Hot Shot: Ciara Hits Studio With Diane Warren

Published: Thursday 4th Sep 2014 by Sam

Ciara is wasting approximately no time piecing together her sixth studio album.

Last month saw the new mother clock in studio time with hitmaker Dr Luke and it appears September sees her continue the trend of working with music’s biggest names. Case in point the snap above.

Super Ci shared a snap of herself in the lab with legendary songwriter Diane Warren. The caption attached read:

Finally!! Me and @Diane_Warren. #TimelessMusic


Warren’s resume, which includes hits for the likes of Whitney Houston and Beyonce, precedes her and the overall blend of talent CiCi has assembled for the project suggests she’s leaning towards a more Pop sound – which we’re all for.

Your thoughts?

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  1. FutureCIARA September 4, 2014

    #POPara Is Coming baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No games are being played!

    • attyforpeae September 4, 2014

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  2. TheFentyTakeOva September 4, 2014

    If she flops again, it’ll be time for her to finally go take that clerk job at K-Mart. I don’t understand how and why she’s getting all these extra chances that she’s not making good on.

    • alan September 4, 2014

      she be cashing in them milk tokens soon

    • Adele the Queen September 4, 2014

      Rihject first 2 albums flopped hard although she had promo for them. If Ciara flop I’m sure she can improve just like RihVocalSoundingGoat

  3. Qaz September 4, 2014

    Ciara doesn’t have the voice to pull off a Diane Warren song. That would just be embarrassing for her.

  4. harrah September 4, 2014

    who cares?? working with diane means nothing in 2014. diane aint had a hit since that pearl harbor song in 2001. and yall think Ciara’s whispery voice will change that?? DEAD!

    • Morales September 4, 2014

      Diane is one of the best writers in the industry and she’s the best FEMALE songwriter period. This is why Ciara doesn’t deserve her work. Let CiCi call up Lil Jon or Jazzy Pha again or something. Her cackling hoodrat cheerleader ass couldn’t pull off a song written by the same woman who helped make Celine Dion a star.

      • Cupid September 4, 2014

        Scum who are you to say what a person “deserve”? Get out of her. Ciara has a voice that fits pop music a lot better than some of these other girls!

  5. Your Favorite Lil Monster September 4, 2014

    She’s coming for wigs next era I can feel it.

  6. alan September 4, 2014

    She hasnt brought out decent since Get Up.
    She must be sucking off LA still to be releasing another FLOP!
    Still JLO keeps brining out flop albums so they all must doing “overtime“

  7. Darealesyt IGGBYE September 4, 2014

    If diane warren could bring vocals out of Aaliyah on track who at that time no one thought she could sing, I’m sure she can bring vocals out of Ciara on a track

    • Doyen September 4, 2014

      Aaliyah was 2x the vocalist Ciara is, so that comparison doesn’t even work. And it’s usually the producer and engineer/sound mixer that is responsible for coaching a good performance out of a singer (or adding filtering and pitch correction to those who are naturally mediocre.) Not the songwriter. Diane Warren has no control over how lousy Ciara is gonna sound trying to sing one of her songs.

      • Darealesyt IGGBYE September 4, 2014

        Come on now a whole lot of ppl did not think aaliyah could sing until the one I gave my heart to and

      • Adele the Queen September 4, 2014

        Sorry but ur comment is ironically Aaliyah was whispering to the max in her days. she makes Katy Perry sound like Whitney Houston

      • Mother Mooriah September 4, 2014

        Aaliyah was the princess of whispers with Janet being the Queen Of Whispers of course.

      • MsLadySoul September 4, 2014

        Aaliyah didn’t “whisper,” she sang softly and had a much smoother and controlled tone than Ciara does. Furthermore she didn’t coo on all of her songs. On songs like Back and Forth, If Your Girl Only Knew, We Need a Resolution, and many of her ballads, she sang with a harder and fuller tone. By contrast, Ciara’s coo’s are much more erratic, unstable, straining and not as pretty. Often she sounds like she’s being squeezed.

      • cianna September 16, 2014

        an lena horne makes beyonce sound like a turkey n heat

    • Darealesyt IGGBYE September 4, 2014

      And still to this day some ppl still don’t find Aaliyah’s to be that great especially some of her live performances and for the record I’m not bashing aaliyah *BEFORE Y’all start*

    • lets be real September 4, 2014

      sorry but for the whispering, aaliyah made up for that with her melodies and how smooth and deep her vocals were,something ciara doesn’t have.but i do hope she can make a great song with Dianne and prove us all wrong

      • Adele the Queen September 4, 2014

        The only female singer that I know has smooth and deep vocals is Toni Braxton. Toni has the richest voice ever! not Aawhisperingliyah

      • Brian310 September 4, 2014

        @Adele her voice. Oil don’t have been that s*** ty if Adele was a fan.

    • Brian310 September 4, 2014

      Only people that didn’t buy her albums thought she wasn’t a good vocalist…songs like street thing, never givin up, Journey to the Past etc etc show that she could belt and has a rich tone, her breathy tone and falsetto just fit her personality….She could do so much with her voice, her chest voice, falsetto, lower register(which is what she used the most live), transitions from low to high, and her tone were amazin.

  8. Darealesyt IGGBYE September 4, 2014

    I’m not a fan of ciara but I can honestly say the ballads on her last album were good she’s never sounded that good before and this is a big compliment cause I’m NAVY all the way

    • #BeyIndependent September 4, 2014

      Rihanna and Ciara both are weak singers so I’m not surprised a navy would think Ciara sounds good.

      • Darealesyt IGGBYE September 4, 2014

        I’m not about to be petty with you go celebrate your gals birthday

      • Career Ender September 5, 2014


  9. Adele the Queen September 4, 2014

    Ciara can pull it off. She needs a great marketing team and a great budget. She can be an asset to Epic records. #NotHerFanThough

    • Essa September 4, 2014

      All Ciara will ever be to Epic Records (or any record label at this point) is a tax-write off. It’s the only reason why she hasn’t been dropped. No one at Sony is stupid enough to believe that she’ll net them a real profit, because she won’t, but they can “claim” her to IRS.

  10. Sarah September 4, 2014

    #teamCiara I am here for her comeback!! Give love to receive love

  11. #BeyIndependent September 4, 2014



  12. Darealesyt IGGBYE September 4, 2014

    Ciara should’ve just signed to Roc Nation when JAY-Z wanted her

    • blackboy September 4, 2014

      she shoulda never fired philana Williams!! that’s where it all went bad

  13. Beysus September 4, 2014

    *sings* I Was Heeeeeeeeeere!!!!

  14. eric September 4, 2014

    I’m not even a big Ciara fan, but this is all I’ve been asking for years is for Monica, Brandy or ANYONE in r&b to hook back up with Diane Warren. Someone has finally done it! Shame on Brandy and Monica for not revisiting Diane in all this time!

    • BeautifulDisaster89 September 4, 2014

      Brandy did some recording with Diane Warren a few months ago for her new project.

      • blackboy September 4, 2014


        do ur research next time dummy

      • eric September 4, 2014

        @blackboy. Like I said, the fact remains that it’s been a number years, but thanks anyway.

    • asipofbrandy September 4, 2014

      Eric, Diane Warren wrote Have You Ever for Brandy!!

  15. Sharoq September 4, 2014

    This is like Ciara’s 3rd or 4th attempt at a commercial “comeback.” At what point does it sink in to hers and everyone’s head that she’s past her expiration date? This is just money wasted at this point. The message is loud and clear that few find her compelling enough to care beyond maybe a moderately charting song here or there. I’ve seen artists dropped and never really seen or heard from again after failing less times than she has.

    • Cupid September 4, 2014

      If record labels keep picking her up that simply mean she’s profitable dumby

  16. Childers September 4, 2014

    LOL@her jumping on the pop train when others are starting to jump off of it.

  17. ~The Arcade~ September 4, 2014

    Love Ciara but I’m not sure ‘pop’ is her calling, people really gravitate towards her when she does bass driven, r&b and hiphop fused songs. Nonetheless, I’m still rooting for her! 🙂

  18. Flash80 September 4, 2014

    A year from now she will be recording another album hoping to strike lightening with it.

  19. #TeamTinashe Stan (PRE-ORDER “Aquarius” Now On iTunes) September 4, 2014

    Nobody should ever compare Aaliyah’s vocals to Ciara’s. That’s just disrespectful.
    And every Aaliyah song was not full on whisper, she always had a balance.
    Until Ciara can I’ll be waiting…..

  20. JOHNVIDAL September 4, 2014

    Hmm Diane Warren has written way better and more important songs for Celine Dion than for Beyonce. Just saying.

    • DTG September 4, 2014

      Meanwhile Mariah’s pitiful album is still flopping.

      • Career Ender September 5, 2014


  21. A PRE ALBUM TOUR?? September 4, 2014


    We need at least TWO R&B singles FIRST……..
    U gotta get that R&B fanbase back first and then crossover to pop on 3rd single.

    I’M OUT turned me off cuz it had this 2006 rnb/POP feel to it… just too old school for me.

    I wish she would work with Chris Brown LOYAL producer and DJ MUSTARD. Also, work with the producer that produced LEMONADE for Danity Kane. HELL, she could just remake LEMONADE since Danity Kane broke up.

    I want some REAL R&B dance tracks from her.

  22. Uknowdakid September 4, 2014


  23. Abbey September 4, 2014

    Ciara’s stans are so delusional. She released THREE flop albums and hasn’t gotten an RIAA certification since 2007. She’s tried pop and she tried urban. People just don’t care!!

  24. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare September 4, 2014

    I love Ciara but I’m just not sure about this direction for the album.

    First, Dr. Luke. Just, no.
    Then, Diana Warren. Sorry folks, she has NEVER done anything for me. Too.much.saccharine.

    Ciara needs to INNOVATE. She needs to be forward-thinking. Iconoclastic.

    She wouldn’t go as far as FKA twigs, Dawn Richard, early Janelle Monae, early Tinashe, and Jhené Aiko, I know, but she needs to give us something else other than what’s already been done.

    Look, it’s not going to sell a lot anyway. She may as well produce a forward thinking masterpiece.

    • Brian310 September 4, 2014

      You are in my head dude this is exactly what I be saying. It always seems like she jumps on a trend when it’s gone…She doesn’t put enough emphasis on what makes her shine the most HER DANCING. I can see her making some next level uptempo bangers and progressive R&B sexual slow jams.

      • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare September 4, 2014

        Yeeeeesssssssssss!!!!!!!!! Exactly!!!!

        But we crazy though…..

  25. DIGGER BEY September 4, 2014


  26. ha! September 4, 2014

    How many albums will she release before she finally let’s it sink in..The sales keep getting worse and worse. Body Party owes a lot to streaming and still couldn’t get a platinum certification.You have to be missed to make a comeback and Ciara doesn’t even have a solid fan base, so how exactly could she make a comeback? Ciara stans/fans are beyond delusional! She hasn’t had an album certification since 2007! That’s 7 whole years!It took her 5 years just to get a gold single..Now she’s pairing that tiny voice of hers with a known ballad writer?

  27. Mark111 September 4, 2014

    Let it be known that Aaliyah never had a whisper voice. She a master of headvoice and falsettos, had a chest voice and a deep voice. People that say she had no voice are the ones that rave for singers that over sings and messes their voice up within 5 years.

    • Brian310 September 4, 2014

      * that say she had no voice are the ones that rave for singers that over sings and messes their voice up within 5 years.*


    • Career Ender September 5, 2014

      heme girl was the whisper master end of

  28. Rihboy September 4, 2014

    Calling in the heavyweights to garner a hit? Hmmm ill wait to see how this turns out before shading her. Although she is a self shade. I mean chances upon chances with her and rita ora. At this point they are becoming just as pointless as beiber and selena. Just a reason to make a couple mill off of music lightweights. Ill stay tuned to see how she does. If she f**** up this go around she might as well quit. P.s. Is that song she sang while preg about future on this next album? Lls anybody remember that tragic sorry 2.0?

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