Hot Shots: Brandy At The Bowling Alley

Published: Wednesday 4th Aug 2010 by Sam

Peep R&B songstress Brandy posing it up (impromptu) at a bowling alley, while filming a scene for season two of her hit VH1 reality show ‘A Family Business’. While others age like milk, Ms. Norwood, as with fine wine, gets better with time. Stunning.

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  1. zerolocked August 5, 2010

    That’s B-Rocka, just flat out kool!

  2. anon August 5, 2010


  3. KNUCK August 5, 2010

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love u Bran Bran

  4. TOP NOTCH DIVA August 5, 2010

    Good look for Brandy. She has really been steppin up her glam game lately! Nice pics.

  5. joshausss August 5, 2010

    the check from season one must of been gud cuz she been on point lately

  6. Commander for Kelly & Ciara August 5, 2010

    rockin the “aaliyah” she does look nice.. i just wnt R&bB brandy to bounce back.. thats all

  7. LEEK August 5, 2010

    “While others age like milk, Ms. Norwood, as with fine wine, gets better with time. Stunning.”

    She’s only 31.

  8. BENJAMIN August 5, 2010

    She look great, but I hope she doesn’t lose anymore weight, she is on the brink.

  9. La’Wayne August 5, 2010

    She’s Beautiful…I thought it was Aaliyah at first in the first pic…crazy

  10. EXPOSED August 5, 2010


  11. danisha August 5, 2010

    Lose anymore weight? She has been gaining weight what are you looking at?


  12. ADE August 5, 2010

    She looks beautiful. Funny, I was listening to ‘Full Moon’ last night. That album is everything! I can’t wait to hear some new material from her.

  13. royalkev August 5, 2010

    @Ade, that is funny… I was listening to Full Moon about 8 times yesterday. I can’t wait for some new Brandy. She looks really good and s*** these days. I’m loving her attitude and feeling all the confidence. Comeback hard Brocka, like only you can!

  14. smartee August 5, 2010

    She actually looks very pretty in these pics. I think Brandy is one of those people who can be pretty at times, and then other times, she’s ugly. Maybe she has on the right makeup and hair do. If that’s the case, she needs to keep this up. The outfit is very cute too.

  15. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) August 5, 2010

    Hey Bran, loving that look…..(reminds me of baby girl)! Still waiting impatiently for that Brand Nu album!!

  16. Chile Please! August 5, 2010

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaas! Fab Honey! Work!!!

  17. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) August 5, 2010

    @ Benjamin….what are you yapping on about??? I thought Brandy has been ‘trying hard’ to put on more weight lately hence where the hell have you been??? Get your facts rights dammit!!!

  18. GOTAA LOVE DA LOVE August 5, 2010

    Brandys look young and s***.. just the B that i wanted.. shes not old enuff to be dressing in long dresses and stuff altho she does pull off the elegant mature look… I just wanna see her dance, and power thru on the next album. The White Vest look.. its Supa_HOT!!

  19. BrandyNMonicaStan August 5, 2010

    Bran looks gorg ! I can’t wait for the album and the next season of Family Business to air love the Norwoods! Hey mama Sonja !! lol !

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