Iggy Azalea Bills Lorde’s Nirvana Tribute “Inappropriate”

Published: Saturday 7th Jun 2014 by David


Pop’s brightest debutante Iggy Azalea rocks the pages of ‘Billboard’ magazine this month, landing the publication’s cover spot following the success of her US #1 single ‘Fancy.’

Alas, despite launching the piece to celebrate her success on the singles chart, her time with the mag now finds itself under scrutiny thanks to comments she made about ‘Team’ player Lorde.

Iggy’s dig below…

While speaking to the mag, the rapper labelled the Lorde tribute to Kurt Cobain at the Rock Hall of Fame induction ceremony in April “inappropriate.”

She explained:

Nothing against her, but I think when you’re doing a tribute to someone that’s dead, generally it should be the person’s peer. Lorde is not Kurt Cobain’s peer. No matter if she killed the performance or not, I just don’t think it’s appropriate.



Do you agree?

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  1. Madame Aguilera June 7, 2014

    Girl bye!

    • anningvuxcbxb June 7, 2014

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  2. LovebirdTGJ June 7, 2014

    Bye Felicia.

    Oh BTW, Felicia, Lorde can have a #1 hit and sell over 100K first week. Also Lorde can sell over a million copies of her album whilst the NOT CLASSIC struggling harder than R Kelly’s Black Panties.

    Re-seat yourself b****.

    • Sisqo (king of R&B) June 7, 2014

      kiiiii drag!!! Thong Song>>>>>>>Black Panties

  3. Rapunxel June 7, 2014

    Dont starttttt

  4. yonce June 7, 2014

    Girl shut up! you think you are smart cus you always have an opinon. girl with that your album sales you better just take all the magazine cover you can now, because once fancy and problem leave the hot 100 you will finally be over. funny how your album ie yet to see nicki’s first week sales. speaking of opinon i also think it is inappropriate to call you a RAPPER.

  5. You Stupid June 7, 2014

    Oh she WON’T keep coming for artists… Damn… Was SHE the person that they called to ask to be in the show? She should learn to STFU. I mean really… HOW LONG YOU GONE RIDE THE COAT TAILS OF FANCY?! Can you out out another hit single already? Don’t gimme the BS about “Problem” bc that is ARIANA’S song, which she is featured on for a good 30 secs… I like Iggy, but she doin too much… WITHOUT doing enough at the same damn time… NEXT hit single please… :goes back to sippin:

    • ATM JAM June 7, 2014

      There are no more on her album. The rest sound like fillers. But what I think is funny is the original version of “fancy” without charli would have never entered the hot 100, but she thinks she owns every bit of success the song gets.

  6. Bey-Minaj June 7, 2014

    Fancy really went to this b****’s head fo real. Cause she now thinking she can dictate what others do. Girl sit yo tired ass down, cause you wouldn’t be number 1 if it wasnt for Charlie’s chorus. When Fancy starts dropping off the charts we’ll see how much Billboard still tries to shove you down our throats. #TheStruggleByBillboardToUnseatNickiIsReal

    • truth June 7, 2014


  7. I’m Booked June 7, 2014

    Thats Right Bishhh… Burn As Many Bridges As You Can, & Continue Too Make Stupid Statements So We Can Finally Get Your Wack A$$ Outta Here!

    Its Inappropriate For You Too Infiltrate A Southern Accent When Ur From Australia!

  8. Tisha June 7, 2014


    This from the chick walking around n****** exposed getting caught up in racist scandals while struggling to sell a record that doesn’t have another girl singing the only good parts.

    Ms. Justina Bieber, your entire career is inappropriate, shush your lips your time is coming soon.

  9. Suicide Blonde June 7, 2014

    I read the interview yesterday, i didn’t like Lorde’s tribute to Nirvana, not because she’s young but because she has nothing to do with them, her music isn’t Grunge, that being said, Iggy gets on my nerves, she said, on her tying the Beatles’ record: “It doesn’t mean anything. I’d rather be The Rolling Stones.” She thinks what she says sounds cool but only show her ignorance about Rock music.

  10. CherylSoldierr June 7, 2014

    Giving me Molly tease: delusion.
    Just wondering why she can call out other stars, who are bigger than her, but cries when their stans drag her for her album sales. She’s no better than pitbull right now tbh.

  11. BEYHIVE_MINAJ June 7, 2014

    So now she’s saying people can’t tribute whoever they want? Bye Felicia! This chick is getting downright annoying.

    • truth June 7, 2014

      Nooooo ICKI the the annoyn biitch honey

      • YouAFuckBitch June 7, 2014

        Stay mad about nicki’s success babe. She’s still snatching wigs whether you like it or not. Get back to the welfare office

  12. BaddieBey June 7, 2014

    Don’t you have a flopping album to be worried about.

  13. coolness June 7, 2014

    Talk about unnecessary. I don’t listen to this girl’s music and I don’t pay attention to her but how is she going to throw Lorde under the bus when the latter had her back when Complex wrote that scathing review of The New Classic when it first came out? Her logic is so flawed. Just because you weren’t someone’s peer in the music industry doesn’t mean you can’t look up to and pay tribute to them. Was Chris Brown MJ’s peer? Hell no! Yet he delivered the best tribute to Michael I’ve ever seen from an artist. She needs to calm down because this Fancy song hitting #1 on the charts does not guarantee career longevity. Oh and you know your career isn’t that interesting or important when they ask you about other artists during interviews.

    • Adele reigns supreme (Kelly Clarkson) June 7, 2014

      but Ci-Error is the one who delivered the baddest MJ tribute ever with
      Billy Jean. I dont like the girl but she did an Awesome! job with MJ

  14. Skyfall June 7, 2014

    She’s so annoying as if lately. Can some explain to me how Lorde had a #1 but could actually go platnium as well as sale WW while the b**** struggles for 150k

  15. sleazy June 7, 2014

    one hit! and she think she is Madonna smh girl sit before you eat your words

  16. EX-QUEENBEE FAN June 7, 2014

    “APPROPRIATE” – coming from a b**** that came from Australia and raps like she’s from Memphis… OK GIRRR… buckle your seat belt again and have a PERMANENT SEAT.

    • CT June 7, 2014


  17. CT June 7, 2014

    Not iggy fadzalea coming for someone who will have more longevity than her.

  18. Minaj21 June 7, 2014

    Just because she got that #1 single suddenly she is thinking she is Beyoncé or something. Like b**** go and worry about your album. Seriously she is so annoying. I wonder what she will do when the fancy buzz is over.

    • ATM JAM June 7, 2014

      Flip burgers along with the rest of the irrelevant female rappers of Christmas past.

  19. truth June 7, 2014

    Iggy giiirl, u need yo stfu

  20. RihIcon(Navy Comm) June 7, 2014


    she thinks just because she has a number one she’s hot s***, but no sweetheart, your album is flopping, and once fancy falls out of the charts in about a week or so, you will fall out of relevancy & go back to making free mixtapes and sucking ti’s d***

    • Adele reigns supreme (Kelly Clarkson) June 7, 2014

      I would not say that if I were you and this girl is not flopping. Rihanna started with music of the sun which opened with 37K although it had a number 1 hit. This girl will rise like Rihanna did. Chille cause I also love Rihanna

      • sleazy June 7, 2014

        you delusional iggy stan Carly rae jepsen had a 1 hit where she at

      • ATM JAM June 7, 2014

        Music under the sun sold one million copies a year after it was released. I don’t see the same fiat with “The new classic” which is not nearly as sonically good as “Music under the sun”. Nice try tho.

  21. OMG June 7, 2014

    The Classic is been out for how many weeks and still can’t sell what Nicki sold on her first and second albums in their first week. LMAO!

  22. Jem June 7, 2014

    If it’s tit for tat then it’s bout time Lorde got dragged. She dragged a lot of ppl when she was getting her come up. But Iggya ma I like you but please make more intelligent statements! Your PR team should have told you to say it’s an honour to match the Beatles record instead of wishing it were the Stone’s. It’s an amazing feat and you should have been gracious about it. You could have used it to reach out to a whole ‘nother level of fan base. Moreover, to say that Kurt should have been tributed by one of his peers is ridiculous. I am sure Madonna inspired you! Wouldn’t you tribute her if the opportunity presented itself? Likewise MJ inspired a whole generation of performers. They are not his peers and I speak of Usher, Beyonce, Britney Spears. Come on now Iggy! Please think carefully before you speak!

  23. Adele reigns supreme (Kelly Clarkson) June 7, 2014

    It’s funny how the Barbs are pressed to the maximum 10 with this girl. You guys should chille it’s Iggy’s opinion so you dont have to like it. I am not a fan of hers but the Barbs are pressed cause the mojarity of this post’s commenters are them

    • YouAFuckBitch June 7, 2014

      Learn to spell. Ugh.

    • ATM JAM June 7, 2014

      “Chille”??? Like the country? I’m dying!!

  24. sleazy June 7, 2014

    I see like 2 barbs why would they be pressed iggy still has nothing but 1 solo hit to her name. Nicki has plat albums, singlea, perfumes, clothing line,movies etc iggy fans are making like she the queen of rap just cus charli xcx helpd her get to 1

  25. Lolz June 7, 2014

    Death at Floppy getting dragged.

  26. YouAFuckBitch June 7, 2014

    F*** iggy. A white girl from Australia knows nothing about American hip hop and the b**** has no class and no bars. She needs to respect artists with real talent instead of acting like she’s running s***. Can’t stand her fake ass accent either. Blah

  27. Sisqo (king of R&B) June 7, 2014

    ROTF!!! that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. You don’t have to be someone’s peer to sing their song idiot. Its the other way around!!! Piggy must have s h i t for brains or just jealous.

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