New Song: Day 26 – ‘Lose Control (‘Silk’ Cover)’

Published: Monday 16th Jun 2014 by David


Day 26 take a step in the right direction today, unveiling the latest song pulled from their forthcoming effort ‘The Return.’

A cover of Silk‘s 1993-released ‘Lose Control‘, the number sees the fellas unleash the vocal magic that once placed them atop R&B’s food chain, and- if paired with the right creatives- will see them outperform themselves with their comeback album.

An impressive offering from the five-piece below…

See what we mean?

Sure, while it may be tempting for ’26‘ to release cuts akin to the boozy club-geared cuts the loud minority are enamoured by, one needn’t look any further than Tamar Braxton‘s ‘Love & War‘ and Miguel‘s ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ to see that grown, sexy & contemporary is the way to go!

As it stands, the group’s styling and photography goes a long way to age them, making their bid to pull in younger audiences an uphill struggle.

However, if their suits, ties and dark imagery  is replaced with Jeff Kim-esque styling and GQ style promo shots, winning over the 20-somethings while pulling in the ‘grown & sexy’ would soon see that uphill struggle become a walk in the park!

What they should be aiming for on a sonic tip?

Your thoughts?

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  1. blackcloud5 June 16, 2014

    no comments cuz no1curr! stop posting about non factors tgj staff

  2. NJQT June 16, 2014

    Love Day 26 They can sanggggg!

  3. whoiam June 16, 2014

    Have you having a laugh here, Day 26 brings out a BS song called BS which flopped & now they doing a cover of Silk. If I wanted to listen to Lose Control, I would listen to Silk. When are these people going to learn if you return, you should of a plan. falling back on a cover because of your BS song flopping is a joke. Did they not say in TGJ interview their coming back to take over the world(this reminds me of another reality group).When their EP is released in a few weeks & flops, reality may set in we are in 2014 not 2008.

  4. Day26 Forever June 16, 2014

    Personally they need a mixture of both. Fun & s***. Like FIAD
    Album. That album was classic sonically it blended both genre’s perfectly.

    Perfect Day26 record would be:

    1. Imma Put It on her
    2. Stadium Music
    3. Dizzy
    4. Your Heels
    5. So Good
    6. Bipoloar
    7. Perfectly Blind
    8. Co-Star
    9. One Night Only
    10. This is what it feels Like
    11. Love Faces
    12. Truth is A Lie
    13. Girlfriend
    14. Come With Me
    15. If It Wasnt For You

    That would be a sonically classic album.

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