Simon Cowell Chats about Rihanna, Mariah Carey’s Roles on X Factor USA

Published: Friday 16th Sep 2011 by Rashad


Headlines circulated all summer-long about of pop diva Mariah Carey‘s involvement with highly anticipated reality talent show X Factor USA.  Speaking with the show’s craftsman Simon Cowell, People magazine once quoted him saying:

“You can’t say no to Mariah,” says Cowell, 51. “We have to find a role for her. I’m a huge fan of hers – not just as an artist, but as a person, and I love her to death.”

Guess that was then.  With confirmation recently surfacing of fellow pop diva Rihanna‘s role on the show, FOX caught up with the sharp tongued Simon to get the skinny on the status of Mrs. Cannon’s involvement.  As ever, Cowell had ‘interesting’ comments.

Simon shares his thoughts after the jump:

Via Fox:

‘Someone bigger’?  Do we detect a bit of shade?  Let’s hope that comment was in reference to another, presently unannounced diva and not to Rihanna.  For, the charts are presently showing that Cowell is correct in his assessment.  But, while TGJ’s HQ is lamb-less, we still would have to admit that ol’ Mimi’s catalog boasts bigger and better hits that of goats most of this generation’s divas.  Perhaps a falling out between Cowell and Carey? Who knows?  Either way, with Riri confirming today that her 6th album is due this fall, X Factor USA marks a perfect place to plug it. Win-win for both sides.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Your Mom September 16, 2011

    “LambLess”…wonder who you are referring to.


    But MC is going to be missed. Simon is a trip.

  2. 407- 491-5476 September 16, 2011

    Of course!!! Who wouldn’t say YES to Mariah Carey? Love her

  3. RIHLUV September 16, 2011

    hahaha BOW TO THE QUEEN B******…..RIH IS A F***** LEGEND…#BOOP

  4. Your Mom2 September 16, 2011

    Definitely stole this post from ToyazWorld who had it first. Even had the original pic as they did and word choices.

    SMH and then you EDITED my commented?! OMG TOTALLY LOST ALL RESPECT FOR TGJ. The fact that you edited my comment proves you know what you did.

  5. Your Mom2 September 16, 2011

    F*** TGJ!

  6. King Z September 16, 2011

    oh @YOURMOM get over it. Sam is notorious for editing.and blocking comments. that’s why you can’t say Tee-Are-EEE-N-Tee’s name.


    and, considering that probably even toyazworld is getting her news another site (considering that the video is from FOX), by that definition, isn’t everyone stealing? because mariah’s fansite had this up yesterday just so u know

  7. Bianca September 16, 2011

    I’m so over this show. I was excited about it, but now I don’t know. And who is bigger than Mariah? I mean, I know someone is, but I can’t think of who would have made it to the show on such short notice…

  8. DTG September 16, 2011

    Mariah looks like a tranny.

  9. richnblack11 September 16, 2011


  10. Independent Thinker September 16, 2011

    I don’t think there was any shade, I think it was just a careless comment. I do hope the “someone bigger” is a diva of legendary status, because none of the artist who are currently topping the charts fit that bill; especially not Rihanna. Image and single sales aside, the girl is simply not a vocalist, therefore, I do find the fact that she will be guest judging a singing competition a bit ironic. Hopefully Simon will balance Rihanna’s lack of vocal talent and skill with a veteran’s. Someone like Aretha, Patti or Chakha or even Celine. Those women could be classified as “bigger” than Mariah. Rihanna however, can not. Not even close.

  11. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 16, 2011

    RIHANNA will be the main event !

    mc will be the commercial break ! 😆 !

    Those are their roles , your LAMB-less Ass is happy now ?!

  12. Bianca September 16, 2011


  13. Bianca September 16, 2011


  14. Bianca September 16, 2011

    I swear some of the commenters are so annoying. Mariah is a legend. Something Rihanna hopes to be one day. Who is gonna say years from now that they loved Rihanna’s singing style? *crickets* People aren’t gonna try to emulate that.

    Talent will always win. *drops mic*

  15. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) September 16, 2011

    when has rihanna been a bigger star than Mariah?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    rihanna cant touch mariah in anything, album sales, tour sales, TALENT, PERIOD..

    mariah got one album that equal to all rihannas album sales…

    when rihanna gets on mariah’s level, than yall can talk

    please, rihhanna is just something nice to look at…..the bish cant even take a proper brake, because she knows if she take s a break people going to forget about her

  16. LAMB4EVER September 16, 2011

    Unless he’s bringing Elvis, Michael Jackson or The Beatles back to life there’s no one bigger than Queen Mariah Carey!!! but i hope he was joking because i wont be watching the show unless the Queen has a role in it!!

  17. Leon September 16, 2011

    Simon didn’t diss Mariah it just so happened that Mariah’s part in the show (judges house) was to be done when the Hurricane come through. Unfortunately, Mariah couldn’t get there so Simon had to find somebody else. EACH Judge gets a mentor. Rihanna is helping L.A. Mariah would have helped Simon. We don;t know about Paula or Nicole yet. This is what I got from Simon’s comment. Mariah wasn’t dissed or purposely replaced… unfortunate circumstances kept her from being apart of it this year

  18. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 16, 2011

    Every dog has his day !
    Stans of 90’s divas need to wake up and realize this fact !

    mariac Carey is a great singer and I like her ! But her time isn’t now ! It was in 90’s !

    so I don’t compare mc to Rihanna ! That will be a joke ! But …. MC good days aren’t now ! It’s time for new generations to have their time ! She had her time already !

    so now ! In 2011 ! RIHANNA is BIGGER than MC !

    that won’t take anything away from MC legendary status ! her accomplishment will slay my favs compined but ……. we are in 2011 !

  19. penny September 16, 2011

    People was not watching this show from the get go. First off they hate Simon & d*** head L.A. Reid. I will not be watching that show never did and never will. Also I hope Rihanna picks the right one or her name will be mud. lol

  20. SECRET VOICE September 16, 2011

    There is no way that no talent having Rih-Ho should judging people on whether they have talent! No fukkiing way.I hear Ho-Anna a** is depressed,Can a bytch say KARMA!!!!!

  21. LTM September 17, 2011

    i just got the lamb-less shade. i forgot that two people use to run TGJ

  22. LTM September 17, 2011

    as of here and now, Rihanna is the bigger star. but Mariah is obviously the bigger legend. she has 20+ years of slaying under her belt

  23. The Ke$halicious Has Taken Over September 17, 2011

    Aint nobody gonna watch this b*******

  24. The Ke$halicious Has Taken Over September 17, 2011

    LA Reid=Diva

  25. Sameer September 17, 2011

    This coming from a person who’d said, “Mariah Carey is, quite simply, the biggest star on earth.”
    In all honesty, I didn’t want Mariah to do the show from the beginning. Its not going to work.

    as for Rihanna being bigger than Mariah… When Rihanna’s album sales come anywhere close to the sales of Musicbox, then we can talk. Oh actually, even then we cannot.

  26. lax September 17, 2011

    MIMI Is all that and a bag of chips, Rihanna on the other hand less say
    MIMI’S Minne ME. Simon loves him some MARIAH & RIHANNA. After all
    it was Simon & Company who joined Rihanna in Barbados a while back
    for dinner etc. While they all relaxed in Barbados, REMEMBER. keep trying
    to cut Rihanna off at the “FORK IN THE ROAD” And watch and see how
    Rihanna will be rescued by “Her Massive Navy” Better ask some body

    Rihanna loves and adores MARIAH, Rihanna song a mariah song that she
    loves for part of her coming to america task. People or going to always
    have some “LIP SERVICE” For Rihanna, and as she gets bigger and bigger
    in the industry there will be even more and more IDLE CHIT CHAT, CARRY ON,,,,

  27. lax September 17, 2011

    Now of course remember that rihanna is not shouting from a mountain top
    that shes the best at anything. But with rihannas great work ethnics and her
    DETERMINATION to keep doing what she knows how to do she will get even
    better with time. Rihanna is taking into consideration the small things, and
    on a thousand mile journey you have to get started and Rihanna is well on
    her way.

    From sun up to sun down and 24-7 Rihanna will be on many minds
    around the entire planet. Rihanna is well perpared to be what ever you
    haters think just as long as they,,,,,keep spelling her name correct on her
    pay checks, CHECK IT OUT,,,,,in barzil getting ready to set MAJAH FYIAH
    to the FOUR (4) TOUR stop. YESSSSSSSSSS Little ms sunshine is shake
    raddle and rolling into Europe, StayBitterB******,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  28. Sleazy September 17, 2011

    Rihanna Vs Mariah? Mariah hello What has rihanna done besides boosting out Fast food singles that’s gonna be forgettable besides umbrella! Rihanna has no credibility as a artist She is like a Black version of paris hilton Just more succesful ! She pops out More Albums than amber rose changes her men! Rihanna hasn’t made 1 Iconic Album Instead they just all Pushed Out generic albums! She always does what’s hot and that’s how she stays on the Charts! Rihanna Doesn’t sing. She can’t dance. Doesn’t write (o pls if she did ever write its probably just the word D***) doesn’t produce etc She just looks (can’t take that away from the girl Although without make up ewww) and Pops her p**** till the album era is over which is 5min and on to the next 1

  29. YOZAG September 17, 2011

    rihanna aint got nothing on mariah. MARIAH ALL DAY EVERYDAY BABBBY !! lol

  30. THEMAN September 17, 2011

    Mariah isn’t on the X-Factor due to her own accord. You know you’re like that when you get a positio created for you. There are literally not too many artists bigger than Mariah, he must’ve mean’t that in a legend type of way. Mariah is biger than Rihanna in everyway possible. Rihanna is just hot at the moment. Classic artists like Mariah don’t have a limit on their success, “TEOM” and her other albums proved that. So shut that nonsense up. Her albums still sell very well. Rihanna doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath. She’s only there for ratings because she isn’t that special. What will she have to offer to folks that can actually sing. Sam no happenings here move on.

  31. THEMAN September 17, 2011


  32. YOOSONDALOOSE September 17, 2011

    YAY. Mariah rocks! She would be great!

  33. JohnVidal September 17, 2011

    I swear most people on here are retarded. First of all, Simon made a joke (we know how he feels about Mariah) and second: even if he was meaning the “someone bigger” thing, he was not refering to Rihanna, just somebody he didn´t mention. And the first retarded one is TGJ Stuff. Seriously, comprehend English is necessary if you want to post articles

  34. Jenny4rmtheblock September 17, 2011

    Who the f*** is he talking about….?! No1 Is Bigger Than Mariah…..Get It 2getha….He is just sulking because he couldnt get her……! X FACTOR US IS NOW GNNA BE A FLOP BECAUSE OF THIS…..AND NUTHIN U HATERS CAN SAY WILL CHANGE THAT…..! x

  35. nice_gurl September 17, 2011

    I think Simon meant someone bigger than Mariah will be jusging instead. I don’t think he meant Rihanna is bigger than Mariah. But I can’t think of someone who is bigger than Mariah. I’m sad that Mariah won’t be on there.

  36. Pauly September 17, 2011

    The person bigger is Stevie Wonder you dim wits

  37. tahoegeminii September 18, 2011

    MeMe is an over rated stripper who is now a huge fat cow-her over the top demands are what got her X’ed from X-factor-obviously she approached Simon-why he said “you can’t say no to MeMe” and then proceeded to make all these diva demands like they came crawling after her-well that pretty much bit her in the a***- Now Simon is declaring that someone is bigger than her in the fake poser world of pop trash music-OMG!!! the sheep-oh I mean “lambs” are frothing at the mouth I see-the truth is the truth too bad it is too much for the delusional “lambly” to accept-I do think Simon was also including a little back handed stab at her weight being the biggest factor to get her X’ed-if she is doing “so well” why all the posed dark twitter shots?? she has lost 11 lbs of baby and 15-20 from her C-section/tummy tuck and the other 70lbs is still there-since 2008 she has put on an easy 80 lbs-she was already huge THEN she got pregnant-she is never going to look 20 again Nick-guess you need to pull out those old strip videos and tug one off just like when you where 12-that’s who you married anyway-the real thing is really kind of hideous

  38. Bobby Bulgaria September 18, 2011

    Whatever this Cowell meant with that (hurt gay?) comment, it is of no relevance…

    Mariah & Rihanna are both great artists – one is simply the greatest voice on the planet, and the other – the current best hot radio hit maker… (together with Katy Perry)

    As for that reality music shows… I don’t watch them, so I don’t care… 🙂

    And one correction for the TGJ Team: “Mimi’s catalog boasts bigger and better hits that of ALL of this generation’s divas.”

  39. Andre September 18, 2011


  40. Frank September 19, 2011

    Someone bigger? Referring to Rihanna? That was a mean comment, wasn’t it? I thought he loved her as a person. What happened? I’m confused!

  41. Uralltarded November 18, 2011

    And of course the most retarded fans of both start a war over nothing. Mariah is Rihanna’s idol, end of story, and is this generations’ Mariah in terms of chart success and global sales. Show some respect, they both deserve it. And it’s also stupid as hell to be comparing a 6 year career to a 20 year legend with accolades up the butthole. Huge fallacy. Give Rihanna 14 more years and she’ll be neck and neck or above Mariah in the records and awards. So watch what you people saw about her.

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