Hot Shots: Nicki Minaj Gets ‘Inter-Galactic’ In London

All good things must come to an end.

Yes, after a week long stint in the UK, Nicki Minaj left the country today- gearing up for the next leg of her promo tour.

Caught at London’s Heathrow sporting an ‘inter-galactic’ look, the Rapper is set to begin rehearsals for her upcoming ‘Roman Reloaded’ Tour in coming days, enlisting the aid of long time friend Laurieann Gibson and Janet Jackson‘s creative mastermind Gil.

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  1. jesushchrist April 22, 2012

    if she was a nobody she’d get laughed out the buildin, dnt treat her diff just coz she’s nicki minaj. she looks a mess

  2. -_- April 22, 2012

    She looks a f****** mess. Ugh!

  3. Commander of the RihannaNavy April 22, 2012

    No comment

  4. JAKE April 22, 2012


    #MuthaUGH! I CANT.

  5. Jackson April 22, 2012

    Lol as much as I enjoy Minaj, I agree with the top comment.

  6. KatyCats (Bow to Slayty Perry) April 22, 2012

    I just f****** cant with her!!!! Does she honestly think she looks good or that this is fashionable?

  7. Teamkim April 22, 2012


    That Pouch-Bag is HORRID!!!!!!!


  8. chyna April 22, 2012

    She looks like a damn fool! Get it together woman!!!!

  9. W.T.F??? April 22, 2012





  10. DaHotNig April 22, 2012

    Her outfit costs more than you ratchet moose p**** h*** make in 6 months! Go suck ya mudda!

  11. Bad Bytch April 22, 2012


  12. damnnn April 22, 2012



  13. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare April 22, 2012

    And to think that I actually used to stan for her.

    *drops head in shame*

  14. RihannaNavy April 22, 2012

    I don’t get her

  15. StopTheMadness973 April 22, 2012


  16. Teacher April 22, 2012

    I see Queen Rih got Nicki wearing ‘Boy London’ 😀

  17. DaHotNig April 22, 2012

    @shynlow begging for twitter followers is lame you punk b****!

  18. nickiminaj April 22, 2012

    she looks good yall mad cause yall fav is ugly dirty lab rat stop hatin if u dont like her dont comment

  19. deveal2014 April 23, 2012

    This b**** looks bleached and crazy

  20. Saetana April 23, 2012

    I like some of her music but she has HORRIBLE taste in clothes. Wonder what she wants with Laurieann given she can’t dance for toffee?

  21. Kayla April 23, 2012

    @BITCHCANTEVENSPELLWELFARE…do you know what a “stan” is..someone that is beyyyond obsessed with a celebrity..if you were a “stan” you wou;d still be agree wethere is godd/bad, ugly/pretty,old/new, fun/boring….don’t try to throw that “stan” s*** in your comment to give nicki a bad fan image..thnxs
    *for full definition of “stan” look up Eminem song*

    AT THE REAT OF YALL..she look cute..what’s the problem. She has on a shirt, leggings, and jacket, a snapback and boots. If ANYTHING you should hate the boots but ya’ll hate on the whole fit then got out and where somthing super similar..GTFOH…but are ya’ll just mad because Nicki can wear this type of s*** and still be Nicki Minaj, where as for ya fave -name shall not be spoken- wears this and it looks like THRIFT STORE threw up on her, which it probally did in regard to her debt problems. It’s like EVRYTIME SINGLE TIME they got a Nicki post, 100 of you damn haterz hop on it before barbz, Kenbarbz, and Boyz do! It’s like you guys just can’t wait to comment on a new nicki post, because the stay full of ’em because OTHER B****** ARE BORING AND GET NO LOVVE!! done.

  22. kimberly April 23, 2012

    @ Kyla you are really gonna sit behind your computer and defend niki and her horrible outfit? girl. niki is almost 30, and she looks like a damn ……………………….

  23. sandra rose April 23, 2012

    She trying to be a popstar and follow in rihanna footsteps and Gaga she is 30 and this is not cute look ri and Gaga is experimenting nicki just look ghetto

  24. Alessandro Davies April 23, 2012

    I love how Boy London has evolved from East London Gay Scene to worldwide…..but now its just tacky!

  25. PrettigurlrockD April 23, 2012

    Nicki eat your own words: “you’re done, you tight, you suck at life.”….

  26. @CBDani April 23, 2012

    got damn this b1tch went black lady gaga on us

  27. RDK April 23, 2012

    nice is doing her.

  28. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare April 23, 2012

    @KAYLA, I’m well aware of what a “stan” is, but thank you for the history lesson. *rolls eyes* However, I will NEVER co-sign everything my favs does just because. I am not delusional like that.

    In keeping with this statement, Roman Reloaded is GARBAGE. What?

    I still love Nicki though. See how that works?

  29. OpD2 April 23, 2012

    BITCHICANTEVENSPELLWELFARE so how is your life now pretty good right no one is laughing at you now for staning for nicki minaj,people finally got to you know and you can deal with nicki minaj dressing good for you not everyone is strong,i am glad i am me not one tell me what to do you can laugh are talk cr@p i don’t give a fvck i don’t care what nicki is wearing as long as she is doing the music i like and not doing certain things like other celebs, just do her then it,s all good.

  30. OpD2 April 23, 2012

    BITCHICANTEVENSPELLWELFARE you are more full off sh-t than i thought if you think pf rr was bad i won’t it the greatest and all that fluff,but it,s a album you can buy and rock to,there are alot of good songs on there not everyone is going to like everything but to put it off as garbage you are clearly out of your mind,but it is what it is there isn’t no contract that a fan got to sign to stay with an artist, fans come and go and you are clearly gone it is what it is.

  31. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare April 23, 2012


    No one got to me. I don’t care about other people’s opinion of Nicki– I never have. However, the Nicki that I absolutely used to adore is no longer the same Nicki. This has absolutely to do with people not allowing Nicki to “grow,” or Nicki exploring other avenues, branching out into different things, etc….That’s all WONDERFUL.

    For me, it’s all about the MUSIC, like you said and Roman Reloaded is a terrible album in my opinion.

    For others who enjoy it, that’s awesome. Nicki is simply going in a direction that I am not connecting to. I wish her the best because I think she’s very talented.

  32. kayla April 23, 2012

    @BOYCHCANTEVENSPELLWELFARE…so u would say “i cant believe i was a fan” Not stan cus a Stan suports no matter WHAT…thnxs bew bew *rolls eyes* and Garbage wouldnt be #1 in over 3 countries…#NowUTellMeWhoDaFickIsWinnin…

  33. Qui April 24, 2012

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