Khia Weighs In On Frank Ocean Letter / Accuses Star Of ‘Fooling Women’

Published: Sunday 8th Jul 2012 by David

Just as renown for her smash hit single ‘My Neck / My Back’ as she is for her outspoken nature, Rap belle Khia has made the quite the name for herself as a ‘Pop culture commentator’.

Now, weeks after mocking Lil Kim‘s alleged addiction to cosmetic surgery, she has weighed in on ‘Sweet Life’ sensation Frank Ocean.

Full story below…

Taking to her Twitter account, she told her followers:

Hats Off To Frank Ocean At Least He Finally Told The Truth Now All The Women He Fooled Can Finally Know The Truth!!

Her comments were in response to an open letter penned by Ocean, which saw him discuss a past experience he had shared with a male friend.

She went on to Tweet:

I Wrote A Book About It!! Be Sure To Get It Khia’s New Book Ignoring The Signs!!! LAWD HAVE MERCEY ON THEIR SOULS!!


So,what do you make of Khia’s comments?

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  1. Jay Jay July 8, 2012

    Tired of this ratchet 99 cents chick

  2. winning July 8, 2012

    my neck my back my tummy and my crack…I cant wid dis rachet biatch …. she needs to go take a shower…. she aint fooling anyone

  3. Tasha July 8, 2012

    She need’s to shut her funky breath ass up! Nobody is down with her musty goat smelling ass!

  4. Yas July 8, 2012

    She really needs to be quiet.

  5. Huh July 8, 2012

    ugh, when will the ignorance stop

  6. Kweli69j July 8, 2012

    She can fu*k off like…. Thatgrapejuice can ye stop talking about her!!

  7. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) July 8, 2012

    Who´s this woman?
    Can she please make sense?

    • Cassie July 8, 2012

      She’s just some washed up, ugly ass, one hit wonder.

  8. OZ July 8, 2012


  9. Benron July 8, 2012


    She is still a ratchet ass h** for her song tho #SMH

  10. monstarebel July 8, 2012

    Who tf?

  11. E July 8, 2012

    someone’s trying to get their name in the headlines, obviously. Shouldn’t be dragging people names in the mud tho. Khia’s a one hot wonder. She had her chance. She’s not relevant anymore. #fallback

    • Benron July 8, 2012

      it wasnt really a hit, never heard it, just seen it quoted!

  12. Girrrl July 8, 2012

    Word on the street is she’s the one with A***. Perhaps she should be honest with her partners…

  13. Truth July 8, 2012

    She really needs to stfu






  15. Jak July 8, 2012

    Who is Khia and why would you ever post about her?

  16. Pearce July 8, 2012

    After Khia did a drive through at 106 & Park with her ratchet song, she is irrevelant. Can people start acting as though she doesn’t exist?

  17. Izzy July 8, 2012

    Why she talking about him she need to speak about why she fooled billboard with no more hit singles!! I can not stand her how you always have something to say about people who have achieved more success than you ever will?!

  18. the real xoxo July 8, 2012

    Queen Khia has spoken.

    • the real xoxo July 9, 2012

      LOL @ the dislikes. just shows how naive, slow and pressed these kids on tgj are.

  19. B**** im not understanding……. July 8, 2012

    For someone who only had 1 hit back in 1972….. everytime someone “RELEVANT” does or says something, she always poppin her “IRRELEVANT” head out with something negative to say…. B**** get a f***** life witchyo hatin ass! You quit bashin people mabey u can make it back on the scene… *NEVER BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU, B**** THEY PAVING YO PATHWAY*

  20. Reno July 8, 2012

    Skenkkkkk u not relevanttttt Peaceeeeeeee

  21. Ajm265 July 8, 2012

    Kia is the speed bump of America. Can we just move past her and irrelevant nature

  22. POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 8, 2012

    just Imagine if this b**** had her won show ,just imagine , i would have been stuck to my f*****’ chair hearing and listening to every word comin’ outta her Duck mouth for real !! her skills in throwing superb shade >>>>>>>>

    i agree with her opinion. but i can’t stand her tho.

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 8, 2012


      • hate me July 8, 2012

        I think she needs one. Kind of like shock jock. I like DJs who don’t give a damn what people thing and being politically correct.

        If these dummies could see truth instead of what they want to see, they would know she was right.

    • Kingphoenix July 8, 2012

      Your dumb ass b**** in the closet, your opinion is moot.

    • LORD July 8, 2012

      Beyonce can let a little fart and clean this fly off her ass. We both know!

      She PAYS for God to kill her, and just like that..

    • come again….. July 8, 2012

      1st…. the show she was on was for aspiring rappers as chance their foot in the door… khia was a has been trying regain status as a rapper…. 2nd none of the women he has been with have ever came fourth and said that he mislead them khia dont know what those women knew, he could have told them all he was bi… *Khia needs to sit down and accept that her 2 1/2 sec. of fame has came and looong gone!

  23. Ny July 8, 2012

    Khia babes, take a seat, Frank is BISEXUAL which means his songs for women were genuine, fool, and how about u spend time writing something new instead of talking about others you crackheaded smelly horse-looking crack snorting c*** gulping h** positive hoeeeeeeee

    • JoArmy July 8, 2012

      no need for all the profanites >.< but i AGREE she broke now so she needs "montey" according to madea

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 8, 2012

      how a man who’s taking It in the ass will appreciate a woman ?!!! how if he preferred to take it in the ass instead of giving it in the p**** ?!! how ?!!

      he would be fooling himself IMO. and his first love was kanye ?!! LOL.

      U are either Gay or straight !! with straight being the normal an gay being the disgusting abnormal !

      • Umm July 8, 2012

        idk why don’t you tell us?

      • M July 8, 2012

        Hey sweetheart describe normal. Who made you the person to tell us what’s normal didnt know we had a god in our mists. I think you need to sit down keep your small minded opinions to yourself. You sad lonely animal I say animal coz you can’t be human thinking like that!

      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) July 8, 2012


      • FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud July 9, 2012

        you are more stupid than i thought you were. Just because you like men DONT mean you also take it in the ass. DUMBASS youre stupid if you dont believe in bisexuality.

  24. Kingphoenix July 8, 2012

    Am i the only one that automatically laughs when ever i see this irrelevant b****’s name?

  25. Chile Please!! July 8, 2012

    You know what…somebody really needs to exterminate this ugly ass ashy back Gorilla!! She always gotta say some s*** just to say relevant because ain’t nobody trying to feed her no Bananas!!

    • Chile Please!! July 8, 2012


  26. christinastherealtalent July 8, 2012

    She needs to shut the f*** up. Instead of wasting her time talking s*** about other artists, she should work on her own comeback. B**** ain’t had s*** in nearly 10 yrs and that was barely a hit. Who died and made her king of anything?

    • hate me July 8, 2012

      who died and made YOUR irrelevant ass king. She got an oppinion like everybody else, including you. Too bad you dont like it.

      Frank Ocean likes pleasure from a man. How can you even compare that to a woman. Can a woman s** him in the back? His male friend probably does everything he likes and a woman can’t compare. He is sexually abused.

      • uhhhhhh……? July 8, 2012

        WTF R u talking about…. lls!

      • christinastherealtalent July 8, 2012

        Yes. Wtf are you talking about? What….just because somebody’s gay, that means he was sexually abused? I’m gay and was never sexually abused. Yes everybody has the right to their own opinion but when your ass is irrelevant and you haven’t had s*** out in years, making ignorant statements for publicity just makes you look desperate. Of course a pleasure from a man is not the same as a womans. I’d like to know why you felt that statement had any relevancy to this post

  27. Oggie ‘Singer’ July 8, 2012

    KHIA Needs a bath! Next!

  28. July 8, 2012

    thegrapeCUMjuice deleted my post! #LMAO!!!!!!!! did i struck a nerve there.


  29. RocksKisses July 8, 2012

    Can This B**ch Grab A Seat Already!Like Seriously?!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh#F**k.

  30. ALONZO WILSON July 8, 2012

    This b**** career is dead

  31. john July 8, 2012

    khia went in. i hope yall know her alumb is coming out at the end of the month. so she using this as a way to get press. and yall giving it to her. but khia had some good songs. her attitude is what turning ppl against her. shes independent so she aint hurting for cash. she gets 50% of the earnings off the sales of her cd, digital downloads, and itunes sells. so she still xan make a lot of money without selling a lot of records. u better ask jackio. if you sell 100,000 copies of your alumb for $9.99 each. thats a million dollars. since she independent she taking half of that. her alumb is doing pretty good on the indie circuit. shes popular in the citlin circuit and in some hood clubs. she makes $5,000 per appearance. she released gangtress independent on her thug misses entertainment record label. it sold pretty well. she also went on tour for that alumb. she just needs a better pr team
    Isiah Classic Food available on kindle.

  32. Dustin July 8, 2012

    Haha at khia doin the MOST. I still love her (mostly for being absurd) but I CAN’T with this ridiculous tweet.

  33. PrettigurlrockD July 8, 2012

    Funny how she hates on everyone in the industry that are a lot wealtheir or more attractive and popular than her….smh. And I thought the dude was bi? So how is he fooling women? That means he likes both sexes.

    • Khia speaks July 8, 2012

      “He’s fooling women” who may not know he sexed men too. ! That’s her point. Women are often used and fooled to cover up a man’s homosexuality. Most bisexual men will tell you they never tell a woman they also date men for fear women will reject them. Most women in fact will not date a man knowing he also sexes men.

  34. Kayla July 8, 2012

    who da f*** is this b****. h** getvin the Lame Lane where you belong. thats why Priscilla from Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club season 7 was gonna whoop her ass…because she gets out of line…

    • Quetta July 8, 2012

      Haha, she could have TRIED to beat Khia. But, I would have loved to see that cause Dirtcilla can’t fight IMO

  35. LORD July 8, 2012

    Khia, …..

    I’m speechless.

    Go back to Matwahamooha Island where you came from, and TAKE A SEAT with that only Top50 hit you got.

  36. jamir21 July 8, 2012

    She had me fooled when she think she actually had a career ! 🙂

  37. KANG !!! July 8, 2012


    • Cassie July 8, 2012

      I agree with all except Brandy and Monica.

      • Tiffany July 9, 2012

        Kang you must be very young. Monica and Brandy have been around for ages and both have had very successful careers. Do the research. Solange is a very successful song writer and makes alot of money doing so….do your research. Michelle has had very successful Gospel cd’s. Now the rest ok….they are not doing much.

  38. Khia speaks July 8, 2012

    She is telling the truth on this one. Frank Ocean is not just gay but bisexual meaning he sleeps with both men and women. How many women did he sleep with that had no idea he was also sleeping with men? Hate on Khia all you like but she speaks the truth on this issue.

    • Tiffany July 9, 2012

      Totally agree with you. What are the chances that all the women knew. Even if one did not know he is dead ass wrong. Now everybody wants to praise him for talking about what he sexing? Why? Do straight men come out and say for the record I just want to say I have had sexual relations with a woman. And then do we then praise them. Keep your bedroom matters to yourself and who you are dating. All these hip hop artist jumping on his (fill in the blank) get the side eye. Don’t understand all the fuss.

  39. Checory July 8, 2012

    Now go on FB and see Khia and i had a convo about the situation and she commended him .. STOP TRYIN TO POST ALL NEGATIVE S***!!!!

  40. MaZ July 8, 2012

    Why americans are f*cking dumb when it comes to sexuality? There’s a clear difference between a gay and a bisexual person.

    Narrow minded people!

    • Tiffany July 9, 2012

      Difference. so let’s see if you sleep with men and you are a man you are not gay if you also sleep with a woman or two. I have gay friends that have had experiences with women and enjoyed it but they are gay. They claim a gay life. They also say that they would do a woman (maybe). It’s more about sexual satisfaction than anything else. Somethings are not grey but black in white. You do someone of the same s** willing you are gay.

  41. Lourdes July 8, 2012

    Who allowed this washed up, ratchet, dirty, bargain bin, skillet faced heaux to have an opinion? New flash, NO ONE GIVES A S^&T ABOUT YOU OR YOUR BOOK SWEETIE! Go Frank Ocean, do you baby!!!!!

  42. James227 July 8, 2012

    Some of you females will or be with a bi-sexual male and will never know it. It’s one thing being a gay male but coming out as bi is mad. Telling the world you f*** both men and ladies. You women are all for it because you probably know your man is bi already.

  43. Tbozfan10 July 8, 2012

    If he is bisexual then how was he “fooling women”?! If he is “bi” he can be attracted to women or to men.

    This stupid h** khia always has something mean to say about somebody when all she even did was make a song about licking her p**sy and I feel sorry for whoever licked that.

    • RiteD July 8, 2012

      If he didn’t divulge his “bisexuality” to any of them women he was with, then he WAS fooling them.

      Digging a little deeper and reading between the lines of what he wrote, I think it’s clear that Frank ain’t “bisexual.” That fool is gay.

  44. Tbozfan10 July 8, 2012

    Pop royalty is such a sad closet-case I can tell simply by the fact the Jump to conclusions and are the first person to accuse everyone of homosexuality and the first person to judge. Its the topic where you are the most opinionated because you are clearly uncomfortable with what you see in yourself. If you weren’t you wouldn’t always be trying so hard to distance yourself from anything to do with someone being homosexual because you are clearly UNCOMFORTABLE In your own skin.

    And please, how can you accuse Frank of “taking it in the b***”?? Wtf ? There is no guarantee he enjoys that and I’m positive he never went in detail fool that’s once again YOUR imagination jumping to conclusions. Your desires arent necessarily frank’s. Typical self-hating bigot.

    • lol July 8, 2012

      Preach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x10

    • RiteD July 8, 2012

      Based on how overemotional he described himself in that silly ass rant of his when the other dude wouldn’t admit his love for him or whatever, I’d be willing to be that Frank is a bottom.

      • Ohreally July 9, 2012


        That comment was so ignorant. You are going to insinuate that because Frank is in touch with his emotions he is a bottom? He could have been the top in the relationship, hell he may have been vers. We don’t know. And the other guy not admitting his feelings could have been him not being secure with and accepting of himself. You have trade(down low men, bi-men) that love to bottom but would never admit they are in love or likings with a man.

    • POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 8, 2012

      c*** please …….

      • TIMMI July 9, 2012

        Good comeback Pop, really proved her wrong.

        (Joke, LOL!!)

  45. eqvilim July 8, 2012

    lol on what planet is what this old hag has to say considered news? next we’re going to be seeing articles about what to feed your pet rock.

  46. eqvilim July 8, 2012

    also when you submit a comment it says “new comment is submitting.” fixed: “new comment is being submitted”

  47. Brit_duces July 8, 2012

    It is really sad how ignorant Khia is, she is nothing more than a non motherfuking factor b**** that’s all. It’s even more sad how you can talk about everybody when your ass havent had a hit in like four or five years oh my bad five plus years smh. When you make hits like lil Kim, Frank Ocean, and others then you can talk until then shut your white rapper show, one hit wonder, hood rat ass up…. Thanks cause we are tired of your hating ass so shut it up stank ass b****!!!

  48. LAX July 8, 2012


    • Indigo Suns July 8, 2012

      I’m not mad at her. Male bisexuals are notoriously deceitful when it comes to s** and their dealings with women (while screwing around with men on the side.) But Frank is hardly bi. He’s as gay as Christmas.

      • prettigurlrockD July 10, 2012

        Don’t insult christmas, asshole..

  49. Ohreally July 9, 2012

    OK and I am suppose to listen to someone who tells you to lick her p***y and ass and to look back it? I think the better question in this is she has a book??? What is the world coming too!!! Who would give her a book deal? What could she possibly offer to the greater good of society. Sigh.

  50. B0SS July 9, 2012

    If only her opinions could make money like COUNTLESS others do. Shout out to ThatGrapeJuice and TheYBF 😀

  51. teamqueen July 9, 2012

    The Queen has spoken. She really has it all: attitude, style, personality, looks, and TALENT. One of the greatest artists working right now. And at least she keeps it real.

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