Sugababes Perform ‘Wear My Kiss’ At T4 Inside Out Festival

Published: Sunday 14th Feb 2010 by Sam

The Sugababes performed their latest single ‘Wear My Kiss’ on T4’s Inside Out Festival earlier today, marking the first time they’ve given a televised performance of the track.  Check it out above.

Blah. Despite Jade’s facial expressions cracking me all the way up, she is clearly more talented than Amelle and Heidi put together. At this point, I’m simply hoping their ‘Sweet 7’ project (due March 8th) does well enough to ensure Jade has a firm foundation to build her inevitable solo career on.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Kyus93 February 14, 2010

    LOL at Jade’s face! Can’t hate though, she is the best. I’m so pissed her solo album didn’t come out but maybe that’s for the best as it was probably going to flop anyways

  2. Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper February 14, 2010

    groups are so 90s! hang it up!

  3. Jammy February 15, 2010

    which one is JAde? I don’t know who is who at all..

  4. Aryo February 15, 2010

    These girls are just tryna copy the Pussycst dolls and they should know they will never be like PCD b/c:
    1- they are not creative like PCD
    2-these gurlz don’t bother themselves to dance a little in their music videos
    3-and If they want to , they can never dance like PCD at all

  5. B February 15, 2010

    How come Heidi’s hair always looks like she just rolled out of bed…slipped into dress, and said “deuces” to her flat iron. Gross.

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