me. I can crossover and give VH1 what they need, but you can never take that soulfulness away from me. I’m sorry, I just don’t know how (laughs!)

Sam: (Laughs!)

Pressing on; in the show you mentioned that you were trying to get your G.E.D. How much of a struggle has it been a achieving that goal and maintaining your role as an artist and single mother? Have you had any setbacks?

Fantasia: It’s very hard. I’ve been out of school for so long and you never know how much you forget until its put back in your face, and you’re like ‘I haven’t seen this for so long, what is this?’ Literally, it’s a lot on me because I’m trying to do the album, and trying to be a mom, I’ve been a single mom for 8 years now. I’m trying to be a sister, a daughter a best friend, an actress. It can be a lot on meBut at the same time, my daughter is in school now and I find myself being really big on education and getting that homework done and knowing the importance of how much she needs to focus.

I have a 16 year old brother, Xavier, who’s in school, and I just want them to see me fight through this and know how important education is, because they can just easily say ‘well Tasia why you doing this your blessed, you’re doing your music thing you’re able to travel and do anything you want, why now?’ I want them, as well as every other young person in school, to see how important it is to stay in school. I also want people who have dropped out to know that it’s never too late to go back. I mean there are a lot of people who are much older than me, who want to go back to school, including my mom. Now she’s seeing me do it, she’s thinking of taking up some classes. I see that I’m encouraging everybody in my house, so that’s mission accomplished. I will fight through it, I will get through it, it’s not easy and you’ll see me catch plenty of attitude with my teachers on the show (laughs). But my teachers checked me, he’s like ‘you asked me to help you, so you’re going to this damn homework, and when I get back tomorrow it better be done!’ (laughs). I really did need somebody to come and not play with me and not cater to me. And by me allowing people to watch that and see that journey and that struggle, I see that now in my home it’s making a difference. I’m hoping and praying that in other people’s homes…. that their mothers who dropped out to raise them and just everybody…‘I can go back and I can do it’.

Sam: That’s fantastic. Your daughter Zion, is she picking up singing? Should she grow up and want to be an artist, what would your thoughts be?

Fantasia: I love the way you say that! (In English accent) “Zion” (laughs). I love your accent!

Sam: Thanks (laughs)

Fantasia: …yeah…she can sing her butt off! But she just doesn’t want to, and I’m not going to pressure her. It’s a tough world out here and this industry. Whatever she wants to do I’ll support her 150%. She LOVES gymnastics and is very into dance, so I’ll support her in whatever she chooses to do. She is an amazing singer, though. Her father sings as well, so I guess it’s in her. Music is all in my family; my first cousins are K-Ci and JoJo… so music is in all of us.

Sam: Who would you consider your closest industry friends….

Fantasia: [Thinks for a while] Hmm. As I said, I never meet a stranger…I bond with folk real quick. However, I’m very close with Missy Elliott… that’s my sis. Sean Garret, Lil Mo – me and her became very close. But mainly who I talk to everyday on the phone and hang out with are Missy and Sean Garret.

Sam: You’ve listed Patti Labelle as one of your biggest inspirations. Who else has inspired you vocally?

Fantasia: My idol is Aretha Franklin…

Sam: Indeed. You and her collaborated on ‘Put You Up On Game’…

Fantasia: We sure did.

I don’t get nervous around a lot of people, but she is one of the women that I do get nervous around. I would play Aretha Franklin all day everyday and I guess it’s because her background is the same as mine; she grew up in church, her father was a pastor and I could just feel the anointing on her whenever she sings. I don’t care what is, it could be ‘Jack and Jill went up the hill’, she just moves me and I love and respect her for that. She is my idol.

Sam: Your label mate Monica also has a reality show on BET. Do you watch it?

Fantasia: Um…I caught some episodes, yeah.

Sam: What’s your take on it?

Fantasia: It’s a great show. She is a great women, she is someone like me who has been cheated a little; by that I mean fighting with the recorded label when trying to get music out. At the end of the day, our music is our life, it’s is how we take care of our children, our family. So I understand so much what she’ talking about. And her representing mothers and strong black women. I love her show… the episode’s I’ve caught… I love it.

Sam: We’ve been hearing for years that Oprah wants to turn the play into a movie and wants you to play Celie based upon your great reviews in the role. Can you shed any light on the status of this?

Fantasia: I don’t, but guess what if Oprah calls and says ‘come on’, guess what I’m coming. (laughs) I’m just waiting to hear back from them; I’m ready. Miss Celie has become a friend of mine, I spent a lot of time with her on Broadway and she’s become very special to me. Now we’re back (in February)…

Sam: Let me just tell you that I love, love, love your rendition of ‘I’m Here’.

Fantasia: Awww! Thank you so much!

At my live shows, people are always screaming out “I’m Here”, and I’m like “me and the band haven’t practiced it!” (laughs)

It is a song that will be on my album because I have realised that song has touched a lot of people as well as myself. The words in that song are very powerful and very strong, so that’s definitely going to be on my album.

Sam: Thank you very much for that bit of info!

You’ve got a lot of tattoos, will be getting any more?

Fantasia: I think I’m done now. I have 30 something tattoos – that’s something you probably didn’t know (laughs) – and my mother wants me to be done. So I think I’m done tattooing as of now. I won’t make any promises, ‘cause but if I feel like doing, it I will (laughs!).

Sam: You mentioned VH1 is your family. Does that mean you’ll be doing VH1 live concert shows like VH1 Storytellers and VH1 Soul Stage to promote your album?

Fantasia: Of course! I plan on being on everything not only VH1 stuff. If they want me to be there, I will be in heartbeat. I love to perform. If I could stay on the stage all day long I would. I tell people, when I perform I go to a whole other place and I can’t explain it. I don’t drink no alcohol, no nothing; give me a few seconds (on stage) and I’m already gone. It’s natural for me; it’s my way of therapy. Everybody has their way of relieve stress, and my thing is being on that stage. I’ve been quiet for a while, I haven’t been too quiet (as I’ve still been gigging), but as far as of television and radio, I’ve been quiet for a while. But I’m ready to make a whole lot of noise!

Sam: Some fans are a little concerned about promotional efforts this go round, due to issues in the past. With the show being promoted so well, will you be hitting up the Oprah’s, Idols and co?

Fantasia: Tell all of the fans to do me a big favour. Tell them to please go on their computer and put in a request to all of these shows to let them know that they want to see me perform there. Trust me, I will be there (laughs).

Sam: Will there be a Season 2 of ‘Fantasia; For Real’?

Fantasia: I don’t know yet. It depends on if the people like what they see. I want it to be something that is inspiring keep them pushing and moving. We’ll see.

Sam: A few quick random questions. I’m gonna give you two names, and you tell me who is your favourite…Ok?

Destiny’s Child or TLC?

Fantasia: Aww…that’s not fair (laughs!)

I have to pick one?

Sam: Yes!

Fantastia: I am going to have to with TLC, because I was T-Boz and one of my cousins were Chilli and one of them were Left Eye (when growing up) (laughs)

Sam: Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey?

Fantasia: Whitney Houston, no doubt. I’m sorry. Yeah, Whitney.

Sam: Lady GaGa or Rihanna?

Fantasia: Lady Gaga, before you even finish (laughs)! I am a big-big Lady Gaga fan! The reason being is because she can really sing, she has soul. She just does what she wants; like me, she’s a rebel. I’ve had red hair, black and white hair, if you say no, I say yes, if you say blue, I say green (laughs!) I just think Lady Gaga is that girl, she does whatever she wants and she stands on it and I love her for that and I love her music.

Sam: Last one, which I imagine will be quite hard…Patti Labelle or Aretha Franklin?

Fantasia: You are not right (right!!!)

(Sighs…) Aretha Franklin. But I love them both!

I need you to do me a favour, if you have the time. Go on and type ‘Fantasia sings Lady Marmalade’

Sam: No, no, no…I’ve seen it already (laughs)! I was at a social gathering this time last year and me and my friends watched the Patti Labelle tribute show and saw your performance. Our jaws were on the floor! Amazing! Everybody loves that performance!

Fantasia: Awww!!! See, I love them both.

Sam: Fantasia, thank you so much for your time.

Fantasia: No, thank you. I had a blast speaking with you. Make sure you stay in touch!


Off-the-record notes:

* We informed Fantasia – as per many of your requests – that her fans wish her to re-include Aretha Franklin’s ‘Day Dreaming’, to her live set, to  which she said to assure you all that she will.

* She is eager to come over to perform in the UK. What this space fellow UK’ers!

* A proper Fantasia website / fan club will be launching shortly.


You can catch ‘Fantasia For Real’ every Monday on VH1 at 10.00pm


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    That was an amazing interveiw . It had me in smiles the whole time . I couldnt stop laughing . I cant wait for her new album ill definatey be supporting her when the album comes out. The lady gaga rihanna was very funny

  13. musicwithin January 29, 2010


  14. Fashncents January 29, 2010

    Thanks so much for an awesome and very interesting interview with the incredibly talented Fantasia. She seems to be in a good place right now in here life, and that’s a good thing!

    *Side note* – Brian/Fantasia…get on that plublicist (lack thereof) thing Ya’ll need to have someone out there in the trenches officially knocking back the haters and their incessant hate.

    Oh, and count me at the front of the line to purchase the new album; love the snippets I’ve heard of Even Angels and Move on Me.

  15. Fee_BadAzz January 29, 2010

    Does anyone know the name of the song that was playing on the last episode when she was crying?

  16. RB January 29, 2010


    Sam you knocked this one out the box!


  17. Tendaji January 29, 2010

    GREAT Interview!! I’m sooooo excited that “I’m Here” is gonna be on the album!! But im not sure what that says about the chances for the movie

  18. MuzikLuver January 29, 2010

    OMG I love Fantasia, her show, and both of her cds are amazing. I can’t wait for her new album to drop because I’ll be there on the first day to make sure I buy it. I think Fantasia is a beautiful young lady and an inspiraton for everyone! I also think it’s a good idea for her to go back and get her GED because education is very important! FANTASIA I LOVE U AND WISH U NOTHING BUT SUCCESS!!!

  19. Len112 January 29, 2010

    That really was a great interview , but what I want to know is when is she coming over to the UK . She needs to just come over and do a few live performances and go on the chat show circuit and she would really blow up over here because there isn’t anybody , nobody that comes close as a live performer .I’ve been downloading her show and it’s been great , I’m just hoping this is her year , she deserves it .Go Fantasia kick those R&B poptarts to the kerb !!!

  20. S*** January 29, 2010

    I really like her new Reality show but….

    Can somebody please give me the run down of this interview:

    *You know Black PPL dont like Reading…*

  21. Lisa January 29, 2010

    I absolutely enjoyed this interview. Fantasia is so open, genuine and lovely. Thank you for asking questions that the fans really want answered instead of the pat questions other interviewers ask. I must admit even though I have followed her since Idol this interview was very informative. I wish her all the best. I will be hitting up Oprah and some of the other shows to request her appearence on them. I am especially gonna put a bug in Oprah’s ear about “The Color Purple.” Again, thank you.

  22. KeytaJ January 29, 2010

    Love, Fanny! Great interview! Sam, you always get good interviews and get good info! LOL @ how she still won’t admit to the drama with the A. Cook guy and how u went “Ok, then”. :)) Wonder why she didn’t name Jennifer Hudson as one of her close friends. Interesting on her initial reaction to watching Monica’s show at first. Also, wow at her picking Aretha over Patti. Still love her and can’t wait to hear some tracks for this album. Really like the clip we heard on the show of what she wanted to be the first song. Dunno about this March/April date. Her label needs to get her single out now then. They stalled on Monica’s 1st single and Monica is supposed to come out in March. I doubt they are gonna release Fantasia in March with no single out now.

  23. OnToTheNextOne January 29, 2010

    This is a good interview… I can’t wait for her to make her bug comeback. I just heard she will be on oprah Tuesday or wednesday to promote the reality show and her new single “even angels”. I don’t care what no one says fantasia is one of the best artist out right now, no one has a voice like her.

  24. annette January 29, 2010

    Loved the interview! Loved the interesting details you got that no one else has. Can’t wait for the album and the tour. I want to hear that song that is Tasia’s take-off of “Misty Blue”.

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    Hey Sam! Thanks for such an informative interesting interview.. I am by far the biggest Fantasia Fan.. I have been following her since Idol and I will continue to support her..I dont care what anyone says she is very talented , and people are sleeping on her..But I believe that this is her year as well as the years to come.. I have seen her live about 10 times.. I am so much a fan, that when The Color purple was here in Atlanta.. I went 3 times in the 2 weeks that it was here.. I love her with all of my heart.. Cant wait to meet her again.. Keep doing your thing Fantasia.. I will always have your back!!!

  26. Sandsman January 29, 2010

    Thank you for a great interview. Tasia’s personality shines through even in the written word. Looking forward to the first single in the very near future if March/April is a reality – wondering if Even Angels will be the one. It has the sound of a hit from the little bit we have heard during the show. Rumor has it she will be singing it on Oprah next week (already taped this week). Glad to hear about Daydreamin’ in her set and I’m Here on the CD. All her fans here need to get on Oprah’s site and let her know that Tasia as Ms. Celie on the big screen is an absolute must. Given the numbers she generated on Broadway, there is no telling what she would do in the box office. Higher and higher baby…

  27. larrissa74 January 29, 2010

    Wow! What a awesome interview! Fantasia is so down to earth, that’s what I love about her. I like that what she said about real sangers too. This just great interview. Good job Sam!

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    I loved this interview!!!! =) thanks!

  29. April January 29, 2010

    Love the interview, Fantasia is what up, I believe if Fantasia UK they will fall in love with her this young lady give great show she the real deal. I hope she do the color purple musical. I can’t wait for Oprah on tuesday. I love her reality show too.

  30. Its Me Again January 30, 2010

    Q. Lady Gaga or Rihanna?

    A. Lady Gaga… she can really sing

    lol. I bet Sam was beaming with vindication when she said that xD

  31. Debi January 30, 2010

    Thanks for the wonderful interview with Fantasia. She is such a warm and genuine person. I can’t wait to hear new music from her. She will be singing her new single “Even Angels” on Oprah this week. I cannot wait to hear it- because I love it just from hearing it in the backround of her reality show.

  32. Matrella January 30, 2010

    I really enjoyed reading this interview. Sounds like Fantasia is learning to sell/advocate for herself. Good for her. Sometimes missteps (I hate the word mistakes) in our lives make us stronger and more determined. She really is a tough cookie. With all the b******* people deal out on the internet and b******* rumors, she has really shown that she can take a hit and ride through a storm. She does not appear to be bitter or angry and I like how she takes responsibility for her part in what has happened to her over the past 2 years. She has a fan in me until she decides she doesn’t want to do it anymore, but I am praying for her longevity.

    I wish her nothing but success for her upcoming CD, the movie (if that is a possibility), her show and whatever else she chooses to do. She is so talented, gifted and sweet. Too bad people are sleeping on her. She is definately one of the best and I think we will see really great things from her this year.

    Hey Sam maybe you can help her get over to the UK. I bet she would be better appreciated there. Thanks for sharing the interview I like your style.

  33. k January 30, 2010

    Great interview. Love me some Fantasia. Can’t wait till she comes to the UK.

  34. Lady K January 31, 2010

    Fantasia is amazing. Even with mistakes made she shows us that celebrity or not they are still human. She seems like a wonderful person and she has overcome so much. I am pulling for you Tasia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. antertain February 4, 2010

    Fantasia just tells it how she can..

    Very good interview Sam!!

  36. Angiiee April 23, 2010


  37. Kimmy June 16, 2010

    Thanks so much for this interview, i’m glad everyone can hear/see/read her story out of her own mouth,.. Fantasia i love you!! you are my patti labelle or Aretha Franklin. You are my idol always be yourself no let nobody change you, and i love your music so much it touches me really i always wanted to have an artist like you as my idol and i hope the whole world can see how you really are, So amazing!!!

    I’m a fan of yours al the way from Holland Love ya Girl

  38. denise smith February 7, 2011

    i would like for ms barrion to vist my churh in ms so if you will email me back
    ms fantasia do you god blessd

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