Lady GaGa Producer Slams Nicki Minaj: “Making Money Off Death Is Never A Good Look”

Published: Sunday 20th Apr 2014 by David


Lady GaGa producer DJ White Shadow has slammed ‘Beef Stew‘ rapper Nicki Minaj this weekscolding the entertainer for glorifying gun violence in her latest number, ‘Chi-Raq.’

Why the Chicago native has it out for the ‘Super Bass’ beauty?

His problem with her below…

King pins and them drug lords
Chi-town no gun laws

Despite failing to score a buzz half as loud as that nabbed by its predecessor ‘Lookin’ Ass’, ‘Chi-Raq’ didn’t go unnoticed by White Shadow, who took to Twitter to weigh in on the song and its supposedly dangerous message, with…


Going on to urge the performer to…Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 18.35.42

…Shadow’s remarks come after a number of Twitter uses took the outlet to share similar sentiments, as seen below.

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 18.38.32
Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 18.39.10
Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 18.40.07

Your thoughts?

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  1. The Great Lacefronce. April 20, 2014

    On-gger is a your typical Koon…a joke what do you expect

    • Wendy Williams’ Tea April 20, 2014

      Omg, I just wish her and her “Monster” lemmings would just f*ck off. She and her pre/pubescent fanbase, acting like total idiots, every f*ckin where.

      She should stick to her piano playing and 30 years old music, keep her fans there and stop messing with other artists, in a backhanded, wimp, kind of way. Stop whining when someone doesn’t like her music, tell her “Haus of Bla Bla Bla” and moron lemmings to stop bullying others when not everyone agrees with her “word”, and f*ckin grow a pair. Tried of this moron named like Caca.


      • Angela Cheng April 20, 2014

        Gaga’s next move is to commit suicide on stage.

        Then, her fans will copy her. This means the world will soon be a safer place and leave DJ White Shadow in a gay disco club in Vegas.


      • Easter Bunny April 20, 2014

        Who cares about Gaga. This era is about Beyonce, Katy and Miley.

      • How Pathetic April 20, 2014

        Artpop is so bad even Santa refused to give it away for free……

    • FAF April 20, 2014

      how did she make money off death? That song is not even a single LMAOOOOOO

      and a fame hungry koon poses ass naked on rooftops for publicity.. a non writing nontalent gimmick joke Rishitta is f****.. 😆 and drake bounced that h** and is f****** an ethiopian QUEEN while she’s away.. Kii

      • Boycott Gaga April 20, 2014

        What do you expect coming from Gaga’s team and employer?????

    • The Shade April 20, 2014



  2. Alonzo Wilson April 20, 2014

    Lady Gaga producer mad because lady Gaga is a flop this era. People make money from decease people all the time. Hello Michael Jackson, Biggie, 2PAC etc. So Wake the f*** up people. In other news Beyonce will be touring in calfornia at rose bowl that holds 92,000 seats. The biggest audience by any pop girl.

    • cake like lady gaga April 20, 2014

      But Lady GaGa sold out the biggest stadium in Africa in 2012 though sis, Soccer City has a capacity of 95K.

      You tried

      • Sit Down, Moronsters April 20, 2014

        Lady Gaga- Queen of Festivals and Arenas


      • KOKO April 20, 2014

        Lady Gaga is a scam. Period.

        Enough with the gimmicks. Albums will sell if they are full of great music. ARTFLOP is filled with poop. If she had any talent, she wouldn’t have to resort to all these ridiculous measure to try to be noticed. Not a rocket science…

        Conclusion: The main problem with Lady GaGa is that she sucks and has always sucked and will always suck.


      • Nuwelin April 20, 2014

        But RIh sold out that staduim too in my country both JHB and CPT.

      • Lady Gaga Is A Scam April 21, 2014

        Let’s take Lady Gaga’s Los Angeles dates.

        I know, for a fact, that there are thousands of tickets still available for both shows. But at least Gaga is able to play two shows there. Second shows were planned for New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, and other cities. But ticket sales for the first shows in those cities aren’t strong enough. Instead of being honest about ticket sales, Live Nation has moved many of Gaga’s tickets to a “secondary site” in order to make more money. When those are unsold, the tickets will go back into sale at Ticketmaster. A concert at Staple’s Center can hold up to 17,000 fans. When Lady Gaga sells 22,000 for both shows, Live Nation will declare it a “sell-out.”

        It’s a corrupt trick they have used for years.

    • R0SIE April 20, 2014

      this era has been truly disastrous and embarrassing for gaga. her pretentious attempts at creating “art” have done absolutely nothing to entice the gp. i personally think her music is crappy and she truly has no sound of her own. she made some cute dance-pop music at the peak of the edm explosion and thats about it. the shock factor expired a very long time ago and people have moved on.

      thanks dj white shadow.

      • cake like lady gaga April 20, 2014

        If gaga’s music is “crappy”, explain to me why Applause sold more than Flop Coast and why is Flop Coast free falling off iTunes?

      • Yawn April 20, 2014

        Applause did nominated for The Grammys. The reason Applause sold well because Gaga’s fans are morons who downloaded multiples times.

        K bye.

      • R0SIE April 20, 2014

        Since when sales equal quality?
        Idiot, 700k for ARTPOP on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart despite heavy promotions and she puked on stage just to sell her CDs.

        Lady Gaga is a trying hard boderline has-been. Nice try, idiot.

      • cake like lady gaga April 20, 2014

        Why is Flop Coast free falling on iTunes???

        DEAD at you eating humble pie 😀 😀 😀

      • Kunty Perrism April 20, 2014

        Gaga is now being compared to Miley and Lana.

        Kah Kah Kah…Queen of Pop. I dont think f*cking so.

      • Lalalalala April 20, 2014

        ARTPOP is a done deal and Gaga is now playing in the volley ball arenas around US cities and town.


  3. cake like lady gaga April 20, 2014

    What does GaGa have to do with this post? Why is she mentioned??

    Slow news day at TGJ HQ??

    Dictator David will probably delete this comment, oh well!!

  4. Lil Wayne/Drake Stan April 20, 2014

    Dj F***** Shadow, should be more worried about Lady Gags failing career .

    • Kunty Perrism April 20, 2014

      ARTFLOP is a done deal… lol

  5. nicko April 20, 2014

    ChiRaq is FREE. Its not even available on iTunes or anything. Smh igorant f***.

    • AubreyOSlay April 20, 2014

      You are so stupid it hurts.The song is the same whether it’s free or ATP so the only ignorant one here is you! I want you to find the song’s lyrics and read them aloud so you can see just how repulsive they truly are. Do that and come back to me. B****.

  6. JOHNVIDAL April 20, 2014

    Lady Gaga, her fans and producers are morons. Period. Full stop ! 🙁

  7. Mess April 20, 2014

    Let’s not forget he disrespect Malcolm x and his daughter in the song too. Nicki is tired and predictable your typical c***.

    • nicko April 20, 2014

      Tired n predictable ?? Lmao stop trolling. ChiRaq got +1M views on soundcloud in less than a week. U wish, flop kim stan.

      • Mess April 20, 2014

        ^ A major idiot….you people are sad.

  8. cake like lady gaga April 20, 2014

    ^ TROLLS

  9. The Struggle April 20, 2014

    DJ White shadow wants to divert the issue that ARTPOP is an epic flop.


  10. Barbie’s World April 20, 2014

    F*ck Dj Flop Shadow, he’s the reason Lady gag me flopped this era. The barbs will be dragging his flop ass all over twitter.

  11. Mess April 20, 2014

    Ya’ll getting mad at this guy for telling the truth? Typical f**** he told no lies deal.

  12. Baby AA April 20, 2014

    Oh STFU. Gaga’s song suck. She is a done deal and this era is nothing but a damage control for Gaga. 700k in the US ARTFLOP. Now that’s too funny.

    • Applause April 20, 2014

      lmao but isn’t roman floploaded still stuck at 800k in America after 2 years and a re release

      • nicko April 20, 2014

        Nickis label didnt spend 25M to promote the album 😀 n its probably plat now.

      • Easter Bunny April 20, 2014

        Isn’t GUY peaked at #75 on Billboard Hot 100 and now out.


      • Lady Flopga April 20, 2014

        …at least Nicki did eat someone’s vomit on stage.


      • Applause April 20, 2014

        lmao but lets get into the boyz ,freedom, and highschools chart position shall we? kiii

      • JOHNVIDAL April 20, 2014

        How many flops Gaga have?


    • Kween Ebony April 20, 2014

      Let’s not forget that although, Roman reloaded peaked at 880K. It hasn’t sold much since, so your “2 years” since release comment is void.

      Also, let’s not forget that Starships sold 2X more than applause. Pound the Alarm and Va va Voom sold more than DWUW, without any promo.

      Please don’t start. Not to mention Turn Me On 2X plat should I continue???

  13. Free!! April 20, 2014

    If I’m not mistaken, the song is free =/ It’s not even on iTunes, don’t even know if it’s going to be on the album itself. Soooo, where is she making money from?

  14. DJ White Suck April 20, 2014


  15. Holly April 20, 2014

    How is a free song profiting off what going on Chicago? if anything she’s bringing attention to what’s really going on there. leave it to some that’s associated with gaga to try to bring someone else down with her flop ass.

  16. Bionic Bonnie April 20, 2014

    Who is this flop? prison industrial complex? the most racist thing i’ve heard all year

  17. Sit Down, Moronsters April 20, 2014


  18. Kitty April 20, 2014

    Why is he always trying to twitter beef with females? is he gay or nah? and why is he not discussing how all the songs he produced for gaga were certified flops?

  19. ARTFART April 20, 2014

    He is one of Gaga’s Monsters behind that garbage named ARTFLOP. What do you guys expect?

  20. Applause April 20, 2014

    Lmao i bet Nicki next album won’t even go gold she’s always been garbage in my eyes.

    • nicko April 20, 2014

      U stan for flopga aka the less talented pop artist of this generation and you know nothing about Hip Hop. Shut the f*** up cause Nicki’s latest album sold more than gaga’s latest album. 😀

      • Applause April 20, 2014

        Artpop 700k 5 months later

        Roman Reloaded 900k at the most 2 years and a re release later Lol

        Not much of a difference besides the time spand 🙂

      • Applousy April 20, 2014

        Another year, another video and another attraction for the zoo. Any musicians that have to rely on gimmicks rather than writing/singing/playing ability does not deserve the title of musician. You know you career is dying when your album ARTPOOP is cheaper than a box of Tampons at Walmart.

      • ARTBARF April 20, 2014

        ARTPOP 25 million worth of promo…down to the sewage.


  21. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 20, 2014

    Gaga >>>>> Icki

    • dina April 20, 2014

      Correction Gaga > Nicki> Hogriah

      • Applause April 20, 2014

        Gaga >>>> Mimi > Rihanna > Icki > Yonce

        thats better

      • Just Sayin April 20, 2014

        Yonce>>>Mimi>>>Rihanna>>>Icki>>>Miley>>>Dog S***>>>Flopga

        Is much more apt.

    • lala April 20, 2014

      Let me fix it for you sis Queen Nicki>S***>Gaga>cat p***>mariah

  22. Applause April 20, 2014

    Lmao the barbz mad hes spitting true tea? Nicki is a ignorant piece of trash.

    • Kween Ebony April 20, 2014

      Just like your fav constantly using payola to ensure all of her latest singles still flop? Let’s not forget how to pay iTunes to promote her album as a new album “6 months” after release. Ya’ll are reaching! ARTPOP flopped harder than reloaded get over it.

  23. Lyfe April 20, 2014

    Here’s an idea, if he cares so much about Chicago why don’t he and gaga go stand in the middle of the hood in Chicago and see how long they last… idiot

  24. Applause April 20, 2014

    Lmao Rosie and the barbz should be purchasing the many flop singles of their own favs instead of stalking Gaga all day.

    • Kween Ebony April 20, 2014

      B****, go buy G.U.Y…… Or did she not use the link to get unlimited plays on YouTube this time….

      • Applause April 20, 2014

        B**** death you telling me to buy G.U.Y. when you barbz didn’t even buy freedom, the boyz, highschool or every other flop single Nicki was featured on in 2013 🙁

    • Kween Ebony April 20, 2014

      High School, an “Urban single” went GOLD! 500K copies with ONE performance. No video interviews like G.U.Y. no payola like Gaga. The Boys was TRASH. and Freedom wasn’t released at a correct time. Why release a R&B/Rap single when EDM was still ruling the charts….? Anyway, worry about why Gaga’s most radio friendly singles are flopping. Is she still living for the Applause or Nah?!

      • Kween Ebony April 20, 2014

        *Radio interviews

  25. Sheena April 20, 2014

    Lady Gaga sucks and she will always will. Dont blame DJWS

  26. JOHNVIDAL April 20, 2014

    Lady Gaga——–> Ciara——–> Ashanti


  27. Mimi Carey April 20, 2014

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Nicki put him up to this just so she could get some attention since Iggy Azalea is stealing her shine kiii.

    • nicko April 20, 2014

      Lmaoo what is iggy stealing ? Lmfao i cang with yall Nicki HATERS !

  28. Kandi Kuntz April 20, 2014

    Why is he mad tho? has he done anything to help stop the violence in ChiRaq? or is he just trying to pick a fight

  29. Da Boi April 20, 2014

    DJ White f*ggot is mad because ARTFLOP flops. Oh well…

  30. Rosie April 20, 2014

    DJ White Trash is probably the worst producer out there. He needs to sit.

    • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

      But death as the DJ shadow produced
      Applause sold more than double flop coast.

  31. R0SIE April 20, 2014

    Lady GaGa is a female version of Kanye West. This Mother Donkey is addicted to cheap and stupid attention. That’s why.

    GaGa a pop singer and self-proclaimed “musician” making mediocre pop song (now claiming
    she is an icon, yeah right!) can only hit several notes and play piano. Big deal. I don’t know what people are intoxicated on while talking about her talents. She is just making pop music for heaven’s sake not some kind of Beethoven or Picasso high art. In 5 years all she does if f***g moan on the media about Lupus, bullied at school, insomnia, cocaine addiction, hip surgery, weight issues, Bulimia and so on.

    What’s next? Carry RuPaul and R Kelly’s love child? Why don’t we as a community, support the people in the entertainment industry who DESERVE our support rather than throwing out $ to this overrated and “manufactured musician”. I gave her a fair chance in the beginning, but I can’t stand liars, phonies and attention w**** like Lady Gaga. Her name alone makes me wanna puke. Artistic people don’t need to tell the World that they are making art. Idiot…. just like her lil’ Donkeys.

    • cake like lady gaga April 20, 2014

      Troll.. Bye

  32. lala April 20, 2014

    Why most of the songs he produced for lady copy& paste can’t go top 20 on Billbored hot 100 tho? that’s the real tea here.

  33. pressed you are, drag you i will April 20, 2014

    But when will we hear G.U.Y on the radio sis?

  34. WhenItComesToBey April 20, 2014

    The common sense levels in this thread are so low. He is obviously talking about her glamourizing violence that is affecting people. I love Nicki but I have had a problem with this song ever since it came out. People are really DYING out here and she and Lil Herb are on the song glamourising drug dealers and murders. Google Lil Herb’s lyrics in the song and you’ll see what I mean. He deadass talks about killing a man and causing the victim’s family pain.

  35. BeyHive Queen April 20, 2014

    I just am so tired of the word “art” thrown around these days by pop singers, but especially this Lady of Toucan overuses it.Think about it. Do great rock bands/pop bands carry on about their art when they discuss their music? They just try to write good songs and let their songs speak for themselves. I’d like her to explain this whole concept of “art” that she talks so endlessly about, and that apparently so many people like Billboard, Rolling Stone, Vogue, Glamour, The Telegraph (UK) need schooling on.

    Gaga needs to be kicked out away maybe Alaska and return to her point of origin. We don’t need this left wing gas bag spewing her garbage of America, our rights,and our customs from within our own shores. Gaga is an attention seeker. Her sole motivation is to be famous. Nothing more nothing less!

  36. Yulanda April 20, 2014

    Arrogant much?
    People that narcissistic deserve to fail.

  37. Applause April 20, 2014

    Gaga is alot more respected then Nicki even Miley is more respected then that clown.

  38. cake like lady gaga April 20, 2014

    MESS at @TROLLsie perched up on every post that has “GaGa” in the title, leaving 985658285 comments.

    Use that time to buy Flop coast instead and help the struggle song stay on iTunes 😀 😀 😀

    • Kunty Perrism April 20, 2014

      ARTPOP should come with a money back guarantee sticker on the cover.

      You are doing something quite wrong when you go from having one of the most acclaimed and successful pop records like The Fame Monster was, to something like ARTPOP. This record is highly overproduced and sounds dated, it seems like she has no aim to evolve, she’s stuck with cheap EDM music beats.

      Lady Gaga’s lyrics have never been a highlight, however stupid lyrics can get a pass if the production and execution of the song is good overall. Not the case this time, the only song that can approach these qualifications is Bad Romance. The rest is overproduced, oversung, oversexualized, incoherent and poorly executed.

      She made so much hype about Applause before its release. Interviews, Tweets, a countdown on Facebook… Well the song comes out and its mediocre. Anyone who bought the single should have every right to feel duked.

      • ARTBARF April 20, 2014

        Monsters ..

        1% IQ
        99% Puke


  39. HistoRih April 20, 2014

    No lies were detected, it’s a horrible song.

  40. Kunty Perrism April 20, 2014

    ARTPOP is struggling for 700k..


  41. Anna Wintour April 20, 2014

    Artpop is a massive flop! The Little Morons need to accept the fact and stop cliniging to her former glory. Lady Gaga is a fad artist. She was hot from 2008-2012 during the EDM explosion. The GP has moved onto other artists who don’t resort to cheap attention-seeking antics! Beyonce and dare I say Rihanna and Katy remain unbothered by this HAS-BEEN!!!!

    • Riri4Ever April 20, 2014

      Gaga is now at the same level as Miley and Lana.

      Dead 🙂

  42. CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

    But flop coast sold less than a Katy perry buzz

  43. Lovebird April 20, 2014

    West coast dropping to #28 though


    • Applause April 20, 2014

      lmao death

  44. How Pathetic April 20, 2014

    He is a Gag’s Lil Donkey..i mean Monster. 🙁

  45. Lovebird April 20, 2014

    Not west coast selling LESS than applause though, where are the Lana fans to explain west coast dropping down the charts faster than XO.

    • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

      No love, not West Coast selling less than Walking On Air.

  46. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 20, 2014

    Some pressed ass Beytches on this thread though. Death @ Just Sayin. Girl go sit somewhere.

    • Just Sayin April 20, 2014

      Excuse me? My response was directed to Applause not you which is why Gaga was last. Why are you targeting me when Mariah was second in more than just my comment? Oh its cos Im a Bey fan, you’re forever pressed by Bey fans.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 20, 2014

        No, because you said “bey>>>> Mimi”

        You tried and failed.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 20, 2014

        And you’re excused.

      • Just Sayin April 20, 2014

        Death not when the first response put Mariah last and called her Hogriah and the Gaga fan also put her second. Of course you’re only worried about Beyonce lmao. And it is Bey>>>>Mimi imo deal with it.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 20, 2014

        It doesn’t matter. You said “Bey>>>> Mimi” which is a complete reach. If you said “Bey>Mimi” then that would have been more acceptable. All those greater than sings isn’t cut because you make it seem like Bey is miles ahead of Mariah when in reality, she isn’t even near her level. That is all I’m trying to say. Not bothered or pressed, just an observation.

      • Just Sayin April 20, 2014

        Death. I didn’t even need to read that. You just proved you’re pressed and obsessed with anything Beyoncé.
        do not matter at all.
        I reiterate Yonce>>> Mimi for ME. Bye.

  47. Lovebird April 20, 2014

    From #10 yesterday to #28 today, west coast running down the charts like a ball down a hill, I’M CRYING!!!!!!!!

  48. Rosie April 20, 2014

    Some pressed f*** coming for me even though I only posted two sentences. My impact on this site is undeniable.

  49. Gaga’s Coffin Taker April 20, 2014

    Flopga is an imposter a human tumbler account.

    All her music, costumes, and Madonna-esque persona come from brilliant artist before her. She doesn’t write her own songs completely (look at her credits in Artpop) she only wrote 2-3 songs. She needs at least 6-7 people to come out with a lukewarm hit song like Applause or Do What U Want. Yup but she takes credit for them all. Embarassing and phony.

    She is a flop con artist who shouldn’t be paid for literally copying other people’s work!!! Lil monsters can cry all they want that she doesn’t copy and writes all her albums the only people they fool are 10-17 year olds.

    Pathetic. I rather die than being Gaga’s fans. So stupid.

  50. Lovebird April 20, 2014

    April 20, 2014 at 1:40 pm
    Rosie says:
    DJ White Trash is probably the worst producer out there. He needs to sit.

    But Applause opened with TWICE the numbers of west coast which is in a race to the bottom of the charts. Flopping harder than XO.

  51. Lovebird April 20, 2014

    April 20, 2014 at 2:06 pm
    Rosie says:

    Some pressed f*** coming for me even though I only posted two sentences. My impact on this site is undeniable.

    If only west coast impacted the charts, currently tumbling down the charts faster than XO.

    How do you move from #10 to #28 in a span of a day? FLOP FLOP FLOP

  52. Anna Wintour April 20, 2014

    CherylSoldier = LoveBird 🙂

    • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

      Where are the receipts? Death when we don’t even have similar writing styles. Dumb b****

  53. Rosie April 20, 2014

    Whatever. Keep perching on Kworb more than you do with your own faves.

  54. BeySting April 20, 2014

    Dragging Gaga won’t change the fact that Nicki think it’s cool to trivialise murder.

    • Lamb 4Life April 20, 2014

      Exactly for once a smart hive member.

  55. Lovebird April 20, 2014

    I don’t think Rosie is in any position to hate on Gags or the monsters, not after FLOP coast tumbling down the charts from #10 to #28 in a span of a day. Not after FLOP coast will sell LESS than applause debut numbers

    US chart preview: @LanaDelRey, West Coast 110-120k downloads.

    US chart preview: @LadyGaga’s Applause 200-225,000 downloads.

  56. BeachHouseBritney April 20, 2014

    I agree with him 2bh.

  57. Lovebird April 20, 2014

    Not the Lana bandwagoners doing a runner after FLOP coast tumbles down the charts from #10 to #28 in a span of a day.

    Not the Lana fans trying and failing to come for Gags after FLOP coast runs down the charts in a span of a day.

    US chart preview: @LanaDelRey, West Coast 110-120k downloads.

    US chart preview: @LadyGaga’s Applause 200-225,000 downloads.

    Not the new “queen” of Interscope and white Sade selling less than Applause’s opening figures and tumbling down the charts in a span of a day from #10 to #28.

    • Riri4Ever April 20, 2014

      People who bought or listened her CDs are bloody idiot. Seriously, this is how people get attention when they have no any other talent.

      This lady is so disgusting and no class. Over rated , over exposed , repetitious, generic & nonsense . Cookie cutter of Cher, Grace Jones, Madonna and Kylie. And getting naked every second day won’t make your music any better. She has never been an artist. Just want to be famous by scamming those children called Monsters. She has always been a product like McD and that’s going to be clearer and clearer her music is a sheer garbage to more and more people as time goes by. Her WORST performance in her 5 years career. Maybe it’s art for her but to me it’s more than disgusting. Yuck!

      Yes apart from it being a total flop the songwriting is dreadful and no substance. The lyrics read of a 4th grader. Enough already….just sit down because for now on you will be remembered as Puker Face artist.

      Suck to be you.

  58. Rosie April 20, 2014

    Did I even mention Fadga though? Or Lana for that matter.
    SO pressed. Worry about all of your faves/bandwagons sans Rihanna getting paid even more dust by the GP.

  59. Hol Up April 20, 2014

    Are ya seriously having a stan war this is not about Lady Gaga vs Nicki this is about chicago being a state of emergency and instead of passing a positive message to stop killing each other it’s being glorified smh I can’t with the ignorance sometimes

  60. Rosie April 20, 2014

    Also, still waiting on my list of Lana stans who expected WC to sell anywhere near 200K or even go top ten on iTunes before Monday provided with receipts.

    • Lamb 4Life April 20, 2014

      you have a serious obsession with Gaga get help

  61. Riri4Ever April 20, 2014

    Even Monsters are shaking heads……poor Monsters. They feel so disgusted by Mother Donkey named Gaga and her producer. This is so embarrassing.


  62. Lovebird April 20, 2014

    But Fadga’s applause opened with higher figures than FLOP coast which is running down the charts. From #10 to #28 in a span of a day, DIES!!!!!!!!!

    • Kween Ebony April 20, 2014

      Everyone know opening numbers mean nothing. It depends on if a album/single has LONGEVITY! I hate that all of you are always screaming about first week sales or chart positions. I means nothing the the material flops overall….

      • Lovebird April 20, 2014

        What longevity when FLOP coast dropped from #10 to #28 in a span of a day?

      • ….. April 20, 2014

        No promo…unlike Gaga’s Applause came with $25m and ARTPOOP sold only less than 700k in the US..


  63. Lamb 4Life April 20, 2014

    Nicki is in the wrong bout time she got called out since sam won’t do it.

  64. Florida Flower April 20, 2014

    This man and his weak ass productions coming for nicki, we just won’t have that today call us back we you can get gaga a hit on billbored

  65. R0SIE April 20, 2014

    Gone are the days when Gaga was named the final heir to the throne of Queen of Pop Today, the press and the critics take their statements with suspicion which exaggerates its music and its importance in the art world, while Twitter and Facebook begs his Little Monsters to buy multiple copies of their albums and singles.

    I have not fallen into that game, for me she is overrated.His talent is of course debatable and GUY peaked at #75 despite countless promos and Tweets.

    Sad and pathetic to be Monsters these days.

    • FutureCIARA April 21, 2014


  66. Fire Up April 20, 2014

    Lana—–> Beyonce——> Mariah. 😀

  67. Rosie April 20, 2014

    And this delusional f** knows damn well Lana isn’t a singles artist, either. Dead at it thinking Lana or anyone for that matter cares about chart positions. Not even Interscope cares since they didn’t even send WC to radio and have no promo lined up for her.
    We’ll see how bad Lana is really “flopping” once Ultraviolence is out.

    • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

      No b****, the kii is you trying to drag Applause and Fight For This Love when your fav is selling less than a Katy Perry buzz single. You made it about singles so don’t cry now that your @ss is getting dragged for days.

  68. Yazmine April 20, 2014

    I am by no means a Lana stan but its clear Lovebird is pressed because Rosie drags him and his faves for filth. Why would you compare Lana to Gaga? Lana isn’t even half as commercial and doesn’t have any smoke, mirrors and gimmicks she doesn’t even have radio play and her song still charted higer than GUY. Stupid logic.

    • Rosie April 20, 2014

      And kii at its self-dragging; all it’s proving is that Lana doesn’t need payola or gimmicks to chart that high or sell albums, since BTD had been charting for over a year with no promo in the US since release and only one hit.

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        But i’m screaming because her touring, which is what matters in terms of revenue for her, is abysmal. 2k capacity theaters and getting overshadowed by empire of the sun and disclosure.she needs help.

      • Rosie April 20, 2014

        You stay clinging to the few venues with that capacity in the US, though. Although that venues that was apparently “overshadowed” by Disclosure and EOTS had over 8K and she has many venues with around 6-8K. Not to mention the multiple arenas she did in Europe.

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        That’s the kii Rosie. Thanks for making it clearer. Artists in smaller venue overshadowed her boring botox @ss. She was probly drunk on stage too

      • Rosie April 20, 2014

        Yet that concert of a “boring Botox ass” sold out in less than a minute and had 16x more demand for tickets available on LiveNation, so I guess people do want to see her after all.

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        In a 2k capacity theater? The struggle to sell that venue tho..

      • Rosie April 20, 2014

        You’re so pressed, aren’t you? SF had a capacity of 8K. We discuss this multiple times, and multiple sources say that’s the capacity. You can stay deluded and clinging to the same three venues though!

    • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

      Are you a f****** idiot? Rosie tried to drag Gaga and Applause earlier this week, saying West Coast was going to have more chart longevity. The kiis write themselves.

      • Yazmine April 20, 2014

        Am I supposed to care? Does not change my point.

      • Rosie April 20, 2014

        Once again, receipts? I never said it would even go top ten before Monday.

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        Rosie, I thought you were a college student? Do you have any f****** reading comprehension skills? You said, for a fact, that West Coast was going to have more chart longevity than Applause. That’s implying that West Coast was going to top ten because Applause was there for two months. I’m screaming at the denial

      • Rosie April 20, 2014

        Once again, receipts? All these accusations you keep pulling up yet you still can’t provide any.
        And WC is, indeed, having better longevity than Applause outside of North America.

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        Those are receipts babe. I’m not going to screen shot excuses from Monday. You know you said it, and everyone else does as well. You really tried it when you tried to drag Applause.

        And not you using receipts from Thailand, Tanzania and Afghanistan when you know damnn well that Lana can’t chart a single to save her life. Death as I just looked at Applause’s chart peaks.

  69. Nicca April 20, 2014

    DJWS sucks!!!!

    Gaga does have the absolute worst fans in the world and what’s sad about that is they have ironically contributed to her downfall. Everyone just became turned off by them and by her for doing nothing about it. As far as her music. It’s fun, dance, but the last album “Born this way” only had 3 songs on it, the rest of it was noise. “Applause” is more of that noise. He should just STFU.

  70. Miley Katy April 20, 2014

    Gaga- from her fans to producers and her mom. All idiots.

  71. Madonna Family April 20, 2014

    Again the Little Morons have it all wrong. GagGag has 2 Number 1 Hit songs on the Billboard Hot 100. TWO :0.

    No one cares about her anymore. I’m an ex fan of Gaga and this DJ is so reductive.

    • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

      Utter death when a poster doesn’t have their facts right. Stop embarrassing yourself, babe.

  72. The truth hurts April 20, 2014

    15 comments devoted to west coast on an article completely unrelated. The impact lana has on your lives!

    • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

      Does she have an impact on yours? Why didn’t you buy more copies of West Coast when you knew this drag was coming?

    • Rosie April 20, 2014

      OUR impact though! Any predictions for UV’s first week?

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        Will she sell more than Pure Heroine? Another f****** kii is Lana’s dad coming for Lorde when his daughter completely flopped, selling less than Walking On Air.

      • Rosie April 20, 2014

        Kii at you stalking Rob’s twitter. What does that have anything to do with this post?
        And Borde still can’t sell 2.3 million worldwide with the biggest hot of fall 2012 and all those sales in the US? Local, more like it.

      • The truth hurts April 20, 2014

        Mine are similar to yours. WW I’m expecting the highest female sales provided there are no releases by adele or taylor because they’re really the only two females that currently have more album selling power than lana (along with maybe pink). Her fanbase in the US has grown massively over the past year in the US so I’m expecting at least double BTD’s opening along with a no1 debut.

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        I’m stalking his twitter when it’s front page news on msn? ok. And it continues the trend of delusion in the Del Rey camp. Don’t try to come for Katy and Lorde when you do less than a Katy Perry buzz single and will sell less than both of them. I’m dead at you trying Lorde now when she has sold all of that in less than 7 months. I’d rather be local in the US, UK and Australia than “global” in Cambodia and Iraq like Lana.

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014


      • The truth hurts April 20, 2014

        I never said she will open with bigger numbers than Beyonce but over the whole of 2014 she will sell more than ‘Beyonce’.

      • Rosie April 20, 2014

        Are you serious? Borde isn’t even coming CLOSE to Lana’s sales outside of the US and Australia/NZ. BTD is almost 3x platinum in the UK, 3x platinum in Germany, 4x platinum jn France and is certified in over 22 countries worldwide, many of them multi-platinum. Those three markets are much bigger than Aus/NZ. If Borde didn’t have the US her career would already be over.
        Not to mention Team only went top ten in 7 countries (America and Canada being the only major ones) and Payola Heroine’s worldwide certifications are PATHETIC.
        Who still goes on MSN? You could’ve at least said Yahoo!

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        Dead when it took her 2.5 years to get to 5 million shipped ww. Beyonce is already past 3. The delusion.

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        I’m dead at this Rosebud b****. Again, I’d rather be “local” in the US, UK and Australia than number 1 in Afghanistan and Cambodia and “global.” It took Lana 2.5 years to get to 5 mil shipped. Lorde is doing 2.3 in 7 months. I don’t see any of your points in that pointless essay.

      • Rosie April 20, 2014

        Lana was close to 3 million after 7 months with “70% of her singles being flops,” according to you, along with major US backlash and little support from there. Borde needed the massive “Royals” and US top ten hit “Team” to even come close.
        Come again?

      • The truth hurts April 20, 2014

        Dead at your outdated statistic. Interscope recently announced >6 million albums sold/shipped and >12 million singles sold too

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014


        because no one believes your lies. Lorde sells singles and albums and you have the audacity to come for her? Are you jealous that Lana can’t get a pic with Beyonce?

      • The truth hurts April 20, 2014

        Oh and Interscope announce that born to die had sold more than 5 million at around September 2013 so that is more like 1.75 years.

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        Oh no Oh no Oh no Oh no, is this the same Interscope receipt that you used to drag Gaga a few months ago? And no b****, chart news, which is much more trustworthy that Lana’s record label, reports 4.6 sold ww. She definitely did not sell 1.4 mil in that short of a time. Even Rosie knows this and can’t support your lies.

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        And i’m still waiting for a response to your Beyonce comment.

      • The truth hurts April 20, 2014

        When I refer to Interscope talking sales it refers to shipments as they count sales as shipments

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        I’M F****** DEAD.

      • The truth hurts April 20, 2014

        Why would I be jealous that lana does not have a picture with Beyoncé ? Since they have never met I would not expect there to be one

  73. Navy Commander April 20, 2014

    If he has a problem woth nicki then he has a spproblem with basically the whole rap industry.nicki is not the first and won’t be the last. Why didn’t he come for a male rapper?

  74. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 20, 2014

    These Beyonce Stans want so badly to believe that everyone and everything is “pressed” over their queen. It seems like people can’t express their point of views anymore. Lmao

    • Just Sayin April 20, 2014

      You are though. Still singling out Beyoncé stans?

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 20, 2014

        Point? Like I said… I made an observation and expressed my opinion. Attacking me is unnecessary because I still haven’t said a bd thing about Beyonce. Lmao

      • Just Sayin April 20, 2014

        And you only ‘observed’ the fact Beyoncé came in front of Mariah not Gaga nor Nicki which is my point exactly.

      • Just Sayin April 20, 2014

        And I never said anything bad about Mariah unlike the other comments. Yet you only ‘observed’ my comment lmao.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 20, 2014

        But you did say something bad about Mariah though.

        “Yonce >>>> Mimi” is very disrespectful to her legendary status. Like I said before, “Yonce > Mimi” would have been more appropriate. And the post had nothing to do with Beyonce anyway so I don’t get how she got in that ranking anyway.

      • Just Sayin April 20, 2014

        But why are you mad about my personal preferences?

        I said already Yonce>>>> Mimi for me. Stay mad about it. Not everyone sees it like you do.

    • Just Sayin April 20, 2014

      If you weren’t pressed, you would have directed your comment to everyone who was in the response and put Mariah under their fave and even insulted her personally. How does my comment make me pressed about Mariah? Beyoncé is my fave not Mariah so of course she will come first. Stay mad and seethe that there are, actually many people in the world who presser Beyoncé over Mariah.

      • Just Sayin April 20, 2014


      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 20, 2014

        I didn’t even come after them because I know they are trolls and not regulars on this site. You’re making something out of nothing.

      • Just Sayin April 20, 2014

        No I think YOU are making something out of nothing since you decided to address me and call me pressed first. You could’ve easily bypassed my comment like you did the rest since it was nothing bad and simply how it is for me.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 20, 2014

        Wow. You really don’t get it all. Bye!

      • Just Sayin April 20, 2014

        I get it just fine #StayPressed

  75. Rosie April 20, 2014

    Still waiting on receipts of any Lana stan saying WC was going to “slay” Applause.
    We stan for a true albums artist with longevity on the Billboard 200, not a singles artist who depends on Clear Channel radio deals and multiple high-profile performances for $1.29 sales.

    • ….. April 20, 2014

      Nobody is talking about Queen of Arenas named Gaga after 5 years.

      Sad. I know…

  76. Fakkar April 20, 2014

    First, he kills Gaga’s album Artpop. Now he wants to kill Nicki’s career?

  77. Rosie April 20, 2014

    So it can bring up Rob’s tweet that made fun of Payola Heorine’s double entrande yet it can’t bring up receipts of any Lana stan claiming that she was going to slay in the singles department before Monday? Am still waiting.

    • The truth hurts April 20, 2014

      The meltdowns from the borde stans were hilarious. I thought the joke was pretty clever.

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        Babe, the receipts are in the post from Monday. Death at you backtracking in your previous comment saying “but WC has more longevity than Applause outside of North America.” So you’re implying that it’s doing better than Applause? Im dead.
        And last time I checked, 70% of Lana’s singles don’t chart and WC is projected to sell less than Walking on Air and have a lower chart entry. That Lana slayage won’t let up!!

      • The truth hurts April 20, 2014

        Born to die and video games sold opened to much smaller numbers WW than West Coast is set to and yet BTD the album still went on to 5-6million + copies.

      • Rosie April 20, 2014

        I asked for receipts before Monday, though?
        Not only did no Lana stan expected her to sell anywhere close to 200K even after Monday due to how low sales are right now, but nobody whatsoever expected to go top ten on iTunes before Monday, let alone #2.

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        Truth i’m waiting for Rosie’s reply as I just provided receipts. And death at the inflation. It has sold 4.6 ww, 5 mil shipped.

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        Why are you changing your statements now that you just got exposed as a lying b****? your cocky @ss was perched in here when it went to number 2 and I told you “why are you bragging about a 6 hour chart peak?” “Somo was number 1 on the albums chart for most of last week and sold 25 k”


      • Rosie April 20, 2014

        When did I change my statement though? I’ve been asking for receipts before Monday for the past two days. None of the Lana stans started bragging about iTunes before it actually went top ten there, on Monday.

      • Rosie April 20, 2014

        And mess at you comparing iTunes singles sales to album sales there. 70% of single sales from the US come from iTunes. The iTunes albums chart is damn near irrelevant when it comes to overall sales. Failed logic.
        And I still need receipts, as in comments, of Lana stans saying it would even go top 10 before Monday? I predicted top twenty at best.

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        but i just gave you the receipts Rosie. Do you have anything to say?

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        But aren’t you always perched in here posting Lana’s itunes positions vs. gaga’s? I’m dead at the continuous self drags. Just stop Rosie. Is this why Lana can’t chart? Her fans are so f****** delusional.

    • The truth hurts April 20, 2014

      No inflation honey. Interscope have recently announce >6 million shipped. I’ll find you the article if you want?

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        Why are you posting about albums shipped?!!
        I’m screaming!!!!!!!!!!

      • The truth hurts April 20, 2014

        Because you claimed that she had only shipped 5 million. Not my fault your coming here with old and inaccurate receipts

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        First of all, the shipments don’t matter. Second of all, the inflation from Interscope is real when all other sites report 5 mil shipped. Stay delusional tho.

    • Rosie April 20, 2014

      Those aren’t receipts, sweetie. You still can’t find a single comment dated before Monday of a Lana stan saying WC was going to go top 10 before it actually did, and you had to bring up the sales of someone completely unrelated to prove your point, which also failed because the iTunes albums chart is damn near irrelevant. Try again.

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        It actually wasn’t a fail. I said “why are you bragging about a 6 hour itunes peak.” Hence, you were in here perched and screaming about Lana reaching #2 on itunes. I used the Somo example to try to help your delusion. But I could’ve used another Lana single perched in the 100s and selling 500 copies if you wanted.

      • Rosie April 20, 2014

        That was on Monday, and that was because no Lana stan whatsoever expected her to even go that high before WC actually did so.
        Once again, still waiting for one quote or copy-and-paste of a comment from a Lana stan who predicted WC to go top ten on iTunes before Monday, April 15.

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        the f****** copy and paste doesn’t matter b****. it doesn’t matter if you said it sunday or monday. as soon as you saw it enter top 10 you went off, and then you backtracked as soon as it started flopping.

  78. Rosie April 20, 2014

    Also @The Truth Hurts, Adele is apparently releasing in November, so Lana will hopefully have the highest sales until Q4.
    I’m expecting 150-200K at this point for UV.

    • The truth hurts April 20, 2014

      That sounds pretty reasonable and likely tbh but I wouldn’t be surprised if she sells even more because I was shocked with how high west coast charted on itunes.

      • Rosie April 20, 2014

        I think if she does well with preorders she could break 200K. But sales are super low now. It it wasn’t for Frozen the industry would be having a total meltdown.

      • The truth hurts April 20, 2014

        Spotify etc. is starting to destroy traditional music sales……
        Good thing Lana was the most popular female of 2013 in the US for streaming and the 2nd most popular WW too. She’s also the 2nd (or 3rd) most streamed female on spotify of all time

      • Rosie April 20, 2014

        Their listeners have such good taste. And Spotify is about to overtake iTunes in terms of revenue, so I’d rather have her slaying there instead.

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        So she’ll ship 150k in the US right? because that’s what you base everything off of?

  79. Nicki #1 Fan April 20, 2014

    Lady Gaga, her ugly fans Monsters and DJ White Shadow are just assholes.

  80. Rosie April 20, 2014

    Still waiting for a comment, any comment, any copy-and paste or link of a Lana stan saying WC was going to go top ten dated before Monday, April 15.
    No one asked for SoMo’s album sales. No one cares and it also has absolutely nothing to do with this discussion whatsoever.

    • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

      I’m screaming because what’s the difference between you saying it Sunday night and Monday night? Lana flopped either way. I really don’t see the difference. I gave you the receipts and you have no answer. Your attempt to drag Cheryl and Gaga didn’t work. Your fav sold less than Walking on Air. kiii

      • Rosie April 20, 2014

        I still don’t see any proof of a Lana stan saying WC would go top 10 before Monday though?
        That’s what I asked for, not us celebrating when it actually did so, neither did we asked for SoMo’s album sales.
        Come on, you could at least use Google to search this site and copy a simple comment onto here.

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        Again, it doesn’t matter what a Lana stan thought on a Sunday vs a Monday. Y’all tried to drag Applause and when WC flopped you got dragged. I’ll keep that 200k prediction for Ultraflop in mind tho.

        Are you still seething because Fight For This Love did more in a day than your fav did in a week?

  81. Rosie April 20, 2014

    Not going to waste any more time, since I’ve been here for over an hour waiting for just one copy and paste from at least three pressed bottoms and none of them could provide any over the past two-three days; I’ve asked multiple times each. If I see just one, I’ll rest my case.

  82. QUEEN MINAJ♥ April 20, 2014

    Gaga is a flop. DONE. Nicki performed highschool only once but still sold higher than GUY it even charted higher than GUY.

    • Applause April 20, 2014

      Nicki is done that gimmick won’t even sell 120k first week with pink s*** she’s over

  83. CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

    Also, not these Lana stans saying that Lana will sell more than Beyonce. This just proves the delusion.

    • Rosie April 20, 2014

      Tell me WHERE in this post did anyone say UV was selling 600K? You’re literally pulling lies and fallacies out of your ass at this point.
      You’re the only deluded one, sorry.

      • CherylSoldier April 20, 2014

        Death as truth said it above

  84. CT April 20, 2014

    Don’t really care for Gaga,but why is a Rapper(Nicki) being compared to a Pop singer(Lady Gaga)?
    The Monster’s Ball Tour> Pink Friday&Pink Friday:Reloaded Tour Combined
    Bad Romance>Super Bass
    The list goes on and on.
    She may be a flop now, but Gaga was snatching before the epic fail that was “Art” Pop.

    I’m more concerned about Nicki releasing this bland ass music.I hope her new album doesn’t sound like this new stuff 🙁

  85. The Shade April 20, 2014

    Crappy = Gaga’s songs and her album !!!

    RIP 🙁

  86. Rosie April 20, 2014

    This Chav stan can stay using its fave’s receipts from 2008, though. It’s fave is a singles artist now. “Fastest selling single of 2012 in the UK” yet Born To Die probably did AML’s first week in a day or so there.

  87. Silvia Sunto April 20, 2014

    Lana is 10x more beautiful than Lady Toucan Gaga.

  88. Stephy April 20, 2014

    Wow! This post got REAL messy REAL fast!

  89. Nicki Aint Neva Been da Truth April 20, 2014

    @Dreezydreezy who is really from Chicago killed Nicki on her own track and still did not rap about the gang violence. Nicki Minaj has never been real. Do you think she was really in the Trap? She never sold drugs and she only started going to strip clubs on business so she could get her records played. She’s never been the truth. Never! Her only truth was to do whatever was necessary to succeed. That was her only truth.

    BTW, Sam what’s with all these advertisements? Too, too much. I’m clicking the X sign more than I am reading the posts.

  90. TRUTHKILLA April 21, 2014
  91. Sarah April 26, 2014

    I won’t tell you anything new, but it is just the same in any other field.
    You’d think experience showes us anything, but no.
    Hate all you want but the world changes rapidly, and we have no control whatsoever over it.
    For instance, If only Obama had enough balls to put Putin to his place, but it seems like it’s never happening, welcome world war.
    A truly inspiring post, thanks!

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