Hot Shots: Rihanna Tones It Down At Nivea Gala

Published: Friday 6th May 2011 by Sam

Rihanna channelled her inner-Ariel at Nivea’s 100th Anniversary celebration in Paris this afternoon.

Noticeably more demure, the aspiring singer will swap the floor length get-up for her trademark scantness when she launches her ‘Loud Tour’ next month.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Blaze May 6, 2011

    Her eyes are beautiful!!!!!!!

  2. RUSSEL JONES May 6, 2011

    what is this ??LMAAAOOOOO!!! xD

  3. ICON May 6, 2011

    Aw she looks beautiful as always. 🙂 My favourite look with the red hair. It really compliments the dress and skin tone.

  4. LOVEME May 6, 2011

    her weave is DRY….and u can see her tracks. RiRi needs to come to me to get her hair did

  5. MissImpartial May 6, 2011

    Rihanna looks the best that I have seen her for a while. Less make up and classy dresses suit her more than the trashy look.

  6. uhh May 6, 2011

    Lovely!! looking like the princess that she is.

  7. Blanco Family May 6, 2011

    ciara been did that hairstyle

  8. Shelly Kelly May 6, 2011

    NOT…rihanna and that damn forehead…lol..Me and my girl going on vacation…Travelocity giving away $1000 Giftcards for anywhere in US..just for giving them your email..haha..My whole fam got 1

  9. MarryTheFLOP May 6, 2011

    WTF This girl has a PIG NOSE !!!!

  10. dede May 6, 2011


    lets see what you look like

  11. Anthony May 6, 2011

    She still looks like crap; she really needs to do something with that ridiculous hair color and style

  12. bey’knight May 6, 2011

    see rihanna, the world won’t come to an end if u put on clothes, u look good babe

  13. bey’knight May 6, 2011

    see rihanna, it’s very much ok to put on clothes, do it more often, you look good

  14. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ May 6, 2011

    Gorgeous! Love this look!

  15. GangsterA May 6, 2011

    she looks amazing the weave is a lil off but still cute

  16. darty knowles May 6, 2011

    That nasty w**** better change that her color. What happened to flop sm? It spent 1 day @ #1 n thats it? bye non singing w****

  17. Nana Yaw May 6, 2011

    Aspiring singer? Hahaha you guys are so crazy!

  18. LOL May 6, 2011

    She is so bbeautiful!!!

    I love her so much so much so much so much!

    Cant wait to see CKBvideo!


  19. ICON May 6, 2011

    @Darty Knowles

    Shut the f*** up. You are the one who is a “nasty w****”. How is S&M a flop? As much as I love Bey no one is coming for my fave let’s remember it hasn’t reached top ten anyway so shhh.


  20. KaVion May 6, 2011

    She looks beautiful, but that’s nothing new.

    For the record, Tr3nt’s shade >>>>>>>>Sam’s.

    Speaking of shade, have you guys seen Tr3nt’s comments on twitter? Talking about “slavery has ended” & “free at last” type s***? I guess their “mutual” split wasn’t that mutual.

    It’s sad that you guys had to go your separate ways..

    LMFAO, my comment’s being held because I mentioned Tr3nt! First you can’t say Ma-Keal, now you cant say Tr3nt?? I have to replace the E w/ a 3! Lol!

    Sam, you’re still my favorite 🙂
    He who shalt be named irked me.

  21. YOUR Queen! May 6, 2011

    Princess Rihanna looks Gorgeous!!! Her skin is flawless!!

  22. Nana Yaw May 6, 2011

    @ icon, thank you

  23. queenbey will always s*** on ur fave and leave them no option but 2 pout May 6, 2011

    The shades da other woman has on are CUTE and so is her low boy.

  24. kody3x May 6, 2011

    dam that 5 head

  25. Nana Yaw May 6, 2011

    @ Kavion, Sam is the best! Tr3nt can go away.

  26. KaVion May 6, 2011

    I like Sam more to! He seems like a sweet guy, and “He who shall remain nameless” seems a little rude & malicious.

    I’m not going to judge though, I don’t know their issues. I hope you guys can resolve everything, Sam! 🙂

  27. queenbey will always s*** on ur fave and leave them no option but 2 pout May 6, 2011

    Wen Rihanna wears really long hair, u can really see how tall her forehead is.

  28. True Blue May 6, 2011

    She looks so much better without her mermaid tail. 😉

  29. B**** PLEASE May 6, 2011


  30. KoreanDream May 6, 2011

    She looks gorgeous and the dress was very suitable for the event.

  31. Mr. T May 6, 2011

    She looks pretty….. looks like she picking up weight. But it looks good on her.

    Now jus get rid of the red hair……

  32. RIHANNA WILL SLAY YOUR FAVES IN 2011 May 6, 2011

    Luv u Riri but im sick of the redhair. change it up plz

  33. mariela May 6, 2011

    looks very old plus rihana have face like a man

  34. SheSoDumb May 6, 2011

    She”ll be in something tight and revealing soon. If not, then her career will falter.
    nvm, it already is

  35. mobwife…….”she aint you”!! :-) May 6, 2011

    She looks PREGNANT! I Shutter to think what she might have!?!?

    This b*tch needs to decide what color and which wig she wants to wear. This is getting out of hand!!

  36. mobwife…….”she aint you”!! :-) May 6, 2011

    For a goat, I will say her make-up is flawless!! 🙂

  37. mobwife…….”she aint you”!! :-) May 6, 2011

    May 6, 2011 at 8:18 pm
    Cant wait to see CKBvideo!

    Me too if Jennifer Nettles will appear and sing!! I

    ‘#imjustsaying 🙂

  38. MISHKA May 6, 2011

    LOL what a poser.

    Werk it though.

  39. OCEAN May 6, 2011

    Some of you are hilarious…this girl on her best days is FLAWLESS…it doesn’t matter if she has a big forehead, nose, etc. It all works for her. Nivea signed her, so she must have the look they are looking for.

    All the males I know talk about how s*** she is…

    By the way, her skin & eyes are GORG!

  40. Auntie Jackie May 6, 2011

    The weave looks gross. Her hair is so crunchy, stiff and dry looking compared to the extensions. The dress is interesting, and I love the make-up.

  41. OCEAN May 6, 2011

    Her hair is gorgeous, so are her eyes, teeth, skin, and makeup.

    Aunt Jackie always says something negative about Rihanna lol. I don’t even be on here that often, but when I do he/she is very hateful towards Rih….ALWAYS.

    Why do Bey stans hate Rih so damn much? I can understand why Chris Brown & Ciara stans dislike her, but why Beyonce stans?

  42. OCEAN May 6, 2011

    Also, why do men love her, but females (or gay guys) are always talking about her forehead, and/or hair?

    Why hate? Aren’t you confident with your own looks? I can tell the ones who aren’t lol. I have seen so many beautiful women, and I can tell you from experience they are the ones who are attacked the most by people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been near average women that have gone on and on about irrelevant s*** when they are trying to tear down a beautiful woman. Especially when all the men are gawking at her.

    I’m glad my lady isn’t like that…she’s beautiful, and doesn’t talk s*** about another beautiful female.

    Hateful broads yo…smh

  43. Miss Chick Boom May 6, 2011


    I’m guess Sam and TrinniTr3nt got into some type of argument when they were in New York. And how is anything slavery? If he wanted to stop working on the blog, he could’ve stopped. What was Sam gonna do? Get on a plane, fly to Trinidad, and beat his ass?

    But, Tr33nts shade was starting to not realy be funny and he was actually making this site become a joke although he is a great writer and very creative with his shade.

  44. Miss Chick Boom May 6, 2011

    is it me or does Rihanna look like Beyonce (just with red hair) in the 5th picture.

  45. OCEAN May 6, 2011

    ^ She does look like Bey in that pic…both s*** as f***, but Bey is more talented, so I don’t understand the hate from that side.

  46. Herpehanna May 7, 2011

    She’s fat and her weave looks like she did it herself. The root is a totally different color than the weave. A mess

  47. Reb’l Fleur May 7, 2011


    IT’S YOU!!!

  48. Velvet Roulette May 7, 2011

    She’s definitely gorgeous!

  49. aisha May 7, 2011

    lol! “aspiring singer”! but she looks cute here, real pretty!

  50. aisha May 7, 2011

    and for once ever since she started rocking long ‘dos, the weave is all right!

  51. I see May 7, 2011

    aww, she looks beautiful here.

  52. Rihnails May 7, 2011

    Since Beyonce has now the same managemant as Rihanna, i think she won’t get all the big deals this year.. I mean Beyonce performing Glastonbury while Rihanna at the Today concert series with acts like Chris Brown.
    I think she should have stayed with her old management!!

  53. Kerry Johnson May 7, 2011


  54. lax May 7, 2011

    so fresh face & a natural beauty !!!!!!

  55. Rihannalove May 7, 2011

    Lmaoo , Sam the inspiring blogger correct??………….

  56. Yellow Gorillah May 7, 2011

    She looks Beautiful As ALWAYS!!!

    She has gained some weight doe

    *Sips Orange Juice*

    She is still the most beautiful women in the game hands down!

  57. African (senegal) love breeeezy!!! May 8, 2011

    I think this is the first time that i found Rih so beautiful since the loud era, she looks better with natural make-up!!!!

  58. African (senegal) love breeeezy!!! May 8, 2011

    and the dress is very nice!

  59. Nigelahmad May 9, 2011

    Whats up with the Wilma Flinstone look she been going with these days?

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