Hot Shots: The Spice Girls Ready Olympic Spectacle

Published: Saturday 11th Aug 2012 by David

Cop a gander at Brit Pop force the Spice Girls, reportedly in rehearsals for tomorrow evening’s Olympic Closing Ceremony.

Snapped in action hours ago, the ‘Spice Up Your Life‘ singers attracted a crowd and paparazzi as they readied their heavily anticipated reunion, believed to see them perform a medley of their greatest hits.

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  1. I Want New Music! August 11, 2012

    It wil be memorable, EPIC 🙂

  2. dermot August 11, 2012

    we need a girlband now like the good ol spice girls back in the day

    • truth tea August 11, 2012

      we never will gave a girl group of that level. spice girls were mainly big because of their timing. at the time it was something new.

  3. lordmir August 11, 2012

    I wonder, should we expect the worst or the best

  4. ThatBoyLuke August 11, 2012

    This is gonna be so amazing!!! I wish they’d tour again 🙁 not gonna happen though lol Spice Girls and Sugababes (1.0 / 2.0) are the best British girl bands ever, can’t wait for this performance!!! 😀

    • lordmir August 11, 2012

      i don’t think they’ll tour again, it’s just for the olympic games. But one never knows.

  5. Azooz B August 11, 2012

    wooohooo SUCH a great News ,,,

    my childhood’s fav <3

  6. China August 11, 2012

    The best selling Girl group of all time… I hope they shut it down!

    • lordmir August 11, 2012

      Hell no. DC is the best selling girl group of all time

      • FAF August 11, 2012

        I thought it was TLC

      • Spot Love August 11, 2012

        It is TLC….. C’mon people get the facts right

      • ThatBoyLuke August 11, 2012

        In your dreams maybe lol…

    • Shawn152 August 11, 2012

      ^^^ No TLC is NOT the biggest selling Girl Group It is and has ALWAYS been the Spice Girls. TLC is the biggest selling R&B group and American group but that’s ONLY because People NEVER both to count World Wide sells when they make that statement! You should probably double check YOUR FACTS!

      • Shawn152 August 11, 2012


    • lordmir August 11, 2012

      so after doing some research, I take back what I said. Spice girl IS the best selling female group of all time with 75M, then DC with 60M and after TLC with 45M. Apologies.
      I was convinced it was DC

      • MC the place to be!! August 11, 2012

        tlc is the best selling group in the states with the only group to have a diamond record and spice girls is the best selling group ever! DC is 3rd sorry

      • lordmir August 11, 2012

        Really, i don’t think so. On all the sites I checked, TLC appears in third position always. What are your sources?

    • lordmir August 11, 2012

      ThatBoyLuke, still as cheeky!
      I clicked on your nickname. OMG!

      • lordmir August 11, 2012

        Thanx sam

    • RG2 August 11, 2012


      • lordmir August 11, 2012


  7. the real xoxo August 11, 2012

    they cant sing for toffee, but they are amazing.
    They really did achieve MJ-level of fame in the late 90s. no other girl group has been as big as they were, they make me proud to be british.
    80million sold with 3 albums? 9 #1 singles? if thats not slaying i dont know what is.

    • FAF August 11, 2012

      The spice girls each has a unique sound.. I think they can sing.. they can’t SANG (whitney, En Vogue) but they can SING.

      • FAF August 11, 2012

        Baby / Sporty have the best vocals of the group

      • the real xoxo August 11, 2012

        you are a nicki minaj stan so your opinion on vocals is irrelevant.

  8. PrettigurlrockD August 11, 2012

    So they can prepare a comeback for the Olympics but not for their real fans? I mean they were dead a long time ago might as well make them into a hologram like 2pac. Lol just playin. I would like to see what they do tho.

  9. Ny August 11, 2012


  10. DES August 11, 2012

    This should be epic! I cant wait, I loved the spice girls. They have to open or close with Spice Up Your Life.

  11. WTF August 11, 2012

    Makes me proud to be British :’)
    love these bad b******!

  12. Shawn152 August 11, 2012

    They are gonna SLAY! I can’t wait!!!

  13. musik_lover August 11, 2012

    F**k What U Heard!!! The Spice Girls will always be the ishhhhh! They were a pop culture phenomenon in the 90s when i was in my early teens. They could all sing & they had some really great albums.

    I am american and still love the spice girls till this day. They are going to put on a good show. It’s always good to see old acts perform again after they have disbanded.

  14. lewis August 11, 2012

    These girls aren’t looking to make a comeback to the charts.. they are simply relishing the chance of performing at one of the most spectacular events that London has ever hosted and probably will ever host in their future lives… i’m so excited to see this!!

  15. KELIS August 11, 2012

    Yes! i have always loved the Spice girls!
    cant wait to see them back together performing Live at the Olympics!
    i love all there group and solo music, glad all 5 are coming back!

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