Rihanna Announces ‘Diamonds World Tour’; Releases US Dates

Published: Friday 7th Sep 2012 by Sam

Rihanna may perform like Pinocchio, yet that hasn’t deterred the model from embarking on a new world tour.

For, after spending much of 2012 falling out of nightclubs, the 24 year old is set to get back to business next year – today announcing the ‘Diamonds World Tour’.

Press release and US dates after the jump!

Via Yahoo Finance:

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Today it was officially announced by Live Nation, the tour’s international promoter that the RIHANNA DIAMONDS WORLD TOUR begins March 8th 2013 in Buffalo, New York.  The tour is scheduled to stop in more than 27 cities across North America with additional dates to be announced.  North American on-sales begin Friday, September 14th at LiveNation.com.

The Rihanna Diamonds North American leg includes performances at arenas in Los Angeles, Toronto, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, and more.  A complete itinerary follows this release.

North American Itinerary 2013
Mar. 8Buffalo, NYFirst Niagara CenterSept. 21
Mar. 10Boston, MATD GardenSept. 14
Mar. 12Baltimore, MD1st Mariner ArenaSept. 14
Mar. 14Philadelphia, PAWells Fargo CenterSept. 15
Mar. 15Hartford, CTXL CenterSept. 21
Mar. 17Montreal, QCBell CentreSept. 15
Mar. 18Toronto, ONAir Canada CentreSept. 17
Mar. 21Detroit, MIJoe Louis ArenaSept. 21
Mar. 22Chicago, ILUnited CenterSept. 14
Mar. 24St. Paul, MNXcel Energy CenterSept. 21
Mar. 25Winnipeg, MBMTS CentreSept. 14
Mar. 27Edmonton, ABRexall PlaceSept. 15
Mar. 30Calgary, ABScotiabank SaddledomeSept. 14
Apr. 1Vancouver, BCRogers ArenaSept. 15
Apr. 3Seattle, WAKey ArenaSept. 21
Apr. 6San Jose, CAHP PavilionSept. 14
Apr. 8Los Angeles, CAStaples CenterSept. 14
Apr. 11San Diego, CAValley View Casino CenterSept. 21
Apr. 12Las Vegas, NVMandalay BaySept. 14
Apr. 15Houston, TXToyota CenterSept. 21
Apr. 16Dallas, TXAmerican Airlines CenterSept. 21
Apr. 19Tampa, FLTampa Bay Times ForumSept. 21
Apr. 20Ft. Lauderdale, FLBankAtlantic CenterSept. 21
Apr. 22Atlanta, GAPhilips ArenaSept. 21
Apr. 29Washington, D.CVerizon CenterSept. 14
May 2Ottawa, ONScotiabank PlaceSept. 17
May 4Brooklyn, NYBarclays CenterSept. 21



We can’t knock Ms. Fenty. She slyly attempted to take a “break” this era, yet the so-so sales of ‘Talk That Talk’ likely served as the biggest of reality checks for both her and her team. Indeed, her McMusic alone isn’t enough to mobilize her cause – hence touring, however awful she is live – is much more a “must” than it may seem on the surface.

Anyway…the title of the tour is “interesting”. By our Rihanna handbook, she’s pretty much “due” for a new album…now. And with this week ushering in the debut of a new hair do and now a tour, we’d put good money on it coming sooner rather than later.

Seven projects in seven years? Overkill?

Your thoughts?  

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  1. jay_scorpio September 7, 2012


    • barbie September 7, 2012

      as expected she is gonna steal some ideas from gaga’s tour…s giant snake head on stage????? Gaga’s giant castle on stage!!!!

      She is not an innovator at all!!!

      • Luis September 7, 2012

        cause crapga is such an innovator… this delusional monsters

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 7, 2012

        Many artists use egyptain mysticism as inspiration for their perfornances.

        And If its similar to Gaga she probably copied Madonna.

      • Rihanna Navy September 7, 2012


      • ThatBoyLuke September 8, 2012

        LOL right because Gaga’s whole existence isn’t jacked from every other b****… her tour stage is a rip off of Kylie Minogue’s “Aphrodite Les Follies” tour set except she replaced the greek temple with a castle lol

  2. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 7, 2012

    I hope it’s better than her VMA’s performance. And I’m not even shading her, it’s the truth! She has loads of great songs to perform, but she needs her actual skills to be on the same level as the music. Hope she brings it 🙂

    • kimberly September 7, 2012

      After seven years and we all hoping it’s gonna be better. Well get used to it. This is rihanna.

  3. Roman September 7, 2012

    Yassssss! Rihanna is back.

    And Sam will be sitting 1st row. We know

    I’m out …. Rihanna is STILL Roc’s first lady. After that HIGH BUDGET VMA performance, one cannot deny her power in the music industry.

    I’m out *throws tea in ur face*

    • seanybhoy87 September 7, 2012

      erm her “power in the music industry”? LOL she’s a f***** puppet who has no control over her own fate.
      stupid f***** stan

      • kimberly September 7, 2012

        notice what the person said “high budget performance” the stage NOT HER TALENT OR ABILITIES **DEAD**

  4. ty September 7, 2012


  5. Monstarebel September 7, 2012

    Yaaaaaas CANT wait ill be there!!!

    • rihannanavy September 7, 2012

      Kimberly go suck Sam D*** that’s if he. Has one

    • really, no really!? September 7, 2012

      Sam ur sick boo

    • kelly September 7, 2012

      I knew it was you. I have been reading your tweets and I knew, you are one of those sick rih haters on the grape juice. I knew Ritbots are really the grape juice Rih haters.

      You are sick mentally ill s***. I read that you thought Rih would not win any WMA; that she ignore rita Ora and karma will find her? What the hell do u / rita ora / TGJ have against Rih?

      You, ritaoraunited, ultimateritaora , ritaoarpromo etc are all sick and twisted. I have even watched you on twitter, harass and stalk American Rdaio dj’s. Practically blackmailing them to play her wack songs. I have watched u on twitter try to start a war with Rihanna – accusing her on doing things to that z list hag! WTF

      You people are f******. sick. The good, sales do not lie and Rita Ora is on the train to getting dropped, and once she is…..you will all fade away like dirt.

    • kelly September 7, 2012

      And why come on a Rih post to ad your page? F*** utta here! You, and Rita Ora are losers goin nowhere in life.

      You and Rita will meet each other: You will be working together at River island selling Rih’s new line.

  6. Andre September 7, 2012

    WOW… talk about shade!! No, Rihanna albums don’t sell like many would assume they should but you can’t knock her hussle – and radio LOVES her!!! I’m in!!! The Navi will be out in full force!!

    One more thing – 7 projects in 7 years…umm…didn’t Mariah Carey put out annual albums for a while there?? And in all honesty, it really wasn’t until Good Girl Gone Bad that she got her stride.

    • truth tea September 7, 2012

      thats a lie. Mariah released albums in

      every 2 years, and only anually twice!
      where as rihanna has released albums in

      • DenimJunkieKidd September 7, 2012

        someone can’t count….she only has 6 albums to date, you counted seven….she didn’t release an album in 08….but I’ll let you live in your hate filled world !!!

    • prettigurlrockD September 7, 2012

      She released an album every year except ONE cuz she’s touring so it’s basically every year and she’s having one next year so duh.

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) September 7, 2012

      Difference being Mariah released great material, some of it timeless while working non stop and being a part of her projects, songwriting and all. And yeah not as many as one per year.
      Rihanna needs it to not lose the radio friendly thing an artist looses once they dissapear for a while. Cos if it wasn´t for the heavy radio airplay and the generic crap songs producers make for her, she would be nothing. She can´t stop

      • MC September 7, 2012

        I Can’t at these idiots comparing Mariah’s music to Rihanna’s. She won’t hold a candle

  7. FAF September 7, 2012



    • ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 7, 2012

      Her album is 10k away from being platinum in the US and it’s sold 3,2 million copies worldwide. She’s obviously not flopping. People use the word “flop” WAY too much…

      • kimberly September 7, 2012

        10 K after so long with hit songs on there? I though she was platinum already. WOW. It’s been 10 months !

  8. kimberly September 7, 2012

    where the arenas at? LOL THAT IS A JOKE. Rihanna needs the money b******. She is not on tour this year which means she will not be making pass 20 milli this year. SAD. This is her only big income cause her record sales and performance finances are taken away from her. Don’t be mad. TTT was a fail. She didn’t get any awards and no hioghlights. Well do rihanna era ever have highlights? plus she doesn’t do any work, her directors and producers are now bursting their asses out to make some money for their families.
    The puzzling thing is after seeing her perform on these award shows, she isn’t worthy of going to see live. She needs to take her ass out and learn how to dance, work on her voice and learn something apart from social media. soemthing that will bring money in her pocket.
    Album #7 lets go.

    • LIKICA September 7, 2012

      get a life you ugly tart. She has won a lot of awards.
      Rihanna Best International Female – NRJ Music Awards
      Rihanna Best International Female Artist – BRIT Awards
      2 Grammys and so many…
      You are so annoying with your hatred for Rihanna. She can have less talent than your favourite but she is still winning. TTT was certified platinum by its shipments, and it will pass 1 million this week, and it’s still selling. Your opinion is s*** and h** you will deal.

      • RIH September 7, 2012

        What a dumb b**** you are Kimberhoe! I guess you aren’t smart enough to look at the Itinerary and see all the Arenas Rihanna will be performing. I guess you’re used to your fav performing in middle school gymnasiums, or at truck stop parking lots… It makes sense..

      • prettigurlrockD September 7, 2012

        TTT was a flop compared to LOUD and GGGB. I mean it would have taken her sooner to be platinum in the U.S. No one was feeling this era except people who are rly into urban pop. Her core fanbase. It’s been a terrible year for her. Nothing but facts. Yall must be from the UK cuz her music is irrelevant to everyone else here in the US. And has been since 2010.

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 7, 2012

      “Where the arena’s at”

      Honest question. Can you read?

  9. JJFan1814 September 7, 2012


  10. dee September 7, 2012

    I’m not a big fan but the girl did her thing last night. That was the best I’ve seen her.

  11. BLUE the real HIVe September 7, 2012

    2012 R**** income is way under chris Brown she may b on 13million she aint done s*** this flop after flop Nivea drop armanie don’t give her much jobs hmmmm R**** can’t stand that and decided to get navy s $100 they have at home stupid navy will buy it just to compete other artist since the tour is in march R**** will release an album in December

    • rihannanavy September 7, 2012

      You the h** stinking dry p**** b**** go wash your ass calling someone a h**

  12. Reece Davis September 7, 2012

    A tour already? Wasn’t there supposed to be a DVD from her last tour?

    • Attention seeking h** September 8, 2012

      The navy are waiting for it but it takes tooooooooooo long to fix her vocals or record new ones

  13. kelly September 7, 2012

    I am copping every magazine she covers: I am copping tickets to the LA swhow and I am coping the LP and singles. That money is being made, trust.

    Lady gaga said on twitter, that she loved beyonce and well done for video of the year.

    Briteny did a song and performance with Rih

    Katy is down with Rih

    Beyonce is the only ” top” singer who tries to ignore rih. Beyonce you are looking jealous and old. Stop hating. How comes the white girls are not scared of rih?

    • truth tea September 7, 2012

      delusional posts like this is why people dont take the navy seriously.
      beyonce has never done anything negative towards rihanna.
      she supported her at hackney recently

      • kelly September 7, 2012

        She supported Jay Z. Not Rih.

    • B_STANNING (BEY STAYS WINNING) September 7, 2012

      Kelly you are one miserable b****. Exactly why I call this fanbase ghetto because people such as you try so hard to act like bey has all the ghetto fans. You go trolling everyday pressed about Bey. Lets not get it twisted that Bey is a triple threat in the industry and been for awhile. Bey doesnt have to worry about any other female in the business. you are so jealous of Bey you try to downplay her success. How funny because Rihanna loves Beyonce and Bey loves Rihanna. So h** go find some seats to sit in and listen to DIVA

      • kelly September 7, 2012

        You are hating ass b****. Trick I have an interview where Rih says tin 2007 in allure that her and beyonce are NOT friends friends. They are not close. I am sure beyonce is the reason why they are not close. Rih is a tripe threat too, h**. She is an actress, model and singer. F*** outta here.

        You are jealous that my fellow tall green eyes slin girl lew your old fat b**** out the water in 4 years. The moment GGGB dropped, oldyonce has been weakening. Sit down h**, Rih is the number 1 black girl in the game.

        Oldyonce needs to lose weight and have botox – she is huge!

    • barbie September 7, 2012

      kelly you are a damn idiot:

      if you want t stan for Rhi by all means go ahead. You can spend all your money on her..that’s fine boo. It doesn’t change the fact the she has low self esteem, no confidence, no pride, no talent and no self respect. I really don’t care how many awards she takes home, how many magazine covers or how many millions…I do not wish to be her. As a STRONG WOMAN, women like her are worse than cockroaches. They are the reason a lot of men feel they have the right to belittle women. STAND UP FOR SOMETHING!!!! It was disgusting to watch her behavior with CB (and I do like him alot). The man has a woman…at what point do you start behaving like you actually LOVE yourself?

      • kelly September 7, 2012

        Shut the f*** up.. You do not even know, c***. How do u know, Beyonce does not feel low.? Do u know these people? You do not roll with them

        F****** dumb h** You do not know who is personally happy between beyone or rih.

    • B_STANNING (BEY STAY WINNING) September 7, 2012

      @Kelly you sound angry. I got under that skin. Dont mistake me for you and your cousins you floppy b****. You try to get points across with 50msg a day on one post but nobody hears you. Lmfao

      • kelly September 7, 2012

        Your the one who is angry and mad, with high blood pressure. You came out cursing in rage, was lol.

        No cares about beyonce, hence why she has not had a hit in years.

        PS: On a lighter note, Rihanna looked very tall and slim and toned on the red carpet. Best dress of the night. It was about Rih, last night.

        * wink wink*

        How is that for getting under your skin? * smiles*

      • B_STANNING (BEY STAY WINNING) September 7, 2012

        Its obvious you are just a baby c*** so let me drag you like one. Beyonce name lives in your mouth so it is noticed that your pressed. Maybe you want to be a fan but jealousy holds you back. If you stan for rih show it without always bringing up Beyonce. If Beyonce was there last night she would have took over and you know it. Have a good day b**** and take your meds

      • kelly September 7, 2012

        I am jealous of beyonce because I wanted to be a fan, but I can’t? That does not even make sense, c***. Nothing is stoping buyin her music. I used to be a fan, but now I do not buy her music – same with many others, hence why 4 flopped and there was not a single no1 from that LP.

        If beyonce was there, she would remind the world how much fatter, older and unfashionable she is. She is older than Rih; she is fatter and she knows about fashion. So she would of taken over nothing. What song would she have perfORMED? Who run the world? That flopped – nobody cared.

        You need to join, your girl Beyonce in a zumba class and shift al that fat from your upper arms.

    • prettigurlrockD September 7, 2012

      Everyone ignores Rih incase you didn’t notice. The top stars are Beyonce, Gaga, Adele, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. SORRY to say. Singles artists like LMAO and Rihanna don’t get praised….

      • barbie September 7, 2012

        kelly just sounds so immature. Rhi will grow up at some point too and be fat, old and unfashionable…if she matures and stops the antics. Still no one will respect her. Not even CB which is why he stays parading with KT while R cries over him. No man wants a woman like like. Needy, trashy, low self esteem.

      • B_STANNING (BEY STAY WINNING) September 7, 2012

        Yep you named those biggest artist correct @prett…..
        And this b**** kelky is obsessed and yes @barbie she is immature this is why I address her as a kid lmfao

      • kelly September 7, 2012


        Rihanna will not get or unfashionable when she is older. Rih is genetically tall and slim. Beyonce is genectically fat – even in DC back in 96, she was a big girl, in texas they call it thick in showbiz it is fat.

        Style does not age…look at Iman 56, Halle 46 etc all older,stylish and slim. Rih will age like them.

        Out of Rihanna, zoe saldana. halle, thandie newton, naomie harris the back bond girl naomi campbell, tyra, ciara, kerry washington LOL LOL Beyonce is the fattest black celebrity.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 8, 2012

        Nicki Minaj has sold 600k, Rihanna has outsold Beyonce worldwide with ALBUMS but Rih is the singles artist, OK!

    • barbie September 7, 2012

      OK Kelly,
      you are too dumb to talk to so this is my last response to you. Tyra Banks did get fat BTW. Adele is quite big but that doesn’t stop her being a force to be reckoned with. You don’t seem to be capable of understanding. No one is denying that Rhi dresses well when styled, has catchy songs that song writers and producers work hard to give her, has an excellent management team..we all get that. What you need to understand is that yo girl is nothing but a mirage. She has no self respect, no pride, no self esteem, no talent, no self love. You can stan for her and that is fine but just accept that you are stanning for a mirage. No one is jealous of her. We all see her for what she is and it is nothing to be jealous of. We find it hilarious that her stans don’t even know her, you all stan for something you don’t know. I don’t know your age but I am assuming you are old enough to have a boy friend. Would you act that stupid over an ex? Even if you still felt some love, would you parade it like that knowing he is with another woman, banging another woman, sleepin gin the arms of another woman. Only a worthless woman behaves like that..sorry to break it to you and men DO NOT respect women like that…that is exactly why CB will beat her ass but not touch KT. Men know the type of woman they can do crap with, you better believe that!!

  14. kelly September 7, 2012

    Man, people are bitter and jealous of Rihanna. Her success scares everyone. TGJ said Rihanna dissed / ignored rita ora backstage, and this other blog said Nicki minaj wanted to beat Rih up or something. Nicki, Rita etc…..none of u will be around next year.

    Stop hatin on rih.

    • MonsterHive September 7, 2012

      Shut the f*** up & stop trying to create a stan war. Rihanna told us on Twitter that Nicki did NOT say anything mean to her and they even took pictures together.

      • MonsterHive September 7, 2012


      • kelly September 7, 2012


        so what about rita ora beef backkstage? Speak on it h**!


    GO RIRI!!!!! You Killed last night … i mean just google kelsnetwork

  16. prettigurlrockD September 7, 2012

    Hopefully this is her last tour. She seems exhausted and I think her voice will be dead and gone by the time she’s 25! As sad as that is.

    • prettigurlrockD September 7, 2012

      sometime before 30 years old I mean…

      • kelly September 7, 2012

        She still have movies, fashion etc.

    • rihannanavy September 7, 2012

      Are you a doctor to know her voice will go by 25 b**** go suck a D*** and shut up when beyonce came out all you black b****** hated her now rihanna is here you keep hating on your own black girls Jewish people stick together white too when are you people going to support your own race you wonder why these black celebrity go broke because none of you buy their stuff

    • MC September 7, 2012

      What voice? You mean her speaking voice? Because she can’t sing for s***.


        MC lost her voice just like Whitney did!!! So…..

  17. Sleazy September 7, 2012

    People say that rihanna reign just won’t let up YET her sales decreased from her last and ONLY her generic dance singles were hits and Its been almost a year and her album is yet to go Plat uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm looks like me it is Its clearly not the same

    • kelly September 7, 2012

      Beyonce’s sales did too. LOL

      • That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? September 7, 2012

        Where did @ Sleazy mention Beyonce. Go suck a nut, h**.

  18. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 7, 2012


  19. prettigurlrockD September 7, 2012

    Let me put it this way. If Rihanna actually had a stronger voice/talented, wasn’t lazy about rehearsing and practicing, was more intelligent, controlled her own distribution artistry/creativity in the music industry plus could sell albums and singles I think she’d be PERFECT. But unfortunately it’s the opposite. The navy wonder why she gets the most hate out of every other artist. Be real with yallselves. If she’s hated on something is MISSING from the puzzle, mmmmkay?? K….*3 snaps z formation*

    • kelly September 7, 2012

      And yet she became a superstar. Boy!

      • MC September 7, 2012

        Kesha is famous, Justin Bieber is a superstar, One Direction is famous, etc….need I go on? I mean she is famous/superstar, but the navy keep using that for the lack of talent. I mean oranges are circular shape, but does that make them apples? sit your delusional 500000 comment posting ass down somewhere.

  20. Mad-On-Her September 7, 2012

    It is a bit stupid to call Talk That Talk a flop. It’s sold over 3 million in a year. I don’t think any other albums, apart from Adele, have sold more than 3 million since TTT was released. Possibly One Direction? I don’t know. You people on this site think everrrything is a flop and really don’t seem to get the whole concept of album sales generally being in decline.

    • kelly September 7, 2012

      That is what I am saying…the whole music industry has been in decline since 1999. Downloading is to blame. Even Eminem last LP has not sold as much as His huge sellers, but, all they wanna do is blame it on rih.

      At least she is on the chart, where the f*** are their faves on the chart? When did beyonce last have a number smash?

    • kelly September 7, 2012

      TTT in the UK as of dec 2011 it has gone double platinum in just a few months since it was released. 600k sold. Rita ora won’t have that – she only opened with 41k.

      Rih is just 10k of platinum in the USA.

      TTT was number in 10 countries and charted in 27 countries. Platinum in 8 countries ( including 3 x time platinum ) Gold in 9 countries – including the USA.

      WHYB has sold a million copies in the USA and is platinum in over countries, gold in even more

      WFL was a monster – monster video and smash

      Can Rita sell like TTT? Will she sell like that 7 yrs on? Rih is still selling nearly 10 yrs on

  21. ETGOHOME(Islands calling) September 7, 2012

    This girl needs to stay put and actually earn her money. Just showing up is getting old now. She’s done it for 7 years. She has little control over her career and I cannot wait for the day that is coming very soon,’ she’ll get interviewed and told how basic she is compared to the level her ‘records’ make her out to be… well apart from the records we all know about :

    1. Most drugs by a female artist under 30
    2. Most albums talking s*** for a female under 50 (Madonna has the over 50’s title)
    3. Most fans on social media platforms who love you so much they can’t be arsed to buy your nasty albums.
    4. Most black d**** dipped for an female in the music and film industry.

    • kelly September 7, 2012

      Can we have proof of 1, 2, 3, 4?

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 7, 2012

        Also for 5,6,7,8 (etc.) because we know this b**** will keep their lying mouth open.

  22. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 7, 2012

    I think its Fake, but goodlike BEAUTYANNA!

  23. Etgohome (islands calling) September 7, 2012

    Kelly never ask me for ‘proof’ we in court. No b****, don’t make me drag your c*** fiend ass. Rihanna is gonna get checked very soon.

  24. ADELE September 8, 2012

    I do see some arenas in there, and the Verizon center in DC is big. These are huge venues that she’s doing.

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