Watch: Ciara Performs ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ For Baby Future

Published: Thursday 10th Jul 2014 by David


Fans of ‘And I‘ singer Ciara were given a fresh glimpse into the singer’s personal life minutes ago, when the vocalist shared footage of she and her son Future Zahir on her ‘Instagram‘ page.

There, before she continues work on her next studio album, the singer performed one line fromJane Taylor‘s ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ for the talkative baby.

Motherhood and music below…

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  1. Gaga’s Monstah July 10, 2014

    She should invite Mariah….too. 😀

    • KoKo July 10, 2014

      …just like Flopga invited Christina and R Kelly to save her dwindling career?

      #Opppsssssssss #LOL #potcallingkettleblack #ARTFLOP

      • CherylSoldier July 10, 2014

        Sold out tour tho? Keep trying

      • GaGa’s Tampon July 10, 2014

        Shame people want gaga gone so badly ..
        She ain’t going nowhere ..

  2. bey fan July 10, 2014

    gaga fans need to stfu

  3. CherylSoldier July 10, 2014


  4. Stephy July 10, 2014


  5. Mimi carey July 10, 2014

    Poor baby has to listen to those flat vocals 🙁

  6. FAF July 10, 2014

    tgj yall will post anything lmao even ppl posts from ig… ppl sing to their babies

  7. Teacher July 10, 2014

    She always sounds soo fake to me when she speaks….annoying af!

  8. BelieveAchieve July 10, 2014

    U f****** are more than just miserable. You’re also trifling as hell. It’s not up for debate. I understand the world has dealt u a terrible hand, however dont be mad at Ciara because she’s CIARA. It’s not her fault. #Queen Have a blessed day.

  9. Brian310 July 10, 2014

    It’s cool that she is sharing a special/intimate moment like this with her fans…cute interaction between her and the baby

  10. ChrisTUNA AguiHAHA July 10, 2014

    Loved it. that vocal is better than partition

  11. AaliyahIsTheGreatest July 10, 2014

    I love Ciara so much she seems like she’s the best mom & baby Future is so cute

  12. JER July 10, 2014

    SCREAMING! bye!

  13. 7 July 10, 2014

    Poor baby 🙁

  14. IStanForYourFav July 10, 2014

    I like Ciara, but those vocals are not something that should be taken lightly… She could damage his ears with vocals that are thinner her album booklet…

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