New Video: Katy Perry – ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)’

Published: Sunday 12th Jun 2011 by Sam

Katy Perry may very well be onto another Pop chart topper with her latest offering ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)’. The video for the Dr Luke produced cut surfaced today and is soaked in just enough quirky to to resonate with viewers. What’s more, it quite effortlessly fits the flow of the song. Lego-like.

Video after the jump…


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Randomness: Did you know all four of the singles from Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ LP have topped the Billboard Pop Chart.

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  1. queenbey June 12, 2011

    Anit that lady gaga video ???? sam get it together lmaoooooooooooooo

  2. Bey’knight June 12, 2011

    The TGJ-gaga obsession must CEASE! gettit right

  3. magic June 12, 2011

    thats gaga -___-

  4. BeyondGossip.Com June 12, 2011

    Yea, I think it is Gaga out there too!LOL

  5. chibikuma June 12, 2011

    I swear I’m going to stop coming to this site! How is Gaga urban music? This is getting like Perez Hilton now!

  6. Nini June 12, 2011

    Clearly sam is so far up Lady Gaga’s ass he can’t see anything but her.

  7. Nana Yaw June 12, 2011

    Sam loves sucking Gaga’s d***.

  8. Bey’knight June 12, 2011

    Video is fitting, colourful, quirky, funny, very k. Perry

    First time hearing this song(if u can call it that). Our generation is in for some colossal regression musically. It doesnt even sound like its a human singing (maybe its not)

  9. Skin. June 12, 2011

    Its FuN! :))

  10. simonsez June 12, 2011

    loved all of the campaign for this video too, the facebook profiles and video things, it’s drummed up interest in an album released a year ago!

  11. tonio6 June 12, 2011

    Omg…this site is starting to p*** me off… 😛 First Lady GaGa and now this….Couldn’t you find the right version of the video and not the chipmunk one??lol…NVM!!!The video rox either way!!! :DD

  12. The Perrylicious is taking over… June 12, 2011




  13. The Perrylicious is taking over… June 12, 2011

    HER 5TH #1 SONG!

  14. fab June 12, 2011

    the song is ugly ……………but hte video very very funny ………………..well done perry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The Perrylicious is taking over… June 12, 2011

    The best video ever (original one not this stupid which posted by TGJ).

    Katy Perry slays your fav!!!!

  16. RosaRubbel June 12, 2011

    I’ve never been a fan of her, but the video is very cute.

  17. pinkpop June 12, 2011

    how are either Gaga or Katy urban music!?!?!?!

  18. The Perrylicious is taking over… June 12, 2011


  19. D.Strock June 12, 2011

    Chipmunk version

  20. RihannaNAVY June 12, 2011

    Rihanna’s BFF is the s***!
    Katy is ON POINT this entire era.
    Show em how it s done Katy

  21. Bey’knight June 12, 2011

    So katy now has an alter ego as sasha fierce is to beyonce(her Own words) and its a wash but if it were the other way around. All hell will let loose

  22. BeBeJuJu June 12, 2011

    u know what,it’s true,Katy has been on point this entire era! i actually LOVED her album and i bought all her singles,even though im a Bey fan! 🙂 loved the video and song,u go Katy!!

  23. lost1wons June 12, 2011

    i was cheesin watching this video, Katy Perry is very entertaining……..did that girl who sings “it’s friday”, rebecca black, make a cameo….if so that was cool of Katy.

  24. Part Of The Blanco Family June 12, 2011

    this is what a true artist does… beyonce e.t.c take notes

  25. The Perrylicious is taking over… June 12, 2011

    Now you b****** have to admit that!!
    Even Beyonic & Gaga fans down on their knees and praise Katy Perry’s career.


  26. YOOSONDALOOSE June 12, 2011

    LOL Love it!

  27. I see June 12, 2011

    I like the video.

  28. royalkev June 12, 2011

    Most of the songs from Katy’s album been hit or miss for me. This one sucks, but I thought the video was fun. It’s nothing I’d want to see twice though!

  29. Amer June 12, 2011

    Common people can write anything else but no comparence, you are so full of hate cccc who cares if there is moments of gaga beyonce ahhh im so sick of u!

  30. Me June 12, 2011

    Amazing video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😥

  31. FlopJuice June 12, 2011

    REBECCA BLACK is the girl in it!

    And also Artie from GLEE is in it. 😀

  32. LTM June 12, 2011

    I love it!!!
    this will slay the charts!!! 5th #1 anyone?
    shes got the charts on lock

  33. pinkpop June 12, 2011

    no hater, but I don’t like the song… never listened to it on the album, neither did I like E.T. …but yes, Katy has been on pont this peroid, though I feel 4 singles have been enough

  34. Legendtina4life June 12, 2011

    This song will probably hit #1

  35. ITSVERYPERRY June 12, 2011


  36. ITSVERYPERRY June 12, 2011

    she always makes it interesting!!! some artists just pass with a one off “ok” type video. but with katy its always AMAZING AMAZING AMZING AMAZING! not saying it as a stan but seriously im an all around music lover and never have i seen anything like katy perry…EVER

  37. KAT DELUNA FAN June 12, 2011



  38. nice_gurl June 12, 2011

    Not a fan of Katy Perry’s or this song, but the video is so funny. But I agree with the people at the top, this is an urban blog and Katy Perry and Lady Gaga aren’t urban.

  39. ITSVERYPERRY June 12, 2011


  40. FlopJuice June 12, 2011

    You are so urban-fascist that this blog is just about urban. Never was…

    Some of you are so rascist and urban-fascist…

  41. R)HDGE June 12, 2011

    rebecca black cameo! OMG AMAZING!!

  42. JohnVidal June 12, 2011

    What a s*** song!!! The previous 4 singles were bearable given the fact she has little talent, but this is crap.
    I suppose after being amazed by the 2 albums of the year I can´t with lessers

  43. Tami June 12, 2011

    OMG is that Kenny G ( saxophone player) ? Where has he been?

  44. SWEETHE♥RT (A.K.A. ICON) June 12, 2011

    Amazing video. I am such a fan of hers now.

    That stranger in her bed is hot which makes me wonder why is with Russell Brand lol.


    Firework>ET>This>Teenage Dream>California G3rls
    Isn’t it ironic how Rebecca Black[who made a song called Friday] is on a Katy Perry track titled ‘Last Friday Night’?

  46. Imgunnacheckuboo June 12, 2011

    I think the story line could have been better conceived. It seemed kind of random but it was still 10x better than anything Gaga has dropped this era.

  47. UGh June 12, 2011


    MAN 80s fashion was so bomb…, oh and i want a wii

  48. M June 12, 2011


  49. HaYYYYYYYYYYYy June 12, 2011

    i felt so bad for the nerd
    i still dont really like the song but the video is really good!!!

  50. jer June 12, 2011

    At least it fits the song! Very simple.

  51. the kiddz June 12, 2011

    Ugh. This song is horrible, I couldn’t watch the whole thing.

  52. SAM June 12, 2011

    love it! suit the mood of the song and its quirky fresh and katy perry like! hope this will be her 5th no. 1 which will be awesome!

  53. QUEEN BEYONCE STANN June 12, 2011

    The Video Is Cute 🙂
    The Song Is Blehh


  54. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN June 12, 2011

    I would love if this made it her 5th number 1 from her album, it would equal a record… Pleaseeeeeee get to number 1 katy perry!

  55. Yurges June 12, 2011

    I f****** love katy perry and her music xD

  56. aaa June 12, 2011

    So if this goes #1 she’ll be tied with Michael Jackson for most #1’s on one album..

  57. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN June 12, 2011

    Yeah, it’ll be amazing if someone from this generation, tied with micheal jackson, having 5 number 1’s from one album.

    Im rooting for her.

  58. EVIL June 12, 2011


  59. DTG June 12, 2011

    Gay ass pop crap for gay white boys and their dorky f** hags.

  60. ferd:p June 12, 2011

    rebecca black look’s so good
    this video is so funny

  61. FameKills June 12, 2011

    she struck gold with this video, i’m not too big a fan of hers but this was great. maybe it was the Darren Criss <3 & Kevin McHale guest stars that did it for me (Glee fan)

  62. musicfan June 12, 2011

    Wow. Katy I’m surprised! Great job!

    Ever since E.T. she has been delivering with videos. She better work! I may not like her, but her music is solid and the videos are great. Her personality.. Well…. It’s getting better, but she needs to stop throwing subliminal shade at Gaga. A few months ago Gaga said that she doesn’t want to have babies yet because she thinks it’ll hurt her career, but Katy a few weeks later said in a magazine that “Some people think that having babies will hurt their musical career, but I don’t, I wanna have children.” I mean she obviously talking about Gaga.

    Other than that, Katy is great! Good job with these past videos, she’ll definitely be a big winner at the VMAs. I want her next album to show growth and have great performances. I feel like even though her voice isn’t naturally GREAT, it’s alright, and if she hires a vocal coach, it could maybe even get better! I have high hopes for Katy even though I may talk about her. I mean I gotta look out for who I stan for: Gaga. Lol. And at the end of the day guys, we may be figthing over who we stan for, but it’s all about the music in the end, and we’ll always end up having them in our iPods somehow.

    Good luck to Katy. And well… Let’s not get it twisted I’m a Monster for life. So yeah, Gaga>Katy.

  63. musicfan June 12, 2011

    I’m sure this’ll go number one. Katy is a singles artist like RiRi, so yeah I guess she will tie with MJ. Congrats to her.

    Still Gaga>Katy.

    I hope they both perform at the VMAs this year. Shouldn’t the be announcing that sometime soon by the way? I know Gaga better perform, same with, Katy, RiRi, Bey, and all the b****** we stan for here! 😀

  64. The Perrylicious is taking over… June 13, 2011

    finally why so much fans of PERRY??
    You are totally dumb-ass Gaga & Beyonic fans.

  65. Cheers (Drink to That) June 13, 2011

    Totally cute.

    I’m starting to really like Katy Perry!

    SN: Didn’t know that was Rebecca Black until the end *shrugs*

  66. DMWN June 13, 2011

    What the f*** is wrong with you people?
    This s*** is mad corny…song and video…

    Is this what teenagers and young adults like these days?

  67. Lemon June 14, 2011


  68. Be BETTER not “BItter!” June 15, 2011


  69. Jackie June 17, 2011

    This video made me smile a lot. I like Katy Perry now.

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