Keyshia Cole Responds To The-Dream “Blacklisting” Her

Published: Wednesday 3rd Apr 2013 by Sam

Keyshia Cole is all sorts of vocal these days. Hence, it’s only fitting that she’s swift to clap-back when it comes to comments made about her. Case, point the what The-Dream said about her earlier today.

As reported, the hitmaker revealed that he has effectively blacklisted the singing reality star following public critiques she made about his “family” Beyonce and her buzz track ‘Bow Down’

Merely minutes after Dream’s declaration begun doing the rounds, Cole took to her trusty Twitter account to offer her two cents. Find out what she had to say after the jump…





Hmm. Whichever way it’s diced or sliced, having one of the industry’s premier music makers publicly reject the idea of working with you is never a good thing — especially when the said song was the best on Keyshia’s last album. It begs the question, then…is Keyshia simply keeping it real or should she reel it in?

Your thoughts? 

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  1. Lolz April 3, 2013

    Keyshia needs a stadium full of seats.

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) April 3, 2013

      No she need to b put in a self approved coma

    • Secret Voice April 3, 2013

      I had no idea that The Dream was a premier “producer”. What is too fool is the fact that his ugly b*** even said anything about what Keyshia said…..

    • H** sit down April 3, 2013

      I guess His deform looking ass is still singing in his falsetto or is he wearing them…suck up off Jay Z d*** already , f****** one hit wonder still dreaming… Cry baby b****….I thought he was leaving the music industry because no one was buying his music?

      • MelyB April 4, 2013

        Blacklist her? For why, though? While I agree it was extremely messy & reckless to voice her thoughts on Twitter, did Key lie?

        Bey IS a hypocrite and is going to her “ratchet” side for the same reason she brought out “Sasha Fierce”…to sell records and appeal to a certain part of her fanbase.

  2. LaurieBlue. April 3, 2013

    Ohh, Here we go again! *Rolls eyes*

  3. NT April 3, 2013

    Some artist/people in general just should NOT have twitters , but she did handle it pretty tastefully.

  4. FAF April 3, 2013

    she’s not being messy she’s stating facts… he doesn’t have the authority to “blacklist” her . Producers need artists to produce FOR. She’s had 3 platinum albums W/o dream’s help..

    • Monstarebel April 3, 2013

      Exactly Keyshia doesn’t need the dream

    • KNUCK April 3, 2013

      Thank you!!! These h*** need to shut the f*ck up and learn sumn! I think Keyshia was distasteful for trying to put down Michelle during the big super bowl moment, but nothing she has said since then has been malicious. The girls just can’t take her! I was a huge fan of DC as a whole, but I’m not a fan of Beyonce. I can’t play any of her albums through and she has changed so much since DC. She trying to come back “ratchet” like its innovation! She knows you h*** will eat it up, so why not be basic and not go for a classic album? LeToya did “H-Town” chopped and screwed s*** a lot better 7-8 years ago

    • danny b April 3, 2013

      but when was her last platinum album? two albums ago. So Keyshia is not in a position to give ppl opportunity. She’s the one in need of opportunity.

      • MelyB April 4, 2013

        Keyshia doesn’t need the Nightmare after the way he effed up Mariah’s last album?! Chile, cheese.

    • mobwife: fine china April 4, 2013

      Thank you! Ppl need to leave Keyshia Cole the f*ck alone!

  5. Monstarebel April 3, 2013

    Hmmmmmmmm…. i didnt even know he did any songs for her haven’t even heard that song… at the end of the day opinions are just opinions not facts xoxo

  6. blacklister lol April 3, 2013

    yes dream give bey those hits…..but in all honesty the dream doesnt do much for beyonce. Its not that serious. #newsingle4.4

  7. Kutlo April 3, 2013

    I love her. She stands for what she believes in. Regardless. It takes guts to stand up for yourself. That’s what this industry needs. Enough with the puppets.

  8. King B>Rihanna April 3, 2013

    *rolls eye*

  9. RICHANDBLACK11 April 3, 2013

    This is just a mess…..I like Keyshia, The Dream and Beyonce. At the end of the day they all have the right to express how they feel.

  10. grapejucefullofit April 3, 2013

    hey s*** was not the best song on the album,yall just said i choose you was,you queens are delusional..keyshia has did just fine without the dreams help….and just because he wrote a few songs for “YOUR” king beyonce and only “ONE” was an hit does not make him this high and mighty great producer/writer.

    • Real April 4, 2013

      Uhm Umbrella and Single ladies were both by Dream! He is def a hit maker for many A list singer.. if u dont believe it google his records instead of talking bs!

  11. my forehead tho April 3, 2013

    B****** that keep it real all the time are unemployed, friendless, and lonely- let’s be it real.

    There’s a time and place for everything and not everything deserves a response. Once Keyshia learns that, then the b**** may go somewhere.

    Since we’re witnessing a falling star, we might as well make a wish.

  12. Slick Rick April 3, 2013

    I am glad she spoke up and responded with his arrogant ass!!! who needs a basic song with no substance and repetitiveness in the chorus… and TGJ the best song on the album? man y’all love to ride the band wagon…

  13. JARED (WHITE DUDE) April 3, 2013

    I’m starting to feel so sympathetic towards her…

    Yes, she isn’t very articulate when it comes to expressing her opinions, thus she, almost, becomes abrasive and makes it seem as if she is “hating” when doing so but she has a right to “speak her mind”.

    Poor Girl.

    I don’t know what to say!!!

    It just goes to show how Beyonce is looked upon… Keyshia’s career is now A MESS all because she disliked “one song”. SMFH.

  14. DOSSOME April 3, 2013

    She really didn’t have to respond…Artists should stick to using twitter as a convenient medium of interaction with their fans,period

  15. Tash April 3, 2013

    Girl Bye. Sometimes the REAL SHADE is when you pay them DUST. I learnt that from Beyonce….

  16. Lovebird April 3, 2013

    Well seeing that she’s been successful without Dreams help, I doubt the blacklist will do anything. Let’s be honest, this is Beyonce using Dream to try and get Keyshia blacklisted, we see through you Bey.

    • Secret Voice April 3, 2013

      Exactly and it shows you just what kind of person BeyDUMBce is…..

    • MelyB April 4, 2013

      Exactly. While I don’t “stan” for anybody, I truly detest Beyonce’s fans and in the tiniest part of my heart, I wish her album would FLOP so they will STFU & leave other artists alone.

  17. RATED xxx(cant stop wont stop) April 3, 2013

    so let me get this straight, the dream wont work with keyshia cole anymore because she stated an opinion about a dumb ass song?

    the song is stupid, its beneath beyonce..thats what alot of people were trying to say…
    you suppose to be on top of your game and you’re worrying about HATERS?

    and not only that, you’re suppose to be a role model for other women and yet you’re calling them b******…

    • KNUCK April 3, 2013

      point blank PERIOD. PUNCTUATION..!!!

    • Secret Voice April 3, 2013

      But you see,BeyDUMBce is NOT at the top which is why her desperate a** made that throw way song for those of US that do NOT WORSHIP her tired surrogate having b***. Poor ting losing her damn mind over those of us that sees right through the bish!

      Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t ole girl a “pop artist” because the wanna be “Latina” sure isn’t soul. There are several POP artists way above her and let me speak ADELE into the mix who has sold over 26,000,000 copies of 21!

      I LMAO when I saw ole dusty a** Bey talking to Adele at the Grammy’s. I bet she wants to sing with her to get attention for herself but she don’t want it with Adele on a stage…..

    • HoneychildPease April 3, 2013

      The bish put the song out…Is it really beneath her??? Nope just the real beyonce the actual gutter rat…

  18. i slay April 3, 2013

    the dream just go and suck a black… who the f*** is he…?

  19. RIQUEEN April 3, 2013

    I’m so glad she responded back although I’m not a fan of Kieysha i do think everyone has a right to their own opinion and especially in a situation like this.

  20. QUEEN MINAJ April 3, 2013

    like i tell all of the drag queens (lil krim)
    keep it cute or keep it mute.

  21. Faith April 3, 2013

    Its amazing how everyone has put their two cents on BOW DOW A BUZZ SONG? all except Beyonce amazing

  22. RATED xxx(cant stop wont stop) April 3, 2013

    so people are not entitled to their own opinions anymore?

    so because she doesnt like a beyonce song, producers are now going to blacklist her..?

    and the stans talking about beyonce doesnt respnd to her haters….umm didnt she just made a whole song dedicated to her haters?

    at least neyo had several hit albums..the dream came for keyshia because rihanna and beyonce pays his bills..he cant sell a hit record for himself..

    • Rach April 3, 2013

      That’s exactly the difference. She did it in a song after how many years of people coming for her? When do you ever see Beyonce ranting on twitter or instagram?

  23. MaZ April 3, 2013

    She’s funny!

  24. ZIGGY STARDUST April 3, 2013

    It goes both ways in my book. Alot of folks are coming for Keyshia’s neck for the way that she’s responded to the song. She was just expressing how she felt about it. Wasn’t Beyonce also expressing how she felt in her song, “Bow Down”? It was complete with anger and cursing, yet she can say how she feels and it’s o.k. But, yet Keyshia can’t express herself how she sees fit? It’s like people have to walk on eggshells and tread lightly when it comes to speaking on Beyonce. Then some folks want to know why others treat her like a “God”? It’s not even that serious for her to be blacklisted. If Beyonce can express herself to say what she wants, why can’t other?

  25. Rach April 3, 2013

    YAWN yes people we all know Keyshia is entitled to her opinion blah blah blah, if its a matter of free speech, then don’t get mad when people have an opinion on HER opinion! It swings both ways! She put it out there, and in a pretty attention seeking manner too! She cant stand the heat, get out the kitchen.

    • MUSHROOMS & ROSES April 3, 2013

      ….She cant stand the heat, get out the kitchen.”

      That goes for Beyonce too. You can’t expect to make a song like that, and then expect folks to remain quiet and not have anything to say about it. That’s like a man calling a woman a “b****” and expecting her to not be offended or upset about it, and expecting her to just remain quiet and not say anything. What you put out is what you get back. So, if she wants to put out a “negative” song like that, then she needs to expect to have some “no-so-great” responses to it.

      • Rach April 3, 2013

        But where has Beyonce said anything along of the lines ‘how dare people respond to me after Bow Down’. She hasn’t said ANYTHING after all the bow down shenanigans point blank period cos she knows. She knew damn well it was gonna get a reaction. She knows what kind of image shes built up for herself, and she knows everything she does in gonna be scrutinised intensely. But for once, I don’t think she cared what people thought.

      • Rach April 3, 2013

        My point: Beyonce clearly can stand the heat, because she is not giving anyone the time of the day or attention from Bow Down, shes just carrying on.

      • Rach April 3, 2013

        *along the lines of

    • MUSHROOMS & ROSES April 3, 2013

      If you say so. You call it “standing the heat”, I call it “backing away”. At least Keyshia spoke up for herself and she stands by what she says. Beyonce goes and put out a song called, “Bow Down”, yet she wont even tell whom the track was referring to. I mean, if you’re going to talk “big and bad”, and call people out by commanding them to bow and calling them “b******”, at least be a woman about it and state who you’re addressing. That’s what a “REAL” woman would do. Not hide behind name calling and allowing your “stans” to speak for you. All I’m saying is, Keyshia may have been a bit abrasive in her response, but at least she kept it 100% real and you KNEW who she was talking about. But, Beyonce on the other hand hasn’t even spoken on the song since it’s been released and has caused an uproar. It seems to me like she’s “hiding” as opposed to carrying on.

      • Rach April 3, 2013

        Why is it backing away? Beyonce has never been one to respond in such a way she shades them with silence its nothing new. Unless, in this case, its through music. If she had tweeted or instagramed something after Bow Down directly, you would be complaining aswell. Like I said, Beyonce, and her TEAM more to the point are not naïve enough to think she of all people could release something like that without there being backlash come on now. They knew exactly what they were doing. And she isn’t the first person to do a shady track without name dropping. Its a song, people taking it too serious because its her. When I see Beyonce going around cursing people out in everyday life acting like a stuck up b****, that’s when I will complain. But you never hear anyone complain about her as a person. So she can express however tf she wants in her music cos that’s what music is all about.

      • MelyB April 4, 2013

        You know your comment reminds me of when DC’s song, Survivor came out – Bey wrote it so I’m directing this at her: she was firing shots at former group members but would never cop to it. She is the Queen of throwing rocks while hiding her hands.

    • MUSHROOMS & ROSES April 3, 2013

      Point taken. And, just like you feel that she can express herself the way that she wants to through her music, then others should be able to express themselves the way that they want to about the song. What goes for one, should go for everybody. That’s all I was saying.

      • Rach April 3, 2013

        Yeah cool, but I didn’t say she wasn’t allowed in the first place. In fact my original point was the complete opposite.

    • MUSHROOMS & ROSES April 3, 2013

      I hear you. It’s all good.

  26. Mother Mariah April 3, 2013

    Well Keyshia had three platinum albums in a row without The Hamburglers help, so she should be fine. She needs to get back with the people who did “Just Like You”. That album was FLAWLESS from top to bottom. Her latest album is pretty cool too…but “Just Like You” is her CLASSIC, SIGNATURE album. I love it!

  27. truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) April 3, 2013

    Pats my ass and walks away chile

    • QUEEN MINAJ April 3, 2013

      you mean lifts and drags your saggy ass away.

      • monstarebel April 3, 2013


    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) April 3, 2013

      Rolls eyes

  28. Drew April 3, 2013

    People asking who is the Dream, hes irrelevant. Just remember the guy that is responsible for some of your fav biggest hits : Umbrella (Rihanna) Single Ladies (Beyonce) Baby (Justin Bieber) to name a few. Hes just as entitled to his opinion as Keyshia Cole, he didn’t even say anything that bad.

    • Secret Voice April 3, 2013

      Yeah but all of the songs you names were hits YEARS ago….

      Actually he should stay his funny looking self out of a girl fight!

    • CeeCeeBloom June 15, 2014

      Ummm…did you READ what he said. On what planet are you living on where a producer who has a few hits under his belt BLACKLISTING a music artist not “that bad”…I mean you do know what blacklisted means right?

  29. Gezzy April 3, 2013

    YOULL GET IT ALL WRONG!!!Keyshia didnt state that she dislike the song….she questioned beyonce character.when she herself is not in position to question anybody character when she has had many misfortunes… The Dream has won 2 grammys i know of and probly more…He is a successful producer and writer and he was ask the question would he write and he said what any one would say about there fam in defense…Keyshia didnt have to comment, she guilty cause she know she wrong…So B IT

  30. TUPAC LIVES April 3, 2013

    That Propaganda Juice
    No one is allowed to have an opinion but Beyonce right?
    Feminist my ass.

  31. King B>Rihanna April 3, 2013

    she is clearly looking for publicity so I from now on simply not give her it. the end.

  32. NavyNick April 3, 2013

    HEY S*** is like the BEST song on that album-hahahaha, POOR THANG! I am SO OVER KC- I used to love her too, she doin too much these days! no mam-THE DREAM is KING of writing HITS HELLO: UMBRELLA/SINGEL LADIES, just 2 of the TOP! she will NEVER earn that —

  33. HoneychildPease April 3, 2013

    The response was very classy…Why are people tripping? The dream with his benzino looking ass…He need to be worried about producing actual hits…He still hot? He doesn’t have the pull to black list…

    • yooooooooo April 3, 2013

      YEEEEEEEEEEEES! hahaha im so over the blacklist garbage; if i was keyshia i would have berated the dream and made sure he got publically humiliated 🙂 Keyshia handled it well

  34. Special Delivery April 3, 2013

    Keyshia why you always gots to respond to everything girl lmao.

  35. Suicide Blonde April 3, 2013

    So people don’t have the right to dislike a song even if it’s really bad just because is performed by Beyonce, the song is garbage, period.

    • HoneychildPease April 3, 2013

      Right.!!! Like why they tripping over a has been who can’t even get a hit???

  36. Jennefer April 3, 2013

    Honestly,Keyshia knew what she was getting herself into! Beyonce is the biggest star in the world right now! Almost everyone in the industru loves/respects her! She knew she was going to get backlash from what she said,but she contradicts herself! She insults other females though! Next time she should keep quiet and stay in her lane!

    • Secret Voice April 3, 2013

      Honey you are DELUSIONAL because Beyonce is not the biggest star in the world right now so please put the pipe down…..

    • yooooooooo April 3, 2013

      ‘RESPECTS HER’ LMAOOOO for what? STEALING SONGS…. apart from that i would like Bey though 🙂 Keyshia is more real

  37. HoneychildPease April 3, 2013

    That keyshia Cole album is the truth….Why are people coming at keyshia saying she isn’t articulate enough to form a proper cohesive sentence? Did beyfraud receive her G.E.D from an accredited institute yet? or is this b**** going to steal solo’s only life achievement, and claim it as her’s?

    • Secret Voice April 3, 2013

      LMAO!!!….Chile these BeyDUMBce stans are fools because they sure don’t need to be talking about any artist articulation especially when they rep a “no talking hick.”…

      Ole dusty BeyDUMBce talk like she got and entire pack of gum in her mouth…….I fell out laughing at the bish one day when she stated ” I shole do like Popeyes”,baby I fell out!

      • HoneychildPease April 3, 2013

        This b**** talks like she grew up in the same hood as Keyshia though…How the hell you have all of that money, and sound like your slave pre emancipation proclamation?? Does this dirty hood bugger know we yet, and education can be achieved for all??

      • HoneychildPease April 3, 2013


        This b**** talks like she grew up in the same hood as Keyshia though…How the hell you have all of that money, and sound like your slave pre emancipation proclamation?? Does this dirty hood bugger know we free yet, and education can be achieved for all??

  38. Special Delivery April 3, 2013

    Notice she didn’t dare respond to the Kelly Rowland shade though. She got a gripe with DC lol. She mad she could never perform at the Superbowl, so took it out on Michelle, then she got dragged for that, then shaded by Kelly so just got so mad at Beyonces next move lol. She had that fire burning inside her for a long time.

  39. HoneychildPease April 3, 2013

    BEYFRAUD is not even close to being the biggest star LMFAOOoooo….Adele, Taylor, and Rihanna are the biggest stars out right now…Delusional ass clowns…

    • yooooooooo April 3, 2013

      BAHAHAHHAHAHA BEYFRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i prefer thiefonce 😉

  40. Mark111 April 3, 2013

    The Dream is a lil b**** and isn’t really a great writer nor saver anyway (See Ciara Basic Instinct, His own work and countless more.) Altho Umbrella is my favorite song, he hasn’t wrote a song with such meaning since. Yes he can make hits, but their just catchy hits. Hell, he can’t even save his baby mommas (Nivea and Christina Milian)

  41. Edgy_Timeless April 3, 2013

    Don’t like what’s her name but to come out your way to banned someone because that person had an opinion on an Bey track is just some low pre-skool nonsense. The Dream aint all that. When was the last time he had a hit. So Dream, the doctor tells your ass to lose some weight, your obese, are you going to banned ur doc too because u didnt like wat he said. Sit down bwoy.

  42. FeFe Dobson (The Original Ri) April 3, 2013

    Hell naw did half of you even watch the interview? What he said wasn’t even that bad he was just being honest. He wasn’t rude or anything.

  43. SideEffectsOfYou4/23/13 April 3, 2013

    I just wanna say “I Choose You” is the best song off W2W …I could care less about her beef wit everybody

  44. RealNegro April 3, 2013

    Keyshia will have a breakdown if she doesn’t find a way to ignore the negativity. It’s becoming too much to entertain or fact check (as she puts it). She is losing fans….

  45. tera April 3, 2013

    the dream tryin to create mayhem with his stuck up ass stucky dumplin self who favour blue belly bull frog

  46. Shawn101 April 3, 2013

    People blowing Keyshia’s response on twitter out of proportion. If anything, Beyonce sounds more bitter and mean in her Bow Down song than Keyshia sound on twitter. I’m just saying.

  47. tera April 3, 2013

    agree with u @shawn 101

  48. Mooch April 3, 2013

    If people are all up in arms saying Beyonce can have artistic expression, then Keyshia can have freedom of expression and express whatever opinions she has without fear of getting blacklisted…thats weak…

    • MUSHROOM & ROSES April 3, 2013

      ^^^^ This!

      That’s all I was trying to say.

  49. yooooooooo April 3, 2013

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS KEYSHIA!!!!!!!!!!!11 i swear if people defend the dream, they are straight up stupid. I mean imagine if you were keyshia and a producer said that they blakclisted you…. Wtf the dream is talking some stupid s*** right there acting like he owns keyshia, when he only wrote on song LMAOO thank you keyshia for keeping it real and letting him know that that is straight up disrespectful :)Nice to see someone that speaks up and defends themselves

  50. Navy Sailor!!! April 3, 2013

    Lol it hasn’t been a good year for Keyshia. What the hell?

  51. HOWYOULIKEIT April 3, 2013

    Girl, put out hot songs and blaze the charts, instead of criticizing other people’s music.

  52. cocobutta April 3, 2013

    LIKE I said on the previous Dream post. Keyshia is not losing any sleep and her hubby doesn’t even like the Dream (nightmare on elm street) anyway.

    That was a respectable response but still not even worth he time of day as like she said they’ve only worked on ONE song together n Dream bitter it wasn’t a single just like the Rihanna songs he did that got left a album fillers.

    Thought id put on my reading glasses for this

  53. IDK April 3, 2013

    Just heard the song Dream produced on her album and its nice. I like it a lot and from the reviews Ive read on youtube, I saw nothing but love for the song. smh True she doesn’t need his help with anything but based off the rants she’s been responding to these past couple months smh this incident doesn’t help her at all. Much love and good luck to her but sometimes silence speaks louder.

  54. BOYLICIOUS April 4, 2013

    To be completely honest, I definitely felt like I was over Keyshia once she made that comment about Michelle. Michelle seems harmless. So that’s why I was no longer a fan. But regarding this mess of a new topic, she really doesn’t need him. Not everyone need’s the Dream to write for them. When was his last hit? On Rihanna’s “Umbrella”. So he need’s to get it together and stop moochin off of Beyonce’ and Jay-Z. That’s the problem with the industry, everyone worships everyone else’s ass. He needs to let his work speak for itself instead of hanging on to Bey and Jay to continue to secure his career as a producer. No shade towards anyone here. And shout out to my girl RiRi for that Fox Special!

  55. Jackieyonce April 4, 2013

    beyonce shits on your faves b****** im back whoreeeesssssss who gonna take me off?

  56. MRB April 4, 2013

    As a fan of The Dream and Keyshia I love both of there work but Im gonna side with Keyshia this time! I understand that Beyonce is what’s keeping The Dream’s checks coming in but Keyshia can get a MUCH better song writter and producer! For people to blacklist her because she spoke the truth when everyone was scared to shows that most of Beyonce’s stans will bow down for trash music. At the end of the day Beyonce is our pop star for our era of music but her songs are really for the IQ of a 2 year old! Least Keyshia and others like Keri Hilson can produce and write a song without the same song writers everyone is using! Keyshia might of put herself in hot water by speaking her mind but she will rise above it! The Dream only writes good for certain types of artist! His work with Beyonce and Rihanna are the only artist he has been succuessful for. He wrote for Mariah Carey which was one of her best ablums in my opinion and it failed. Just like Mariah she didnt need him because she can pen her own hits! Keyshia will be just fine without him!

    • yooooooooo April 4, 2013

      THANK YOU!!! this exactly. I dont mind the dream; he’s a good producer and writer but Keyshia doesnt need him t all and its pretty stupid that he would even consider not working with someone ONLY because they stated a valid opinion on a particular song. Probably because Keri and Keyshia can make their ow hits so the dream doesnt need ot kiss their asses

  57. eric April 4, 2013

    Dream is attacking Keyshia for what he calls negativity, but in reality, he’s pointing fingers at the wrong person, because the negativity and offensive words were coming from B in the song she recorded, not Keyshia.

  58. mobwife: fine chaina April 4, 2013


    Who the hell does he think he is? so what he has written a few songs? It’s not like he’s QUINCY JONES or some other significant talent in the industry. His ass kissing will work for those that follow behind certain artists but it turns the rest of us completely off. I doubt if I will be so keen on listening to his new offering. I’e never cared for him as an artist!

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