BET Responds To Trina Rant

Published: Saturday 21st May 2011 by Sam

Rapper Trina made headlines this week, following an angry tirade against BET – who omitted her from the Best Female Hip-Hop category at the BET Awards 2011.

With many, including nominees Nicki Minaj and Diamond, actually vouching for the Miami native,the network’s senior VP, Stephen Hill, has spoken up and out – explaining why the ‘Diamond Princess’ was excluded.

Find out what he had to say after the jump…

Via YBF:

Why wasn’t Trina nominated in the Female Hip Hop category?

Okay, that was because Trina didn’t submit a video that was in during the eligibility period. Let me back up. To be eligible, here’s what you have to have: a video that’s submitted and then first played on BET…between April 1 of one year and March 30 of the next year. So for this eligibility period it would be April 1 of 2010 to March 30 of 2011. She did not release a video to us in that time. “Million Dollar Girl” came in March. I think it was March 12 or so of 2010. And so she was in last year’s nominees for that. While she was featured in Lola Monroe’s video, the rules are you have to release a video of your own. You have to be the primary artist on it. You can’t be just the feature artist and be eligible. So that’s why Lola Monroe was eligible but Trina was not for this year because it came out this year. So I’ve reached out to her camp. I’ve talked to the head of her label. And actually the only reason I might get off this call is because I may be getting a call from Trina while this call is going on.

If she calls you just go ahead and jump off.

And I want to be clear: We love Trina, we work with Trina. She performed “Million Dollar Girl” on Rip the Runway in February of 2010. So we love Trina. We definitely understand that it’s a misunderstanding. And I’ll tell you now, if I were Trina and I’d released something during the eligibility period and it had not been nominated, I probably would’ve had a little bit of side-eye too. But the truth is she just wasn’t in the eligibility period.

But what of Beyonce‘s nomination in Best R&B Female category? Because, as much as we vouch for she, her ‘eligibility’ is

Your thoughts?

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  1. RainMan May 21, 2011

    Didn’t BEYONCE release “Why Don’t You Love Me” between that time period tho??? And if I’m not mistaking, it was played on 106 N’ Park a couple of times, which was why she is in the category.

  2. Diamond May 21, 2011

    They still f***** Trina over badly. What about when Missy won the award in 2008/2009?

    And yes explain Beyonce’s nomination..

  3. Interview May 21, 2011

    For BET AWards you have to release a VIDEOand it has to be played on 106 and Park a couple of times, Steph said it’s not aboutalbums or singles.

  4. RONALDMATTERS.COM May 21, 2011

    WELL, iBet Trina s***-faced now… *moving on*

  5. chcukiejackson May 21, 2011

    EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beyonce get nominated??? & Monica, Fantasia, Ciara, or Keyshia Cole DON’T GET NOMINATED!! Yes I like Beyonce…BUT HER GETTING NOMINATED…IS EXACTLY

  6. The Truth May 21, 2011

    There are people that vote on the BET Awards saying the Beyonce wasn’t even on the ballot.

  7. Justin Knows Best May 21, 2011

    To be frank this is b*******! For one that damn song that Beyonce released was garbage. I love her as an artist I do, but I call a spade a spade! That song sucked. So here is my question why wasn’t Monica nominated for “Love All Over Me?” That video was played more than Beyonce’s and had more success on urban outlet than Beyonce’s song. Come on I need a better excuse. So your telling me that Monica which is a true R&B artist did not deserve to be nominated for Best Female R&B? Get the f*** out of here!!!

  8. Hush May 21, 2011

    Who gents bent out of shape for not getting nominated for a BET award? *snicker*


  9. Justin Knows Best May 21, 2011

    what is his twitter name? I need to address this B******* right now!!!

  10. Justin Knows Best May 21, 2011

    I don’t care if its a Pepsi Award, people need to be recognized for their work. Now I am no fan of Trina’s at all so I cannot speak to her matter but this female R&B category some s*** aint right…

  11. BEEYONCED May 21, 2011

    It doesn’t matter. She’s Beyoncé.

    Whom they wanna give the award to aside Beyoncé. Taylor Swift again. As much as Bee got, she should have way more ….cuz she doin’ way more than all the other b****** combined. It’ll stand in history books.

    Ppl like Michael Jackson and Norah Jones are tied on Grammy wins in one night. And to even put Norah Jones anywear near King Michael is a ridiculous joke. Besides Thriller MJ was snubbed all along anywayz on Award Terms. And that ain’t right!

    So yeah alone from that I say give Beyoncé as many as possible. In 60 yrs. she will be the nearest thing to MJ and if she be screwed over like MJ -just so that all these minors h*** have an award too- I SAY FUKK IT!

    Handing out awards are music industry politics anyhow …. for those of you who stil believe in the tooth fairy.

  12. Ms Blessed Rebel May 21, 2011

    Beyonce` shouldn’t have been nominated. Point Blank Period!

  13. Nate May 21, 2011

    as already explained, she was in the egibility period. to quote Stephen Hill:

    “I’ll be specific about another one. People are wondering about how Beyoncé got nominated. Her video for “Why Don’t You Love Me” came in May of 2010. So that makes her eligible for video of the year, for Best female R&B Artist. So that’s what made her eligible as well. She had a video that was released in the eligibility period.”

  14. NICK May 21, 2011

    who cars? NICKI MINAJ is gonan win & TRINA woulda been mad @ that, so SAT DOWN FOLK! I am sure Beyonce won’t win, it will be Jennifer Hudson or Marsha! They had music played this year more than Beyonce, she jus slipped her video in last year making her eligible, I DO NOT AGREE BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS-WHO CARES!? Fantasia & Keyshia Cole need to b on that list 4real tho…..

  15. GaGaNATION May 21, 2011

    Over a BET awards Trina? REALLY?

    Chunky ankles sit down somewhere!!!!! ugh

  16. chrisj May 21, 2011

    lmfao did somebody said ciara should of got nominated..

  17. Jasmine May 21, 2011

    They still overlooked Trina. Trina released two videos that were eligible and submitted to BET during the eligibility period:

    1. White Girl (featuring Flo’Rida)

    2. My B******

    Thus, those comments from Stephen Hill are just BET trying to cover their own ass for blatantly ignoring Trina. I’m sure Trina will respond to this BS.

  18. Amer May 21, 2011

    Beyonce and many of nominated also didn’t submit a video that was in during the eligibility period,sooooooo Im soooo Mad at BET FUUUUUUUU+K
    Shame on you Bet,Shame!

    And Yes i Said Ciara shoud be nominated u mad!

  19. chrisj May 21, 2011

    lol mad for what..ciara last two albums flopped..i cant believe i was a fan..she should just be a model or choreographer..her music career is over

  20. Yc18 May 21, 2011

    Bet nominated beyonce so she can attend the award show for ratings

  21. trucie May 21, 2011

    Yeah, how is it Beyonce was nominated? and Diamond? she didn’t release a vid either? Something ain’t adding up? BET full of s***.

  22. What’s My Name May 21, 2011

    To me it doesn’t make sense that the category is female rap artist and not female rap video. The bet awards is such a f***** joke. Trina still had a bigger impact inactive than whoever the hell the other b****** are. I think its pure shade monica wasnt nominated she had a semi big come back with that album. smh as much as I love beyonce its insensible for her to be nominated for that one dumb ass video when that was from her 2008 album

  23. ICON May 21, 2011

    I glad she didn’t get nom. She’s the worst rapper ever.

  24. mobwife May 21, 2011

    I read this yesterday! I understand based on their rules she was not eligible but adding Beyonce to the Best Female category makes no sense! Ciara, Jasmine Sullivan, Fantasia, Keyshia Cole, etc should have been on that list instead. I have yet to here what the justification for adding Beyonce to the category is? BET you are messing up again! You were on a roll after the success of last yrs award show but this is ridiculous!

    psss, Trina and Keyshia need to pipe down and release better products, especially Keyshia!Hher new CD is quite bland!!

  25. princebarbietv May 21, 2011

    Something still aint right F*** EBT

  26. noodles May 21, 2011

    No Trina just needs to face the fact she hasn’t even released anything hot and she isn’t even relevant. Nicki Minaj is really the only relevant Female Rapper right now because the rest of the people in that category this year are a joke.

    Beyonce’s nomination is a little suspect but she did release Why Don’t You Love Me…even though she didn’t need to be nominated for this year since she just now came back from her little break.

  27. MaZ May 21, 2011

    They should change BET Awards for BET VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS then!

  28. stan May 21, 2011

    lmao what a damn joke

  29. noodles May 21, 2011

    But the real question who is really missing Trina at the show? Absolutely no one. BET shouldn’t have explained anything because to be honest all Award Shows have thing that just seem hella suspect about them these days and they don’t explain it. They have things that make you wonder WTF?? All the time. BET is no different then when Katy Perry gets nominated for her Album at the Grammys. Some nominations make no sense at all Award shows it’s been this way for awhile no surprise. While other think people deserve a nomination others don’t. *shrugs*

  30. RachelleDC3 May 21, 2011

    You saying that Beyonce nomination is

    BEYONCE released WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME music video on May 2010, so thats why she can be nominated. F*** U

  31. Tc23 May 21, 2011

    OMG so I thot I’d read a nice lil interesting post about BET and of course my girl bey gets thrown in cuz god forbid where not talkin about her in some way .. Jeez u make me even tired of hearing it! Like ppl have said on here why don’t u love me came out in may 2010 and was on 106 and park which is why she was eligible if u were reading correctly ughhhh grasping at straws as usual ….

  32. Richard MotorMouf May 21, 2011

    Okay so WHAT video did Rasheeda put out last year on 106&Park for HER to get nominated???? because i know DAMN well ive NEVER seen a video for her last year on there. BET be lyin like a MOTHAFUCKA. They JUST made that s*** up. Hell, i dnt even a rememer a video for Cymfaleakia on there. LIES, all LIES… SMDH…

  33. Mr.GQ May 21, 2011

    WTF does music videos have to do with anything!? What about the release of albums and songs. BET is gonna ignore the fact that Fantasia won a f*ucking Grammy for her album yet she’s not nominated smdh Trina wasn’t gonna win but it’s the principal if the matter

  34. SHESDUMB May 21, 2011

    I like trina, she represent florida well, but she hasnt been doing snything to prove that she should be nominated

  35. WildChild May 22, 2011

    If this were the VMAs then I would understand. The EBT awards are not a video award show. I thought they nominated people based on albums and songs?

  36. Duh May 22, 2011

    But wasn’t Lil Kim nominated last year for Best Female Hip Hop Artist? So if these guidlines are true, how did she get nominated? I don’t recall Lil Kim releasing a video at all. BET are f****** liars! By the way, why is it based on music videos? For all of that, let’s just watch the VMAs or call it the BET Music Video Awards.

  37. Songbirdie May 22, 2011

    BET is full of it! So now it all comes down to videos? Give me a break! So the videos of those international (Africa) artist are played on BET? BET Awards is not a legit awards show, they make their rules as they go!!!

    SIDENOTE: Regardless if Beyonce released a video, that gives her more eligibility of Keyshia Cole, Monica, Fantasia, Jazmine Sullivan, Melanie Fiona and Jessie J? PLEASE!!!

  38. BrandyNMonicaStan May 22, 2011

    BET really needs to stop snubbing Monica and the rest of the real R&B singers out there for all these Pop acts.

  39. whowhatme May 22, 2011

    Monica’s song was one of the best for 2010….sad.

  40. harlem May 22, 2011

    Didn’t beyonce Have Why DOnt U Love me Out…….Then she had her I AM TOur DVD and BET VH1 ABC Centric TV special…………..Beyonce may not hacve been the front lady but she definitely working the scene and gave BET some ratings with her concert playing ont their station……

  41. VA STAND UP!! May 22, 2011

    Lol! ‘Trina’s rant’?! All she said was f*ck BET, which is what a LOT of people said! Cearly she was upset, but she didn’t really rant. I understand their response, but it’s still BS! I guess they felt like they had to say something since so many people were bitching, but to me it was BS and just to cover their asses cause of all the backlash!

    I am NOT a fan of Trina, I don’t like her music at all, but I do think she deserved a nomination over freaking Lola Monroe & Cymphonique! That was just an insult! They don’t even have albums out and who the hell even knows their material?! Trina did an album & two mixtapes! Yeah Trina’s album may have flopped, but who the even knows any of the songs from those other artist?! BET just set that category up for Nicki Minaj to win!

    And YES at the Beyonce comment! I LOVE Bey, but come the f*** on!!!! ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’?? Really! I thought the song was cute and I actually lilked the video, but that video should not have earned Bey a nomination! Not when Monica, Jazmin Sullivan, Fantasia, Melanie Fiona and Keyshia Cole ALL put out actual albums! They worked their assess off and all Bey has been doing all year was vacationing all over the world with Joe Camel! It’s just not fair & BET knows it! They really snubbed some talented artist! SMH!

    Maybe they should change the rules to you should have an official single out before you get a nomination, cause a video ain’t s***! I’m with Trina on this, F*** BET!

  42. VA STAND UP!! May 22, 2011

    Justin Knows Best
    May 21, 2011 at 7:14 pm
    To be frank this is b*******! For one that damn song that Beyonce released was garbage. I love her as an artist I do, but I call a spade a spade! That song sucked. So here is my question why wasn’t Monica nominated for “Love All Over Me?” That video was played more than Beyonce’s and had more success on urban outlet than Beyonce’s song. Come on I need a better excuse. So your telling me that Monica which is a true R&B artist did not deserve to be nominated for Best Female R&B? Get the f*** out of here!!!


    ALL OF THIS!! And *DEAD* at Pepsi Award! Bwhahahahahahaha!

  43. heavyrotation May 22, 2011

    He says that she was nominated for “Million Dollar Girl” from last year, and that she did not have a video submitted this year for eligibility of the nomination right? But didn’t she release “White Girl” featuring Flo-Rida as a single with a VIDEO promotion , that video was released in July of 2010…Now to my understanding, wouldn’t that be a video that would make her eligible since it was within the eligibility period of April 1st of 2010-March 30th 2011?

  44. VA STAND UP!! May 22, 2011

    May 22, 2011 at 2:35 am
    BET really needs to stop snubbing Monica and the rest of the real R&B singers out there for all these Pop acts.


    True! It’s like they think Bey has to be nominated every year! It’s ridiculous! Switch it up a lil bit, there are other talented artist out there! SMH!

  45. harlem May 22, 2011

    I am not understand the Hate towards Beyonce when clearly BET nominated her….Yall beef should be with BET not Beyonce….but I forgot some of u suffer from being bipolar….

  46. heavyrotation May 22, 2011

    And what video did this Cymphonique character put out??? I never heard of this mud-duck until these nominations hit the web, I wikipedia her to see if there was a music page for her…NOTHING…so I’m gonna google this b****….I wanna see what she put and who the f*** she is…

  47. ole skool May 22, 2011

    TRina who?

  48. BAD BYTCH May 22, 2011

    Beyonce released “Why dont you love me” in May of 2010 dummies..thats why she is eligible

  49. QueenSize May 22, 2011

    Love Trina. She must have been pissed. Trina never gets mad.

  50. I see May 22, 2011

    Im black, but why are black always mad and putting each other down….she wasnt nominated for mtv, grammy and billboard why isn’t she complainging to them….BET needs to stop responding to these FLOPS cos it just makes them feel important.

  51. bbbbbbbbb May 22, 2011

    honey .. beyonce can be gone for 20 years and be nominated… she is the 🙂

  52. Nikko May 22, 2011

    I said it before on my last post Suspect indeed, I totally forgot about Jasmine Sullivan I always thought awards shows were based on album sells and singles because I no damn well Taylor Swift did not win because of how many videos she put out or Lady Gaga.

    In addition, some may not think Keysia Coles album was any good however, I enjoyed it and if I remember her video with Nicki Minja reached number one status on the 106th and park video count down as well as the one by herself with her now new husband also reached number one status.

    I will say it again R & B means just that R & B so again where Monica at on the list Rihanna sales records and she is not a true R & B singer but a twag singer I like her though, she makes hits, she turns lemons into lemonade.

    BET just needs to change the rules on how nominees are selected and to add to that 106th and Park is getting boring as of lately, I am in Germany and I get the channel coming from UK and we get it a week later

    BET you making us black folks look really bad, for us to even have this web discussion. We always be talking about we fall down but we get back up again, get back up again however, it always us doing the falling down against each other.

    The same thing like who made the list last year for best rapper. Is it time for Stephen Hill to find a new position or just be fired. He messed up and did not let Chris Brown perform after MJ’s death.

    I don’t condone hitting a women however, if she is doing the biting and fighting and you cannot walk away from it you got do what you got to do. Everybody is intitled to a second chance not a third you hear me.



  54. keme May 25, 2011

    That’s a damn lie, TRINA went on to release three more videos after the Million Dollar Girl video. She released videos for ”My B******”,” White Girl” and ”Diamonds Are Forever” which was released this year to support (promote) her current Mix-tape that dropped this year (2011). Steven Hill is a damn liar. Trina can bring videos to BET all day, but that don’t mean that BET will play her videos.

  55. Damian Harvey May 26, 2011

    Yep “Why Don’t you love me” video was released May 1st 2010. She was definitely eligible.

  56. Sharissad June 19, 2011

    I don’t understand why Beyonce was nominated I feel their some favourism towards Beyonce. There are so many other artists BET could have nominated: Keyshia Cole, Kelly Rowland, Monica, Alicia Keys, Melaine Fiona, Fanastia, Jazmine Sullivan, Chrisette Michelle, Faith Evans, Ciara, Amerie, Erykah Badu, Shontelle, Dondria, Kandi and even Sade tsk tsk BET.

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