Watch: Ciara Performs ‘Overdose’ & Pharrell Williams ‘Get Lucky’ Live At ‘9th Annual Paper Nightlife Awards’ /

Published: Friday 8th Nov 2013 by David


With ‘Body Party’ now perched atop a Gold cloud by way of a half a million units sold, its Pop sister ‘Overdose’ eyes similar glory as it continues to rise on radio and in digital popularity.

Sure, while its bourgeoning success should have already seen Ciara share details on its video and promotional push with her fans, she did treat fans who arrived at the 9th Annual Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards with a unique rendition of the love song.

Hit the play button after the jump!


However, here’s hoping news on the cut’s supporting visual makes its way to fans soon, with some growing restless and unsure of the singer’s future plans for the single and her self titled new album.

Problematic, as tired and restless fans can also make for frustrated ones, especially when feeling ignored by the very act they dedicate the bulk of their time (and money) supporting.

#NowPlaying: Destiny’s Child – ‘Solider’…

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  1. GAGARULES November 8, 2013


    • Lala November 8, 2013

      You should worry about your fave cause she got no hit song on album -.-

    • cbxcbxcbrey November 9, 2013

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  2. beyonce & gaga Flop 2gether November 8, 2013

    I had no idea men could get knocked up like that.

    • Diamond November 8, 2013

      Hahaha the power of god. Now men can get pregnant. Good job C loser for being another baby momma.

  3. CI-LAYS! November 8, 2013

    YAASSS! Go CiCi!

  4. bitchpleasesssss November 8, 2013


  5. K.Rebelle November 8, 2013

    Homegirl is too busy talking about ghetto blogs to promote her own music.

  6. Rosie November 8, 2013

    What is this nobody awards show? Flop b****.

  7. BanjeeRiri November 8, 2013

    My mama always told me never to get with a man who has too many kids elsewhere and now I see why. Future got her posing with his baby mamas like it’s a family portrait in this b****, meanwhile while she’s playing happy families with the other basic b****** she forgot that her stupid ass fans have been waiting on Flopverdose.

    The shame she must feel when bloggers do more promo for her than she does for herself.

    • High_Price November 8, 2013

      Clearly your mother’s an asshole

      • BanjeeRiri November 8, 2013

        Clearly my mother raised me right. Tell me something, what kind of man buys a 15 carat ring for his girlfriend but has to be forced to pay child support for his own damn kids.

    • woah November 8, 2013

      Lmao, Ci-error will be paying for all his kids. Maybe she can make another flop album to sell on groupon.

  8. woah November 8, 2013

    This flop still trying? This ATL bird’s career is done.

  9. KatyKadet November 8, 2013

    Babymommas united.

  10. RiriRoyale November 8, 2013

    Not David doing all that promo for her on twitter and the b**** paying them all dust. #Haha #YouStanForLazyFlops

  11. Ariana’sGrand November 8, 2013

    Ciara is hardworking but she’s clueless.
    Kelly is lazy AND clueless.

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ November 9, 2013


  12. TamartiansUnite November 8, 2013

    Only basic b****** take pictures with their boyfriend’s baby mamas and feel happy about it. Can’t she a trend, or does she think all the other girls were flukes and SHE is the special one for him.
    The fact that she has time to shading ghetto web sites but can’t even talk to the C No Sales Squad just shows how unserious she is about everything.

    • Ciara(TheFemaleMj) November 8, 2013

      Call me when Tamar says sorry to Kevin.

    • MAKAEL86 November 8, 2013

      Has Vince bought all of Tamar’s albums and made it go platinum yet or nah

    • Molly November 8, 2013

      B****!!!!! You wanna talk about sells while stanning for TRANNYMAR! Tamar is the ultimate struggle why it take her 10 years to release a second album? the b**** needed a reality show from the back of her sister Toni to get noticed , didn’t that h** get dropped by like 4 labels? kiiiii you have no room to shade bye sis.

  13. Rosie November 8, 2013

    Dead where are the ¢ Squad? As always nowhere to be found on their fave’s post when it’s getting dragged.

  14. Kelly’s Motivation November 8, 2013

    Kelly is out here on the biggest show in America getting exposure Ciara could never have and that’s why the C Squad are jealous.

    • RitasLipstick November 8, 2013

      Lol is the sound I make when I look at Kelly’s sales.

      • Molly November 8, 2013


    • ermac November 9, 2013

      Kelly is out here on the biggest show in America

      kelly isnt on the voice hon………

  15. FentySoSnatched November 8, 2013

    I am laughing at David so hard right now. The n**** was talking about Overdose going to be a hit when he should have known some s*** was wrong when she didn’t even talk about it herself.

    What kind of flop shades bloggers but won’t even talk to her fans.

  16. MAKAEL86 November 8, 2013

    Has Vince bought all of Tamar’s albums and made it go platinum yet or nah ?

    • IM A FREE B*TCH November 9, 2013

      pretty sure Love & War is outselling Ciara tho

      • cocobutta November 9, 2013

        Look a this fraud claiming Makael’s name. BYE!!

  17. DEM LESSORS November 8, 2013

    This song was just wasted on her flop ass. Should’ve released it earlier, and where’s the video? She sooo irritating!!!

    • Molly November 8, 2013

      Britney is a f****** waste sis.

  18. eMA November 8, 2013

    oH MAN AL THESE fake b****** hatin ,scared cuz your fave could never hahah

  19. Ju don’t even know November 8, 2013

    Loooool he sounds a god damn mess. Off key, pitchy, flat just AMESS

    • Molly November 8, 2013

      Not thrashanna fans talking bout pitch :-/

  20. CIARA ARMY STAN November 8, 2013

    Oooooohhhhh Kill Em QUEEN!

    Queen CiCi slaying Tamar Braxton and her fellow muppet sister BeYawnQua’s life right now! Woooo!

    BOW DOWN B******!


    • KING CICI November 8, 2013

      LMFAO! You said Beyonce looks like a muppet like tamar?
      I just noticed that!! ROTFL. wow.

      • beyonce & gaga Flop 2gether November 8, 2013


        O_o WEIRED!

    • Rosie November 8, 2013

      Has Cedric sold 130K yet?

      • CIARA ARMY STAN November 8, 2013

        I don’t know Cedric but I know BeYanDre.

        Bow Down to Your QUEEN. QUEEN CICI.

        Not a Tina Turner thief. Lol

        Applaud Originality, the QUEEN of CrunkR&B and QUEEN of Music than a copyright infringement! BYE!

      • Rosie November 8, 2013

        Sis no QUEEN gets sued on stage in the middle of a gay pride parade. Bye.

      • Molly November 8, 2013

        Rosie your such a Ciara fan tbh.

      • lol November 8, 2013

        Is Ciara the person who remixed Summertime Sadness because I see that it’s called Cedric remix? 😀

  21. JER November 8, 2013

    I’m not seeing “Overdose” on the charts. I thought It was going to be a worldwide global #1 smash according to C-errors last remaining stans.

    • Molly November 8, 2013

      b**** stfu when the “Black Madonnas” What now single is struggling itself like really bearlt

    • Molly November 8, 2013

      b**** stfu when the “Black Madonnas” What now single is struggling itself like really bearly at number 83 after being released a month ago.

      • Troll November 8, 2013

        You stan for Ciara. That b**** stay missing the charts. Tf

      • Molly November 8, 2013

        Like Rihanna stays missing her daily std check ups?

      • lol November 8, 2013

        Like Ciara posing with Future 1341343 wives and kids? Rihanna has been single for a while and I don’t even remember the last time when they photographed her kissing/hanging out with a guy, can you?

  22. Molly November 8, 2013


    • CIARA ARMY STAN November 8, 2013


      These Muppet and STD b*tches nowadays SMH!

      BEYCUM Stans never want to address and state the truth that BeYanDre took Tina Turner’s styles and music signatures. SMH delusional fans nowadays.

      Ciara is a huge of Janet but you don’t see her trying to take her original signature and style? No! Aaliyah was her inspiration but you don’t see her copying Aaliyah’s signature style which is ICONIC which is the glasses bandana, baggy pants that made it hers.

      Ciara is known for her Crunk dances that BeYanDre tries to attempt but that big muppet FAILS!

      Watch the person BeYanDre stole and swears she’s “Original”

      • Jessie November 8, 2013

        Lol b**** you are Nicki/Rihanna stan you exposed yourself the other day. That’s why you are obsessed with Beyoncé and no one else.


  23. Molly November 8, 2013

    And im mad at the c squad for letting overdose flop i tell yall b****** to request the song everyday yall begged Cici to make this a single now its a single you girls dont wanna support. I dont get it :-/

  24. Troll November 8, 2013

    Biggest flop of all time kii

  25. Alicia K Stan November 8, 2013

    Gotta give her props for trying, but I CANNOT listen to her for long. Her voice is thin, whiny, and annoyingly high pitched

    • Troll November 8, 2013

      Not an Alicia stan critiquing vocals. I can’t !!!

      • Molly November 8, 2013

        lol right screamlicia fans better go back into hiding before they get dragged, cause lord knows it been a while since i had to dragged that D-Y-K-E!

      • IM A FREE B*TCH November 9, 2013

        Does Cierror have 14 grammys? has CIARA gone gold? does Cerror have 4 platinum albums? will Cerror ever become a R&B great like Alicia? the answer to all that is a big NO

  26. Troll November 8, 2013

    sad to say i agree, im a huge fan of ciara but you never see or hear her promote her own album or songs. she hasn really mentioned overdose since it was released. even when shes doing interviews or performing she prob mention her album once. im losing faith in her as a fan because she doesnt support herself.

    • Troll November 8, 2013

      F*** you using my name for b**** use your own

  27. Lady Gaga November 8, 2013

    Don’t know this flop b****

  28. Rosie November 8, 2013

    I was lurking PMB and saw that Overdose is flopping on CHR.
    160 154 CIARA Overdose 22 18 4 0.11
    Below Kanye’s Clique, Fifth Harmony’s Better Together and that one Empire of the Sun song. Kii.

    • Molly November 8, 2013

      B**** you stay Google searching Ciara your fav is so unforgettable i don’t even think about her until i see your b**** ass on here.

      • Rosie November 8, 2013

        Just like the rest of the universe forgot about Cierror after her second album?
        Lana outsold her discography with one album. She’s unbothered.

  29. #BeyIndependent November 8, 2013

    Girl them vocals are f****** pathetic!!! c’mon sis.

  30. ROSIE November 8, 2013

    I love Ciara. Like you people don’t know. I have her posters hanging up on my bedroom walls and aspire to be her. Ugghhhh…. her body too. Wooo! Needs to be mines ok.

    Beyonce is good but nobody has that continued great effect on me like Ciara. So yes, all hail the queen! Ciara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • #BEYINDEPENDENT November 8, 2013

      :O you f**king fake b*tch. I knew you were a c-error stan. F**king trolls nowadays.

    • Jessie November 8, 2013

      Troll La La

  31. NO(Halo My Name) November 8, 2013

    poor Ciara.. I may not like her stans but instead of worrying about future she should promote her single properly. You don’t see King Bey or Queen Rih doing this s***.

    • iconic cici November 8, 2013

      B**** stfu Beyonce and Rihanna are industry whores especially Rihanna

  32. Rosie November 8, 2013

    Sam please ban the imposter b**** above me. Trolls these days. No lives or originality whatsoever.

    • iconic cici November 8, 2013

      Lana still struggling for US relevancy sis?

      • Rosie November 8, 2013

        Cierror still struggling for album sales? His album won’t even go cardboard.

    • #BEYINDEPENDENT November 8, 2013

      You’re so fake! one minute your a BeyHive stan and than your stanning for that wack Cedric squad.

      • Rosie November 8, 2013

        F** I never stanned for Beype or Cedric. Bye.

  33. iconic cici November 8, 2013

    Amazing vocals gorgeous iconic woman slay us Queen.

  34. the voice November 8, 2013



  35. chillout November 8, 2013

    I support and ride with Ciara but it seem shes kinda losing focus for her music and fans. Ci seems to be more supported of Future’s career then her owns. showing him support is cool but she can’t take a backseat which shes showing sign of lately.

  36. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. November 8, 2013

    This t***** is done from here on out he will simply be known as Future’s 10th baby mama

    No one is interested in him, he got his one lukewarm local r&b hit and then the biggest FLOP album of the year followed FLOP FLOP FLOP

  37. cocobutta November 9, 2013

    She’s a very nice girl BUT her promo game is the worst!!

    You CiCi fans need to demand more from the team but then again her budget probably all gone.

    Dear CiCi live shows and various TV performances will keep you alive child. Bookings, bookings & tours will give you money & pay for your own video if needs be.

    • chillout November 9, 2013

      Yes she is a nice girl and that is why it hurt to see her being posibitily used in this situation. She say she doesn’t care what we think of her but we do care. AND THE NAMES CALLING ISN’T NECESSARY FROM OTHERS .

  38. BrownSuga November 9, 2013

    TGJ team I know you got MASSIVE love for C the person but THAT was far from Phenomenal. Can’t be dragging RiRi for her live sounds and not Ciara. That’s not keeping it real.

  39. Lady Gaga November 9, 2013


  40. MAKAEL86 November 9, 2013

    Future is the FUTURE , Ciara is the the PAST , FUTURE and PAST

  41. WAIT WAHHH?! November 9, 2013

    How is this “phenomenal” grapejuice?! She’s not even dancing & still sounds horrible. & no I don’t stan for anyone even though I have favorites. Y’all clearly side with whoever supports your site….
    Can anyone genuinely answer how this is “phenomenal”? I can’t.

    • PlumPeach November 9, 2013

      Good question and i’m lost to give you an answer. I am trying b’cus I like her but no no no no no

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