Usher Reveals New ‘Good Kisser’ Promo & Single Debut Date

Published: Wednesday 30th Apr 2014 by Sam

Usher is wasting approximately no time kicking off the campaign for his new single ‘Good Kisser’.

Fresh from unwrapping a video teaser for the track this morning, the Urban-Pop hitmaker has unveiled a new promo pic for the cut – which now has a confirmed debut date.

Find out when new U-S-H-E-R arrives after the jump…

UK reps for the star have confirmed that the hotly anticipated track will debut next Monday (May 5th).

The song was penned by Usher alongside Andrew “Pop” Wansel, Ronald “Flip” Colson, Jameel Roberts, Terry “Tru” Sneed, and Warren “Oak” Felder – all of whom had a hand in the single’s production too. 

We’re amped. Are you?

{Photographer: Kurt Iswarienko}

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mark111 April 30, 2014

    Oh snap! The U charm means business!

    • DivoM April 30, 2014

      Oh god your so corny you idiot. U charm? lol

    • cbjbeasg2244 April 30, 2014

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  2. Stephy April 30, 2014

    This song still goes HARD tho…

  3. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS April 30, 2014

    I know you want cover these stories, so will do it for you.

    Rita ORA waken taken to court by Superga a brand she she endorse and tried to sue for 80k GBP money they did not pay her after she breached the contract. It as 180k deal.

    rita WHORA IS OFFICIALLY OUT ON THE AMERICAN ITUNES CHART. A week after she was released. SHE is just another tacky paris hilton reality star pretending to be a singer.

    RIH RIH is about do DAT! SHE IS WORKING WITH DJ SNAKE OF turn down for what fame

    • Stephy April 30, 2014

      Spell Dat Tea Sis!

      • Stephy April 30, 2014

        ooppsss i mean spillll

      • rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS April 30, 2014

        ALL he does is bash Mariah. The reason why he turned up the mariah attack, is cos he scared at RITA WHORA flopping even harder this time, than the 1st time, knowing that RIh, at this stage of the game was on Unfaithful. HE knows she is getting dropped.

        Oh, and you all these fashion deals? She in a 360 and jay is looking for way to make money off her. She gets paid in installments and her deals make no impact; nothing she endorses has sold out.

    • Glendy April 30, 2014

      Sam, why the hell haven’t you banned this cockroaches IP address? I know that you generally allow obvious trolls and troublemakers to post because they inspire dissension that drives traffic, but this creature feature isn’t worth allowing to continue on. It adds nothing and no one even takes it seriously enough to fight with. Ban it.

  4. Kemar (@S_C_ Jr on Twitter) April 30, 2014

    I’m soooo here for the King’s return! Feels like I’ve been waiting forever!

  5. JT>>>JC>>>JB April 30, 2014

    Loool. Is he still trying?

    • Huh! April 30, 2014

      Are u out of your mind? U can’t be serious, lmfao!

  6. JT>>>JC>>>JB April 30, 2014

    So here’s the thing. The SECOND part of T22E is platinum. Do you think Usher can get ONE platinum album this era seeing as L4M isn’t even Gold yet?

    • ABC April 30, 2014

      It doesn’t matter. I like JT, but his total album sales don’t come close to Ushers. Wtf does JT have to do with this anyway, troll?

      • JT>>>JC>>>JB April 30, 2014

        In which day and age is Usher outselling Justin? Because it certainly isn’t this one.
        Tell me why JT sold double of what L4M did in one week?

    • Kayla April 30, 2014

      Tell me why you are so concerned with someone’s sales that u are not even interested in musically? Go find something constructive to do with your life girl (boy)

      • BaddieBey April 30, 2014

        Real talk, Usher has proved himself to be a flip flopper trend hopper so he BETTER slay this era or it’s officially a wrap for him.

    • foxx April 30, 2014

      It actually went gold and you’re comparing someone’s THIRD album to someone’s SEVENTH album. JT was gone for 6 years! If Usher was gone for 6 years then released an album, it probably would’ve actually sold a million in the first week. You have to factor in other things to justify his sales. Usher has albums that outsold JT back in the 2000s anyway. 3 albums can’t really be compared to 7 though

  7. THE KING April 30, 2014


  8. Stephy April 30, 2014

    Usher >>>>>> Justin TimberFAKE!

    TimberFAKE only got 1 good album…

    Usher has 3 good albums Bye!

    • BeyBeyKing April 30, 2014

      Both of them could outsell Mariah in their sleep though.

      • DeruloDreamer April 30, 2014

        No lies.

      • Stephy April 30, 2014

        Whats the deal with bashing someone whos already sold 250,000,000+ records?!!? I true-ly dont understand!

      • Molly April 30, 2014

        Lol this Beyonce fan is so bitter why?

  9. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS April 30, 2014

    RIH RIH is working with dj snake.

    Rita WHORA IS OFFICIALLY OUT OF THE AMERICAN ITUNES CHART, she did not sell out enough to chart on billboard.

    • FashionIconORA April 30, 2014

      Don’t worry s***, she’ll be back.

  10. Stephy April 30, 2014

    DEAR STANS !!!!!


    Usher, Nicki, Beyonce & everyone else under 40 can outsell Patti, Aretha, Chaka, Mariah, Prince, Celine, Janet, Barbara & many more over 40+ legends…


    • CiciFinnaBeABride April 30, 2014

      Unbothered? Don’t make me laugh sister. Mariah is VERY bothered and VERY insecure and she has proved that time and time again, Cyndi Lauper on that ass.

      • Stephy April 30, 2014

        I am not gonna come for Ciara cause she is precious but goooooood bye!

  11. Stephy April 30, 2014


    You cannot compare Mariah Carey too Rihanna at all…

    You can compare Rihanna too Beyonce tho…

    • CherylSoldier April 30, 2014

      But you can compare them if mariah is still
      Trying to compete on the charts with them.

  12. Molly April 30, 2014

    Just wondering why sam hasn’t posted on the game & t.i. crazy stand off with cops.

    • Stephy April 30, 2014

      When is he gonna post about Rita Whora Flopping!

      He is just waiting on another negative post about Mimi…

      • Molly April 30, 2014

        lol true….Rita is never gonna pop off..

      • CherylSoldier April 30, 2014

        Rita needs way better songs. That pop is
        Made for the UK, not the us.

  13. Stephy April 30, 2014

    Oh yea, Usher is FINE ass s*** too… I would definitely suck im off without no shame in my game…

  14. qwerty April 30, 2014

    i dont know why usher is so in love with that afro he should stick to classic usher look

  15. Brian310 April 30, 2014

    It’ll be interesting to see the sound and direction he takes with this era.

  16. JDE97 April 30, 2014

    Usher needs to ditch the following:

    – Euro-pop/dance music/electro sounds
    – Max Martin, David Guetta, Rico Love, Diplo.
    – Afro/mohawk
    – Tight pants
    – Bieber

    Basically everything he’s been about since after HERE I STAND needs to be chucked into the garbage. If he does that, then maybe I’ll be a fan again. But if any of that shows up in his new music, I’m gonna do like I did with L4M: not buy it.

    He also needs to get off The Voice. Having a sitting position as a judge on a reality show singing competition isn’t cool. It’s for hasbeens.

    • CherylSoldier April 30, 2014

      Not all of his fans are rnb tho. If Beyoncé can do
      Pop and rnb, so can usher.

      • L21480 April 30, 2014

        If someone isn’t a fan of R&B then they really shouldn’t bother trying to be a fan of Usher’s period. That’s the core of what he does. His pop music is “extra,” or at least it should be.

      • CherylSoldier April 30, 2014

        Screaming because his r&b has always been
        Super commercial. Beyoncé is r&b too, but
        Excels at both. Why do ppl try to limit artists to
        One genre? It’s absurd.

  17. coolness April 30, 2014

    So far, the snippet sounds great. I do wish people will stop complaining and just let the music come out before judging. The same people that scream, “we want R&B Usher back” are same ones who criticised Climax despite it being a very forward-thinking R&B song. He then takes it down a notch and all of a sudden, it’s dated? Make up your damn mind! I do agree that he should quit it with the mohawk and some of the clothes though.

    • Vandrea April 30, 2014

      Why do people overrate “Climax” so much? I find those trippy syths and electro sounds to be offputting and unnecessary. It was Diplo trying to create his own version of a Jermaine Dupri-style Usher ballad, with a bunch of silly new elements added and I personally didn’t care for it one bit.

  18. s.a April 30, 2014

    I remember a video in which he said (about his u chain) USHER without U is like Superman without S. His my way, 8701 & confessions r not just albums but his personality who he really is and thats the type of originality that his core fans want to see in his albums. But it lools like he is still in L4M era bringing u chain back doesnt mean that he is bringing back old usher i mean just look at him same afro and even those clothes r of 2012 only shoes r new. sry but this is not r&b usher whom we want to see.

    • coolness April 30, 2014

      WTF! It’s the music that matters. Gosh, you ‘fans’ baffle me. 8701 and Confessions were 10 years ago for Christ sakes! Move on. His album is said to be a return to the R&B sound so that’s what you should be happy about. So you want him dressing like he did when he was 25? People place SO MUCH emphasis on looks they forget these people actually have talent smh. So what? You’re not gonna but his album because he grew his hair out? Get real.

  19. s.a April 30, 2014

    lol then what was Raymond vs Raymond? didnt he got back to his old look? u cant understand what i mean.

  20. s.a April 30, 2014

    and its not only music that matters if it was then here i stand would have been a hit

  21. Kathy April 30, 2014

    Can he please ditch the all black clothes, and all the high-top type shoes he wears?!!?!? He’s not Justin Bieber okay….

    I just want a more mature uniform for him.

    • s.a May 1, 2014

      @kathy you r 100% correct. Those tight pants doesn’t suit him.

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