Linda Perry On Christina Aguilera’s New Album: “She’s Toning It Down A Lot”

Linda Perry sat down for a very interesting interview with the New York Post recently. The famed songwriter, who was responsible for Christina Aguilera’s Pop classic ‘Beautiful’, noted that the young diva has dialed down her powerhouse vocals on her new album, ‘Bionic’. Perry contributed ‘Lift Me Up’ to the LP – a ballad that the two performed earlier this year during the ‘Hope For Haiti Now’ telethon. Check out what Perry had to say below:

PW: Last year Christina Aguilera performed, you two seem to be very much kindred spirits.
Linda: Her and I are funny together — we’re like sumo wrestlers. We both want to win the match, so in the process of battling each other we just laugh the whole time. She wants to be strong, but I’m way stronger than she realizes [laughs]. I love her dearly though. She has so much to offer and as a musician, she’s really changing things up, which I love.

PW: She does strike me as someone who refuses to rest on her laurels.
Linda: Absolutely. [Like on her new album, “Bionic”], she’s toning it down a lot. Everybody knows that Christina can sing, but I’ve been telling her that she doesn’t have to blow horns off every day. So she’s venturing out of her comfort zone and going more electronic, working with Sia, Lady Tron and MIA as producers.

PW: Was it hard for her to turn the dial down?
Linda: I think for Christina, not singing full out is probably the most vulnerable, insecure place for her. So to tone it down and not hit the big notes, that’s a really touchy place for her. But I think it’s great that she’s doing it and taking herself there. Maybe she isn’t reinventing the wheel, but you gotta admit, she’s always trying something different. Best of all, she’s doing it for herself. {Source}

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  1. BrendaFierce March 26, 2010

    cool! so there not gonna be millions of run in one song 🙂 gosh i love that! DEAD so do u Xtina maybe will get a “beautiful” type classic from her! Kanye shrug

  2. AalexisR (The Bahamas) March 26, 2010

    hmmmmmm. Interesting. LOVE IT.

  3. Anthony March 26, 2010

    lol. hmmm thats gonna be interesting..
    how can you be xtina a and not BELT??
    but we shall see how this goes… 🙂

  4. Kenney March 26, 2010

    this is why i love christina! she and linda go all the way back to 02 and they have amazing work together!

  5. Blu Majik March 26, 2010

    Hmmm. This shall be interesting. I am used to her belting, but we’ll see how it runs out.

  6. Brian March 26, 2010

    Should be interesting. She has the ability but will she do it LIVE??? Hmmm…..

  7. Renee March 26, 2010

    She should belt it out. I get what Linda is saying, but to tone it down on every song. Nah. I like to hear Christina actually sing. Hope this tone down stuff works. From what I have heard of ‘Not Myself Tonight,’ … sighs. I hope it gets better is all I have to say.

  8. THESKORPIONSHOW March 26, 2010

    Who cares Christinas career ended as soon as Britney released Blackout! Britney has & will always be a step ahead of this c***. Plus people recognize Christina’s fake and bad attitude. So yeah who cares. Can we get some news on Kelis new album or somebody who is relevant please?

  9. THESKORPIONSHOW March 26, 2010

    Oh & as far as that new single, Britney called and shes asking for her sound back. Britney has always been the pre Queen of Pop. Even when she kissed Madonna, nobody gave a f*** about Xtina kissing her. Xtina will always be behind and Britney will always be the queen. Who mad?

  10. Cali. March 26, 2010

    I love it when she tones it down and doesn’t try to wail and riff her way through a song!

    Save Me From Myself is one the best songs she’s ever recorded in my opinion.

  11. TRUTH March 26, 2010


  12. Alex March 26, 2010

    Shes known for her strong powerhouse voice…why would she town her signature down?

  13. ALLNIGHTDONTSTOP2010 March 26, 2010

    TheScorpionshow please shut your mouth Xtina is comin with this new album she’s in control of her identity as well as her career please stop with the hate its not becoming
    I wann hear that new single from her she is killin me with all of this anticipation

  14. Dave March 26, 2010

    Blackout flopped, how did that end Christina’s career? Especially when she did countless grammy performances, & her greatest hits sold very well being EXCLUSIVELY sold @ Target, & the ONLY single from the album “Keeps Gettin’ Better” peaked @ #7 on Billboard. Boy bye! Anyway, as long as she’s exploring her lower register more, her voice is still magnificent in it’s texture, & she goes more into her head voice, & whistle register, i’ll be fine 😀

  15. THESKORPIONSHOW March 26, 2010

    Like I said, Britney can sit at home and release her 1st single on Monday and she would still all the little hype Xtina has. If theres any for this b****! Britney Spears has stayed humble and always thanks her fans for all that we have done. While this b**** doesn’t give a f***. All she cares about is getting hits and stealing Beyonce and Britneys current sound. And u talking about Blackout flopped b**** please it sold 3 million digital copies online alone. Plus didn’t this b**** front like she didn’t know GaGa. LOL, please I’d bet 100 on it that Lady GaGa doesn’t know who the f*** this b**** is. Xtina is a HAS-BEEN & remain one as long as she doesn’t try to be herself and stop copying other more successful singers.

  16. THESKORPIONSHOW March 26, 2010

    Mad you guys will be and Mad you guys stay. As this b**** will never ever get the type of success as her peers. Maybe if she wouldn’t hate on others and act so caty, people would actually like your fake ass. But that won’t happen so she might as well take care of that b****** kid of hers!

  17. ALLNIGHTDONTSTOP2010 March 26, 2010

    And we’re mad and yet you still replying your upset comments regarding Christina the article was about Xtina not Beyonce or Britney I dont see the fuss really its room for everybody sheesh!!!!!!!!! Xtina is comin for a killer hit

  18. Kenney March 26, 2010

    @ TheScorpionshow—-at least Christina still has control over her life and career. At least Christina’s been able to stay married and in a rock solid relationship and still has custody of her kid. If anything britney is one of the most selfish stuck up b****** in Hollywood who thinks the world owes her everything. Britney’s the one who selfishly gave up custody of those 2 spoiled brats just so she can get her career back. She’s the reason for her melt down. Yes Hollywood had a main part in it but it’s all about how you to chose to deal with it. And Christina is far from being a b**** or stuck up! Have you ever see a lady gag-me interview, how gag-me talks (she talks like she’s the s*** and she’s better than everybody and she talks like shes been out for years), Christina however is very straightforward and blunt and is very loving and is always talking about her husband and son. And you say that Britney is always thanking her fans? Name me one song Britney’s ever made where she’s thanking her fans? Christina always thanks her fans in different words in all of her songs! Stripped is dedicated to her fans! And you think Christina has a bad attitude? S*** Christina wasn’t the one who shaved her head and beat somebody’s window with an umbrella, or locked herself and her baby in the bathroom and refused to let him go and got put under a 5150 in the hospital. Britney is the one who tries too damn hard to make hiphop music and she will always sound like a little pop bubblegum candy princess s*** sound. Britney can’t sing, she can’t dance and she’s getting fat!!!!!!She should stop drinking those damn Starbucks and get on a damn treadmill instead! 2010 is Christina’s year! New album, New world tour, & New Movie! CHRISTINA AGUILERA IS BACK WITH A VEGEANCE!

  19. THESKORPIONSHOW March 26, 2010


    B**** bye. You wrote all that and you still didn’t accomplish NOTHING. Britney Spears is the QUEEN OF POP. Like I said, Mad you will be and mad you will stay. Your fav will own her tampons and her diapers for that b****** kid. Britney will own this year so please stop f****** acting so delusional. Britney Spears will always be light years ahead of this short c***. You mad your fav has to bite other singers to get hype. LOL, does she know that Lady GaGa and Britney Spears will be out this year too. Shes bound to flop, and then she acting like we give a f*** about June 8th. B**** please that day will be the day Britney Spears releases her new single!

  20. Kenney March 26, 2010

    @ TheScorpionshow- You keep saying the same thing over and over again! I’d say somebody who has a new album coming out, a new world tour coming up and a new movie coming out is the one who will rule 2010! Britney may have more CD’s not albums than Christina does but at least Christina’s music doesn’t sound rushed and just thrown together like Blackout and Circus were. Circus was the most rushed. And how can you say she’s the Queen of Pop? You’re forgetting about the other true real more talented artists that have been out for nearly 3 decades that paved the way for Britney. Madonna, Mariah, Toni, Whitney, Celine, Aretha, Patti. Without these ladies, Britney wouldn’t be up on stage at all! Yes Britney has sold more because she has more CD’s but I’d say for Christina to only have 3 major studio albums out, a greatest hits LP, a spanish album and christmas album and have sold over 45 million worldwide that’s very damn good. Britney only wishes she had half the voice Christina does, the body she has and the life she has! So suck on that b**** and I hope you choke on Christina’s #1 song, #1 album #1 tour and #1 movie!

  21. Dev March 27, 2010

    @ TheScorpionshow – urrrm, i think you’ll find Madonna is the queen of pop!

  22. creole March 27, 2010

    Ummm what’s with all this hate? She doesn’t put out cds back to back like britney so britney sold more…she has the voice that causes her to fell that she doesn’t need to rush out albums but that doesn’t make her irrelevant…..all this queen of pop stuff is stupid because based purely on #1s and sales it would be Mariah….neither of them has sold as much or has had as many number ones…yes I know Mariah has been out 20 years but it is what it is.

  23. Kenney March 27, 2010

    well i think that for those who are born from 1992 on out only know about Britney, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga etc and grew up listening to the likes of them and that’s why they believe they’re the queen of pop……Those of us who were born from the 80’s on out grew up to the likes of Celine Dion, Madonna, Mariah, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Monica etc….and those women are who we consider the queens of pop. From all these postings I have learned a lot from each different person and their perspectives on artists today! Reality is, Christina Aguilera is and always will be a true artist and she ain’t going no where. Like she said in “Keeps Gettin Better” “yes I know what I am and no I don’t give a damn and you’ll be lovin it”….she f****** meant that! As much as y’all want to diss and hate her you know you love her stamina and persona and who she is as a person! A daughter, sister, wife, aunt, mother, cousin, friend, artist, actress etc…..Christina’s life never has and never will be defined by limits like some of the artists who are big right now will be! You can only use so much of your gimmicks that help you sell before you run out of ideas and your music continues to sound the same and gets boring. Christina appeals to a range of more than one fan base. Old people, adults, teenagers and kids. Other fan bases for other artists don’t really go beyond the gay community and I know that as a face because I am gay and have front row tickets to the truth!

  24. Yoko March 27, 2010

    *Pushes bag of popcorn away*

    Kenny you got in that ass @ 10:16pm

    Im not stanning for either of them. They both have legendary status. Christina was the authentic artist of the two, however with this album it seems she’s hung up the creative artistic towel and picked up the gimmick belt. Britney, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce are all gimmicks recycling the same themes….they’ve all done the robots theme (ironic being that they are robots) and bad slutty dominatrix girls dressed in all black with a dark theme.

    So desperate to worship and adore a human being the stans and monsters are too asleep to realize this. I use to have so much respect for Christina but after seeing the juvenile lyrics to “Not Myself Tonight” which have the same girl on girl trend that a lot of the pop tarts and rappers (Minaj) are giving me, as well as the robotic and devil themes I’m absolutely over it. Christina is hoping on the p**** bandwagon.

    I know Christina will sell. Her marketing and publicity team is not playing, plus her record label loves her, coupled with hot production and imagery (we’ve all seen before). She’s going to make a big comeback and shut the competition down. Don’t see this as me favoring Xtina. All of the gimmicks I just mentioned get their same amount of shine and publicity. It’s now Christina’s turn to take the younger generation into a more degraded, and decayed state in our society. She’s obviously going to top her sexed up antics that she gave us in Stripped.

  25. Yoko March 27, 2010

    I forgot to add SMDH.

  26. Kenney March 27, 2010

    @ YOKO- what you mean i got in that ass at 10:16pm?

  27. BLACK March 27, 2010

    WHY THE f*** is people bringing up beyonce name, Britney i can see Why but Beyonce Uhh no two totaly diffrent people. OH and the haters Please, the same thing u saying about beyonce being a gimmick is the same thing people said ABOUT MADONNA back in the 80’s and diana in the 70’s the world Biggest And longest running female careers have started out being called gimmicks, so dont come with that B,S.

    ANY WAY, I CANT WAIT for Xtina album (I love her more than britney) cause i think her voice is amazing. but i hope she gives uss something that makes history like I.E. “(beautiful)”

  28. SOOS March 27, 2010

    Oh so jealous people are here.
    F*ck you HATERS!

    Britney has success (I love her music but as a singer she is nothing, she always had good producers and songwriters, that girl CAN’T sing), the hype around Britney is that she is a TERRIBLE person (see what she did with her poor children)
    Compare her to CHristina and let’s see:
    Christina is a good mother, a good wife, talented, co-produces and co-write, or write all of her songs, she can sing live fantastically, she has own thoughts, she has own messages, she didn’t drop her children, she never put her child into danger like Britney did.
    You are just healous that Christina is much more fantastic and much more talented than Britney. Britney as an artist is a BIG NOTHING. SHe has good producers, marketing people, etc.

    MADONNA is the all time queen of pop. Britney is just a lyp-sinching bad dancer. Nothing more. (I love the music she does, but not because of her, but because of her producers and writers…)
    And CHristina never wanted to be the queen of pop. SHe just does good music.

    Britney cares of her fans?? Haha. Couple of years ago she didn’t know where Australia is… haha

  29. Kami March 27, 2010

    Most of these comments are mildly retarded. I say this because whenever Sam or Trent makes an article about a female artist, everyone automatically has to try to compare the girl to someone who has nothing to do with them. What is that about? Since the entire discussion shifted from speculating about Christina, I’ve come here to shut down a couple of arguments.

    ****Christina vs Britney Spears: *******
    First of all, I’m a fan for both of these ladies. However, Christina has a more soulful and more authentic approach to her music and videos than Britney does. Blackout was a good album, but it flopped all around the board according to what I’ve read and seen in articles in print and on screen. Her performance at the VMA’s performing “Gimme More” temporarily destroyed her career to the point where the E-Channel was literally already making a documentary on the ‘Fallen’ Queen of Pop hardly less than a year ago. Then on top of that, Britney’s recent single ‘One, Two Three’ didn’t grab people as well as her publicists expected it to. It was a good club hit, yes. But it didn’t ricochet around for as long as her preceding singles had. Britney has always been able to capture attention with extremely catchy songs that burn up the charts, yes. But remember that Britney had to make a follow up to Blackout in order to SAVE her career because of the embarrassing publicity she had a year back. It was her ‘do over’ when it came to making a comeback. Christina has pushed out strong albums and has become such a respectful figure in the media post her Xtina days to the point where Britney’s tragedy can’t be applied to her.

    *******Christina vs. Lady Gaga:**************
    People are only comparing the two of them because of their hair color and the fact that Christina is going along with the wave length and going in a more electro-esque route. Lady Gaga and Britney didn’t ‘create’ pop. They became iconic influences within it. Lady Gaga is still a new artist and shouldn’t be compared to anyone until we start hearing singles off of her third album in a year’s time. If that album gobbles up the charts again like her history of singles have been doing, then we can start comparing her to existing pop icons. Until then, stop trying to kill her off. She sounds nothing like Christina, looks nothing like her, and definitely does not have the same approach that she does. Also, Gaga is JUST as appreciative of her fans as Christina is. Are you serious? She got a TATTOO as a collective thank you to her fans less than a few months ago. On top of that, she extended her tours in order to reach MORE of her fans by popular demand from the little monsters themselves. Don’t even try to say that she doesn’t ‘care’ about her fans as much as Christina does. You obviously don’t do any research.

  30. SOOS March 27, 2010

    Let’s see CHristina’s unique BACK TO BASICS TOUR from 2006-2007. The main theme of the concerts were CIRCUS (like in ‘Hurt’ video)

    Than Britney released her album in 2008 with the title Circus, and the Circus tour was a total copy of Christina’s BTB Tour… so who copies who? …. Okay it was different, because Britney didn’t sing, she lyp-sinched, but CHristina made awesome vocal performances. Hahahaha.

    But the tour scene and outfits were totally copied.

  31. Ace March 27, 2010

    Christina is indeed one of the premier voices of our generation. She has proven time and time again why she is indeed who she is. Christina, for me, outshines all of her comrads (BRITNEY, JESSICA, ETC) she has that certain BOOM POP that comes with being incredibly talented. I think Linda’s being modest, theres no way in hell Christina’s recording an entire album without at least 3 songs she can wail like a banshee on, just not happenin. Its almost her signature. I’ve never had a problem with her belts, just her over singing, and the fact that at times she seemed to not have control of her voice. HOWEVER over the years of fine tuning her gift, Christina’s on the money. NOW IF I COULD ONLY GET JHUD to CONTROL THAT MONSTEROUS VOCAL SHE HAS O_0

  32. Simply Phillip Brown March 27, 2010

    Christina has a lot going on this year, from the new movie with her & Cher, to this new album. The album will sell, she’s never had a problem with going platinum. Even though many other artists may out-due her in sales and stage performance, Christina has what very few artists have – (the fact that she can actually sing). That is the one reason, I will always love her for who she is, not what I feel she should be.

  33. Me March 27, 2010

    Love Christina’s voice. My fave song will always be “Reflection”. Hope she doesn’t go the gimmick route. I’m soooo sick of gimmicks, dammit we have had enough. What the hell are we going to be playing in 10 years from current music and feeling nostalgic about and playing for our kids when we get older to show them how good OUR music was? Stanky Leg? Drop it Low? Rude Boy? Video phone? Telephone? ENOUUUUUUGH! That’s probably why our values are so messed up.

  34. Coffeee March 27, 2010

    She sounds amazing however she sings

  35. KodieBlue March 27, 2010

    Tick Tick Tick Tick. The Haters Are Gonna Hate it when

    The Xtina Bomb Goes Off In There Faces!!!!

  36. Yoko March 27, 2010

    @ Kenny

    You let them have it. You laid it on them. Ripped them a new one.

  37. Kenney March 28, 2010

    @ YOKO ahaha ya know it thanx! Just thought I should point out what real talent is and what make a person a true artist at form! All of Gaga’s fans and Bey’s, Rih-Tard’s, Kesha, britney are just hatin because neither one of them came up with “the old me’s gone, i feel brand new and if you don’t like it f*** you!” i have a feeling that once that song hits the clubs then everytime that part comes up, they’re going to stop the record to where you can old hear the words “the old me’s gone, i feel brand new and if you don’t like it f*** you!” and everybody’s gonna be saying it!

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