Cassie: ‘I’ve Been Working With Vocal Coaches’

Published: Friday 16th Sep 2011 by David

Despite it being some time before her new album hits stores, Pop beauty Cassie has already embarked on a mini promotional campaign to generate some buzz for the project which is to be released by Bad Boy Recordings.

Paying a visit to the ever welcoming 106 & Park, Ms. ‘Long Way To Go’ addressed a number of issues, from what can fans expect from the LP and more interestingly, the reason she has been working with vocal coaches.

Watch the interview below…

With even the likes of Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez finding competing with the new class of Pop princesses a difficult mission to accomplish, it will be interesting to see both Cassie and her new album will fare.

Will she be able to revitalize her once promising career or will she find her new music bubbling under the Bubbling Under charts upon its release?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Rich September 16, 2011

    not helping apparently .

  2. word September 16, 2011


  3. scorpio September 16, 2011

    I am not a fan, but I can applaud her for trying to become a better singer. It’s more than I can say for some.

  4. Frieda (THE VOICE) September 16, 2011

    Vocal coach my ass b****. They gone have to get somebody that can actually sing vocals and implant them in that b****** throat for her to be hot. Sorry boo, but you’re what I call a born flop. It’s not your fault…. You were born this way lmfao (blasts Gaga)

  5. Simba September 16, 2011

    i’m happy she

    Dell giving free laptops because of a defect on 10,000 computers.. next 24 hours only..s*** i got

  6. OsO September 16, 2011

    can’t wait! love Cassie.
    Rihanna and dem other girls are not that much vocally talented anyways, being a pop star is beyond having a good voice.

    stop hating!

  7. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 16, 2011

    Uh Oh…she better be collecting all those receipts because Diddy is going to ask for some serious refunds after her first live performance…

  8. AmbeRussell September 16, 2011

    well rihanna aint no better tha her, she just has an accent that makes it sound different.

  9. that_lala September 16, 2011

    I got faith in her..I can’t wait til she drops some music..

  10. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 16, 2011

    And I have Been sleeping with beyonce since 2001 !

    B**** please ….

    unless your songs have sick beats no one will care … ! Vocals ?! really ?! 😆

    next h** plz @SAM ……

  11. AmbeRussell September 16, 2011

    rihanna, kesha, taylor swift, half of them disney girls, cant sing, so why hate on cassie. she is only a 1 hit wonder bc she is signed to bad boy, not bc these other girls are better than her. check out the youtube channel, amberussell

  12. t September 16, 2011

    RIHANNAS VOCALS R A-list, her voice is contralto, powerful and can carry any song!!! i dont no why people wish rihanna had a thin voice so dat they can cal her talent less but she does!!! so stop being dilussional, the sooner the better!!! janet nor britney nor kesha! could never carry a track like only gel or unfaithful. with dat said i still love cassie

  13. JER September 16, 2011

    all she needs is a hit song or 2. That’s all that matters. Atthe end of the day, by the end of the year, after 10 years. People remember SONGS, huge singles, iconic songs. The general public doesn’t CARE about a mediocre album selling OK, they remember hit singles. That’s why so many CLASSIC songs are by one-hit-wonders. No one cares about your shitty album. Jennifer Lopez as been more successful this year than BeYAWNce and BeYAWNce has sold 700k copies of her whack album. J.Lo’s album has sold….. 2 copies? But J.Lo had a HUGGGGEEEE song BeYAWNce hasn’t had a hit since “Beautiful Nightmare” im sorry “Sweet Dreams” 2 and a half years ago and she’s been trying SO HARD reaching for those singles. So at this rate, if he untalented Cassie comes with Fire, it’s a wrap, it doens’t matter if her album sells s***.. look at Kelly Rowland, “Motivation” has outlasted THREE BIONCI singles after all the stans said BeYAWNce would snatch every wig in the game. Wigs still intact.

  14. Charmed September 16, 2011

    Voice Lessons wont give you a good voice though…

  15. Madonnalover September 16, 2011

    😆 😆

    Is this b**** serious? A vocal coach wont give you a voice sweetie.

  16. Imgunnacheckuboo September 16, 2011

    You got to have a VOICE for a vocal coach to be effective!

  17. THE UNIVERSTY OF GAGA (IS†ANN4GAGA) September 16, 2011

    Gurrl……Imma need to see it to believe it……

    if this girl sounds a hot mess then Chile_! 😯

  18. THE UNIVERSTY OF GAGA (IS†ANN4GAGA) September 16, 2011

    Oh…and Beysus Giselle Knowles-Christ (can’t help it) did not need to be mentioned in this article No matter who said what! Keep It Cute Folks! Wigs WILL be snatched.

    Oh and

    LACEFRONCE = FLOP troll.

  19. Frieda (THE VOICE) September 16, 2011

    September 16, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    Oh…and Beysus Giselle Knowles-Christ (can’t help it) did not need to be mentioned in this article No matter who said what! Keep It Cute Folks! Wigs WILL be snatched.

    Oh and

    LACEFRONCE = FLOP troll.

    ^^^^DEAD…. Sam, I’ma need you to get some smiley emotions up in here cause these comments be killin me

  20. GETONMYLEVEL September 16, 2011

    I like that she is still very humble and very passionate about what she is doing, I know she isn’t the best out there but I’m def feeling ” make you a believer” keep it up cassie!

  21. KIMBERLY September 16, 2011

    I must say I am happy that she is willing to improve and to become a better vocalist. You can train your voice to become whatever you want it to be. Go cassie, never be satisfied and work hard. The hot songs will take you no where. The talent takes you places you can only dream of. Some artist think that they are all great already and refuse to improve in these areas. Your voice is key to be a great singer and performer. A lot more effective and heartfelt. Go Cassie Go

  22. Robier September 16, 2011

    Bwahaaaa they can only help not go Miracles….. u can see vocal coaches for 30 yrs …. if it ain’t there IT AIN’T THERE

  23. i’m a billy goat September 16, 2011

    LMAO at whoever just said Rihanna’s vocals are A-List…GIRL BYE BYE!!

    I like Cassie, she should stick to modeling however! She is not a good vocalist! I’m glad she recognizes that she needed a vocal coach before she recorded another song! A few others so follow her lead….baa!!

  24. Rihaaaaaaanaaaaa September 16, 2011

    O pls @madonna lover You forget what Madge sounded like live when she came out! Cassie has a sweet Mellow voice Kudos to her for trying there are many pop tarts who aint evening doing s***! Rihanna. Katy. Kesha etc Its not like they “Singers” She has a Voice. She needs to push it! She has an Okay voice Can dance and is super hot! Rihanna? She has okay voice can’t dance she Pretty! Katy *crickets*

  25. Sleazy September 16, 2011

    Why every1 on her d#*ck? Rihanna can’t sing for s*** Britney spears Lip syncs her career (Yet she a “Legend” which legend does that? Katy perry okay she’s katy! Give the girl a break Britney is still getting away with lip syncing atleast Cassie doesn’t need Autotune Unlike some *cough* Britney *cough* as much as you wanna attack her Rihanna Britney Kesha Katy aint any better

  26. penny September 16, 2011

    Oh gosh!! here is another one that will get a pass that can’t sing. These women should stick to modeling not being pushed down out throats. Soon we won’t be able to talk because our throats will be full with this no talent b*******.

  27. Frieda (THE VOICE) September 16, 2011

    @ISTAN4GAGA Thanks, I saw some People using them but didn’t know how I could.

  28. THEMAN September 16, 2011

    She’s just not a vocalist.

  29. Teflon Boy September 16, 2011

    A voice coach can bring a lot to the table…, also don’t forget that Cassie has been out of the spotlight as a singer for the best part of nearly 5 years so a lot of people will be new to her and a lot can change so I’m sure she has developed in that time. From my memory Cassie had a soft but very pleasant voice…, not skilled particularly but certainly not horrible tone-wise. And let’s be real…, with the exception of Beyonce, there are zero real vocalists running the industry right now so if Cassie’s songs are solid and she delivers them with confidence then she will succeed.

  30. VA STAND UP!!! September 16, 2011

    Lol! Its funny how this and a certain other site who is run by a former member of this site has a VERY similar post to this one. It’s also funny how ya’ll always tend to have very similiar post almost with the exact same title! Lol!

    Anywho, I think it is commendable that Cassie wants to take vocal lessons to improve her voice, it lets me know that she does take her singing career seriously. Unfortunately I just don’t think anyone else does. IMO, Cassie has no vocal ability what so ever so even if she gets the lessons I don’t think there will be much improvement. We can tell by her latest song ‘Radio’ that her vocals haven’t improved. She sounds exactly like she did 7 years ago on ‘Me & U’. The song may be catchy and could potentially be a hit, but her vocals certainly aren’t the best part about the song.

    It’s obvious she was only being pushed to be a singer because of her looks. If she wasn’t pretty there is no way in hell she would have ever been given a record deal. Diddy took this pretty young girl and thought he could mold her into a successful pop star like J Lo but it didn’t work. It may work for some, (like one in particular who shall remain nameless) but like Teairra Mari, Christina Milian, Jhene Aiko and countless others who have the ‘look’ but not enough talent to back it up so they never take off. Cassie may have a few successful singles but I seriously doubt she will ever be a truly successful recording artist.

    Plus she has no personality. Even after watching her interviews I don’t know anything about her. She is just not very interesting. Me personally I just like to stare at her! She is freaking gorgeous! I think she is one of the baddest b****** in the game, as far as looks go. If singing is truly her passion she shouldn’t give up, but IMO it’s obvious modeling was her calling, she should stick to that. At least she has some sort of talent. *shrugs*

  31. Paul September 16, 2011

    love cassie <3

  32. br September 16, 2011

    wow some of yall are so hatefull :O why do you hate the fact that she said she went to a vocal coach? whats wrong with that yall?!

  33. thereallola September 16, 2011

    I can’t stand this b**** because she’s a dirty HO! How can y’all support someone who f***** her way to the top? She even f***** Diddy when he was still with Kim. How low down? Cassie is a little girl but in age IS A GROWN ASS WOMAN! She’s f****** 25 years old for crying out loud. How the hell can her voice become on the level of someone who can sing but isn’t an amazing singer like Teairra Mari’s? Her vocals aint even on Rihanna’s level and that’s very, very sad! Y’all are acting as though she’s 18, 19, 20, or 21! Like… we just heard RADIO and her vocals got louder but worser! Man oh man, she sounded like she was crying and like she was in pain to sing. You gotta have something to work with in order to be a great singer, and Cassie doesn’t have a damn thing!

  34. VA STAND UP!!! September 16, 2011

    A Madonna & Rihanna stan coming for Cassie’s vocal ability…..oh the irony……..

  35. Gilberto September 16, 2011

    Isn’t funny that some people get a RECORD DEAL to be a PROFESSIONAL SINGER but can’t sing? It happens so often! Most of legendary musicians spent their whole childhood (and their entire lives) involved directly on music.
    Unfortunately, today many got signed up on Monday, on Tuesday is already recording an album and on Wednesday is topping the charts with a fast-food song. That’s how it works. It doesn’t surprise me that the whole music industry has been dying.

  36. AUDIO/B5 CHICAGO STREETTEAM September 16, 2011

    Her voice suits her songs though.

  37. Percy September 16, 2011

    No one’s looking for Cassie and no one will be looking for Cassie when her album comes out. She’ll just be another Kelly Rowland and if your feelings are hurt, I’m not sorry. I naturally want people to do well, but if this is what she’s got, it will not work.

  38. nice_gurl September 16, 2011

    Good that she is getting some vocal lessons. I don’t believe that she was that bad before though. She has the looks, but she needs to bring out some great material.

  39. I’ma have to send her back to her maker September 16, 2011

    Sorry, I give credit to her for trying but truth is she’s not a real singer. Her voice shows no emotion, range, or power. Three things that make a good singer. Even britney, ciara, and rihanna sing better than her and they are the WEAKEST in the industry. I’ve heard cassie sing acapella. She’s rly terrible.



  41. Sleazy September 17, 2011

    Yeah her voice does suit her songs and she doesn’t over do it like Rihanna pls we all know jay z fcked Riri?

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