Christina Milian Covers Latina Magazine

With a new DVD out and an album on the way, R&B singer Christina Milian continues to do the media rounds. The latest stop sees the 29 year old appear on the February issue of Latina magazine.

The Cuban-descendant opened up to the publication about her failed marriage to The Dream, her budding movie career, and her musical comeback this year. Click here to read the insightful feature.

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  1. DION-ISH January 3, 2011

    Again….Who Cares?!


  2. stan January 3, 2011


  3. kmft January 3, 2011

    anyways….rihanna s&m coming soon get ready b****** 😀

  4. January 3, 2011

    STUNNING…as usual!

  5. james227 January 4, 2011

    She looks hot. F*** Rihanna and her songs

  6. Jahlal January 4, 2011

    S*** LIKE ALWAYS!!!

  7. BREEZYTHEBEST January 4, 2011

    That Dream money looks good on her.

  8. Steph January 4, 2011

    Shes hott. ur nott! HARTERZ.
    The Dream “Terius” is the shyt still

  9. Fancy Bey January 4, 2011

    Christina Milian is Great,. I love how shes tryna put out new things despite whats going wrong. U guys shuld look at my friend CeTerio Dontez on youtube. The next big thing!!!

  10. lola January 4, 2011

    Who the f*** cares about this phony gold digging ho? She’s cute with makeup on, but damn, I just recently saw a pic of her without makeup in the recording studio and she looks awful! Why hasn’t she gotten the fact that she will never be a successful singer or actress through her head? Her job is to be a mother and depend on The Dream’s money.

  11. TJ January 4, 2011

    ^ and who the f*** cares about your comment ho?

    Christina Milian, amazing as always baby =]

  12. i January 4, 2011

    uhh why is this NO TALENT thang putting out more TRASH MUsic???? girl sit down!! paleeezzzze lol

  13. ~BeySoBreezy~ January 4, 2011

    She looks beautiful. Good luck Christina!

  14. RONALDMATTERS.COM January 4, 2011

    I’m surprised this post doesn’t have a gazillion comments like the rest of the posts here. C. Milian deserves every bit of attention like the rest of these h*es.

  15. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ January 4, 2011

    She looks gorgeous! LOVE the dress and necklace! I’ma need that when you done Christina.

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