Ex-Sugababe To Sign With Jay-Z’s Roc Nation?

Published: Friday 26th Mar 2010 by Sam

As the Sugababes today confirm our report that they have ceased working with Roc Nation (aka were dropped), fresh reports have emerged today suggesting that ousted member Keisha Buchanan is on the brink of signing with the Jay-Z-owned firm for her solo project.

Buchanan and the rapper are said to have hit it off at the BRITS after-party last month, with Roc Nation set to formally meet with the 25 year old during her current trip to Los Angeles for the recording of her solo LP.

Should such a deal be finalised, it would ironically be exactly the same deal Buchanan entered into as part of the group – which would see her record label remain Universal Island, while Roc Nation would, essentially, A&R/produce the project.

How the tables have turned!


Karma really is serving it up! Granted we don’t actually know what went on behind the scenes, for many it simply boils down to principle – you can not dispose of the last original component of a group and expect credibility or support to remain. It just doesn’t work like that. How any label or management team failed to foresee this back in September is anyone’s guess. I mean, prior to Keisha’s album even coming out, the group are being forced to eat some serious humble-pie, with ‘Sweet 7’ belly-flopping and public support and interest at an all-time low.

About the Roc Nation deal; it’s definitely understandable as to why they are actively seeking out Keisha. It is no secret that for many years she was the creative force behind the Sugababes, particularly with the last line-up. Hence, common-knowledge was the fact that she’d often be the first and last at the studio, co-wrote many of their hits, and enjoyed great relationships with several producers – a number of which, reportedly, refused to begin work with the other ladies until Keisha arrived at the studio.

One can only hope that Keisha really serves up the hotness with her solo project and is successful; which if she manages to pull off, will be one of the biggest stories in recent UK music history.

Your thoughts?

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  1. trentlovescock March 26, 2010

    WTF?? Now they are ignoring the fact that they’re signed to Roc Nation

  2. AalexisR (The Bahamas) March 26, 2010

    LMAO. Great news though. Congrats.

  3. donna March 26, 2010

    This is so cool Go Keisha.

  4. Dilla The Scallywag Slayer March 26, 2010

    She must have some good head if Jay signed her.

  5. true March 26, 2010

    I though the reason they kick Keisha out is because she hard to work with a bully & she was cause conflict with their deal with roc nation?
    I think amelle even said that in a radio interview, now sugababes 4.0 are dropped & roc nation want kiesha, that is more then karma

    If she so hard to work with why do roc nation want to sign her?
    I think the whole bullying story was a lie from the management & amelle an excuses to kicking out the last original member of the group. Since there were bully claims from the first time a member left.

  6. James March 26, 2010

    I’m glad this has happened. Go Keisha. We love you.

  7. Stoney-Brie March 26, 2010


  8. Cazz March 26, 2010

    I am ROOTING for Keisha……i always knew that the whole incident of her being kicked out of the group was very sketchy and the excuse of the bullying issue was a farce……

    Karma is defintely a b*tch……but a nice one in this case.

    GO KEISHA!!!

  9. ADE March 26, 2010

    Amelle must be extra salty right now! Sam can u please stop using that disgusting “serves up the hotness” line?! Sounds so stupid and q****, just stop!

  10. Gareth March 26, 2010

    No real sympathy for the Sugababes here. I’m glad Keisha is getting the last laugh as to be sacked from a band which you founded has gotta suck. They had no right to do that! Now they are paying the price!

  11. J2GOOD March 26, 2010

    Im not sure the keisha thing is true, sounds too good to be but we’ll see, however, them being dropped is hilarious, they just released a statement saying they were never signed, the press mis-reported them but every single member including both jade and keisha explicitly stated that they signed to the roc nation label, so their either lying now or they were lying before, either way they need to give up, its time this group came to a close, end of.

  12. Tha Phoenix March 26, 2010

    I always knew they’d be dropped – said this as soon as I heard they kicked out Keisha. It’s really karma coming back to bite them in the a***. Feel sorry for Jade – she doesn’t deserve this, no any of the hated coming her way. She is now the most talented member of the Sugababes.

    Oh, and so happy to hear Keisha’s may be signed to Roc Nation. This obviously shows that all that bullying BS Amelle was tryna spout was a lie…

  13. Ben March 26, 2010

    Keisha rules she still has a huge fanbase in the UK and the fact that the new babes album flopped so hard shows that people have remained loyal to Keisha.I wish her all the best

  14. OPTICAL March 26, 2010

    I wish to touch her boobs.

  15. BRANDON (Toronto) March 26, 2010

    Wouldn’t it be cool if they kicked out Heidi and Amelle and replaced them with Mutaya and Keisha and Jade???

    The new sugababes: JADE, KEISHA and MUTAYA!

    Now that would be an awesome line up!

    what do you think?

  16. GETITIN March 26, 2010

    We all knew this would happen. Sorry but Heidi and Amelle can NOT carry a group. They always relied on Keisha to push them forward. Heidi looks so out of place with Amelle and Jade now, as if she’s their mother. Amelle is a poor man’s version of Rihanna, and the “edgy” haircut they gave her makes her look like a mental patient.

    I never cared too much for Amelle, but I always like Heidi until this happened with Keisha. We all know who the original and best Sugababe is and always will be – and it’s Keisha. I honestly think they could have had switched lineups every single year, and as long as Keisha was still in it and in the front, they’d be a success.

    So excited to see what she can do on her own. I really hope she is able to break through into the U.S. with her solo career.

  17. Antony March 26, 2010

    aww im happy for her 🙂

  18. Kyus93 March 26, 2010

    She’s gonna flop too, she can’t sing & she isn’t pretty enough. Truth.

  19. me March 26, 2010

    Im so glad that keisha is getting the deal.

    Im glad the the fake sugababes got dropped.

    I hope in the future after keisha’s solo release the original sugababes reunite.

    I cant wait for the keisha and mutya colab.

  20. cool chick March 26, 2010

    u are a HATER

    yesssssssss!!!!!! 🙂 i wish all the luck to her

  21. Ace March 26, 2010

    Im happy for K. she deserves this much more, sorry to say. Sugababes are over. I see a white flag being raised LLS

  22. dan March 26, 2010

    @kyu when keisha isnt pretty enough, then alexandra isnt pretty enough either, cause keisha has a way prettier face

    …dont know if keisha is able to do it alone…main part of the success of the sugababes was that theire voices matched perfect together (sugababes 2.0) but alone they are not so outstanding

    think it will depend on the single choices

    honestly, never knew why mutyas cd didnt do well, cause it has great songs

  23. John March 26, 2010

    Loving this news, I’ve wanted Keisha to go solo since amelle joined anyway, because amelle ruined the group. Although Keisha’s circumstances for going solo were not good at all, at least it happened, and I’m so glad that many people chose the right side, Keisha’s.

    Also… @Kyus93 Keisha has the best voice out of any of the sugababes and is the most attractive woman from the UK. Truth.

  24. k March 26, 2010

    Love Keisha wish her the best in the future.

  25. TRUEDAT March 26, 2010


    NOT ME!

  26. Kendra March 26, 2010

    Team Kes! I love that the sugafakes are getting this back 10 fold

  27. Random J March 26, 2010

    I’m not entirely sure if Keisha was the sole creative force behind the group, because Sugababes’ last 2 albums under the 3.0 line-up weren’t great. And even though it’s easy to say ‘Sweet 7’ is garbage because Keisha is no longer in the group – she recorded the whole album before she was sacked, and the music itself is complete garbage regardless of who is singing it. I think the creativity stemmed from the first 2 line-up’s. Something about Keisha AND Mutya both being in the mix helped the music. Plus, Mutya’s voice set such a good foundation for the songs.

    I think it’s a shame what the group has been reduced to. I listen to ‘Taller in more ways’, ‘Three’ and ‘Angels with dirty faces’ and cannot believe what the Sugababes have become. Everything has just fallen apart.

    I’m glad Keisha’s solo deal is working out. But I don’t know if the Roc Nation route is best. The A&R folk for ‘Sweet 7’ did a terrible job. I think Keisha should work with the producers she formed relationships with as part of the Sugababes (Jony Rockstar, Cameron McVey, Guy Sigsworth) and work a new sound with them. Because I really don’t want 12 tracks of Stargate, RedOne and b******* like “Get s***”.

  28. Karla March 26, 2010

    Serves the girls right!!!!!!!!!!!!,go head Keshia,get that paper!!!!!!

  29. OPTICAL March 26, 2010

    As much as I want great things for her, a 3 minute song with just her voice alone will annoy me. Her voice needs to be in a collab or within a group. Seriously.

  30. Sugafan March 27, 2010

    Everytime i see Keisha i wann punch her in her face! Her face expressions are even pure evil! I can totally understand Amelle & heidi! I´m even more sorry for heidi who has been going through keisha hell a lot longer! Keisha´s voice annoys me everytime i hear it and dont even get me started on her look! Makes me wanna puke! Hope she fails with her solo career! Go Sugababes 4.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. podfk March 27, 2010

    Sugafan you can totally understand amelle and heidi? is that you, mrs. Berrabah? mrs. Range?

  32. dan March 27, 2010

    @podfk thought the same

    is that you amelle?
    you know with you starting in the band they became worse?

  33. Sugafan March 27, 2010

    @ podfk, dan: you two should start a career as stand-up comedians, at some places they offer night for amateurs 😉

  34. bips March 27, 2010

    @sugafan stop the crack u can hate miss keisha all the time u want but at the end of the day karma bite them hard in the ass!!!!
    if u think that amelle ,heidi ,and jade are the sugababe i ‘ll suggest u to go to listen denial lol
    u never was a sugafan to begin with cause if u were not able to support an original member i don’t even know why u speaking now…it’s seems that for a lot of the sugafakes fans the sugababes were like itunes 1.1 …itunes 1.2 and so on damn it’s deals about a band!!!! u can say to luv a band and act as if nothin happened when the last original member has been kicked out!!!
    as for k i always think that she was the sugababe since mutya left !!!!both of them have huge voices and had great personnality whoever has the courage to say that that girl can’t sing must be definitely deaf!!!

  35. Sweet7 March 27, 2010

    oh my gosh!! get over it u haters! U are all acting like 1 years olds!!
    Sugababes are now JADE HEIDI and AMELLE. Deal with it and if you dont like them just dont buy their CDs!!! Its all about the music… stop with the hate… Love ya JADE Honeyy 😉

  36. dieamelledie March 27, 2010

    @Sweet7 “if you dont like them just dont buy their CDs” – you’re saying it like more than a million copies of Sweet7 were sold HAHAHA you stans need to be the one to grow up. we are entitled to hate because the management ruined one of the most unique bands ever. it was always all saints and sugababes, versus the spice girls, atomic kitten, girls aloud, the saturdays – and JLS. lol. they have become the epitome of everything i hate about pop music now and i want what i had fallen in love about them before.

  37. bips March 27, 2010

    @dieamelledie tell em baby!!!!!!actually nobody has bought that damn cd that’s why it’s flopping hard!!!!so i’d like to know what he/she talkin about!!!! we re here to celebrate the flop!!! not to argue about somethin that is already over hhehehehheheh

  38. SUGAFAN March 27, 2010

    My name is SUGAFAN and i suck d#ck for a living, i have no friends and nobody loves me cos im a fat w****.

  39. Sweet7 March 27, 2010

    @ dieamelledie: wow u must be a really frustrating d*** sucking cow! u probably have a lot of experience in that u ugly fagot!!!!!! Everyone is entitled to have a opinion so go back to school, i´d say kindergarden to learn to RESPECT!!

  40. DIEAMELLE DIE March 27, 2010

    God i´m such a ugly fagot! Why is my ASS sooo fat and i´m proud to be the son/ daughter of a w****……….

  41. SWEET7 March 27, 2010

    Hi I’m Sweet7. I flopped.

  42. HeidiRangeFan March 27, 2010

    Hi does anybody know which single will be released next? Plus whats up with all the hate here 🙂 I understand some of you, but give Jade a chance, she´s a awesome singer. I personally consider Heidi Range as a original member, as i didnt even know sugababes when that other girl was in the group.

  43. OPTICAL March 27, 2010

    It was supposed to be Crash & Burn, but they’ve officially changed it to Miss Everything. Not a good choice imo.

  44. Melike April 3, 2010

    Keshia is one ugly mofo as if she is gonna be big in the usa shes not even big here,
    the sugababes look well better now that she got the boot, it was well over due 😀

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