New Video: PTAF – ‘Boss Ass B*tch’

Published: Monday 31st Mar 2014 by David

With 14 million views and a Nicki Minaj remix to its name, PTAF‘s ‘Boss Ass B*tch’ welcomes the release of a second music video today, months after the trio signed to Capitol Records.

Featuring cameos from a number of Reality TV staples, the video precedes the launch of their debut studio album, shot in Central LA and showcasing the group’s big and bold new look!

Watch them in action below!

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  1. Super Cisus March 31, 2014

    SLAYED!!! Im a boss ass b**** b**** b**** b**** b**** b****!!!

  2. BishWhet March 31, 2014

    Ratchet song made by teenage hoodrats. Another great example for the young girls of today. On another note, I find it funny how this song is over a year old and this site never bothered to care about it or the group until Nicki made a remix of it. #ThatStanJuice strikes again!

    • ,. March 31, 2014

      alot of people didn’t get there big break, until a high profile celeb name drop them. so grape giving them some shine because of Nicki i see nothing wrong with that. stuff like this bin going on from the get go nothing wrong with that.

  3. YASSSS B**** March 31, 2014


  4. Mark111 March 31, 2014

    If these lame n***** can do it, these girls can do it too. No more double standards, let’s hope they got a good deal, get money and have a career or college.

  5. BishWhet March 31, 2014

    The irony went right over your head….

  6. @draejerome March 31, 2014

    I aint feeling it, all i wanna here is.

    if he catch my drift
    he can catch my jizz


  7. FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

    Its so banjee and hood, I kinda like it..

    The Video gave “Next Friday”

  8. The truth honey March 31, 2014

    that flop ass nicki done killed yall careers before yall even got started honey!! any ft that that plastic ass b**** is on will flop and so will the artist that deals witht he FlopBitch!! *twist off the m********** kiii

    • Tisha March 31, 2014

      You’re still here? In existence? I assumed after your face got knocked up by a beggar you’d have burrowed your way to China in shame.

      Poor little tink tink.

  9. QUEEN MINAJ♥ March 31, 2014

    The slaves bowed down to Queen Nicki and now she gave them mercy. It´s time for krim to bow down to nicki

  10. oh baby(b****** will bow down and deal) March 31, 2014


  11. Gurrlllllll March 31, 2014

    b**** whet ???? they look the fake O.M.G Girlz #dead but im glad somebody invested money into a proper professional video

  12. bibi93 March 31, 2014


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