New Video: Beyonce & Nicki Minaj – ‘Flawless (Remix)’

Published: Monday 6th Oct 2014 by Sam

Beyonce and Nicki Minaj continue to command ample club play with their fiery remix to ‘Flawless’ – the self-love anthem from King B’s fifth studio album.

Therefore, what better way to keep the track’s flame burning than to release an official video…of sorts.

Moments ago, the HD live rendition the chart-topping pair gave on the Paris stop of Bey and Jay Z’s ‘On The Run Tour’ was shared on the ‘Single Ladies’ singer’s official VEVO.

Check it out below…

Having already aired on HBO, one has to wonder whether this is all we’re getting (which we suspect) and whether it’s indicative of the tour coming to DVD, VEVO, or some other medium?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Beysus October 6, 2014

    B O W D O W N B I T C H E S!!!!!

    • LeKing October 6, 2014

      N O T H A N K S!

      but this was exciting performance.
      she reminded me of Whitney for some reasons.

  2. Xavier Peoples October 6, 2014

    This sucks!

  3. PEACE OF WEAVE October 6, 2014


    • Lucy lawless October 6, 2014

      Eww why would she perform with that ugly flop b**** kim, are you crazy?

      • MisdamenorFan October 7, 2014

        The same reason she would preform with that random chick. Bey is in a giving mood. She wants to reach down off her throne and give the lesser girls a moment to shine.

  4. MisdamenorFan October 6, 2014

    Oh hey B! Hey other random chick…

  5. CATFISH KNOWLES October 6, 2014


  6. 1000 forms of Cake like Lady GaGa October 6, 2014

    How is “FLOPPING hurts” doing on the charts?

    • Beysus October 6, 2014

      How many copies has ChartFlop sold???

    • Rosie October 6, 2014

      Wasn’t Ashes To Ashes blocked by Barbra Streisand or that other British indie band everywhere except for the US? I wouldn’t be talking about flopping when you fave has been regelated to an jazz standards fad act.

      • @PrettigurlrockD October 6, 2014

        Where’s Lana??

  7. LB October 6, 2014

    Uhhhhhmmmmmmmm….Nicki was awesome, that’s all I’ve got.

    • MisdamenorFan October 6, 2014

      Bey tossed that angry bird a bone… She mad just like all the Bratz are mad.

      • FAF October 6, 2014

        ^what the f*** are you talking about, sis? Where did you see Nicki shade beyonce?

        if anyone’s angry its you seeing as how your fave hasn’t released an album since 2005

        stay mad at your pushback queen, dear

      • MisdamenorFan October 7, 2014

        I didn’t say she shaded Bey Ms Delusional Nobody. Seeing that she gets angry because people have an opinion about the hot garbage she puts out (C tha God) and tries to get people fired from their jobs solidified my distaste for that immature heffa. Oh, and Missy NEVER makes another album again she will FOREVER be known as one of the greats. FACTS!

  8. CATFISH KNOWLES October 6, 2014


    • Beysus October 6, 2014

      The albums x2 platinum Hun. And it was a sold out tour…

      • Rihboy October 6, 2014

        thT excuse is just worn out beysus. Honestly.

      • Beysus October 6, 2014

        Well bragging about HBeyO is wearing out too…

  9. LB October 6, 2014

    Watching this, I can now see why casual viewers who have HBO (BeyHive can’t afford HBO) watched reruns instead of Beyonce’s show, she has really gone down hill since I AM Sasha Fierce era.

    She is boring now and lip syncs A LOT, the Beyonce of Sasha Fierce, when Matthew was in control, used to slay, this one….well she can keep that routine or whatever it is she is trying to sell, it all looks like lipstick on a pig to me.

    • NOLIES October 6, 2014


    • Beysus October 6, 2014

      B**** please it was a sold out tour…

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) October 6, 2014

      Not surprised at u seething like a damn f****** as usual….Speaking of boring, how are RIHJECT’S live vocals doing????? Dey prpbably are somewhere tied up in a jungle AND far far away from RIHJECTS’S mouth…Hence, why she keeps sounding like a physically abused sheep(OOPS…AT THE ACCURACY)…..LOL

    • Sass October 6, 2014

      You got some nerve. You fave hasn’t even established her damn hill yet she’s nearing 30 and still getting dragged for her minimal ability on stage.

    • JuJu October 7, 2014

      BIIISSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH PLEASE!!!!!!! 100 million Dollars from 21 shows… seethe!

  10. 1000 forms of Cake like Lady GaGa October 6, 2014

    ^ at it perched on TGJ waiting for a t********* post so it can scribble its dribble. If it was perched at like this when Reherpes was in Africa, maybe she wouldve soldout Soccer City in Johannesburg.

    • NOLIES October 6, 2014

      Worry about Gaga. She went from being Gwen Stefani to Kylie Minogue to Madonna to Björk to Madonna^2 to Amy Winehouse/ Barbara Streisand.

      • 1000 forms of Cake like Lady GaGa October 6, 2014

        And you ARE????

    • Sass October 6, 2014

      Birds of a feather aye?

  11. NOLIES October 6, 2014

    I think she should release it on DVD. I mean 888k DVD sold is amazing. 🙂

  12. LB October 6, 2014

    If you only you were perched at Gaga’s Artrave concerts, maybe then she can increase her attendance percentage from 50% of 100% capacity to 50.01% of 100% capacity.

  13. 1000 forms of Cake like Lady GaGa October 6, 2014

    U can rest assured that I will be there when she brings the tour to Johannesburg, just like I was at the Born This Way Ball.. Why didn’t u attend the DWT?

  14. Jessica October 6, 2014

    Bye… It’s not even a proper new video.Beys energy stays Nicki though. I wish she gave more she looked a bit too in awe of Bey for me.

    • Jessica October 6, 2014


  15. AMMIE LEANN October 6, 2014

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,word of mouth is so true, “If you’ve seen one Bey performance, you’ve seen them all”, no wonder why they call her YAWNce. Well, Diamond sales are not meant for everybody,poor thing, she just has to work twice as hard to be half as good.

  16. LB October 6, 2014

    LMAO Artrave is going to Jozzi? Well I did hear she is competing with Brandy on who’ll perform for the most empty stadium there

  17. Sass October 6, 2014

    Death! At the haters perched in here first. I can’t. If it’s all the same, why do you CONTINUE to come back at watch ( some of you even continue to purchase her music) Why are you all perched on the edge of your seats waiting? I cannot, the irony is overbearing, Anyway this was cute.

  18. Stephon Maurice Jackson October 6, 2014

    Beyonce is killing it. Nicki was killing it (with her prosthetic booty).

    Also, I agree LovelyBird, Beyonce is no longer in her absolute prime. She definitely is not SASHA FEIRCE anymore (2006 – 2011)… But, she still SLAYS. I wonder, how Beyonce will be in her 40s… *Sips Tea*

    PS… Why, are you listening to Celine Dion boy?

    • Sass October 6, 2014

      She will still be stomping around the stage like Tina and Patti. And Rihanna never had a prime, on stage, she should be at it now because of her age so he’s got some damn nerve as usual.

      • Stephon Maurice Jackson October 6, 2014

        I doubt she will be killing it like Tina & Patti. But, I definitely see her slaying in her older years. Cause, she is a RAW talent. But, she needs to add more classic music to her catalog. Enough, with the “I woke up like diz” ghetto hood anthems.

        Also, no comment on Rihanna… *Sips Tea*

      • Sass October 6, 2014

        She will be able to sell in her older years because she is a respected talent. And you can’t judge what’s really classic and what’s not until her era in music well and truly passed.

      • Sass October 6, 2014

        Sell shows*

      • Stephon Maurice Jackson October 6, 2014

        Well, hopefully she starts making RESPECTABLE music. Cause, hood anthems are not the tea.

      • Sass October 6, 2014

        Well clearly she has in the eyes of the industry. Her latest album has universal acclaim.

      • Stephon Maurice Jackson October 6, 2014

        You really see her performing “I woke up like dis” & “Drunk In Love” at the age of 50?? Lmao! Also, Beyonce is known for having the industry kissing her ass CLEAN!

      • Sass October 6, 2014

        No I see her performing Love on Top, Resentment, Crazy In Love, Dangerously In Love, Listen, Irreplaceable, Halo, Single Ladies amongst others. Stop making out her discography is full of ‘ghetto’ when it makes up about 5% of her ENTIRE discography. The REACH. And if the industry kissed her ass so bad, she would’ve had universal acclaim before now. Please sit with that b*******, the industry drags her down just as much as praise her when they want.

    • LB October 6, 2014

      Because I have the album in my library and I thought, why the hell not.

      • Stephon Maurice Jackson October 6, 2014

        Well, that album pales in comparison to her Falling Into You album. But, still overall she does NOTHING for me. I usually, have to force myself into listening to her. My body & soul NEVER automatically wants to listen to her….

    • IJS October 6, 2014

      Nicki’s Prosthetic b*** and chicken legs lmbo

  19. 1000 forms of Cake like Lady GaGa October 6, 2014

    But Riherpes is currently the reigning champion. She performed to empty seats because you and the rest of the Navi don’t support ur fave. On the night of the concert the other navi faggss were busy sucking d*** and u were busy trolling TGJ because no one wants to give ur fem a** some d***. #poorDat

  20. LB October 6, 2014

    Well considering those 888K ratings, I thought you would be happy there are still people out there watching your fav. You should be happy for small mercies ey?

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) October 6, 2014

      Again dat 888k read is getting tired as f***…….Go worry about RIHJECTION not being f***** by every tom d*** and harry in hollywood before she ends up being a lonely voiceless star with tonnes of S.T.D as companion….lol

  21. LB October 6, 2014

    Screaming at the delusion from the Gags fan. I’m done talking to people who haven’t hit platinum yet.

    Tell your fav to get on my fav’s level first before you come for me.

  22. Valerie October 6, 2014

    Well I didn’t think it would be this. Beyonce would have been fine on this performance by herself. But the whole Nicki and and Bey thing is cute I guess Bey still killed it when I saw her live at her SOLD OUT show.

  23. Belladonna1363 October 6, 2014

    Im mad i never got the chance to watch the HBO special I moved the week be4 & didn’t get cable put in in time to see it. but all I half to say is GOT DAMN GOT DAMN GOT DAMN! Lol I actually got chills from the look on whensaid (theses Thouts can’t clock me now n days) and when Nicki said ( We paid sisters) lol #LoveQueenBey4Life

    • llawrence October 6, 2014

      IT’S still on HBO check your listing they are still playing it.

      • FAF October 6, 2014

        you aren’t the only one, dear

      • Belladonna1363 October 7, 2014

        Ok thanks.

  24. CATFISH KNOWLES October 6, 2014


    • Valerie October 6, 2014

      Sit down. There’s 17 videos on the album already. Why are you concerned you ain’t a fan.

      • Xavier Peoples October 6, 2014

        That’s a very good point! I was just disappointed when I saw it because I was expecting a “real” video.

    • LB October 6, 2014

      I bet she is hoping those YouTube Views will make up for those 888K HBO ratings.

      • Valerie October 6, 2014

        Shut up. Really. Your attempts are becoming weaker and weaker than Rihanna’s p**** walls.

      • LB October 6, 2014

        Rihanna’s p**** walls draw more interest than Beyonce’s shows on HBO

      • Valerie October 6, 2014

        She’s been smashed by more than 888k? Damn. I knew she was the #IndustryPusssy but I didn’t think it was that bad.

      • LB October 6, 2014

        But of course you would say that, especially considering that gossip is free and HBO isn’t.

      • Valerie October 6, 2014

        I was just asking what you implied though.

  25. 1000 forms of Cake like Lady GaGa October 6, 2014

    But you still haven’t answered my question, why didn’t u support your fave when she was in Johannesburg? Paving the way for Brandy?

  26. LB October 6, 2014

    Considering ArtRave’s horrible numbers, Gags next gigs will be in elevators, Diners and old people’s homes all over New York State seeing that she is making elevator music now

  27. 1000 forms of Cake like Lady GaGa October 6, 2014

    SCREEEAAAMMIINNGGGG at it taking Reherpes 7 years after as many albums to get a #1 album that didn’t even stay perched at #1 because the navi isn’t here for their fave.

  28. Slay_Hive October 6, 2014

    I hate that they didn’t record a new video. Would have been more interesting. I like the clip from the tour but Nicki Minaj seem nervous and bored.

  29. LB October 6, 2014

    And how long did it take GAGS to FLIP and FLOP harder than an anchor dropping into the water?

  30. 1000 forms of Cake like Lady GaGa October 6, 2014

    NOT at it evading my question like it evaded when Reherpes was in its backyard in Soweto. Why didn’t u support ur fave???

    • CATFISH KNOWLES October 6, 2014


  31. Dirty Laundry October 6, 2014

    Death @ these two keyboard warriors going back and forth. *Grabs popcorn*

  32. LB October 6, 2014

    But why did Gaga evade the charts? She tried for all dear life to drop out of the charts than Beyonce tried for dear life to Get pretty hurts on the Hot 100

    • Beysus October 6, 2014

      No Bey didn’t. Get yo facts right…

    • Charlieyonce October 6, 2014

      Take a cathedral of sits boo, Pretty Hurts was never promoted, if it was rest assured we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Next!

  33. Suicide Blonde October 6, 2014

    I would love to see Beyoncé and J.Lo perform together, that would be explosive, two beautiful bodies together, Black vs Latina.

    • Dirty Laundry October 6, 2014

      Why does it have to verses. It’s not a competition.

      • Suicide Blonde October 6, 2014

        I wasn’t trying to put one against the other.

    • Stephon Maurice Jackson October 6, 2014

      Beyonce >>> J Ho. Also, do you listen to Celine Dion Paul??

      • Suicide Blonde October 6, 2014

        In my opinion, J.Lo >>>>>> Beyoncé, i wasn’t even throwing shade to Ms Carter, but just letting you know, as for your question?, i’m not a fan but yes i do respect and like some of her music, her french albums are very underrated.

      • Stephon Maurice Jackson October 6, 2014

        What grade would you give Mariah’s entire catalog???

      • Suicide Blonde October 6, 2014

        8 out 10.

      • Stephon Maurice Jackson October 6, 2014

        Oooo, yas you made my pusssy wet! You betta stan for Miss Carey. AnTEAways… What grade would you give Madonnas & Beyonce’s catalog???

    • TRUTH SERUM October 6, 2014

      You are so lame. Lmao.

  34. Dirty Laundry October 6, 2014

    I just watched. Nicki looked nervous next to Beyonce. It was very evident.

  35. Slay_Hive October 6, 2014

    When will a Beyonce post be without all the typical hating wasps? Beyonce is a million times better than any of her peers. Her voice, Her stage prescence, her coin, and her overall brand. The #1 chick in the game ( in my Jay-Z voice)

    Every last single from Beyonce could flop and STILL be the most popular female artist of this generation. Even without selling out and try to cater to pre-teen white kids and little nasty fast girls.(Like Rihject). Beyonce is not interested in making the next generic hit. She makes ALBUMS and out-gross these girls with TOURING!

    Watch Rihanna come with the same bull. She will flop next. especially since albums aren’t selling like they used to. Can’t to clown her sales and live performing. The navy is setting themselves up for an EPIC dragging, come R8.

    • Charlieyonce October 6, 2014

      Preach honey, and let us not forget that if Beyonce really wants to get a number 1, nothing is really stopping her. Just a lil promotion does the trick, so would y’all please STAHP comparing her to your basic ass faves? thanks 🙂 xoxo

  36. 1000 forms of Cake like Lady GaGa October 6, 2014

    Why did u evade Didn’t make enough coinage from the corner of the street where u work? No one wanted to give ur fem a** some d***? #poorDat

  37. The Truth Smeritus October 6, 2014

    A new low for Beyonce. I guess she knew the song was trash.
    Didn’t even invest in a real video smh.

    • Charlieyonce October 6, 2014

      As far as I know Beyonce can go low if or when she f****** wants, if she collaborates with your fave she went below her standard because she runs this motha! So yeah, I f****** said it 🙂 xx

  38. Slay_Hive October 6, 2014

    How did Beyonce try for life to get pretty hurts on the Hot 100?, when she hasn’t even promoted the song.

    When will the navy stop worrying about singles and encourage their fave to make a 85 metacritic scoring album.

    Btw When you have songs like “All about that Bass” in the top ten. A hit for today’s standard is very low. I’m sure Bey is unbothered without trying too hard, and not having to milk albums every single year. kii

  39. SURPRISE……(DEC.13) October 6, 2014


  40. 1000 forms of Cake like Lady GaGa October 6, 2014

    ^ the essays chile -___- littered with all sorts of grammar errors.. U don’t need to even look at the username, u just KNOW its a H.IV+ f**** that posted the mess.

    • Slay_Hive October 6, 2014

      Why are you constantly throwing around the word H.IV and f**, when you use “f**” terminology in your comments “gurl” “perched” “sis”. You’re a f** your damn self.

      B**** have several. You are pressing nobody but yourself. Worry about GAGS and her poor album sales.

      • Sass October 6, 2014

        Okay! I was thinking the exact same thing. Either he is a self hating gay, or an undeducated homophobe. You cant insult the gays and then try and talk their lingo at the same time.

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) October 6, 2014

      U should spend less time worrying about my grammatical errors, and worry about caca’s desperation for relevancy dat she had to get down on her knees and suck old saggy balls, for B*** CHEEK TO B*** CHEEK TO debut at no 1 with lesser numbers than Barbra f****** Streisand……Ur fave is done and dat FAREWELL TOUR she’s on right now needs to wrap, or hasn’t it wrapped already???, i mean people don’t even know she is on tour…But Damn did she fall off quickly..( Only after 5 yrs)…POOR FADGA, DAT’S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN U RELY ON STUPID GIMMICKS AND NOT THE ACTUAL TALENT U POSSESS..(DAT’S IF D B**** HAD ANY THO)

  41. JESUS H CHRIST October 6, 2014

    Where’s Kims verse??

    • LMAO October 6, 2014

      TwitMusic or somewhere else irrelevant as it should be

  42. NICKI IS QUEEN October 6, 2014

    The queen of rap slaying with queen bey

  43. cocobutta October 6, 2014

    The only thing I really don’t like about Bey surprise albums launch is that she followed up with not solid interviews and singles promo.

    Basically dumped it out there and did tours.

    The promo blueprint needs to be waaaaaaaaaay big next album because the buzz on the project died in a way of me wanting more from her promo/appearance wise off the stage.

    • Sass October 6, 2014

      I agree. But that was deliberate on her part which I understand becauss she would have contradicted her method of release.

  44. Mark111 October 6, 2014

    Maybe this will help it chart higher than #80 on the Hot 100. Some queens. “But it’s not a single and not for sale. It’s only on radio.” B-Pest
    OH, your queen can’t top the charts with air play alone? I mean, my girl Aaliyah did it without a problem. Hahaha

    • Sass October 6, 2014

      How many #1s has Aaliyah had?

      • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) October 6, 2014


      • Sass October 6, 2014

        I’m serious. He said It’s not a problem, well I’m expecting some Mariah type slayage on the Hot 100 (especially since that was in the 90s as well!)

      • Slay_Hive October 6, 2014

        @sass oKAY! You’d think Aaliyah was a WW super pop star before she died, the way he puts her up against Beyonce. With 1 #1 hit. FOH lmaooo

    • Beysus October 6, 2014

      UM…. Crazy In Love did you twat…

    • NOLIES October 6, 2014

      Not a fan of R. Kelly’s ex wide shading… so funny how you so much to say when you the most basic artists in music. Go sit on a d*** f*****! People are so over you.

      • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) October 6, 2014

        Girl go have a f****** seat h**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Brian310 October 6, 2014

        Basic?…She had more originality in her short 7 years than Bey has had in her 17 year career.

      • Sass October 7, 2014

        Please. she was nothing but a hip hop version of Janet.
        And 7 years is not short, 1 #1 in 7 years? Death.

    • Valerie October 6, 2014

      Absolute death and so ironic coming from the ‘icon’ who only managed to top the chart once. You should’ve stuck with Rihanna on that one.

      • Brian310 October 6, 2014

        And then passed away, let’s not act like she is still here flopping away like her peers.

      • Sass October 7, 2014

        Stop using her death as an excuse! She has SEVEN damn years under her belt.

  45. kingbeybitch October 6, 2014

    Monsters were then came Artpop the day Rihanna flops the dragging will be EPIC and trust me it happens to everybody so both the Navy and Rihanna will have to sit their cocky asses down. I will not be sorry when Rihanna flops because she herself is cocky AF and believes she will forever be on top so does her Navy and just like the Monsters did with Gaga. JUST SIT BACK AND WAIT✌

  46. kingbeybitch October 6, 2014

    Monsters were cocky then came Artpop the day Rihanna flops the dragging will be EPIC and trust me it happens to everybody so both the Navy and Rihanna will have to sit their cocky asses down. I will not be sorry when Rihanna flops because she herself is cocky AF and believes she will forever be on top so does her Navy and just like the Monsters did with Gaga. JUST SIT BACK AND WAIT✌

  47. Valerie October 6, 2014

    @King Bey B**** She’s already flopped. 3 times. (MOTS, AGLM, Rated R). No one takes them seriously. Gaga and Beyonce have 1 flop out of their whole careers and they’re reaching for Jesus (even though it’s a bit soon for Gaga and she flopped REAL hard).

    • kingbeybitch October 6, 2014

      Lol its coming girl I can especially see it coming for Rihanna because both her and her Navy thinks she’s invincible they think she will never flop. The day she has a Artpop kinda flop they will go into hiding the Monsters were just as cocky as the Navy an look what happen lol I’m patiently waiting for that day so they can sit the f*** down the dragging will be EPIC

  48. Mark111 October 6, 2014

    Read about this (because even I won’t watch it. No charting off of my views, lol) reminds me that only 888k tuned in to see this HBO flop and holds a record of the lowest rating HBO concertsshowing. Lol, maybe they should’ve aired it on BET. #oops

    • Slay_Hive October 6, 2014

      but I thought you said you are a fan of Beyonce’s?? Now your broke ass don’t wanna click and watch the video, because you dont want her charting off your irrelevant views. You contradict yourself too much honey.

      I see the Hive really has a lot of you people pressed. LMAO

      • Mark111 October 6, 2014

        Why are you worried about me not viewing a whack remix when the Pest won’t even spend 99 cents on any of her singles? Nor picked up a remote to turn the channel on HBO? I don’t like the remix, I’m not a stan, I don’t think whenever Bey farts, it’s a hit. #Sit

      • Sass October 7, 2014

        The ‘pests’ spend many dollars on her tickets and albums hence why they’ve surpasses your favs stats. Worry about why your fave has to wait for the cheap holiday sales to get her fans to buy her music, even then she still freefalls down like a sack of poatatoes.

  49. Mark111 October 6, 2014

    I love how the Pest think they can predict the future. Can y’all predict her a chart topping single? Hahahahaha

  50. Sass October 6, 2014

    @Mark111 Is it true Aaliyahs only topped the chart once?

    • Stephon Maurice Jackson October 6, 2014

      Aaliyah was a cute lil R&B act. She dominated her world. The R&B world. She was NEVER that big in mainstream (white) America. Her music deserved to go number 1 tho.

      • Sass October 6, 2014

        I agree. She was a cute lil R&B act, thats it. Even that her stats couldn’t beat Brandy. She was never big outside of that. The only people in denial are her stans like Mark111 who say Beyonce was her inferior when DC already crossed over while she was alive LOL.

      • Brian310 October 6, 2014

        Just like DC crossed over on their 3rd album aaliyah was primed to crossover on her 3rd album. The songs that had rock elements would have been chart toppers.

      • Brian310 October 6, 2014

        And her stats are right their with Brandy mind you she died 13 years ago while Brandy has been blessed to be alive, also Brandy had television and mainstream buyers on her side and still only manged to barely outsell her what do you think was gonna happen that Aaliyah was finally crossing over?

      • Sass October 7, 2014

        @Brian Save the excuses.

  51. Barb B**** October 6, 2014

    Damn I wanted this to be a new visual so bad! Love these two women. I was so proud of Nicki getting her shot with Queen Bey. When will Kim ever?

  52. mingxxx October 6, 2014


    WHEN she was to play in the Matrix with Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburn…



    • Lydia October 6, 2014

      White people didn’t care about her in those films either.

      • Brian310 October 6, 2014

        Clearly they did because she was picked for he part.

  53. Lydia October 6, 2014

    I woke up like dis!

  54. Skyfall October 6, 2014

    Cute, this was a good performance, even though it is dubbed for the gods.

  55. FutureCIARA October 6, 2014

    SNooze FEST! ZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzZZZzzz

  56. Slay_Hive October 6, 2014

    a snooze fest would be Ciara and her three flop albums. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  57. fatusankoh October 6, 2014

    I love the video bey and Nicky are flawless haters are the only having problem with the beautiful video

  58. Mark111 October 6, 2014

    My comment just shows how dumb the Pest really are. SMH, they must be 14.

    • Sass October 7, 2014

      Still cant answer my question?

  59. YASSS October 7, 2014

    Queen of Rap slaying with Queen Bey!!!

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