Azealia Banks Battles Backlash After Week Long Rant Against “Gay Media”


‘ATM Jam’ rapstress Azealia Banks cashes in yet again on the free publicity of angered social media users with her most recent Twitter tirade.

This time aimed at people who have slammed her past homophobic remarks, Banks’ latest comments follow a week long attack on “gay media” and supporters who have hurled insults her way for her reckless use of gay slurs.

Following the “white-face” controversy incited by the photo seen above, tuck in below to see what fury the femcee is igniting now to have Twitter all abuzz:

White Face Controversy (from bottom to top):

Screen shot 2015-02-05 at 2.36.50 PM
Screen shot 2015-02-05 at 2.37.06 PM

Attack on “gay media” (from top to bottom):

Screen shot 2015-02-05 at 2.39.09 PM
Screen shot 2015-02-05 at 2.39.46 PM
Screen shot 2015-02-05 at 2.40.57 PM


Screen shot 2015-02-05 at 2.40.30 PM



All leading to today’s post:

Screen shot 2015-02-05 at 2.41.22 PM

Your thoughts?

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  1. Shaygan February 5, 2015

    White Gays are the 1st to casually use the word B***, N***, and T***** but then write Fox complaining because the word F*** was used on Empire. The White Gay community is the most racist anti Black culture stealing hypocrites in exsistance.

    • James February 5, 2015

      F*** off you shitbag.

    • Tyler February 5, 2015

      That’s the white community PERIOD. Its been promoting a racist anti-black culture since the Antebellum Era.

    • Marketing 101 February 5, 2015

      Generalization after generalization after generalization. No facts here, just assumptions. This is what perpetuates ignorance.

      • Anon February 5, 2015

        Not really. The white gay community took the “Black Beast” fantasy from straight society and ran with it. The slave masters saw their slaves as animals and were scared that the “savage beasts” they enslaved to make money from were going to have their wicked way with their wives which is where that whole BBC fetish comes from.
        Instead of doing away with it, the WGC continue to support and endorse this unhealthy image through p***.

        “BBC dominates sissy white guy.”
        “White guy gets ploughed by dominant thug.”

        It’s all done to make the black men seem like less of a human being and spread the idea that big, black men are only useful in the bedroom even though thousands of black scholars, writers and inventors have proved this is not true.

  2. The Beysus Impact February 5, 2015

    QUEEN! Ice Princess and Wallace are gonna be EPIC!!! And thank f*** Perez has left CBB…

  3. Al February 5, 2015

    Does anyone give a f** about this wannabe? She ain’t produced a hit, her album prob ain’t passed 50K WW she needs to be put down.she needs to take her big thod and go shine some shoes with it.

  4. I Stan For Myself February 5, 2015

    This girl is so annoying. Always ranting about something.

  5. Fergalicious February 5, 2015

    First things first.
    There is no such thing as “white face.” “Black face” is a thing and it was created by white racists to mock and make fun of the impoverished African Americans they enslaved, r**** and tortured. The “blackening” of the face and the reddening of the lips was to make fun of their African features to push the idea that black beauty was ugly.
    We’re still dealing with the aftermath of this today.

    Secondly, the gay community has been an oppressed people for years BUT it seems to me that they pick and choose who they have beef with according to what they can get from that person.

    Whether you want to admit it or not there a lot of gay men who play into dangerous gender roles and take on the role of bitchy mean girls and bully real girls knowing they’ll never be called out on it.

    A lot of the bullying comes from the fact that some gay men are bitter that the men that they want aren’t interested in them and that they have to completely lower their morals to get the men straight girls can get without even trying.

    I think gay men have internalised so much of the LIES hetero society has told about them and led so many of them to think being bitchy, slutty, catty and man hungry is an authentic part of gay life when it’s not.

    • @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015

      Why I don’t date guys that frequent the gay clubs.

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 5, 2015

        Why I don’t date guys that frequent the gay clubs.
        ➡ U just don’t date, At ALL! loose bottom 🙂 🙂 nice try tho… I do love your persistence! 🙂 give them a call
        Broadmoor Hospital
        RG45 7EG

        01344 77 3111 (main reception)

      • @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015

        I was never a bottom. Keep calm and go wash

      • Fergalicious February 5, 2015

        And this is what I mean. Why has he got to be a “loose bottom.”Why does him being a bottom make him any less of a respectable person as you are. Don’t you see that you’re playing into the gender roles that are used to hurt YOU.

  6. @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015

    I take it she’s talking about the swine perez?
    Banks better check the pig

    • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT February 5, 2015

      I take it she’s talking about the swine perez?
      Banks better check the pig ➡ LOL! somebody sounds madt!!!! Do you require medical assistance? Matty please check in with the kind people at Broadmoor hospital! They have worked wonders for ME 🙂

      • @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015

        What are you talking about

  7. Fergalicious February 5, 2015

    And another thing. Why is it that the gay community is so quick to worship and fantasise about the straight men that make their lives a living hell everyday? I’m not saying Azealia is right but I doubt many of the gay guys who read this site would turn a “straight” man down even IF he called them the f word.

  8. Belinda February 5, 2015

    Azealia should stop saying that word but what she said is kinda true. The gay media is very hypocritical and will tear down ANYONE who doesn’t see things from their point of view but will then turn around and talk about freedom of expression.

    • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

      So bigots should be supported? It is not hypocritical to be intolerant of intolerance. You Black people are very hypocritical when it comes to recognizing the fight to gain equality now that you have yours.

  9. Queen Madonna February 5, 2015

    What a ignorant hood-rat degenerate, this negro is. Yuck. A disgrace to her family & race.

  10. Azealia Bankable February 5, 2015

    How about we stop using words that offend people. That goes for Azealia too.

  11. Mr Man February 5, 2015

    I’m going to spit some truth today.
    I’m a black guy who identifies as straight but have had some “experiences.” I think I’m fairly attractive and has always gotten attention from males and females but here is where I get angry with men (especially black ones) who don’t carry themselves with class.
    When I’m out with my friends most people assume I’m straight and guys (especially white older ones) stare. When I’m in the gym I catch them looking at my d*** and my ass but when they see me on the street they put their heads down and act as though I’m gonna steal their wallets.
    Here’s my point. Many older white men in the gay media have a keen interest in presenting black men as big, beastly sexual figures because that is their fantasy. They want to be topped by a bald headed mandigo because there is something taboo and primal about it.

    My problem is that this is the SAME white media that stands by and says nothing when the SAME MEN they’re lusting over on G***** are marginalized by society, stereotyped and judged by a society that fantasizes about their penises behind closed doors.

    Azealia is wrong to use the F word but I’d be willing to bet they wouldn’t have a problem with it if she was a six foot tall dude they thought they could bed.

    • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

      Humblebrag much?

      • Mr Man February 5, 2015

        My experiences are my experiences.

  12. @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015

    Banks’ antics may be approached in the wrong way but she always makes a good point.
    It’s unfortunate that 90% of gays will windowshop through your love life If their mangyna has an itch

  13. Mr Man February 5, 2015

    Basically I’m saying don’t let someone who treats you like a second class citizen get your first class s**.

  14. HELL NO February 5, 2015

    As a gay boy, I do agree with some of the stuff she says, that’s why I only use “b****” if “bad” is in front of it or if I’m being playful with my friends. I think women are beautiful and I have been influenced by more females in my life than males. However, despite feeling Azealia is very talented, I am getting annoyed with how she behaves on social media. I wish I could believe she is really trying to raise awareness to these social issues, but I don’t. Due to the fact that I feel she just says this stuff to be controversial and also because she’s the first person to attack someone that doesn’t share her opinion or understand her music.

  15. Mista Cee February 5, 2015

    There’s a reason why this poor girl will never be successful, despite her talents. She’s ignorant, has no class or social etiquette. The only way she stays relevant is through controversy.

  16. MDNALuv February 5, 2015

    1. She makes good music.
    2. i hate her foul mouth.
    3. She isn’t lying this time.

    • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

      1. Her music is trash (like her).
      2. So does everyone that matters.
      3. She’s generalizing and being a complete hypocrite.

  17. Bey Sting February 5, 2015

    They’ve been awfully quiet about Eminem after all these years haven’t they?

  18. Bey Sting February 5, 2015

    But on some real s***, gay culture can be mean and catty. I’ve seen gay guys bash each other for being too camp and then suck the d*** of the first hyper masculine d***** bag that comes their way.

  19. TheElusiveLamb February 5, 2015

    Her tweets are eh, but that essay is on point.

  20. Tyler February 5, 2015

    She’s right!

  21. Its Cheryl 2bh February 5, 2015

    Let me tell you something about old white gay men. One time I watched a news piece on a 50 something year old man who went to a place where gay s** is illegal. He got into a relationship with a young guy from that country and they were both jailed. The white men was freed because the British government put pressure on the country to let him go. Do you think he fought for the guy he used to get out of jail? Hell no! He didn’t care.

    • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

      What are you 5? Of course they didn’t and couldn’t fight for him. He WASN’T a citizen of their country. Some of you people are immune to common sense.

      • @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015


  22. Iggy Iggy Iggy! February 5, 2015

    That’s nice and all but Kim is the one struggling to make ends meet today. Maybe Taraji should encourage Kim to be more business minded instead of acting as though Nicki isn’t a better lyricist and a smarter business woman.

  23. Suicide Blonde February 5, 2015

    Everything WHITE, ‘white media’, ‘the gay white media’ is evil to black people, blacks are saint, right?

    • @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015

      I just want people to stop playing a victim for no valid reason.

    • Lindsay February 5, 2015

      Look dear, I know this makes you uncomfortable but white people do have to acknowledge that white society has committed so many atrocities against ethnic minorities in the same of white superiority.
      Nobody said blacks are saints but they are victims of racism and are still living with the psychological trauma of being dehumanised in the way they were.

      • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

        No they don’t. You know why? Because THIS current generation of White people don’t owe anyone any apologies for things THEY haven’t done.

      • Lindsay February 5, 2015

        You’re right about that, but black people are still suffering from what happened to them in the past.
        We’ve been conditioned to think of the laziest, most violent and dangerous black people when we talk about black suffering because it makes it easier for us to detach ourselves emotionally which is why so many people get angry when conversations like these happen.

        You see how mad you got when you felt like I was blaming you for somebody else’s actions? Well that’s what happens to black people everyday. They’re told that their experiences are invalid because some other black person (who they may or may not know) did something to prove that they deserve what they get.

    • Tyler February 5, 2015

      No, but WHITE PEOPLE are the ones who’ve consistently had racist agendas behind a lot of the things that they do. Like slavery, the black codes, Jim Crow, the Apartheid, and a lot of other ordinances put into place to prevent PEOPLE OF COLOR from gaining equal social and economic footing in society.

      • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

        Tell me again how this is relevant to the current generation of White people? What I will tell you is that there is a massive wave of reverse racism gaining momentum among some in the Black community who are keen to make generalizations (like Banks).

        You forget all the White people that were also killed for fighting along with Black people to help them gain their rights.

  24. OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

    Typical generalization filled rant by the trashy, classless hypocrite Queen. This ugly m***** needs to spend a few days in the Middle East or Russia to see what it’s like to really be treated unfairly for being Black or a woman.

    As for the idiots on here defending White face, NONE of the current generation of Blacks have suffered what your ancestors suffered. Mocking White people with Whiteface is no different than someone using Blackface TODAY.

    Lastly, it is hilarious that some Black people accuse gays of using the victim card to “get away” with awful behavior. Aren’t Black people the first to use “slavery, segregation, and systematic abuse, the media, the white devil” as your go-to excuses for anything an innocent linebacker sized Black child does after he gets into trouble? It seems that double standards are also the greatest weapon for the typical Black citizen these days.

    • @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015

      Cool, many have tried to say exactly what you have said, you can see by the comments, but didn’t because of the backlash.

    • Lindsay February 5, 2015

      Oh dear! Looks like somebody is mad.
      All of the things you mentioned aren’t fictional, they are real and have had a LASTING effect. Of course it’s easy to say “she should go to the middle east and see what it’s like to be black there” because that lets you pass the racism card onto somebody else.
      Truth is, law abiding black people are treated like criminals EVERY DAY because people like you are unwilling to accept that white people of yesteryear did cruel things to them.

      It makes you nervous and uneasy because you can’t shift the blame because the people who did those things walk and talk just like you.

      • Tyler February 5, 2015


      • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

        Lasting effects that Asians don’t seem to suffer from. The only group of people that refuse to let go of the past and blame ALL White people are African Americans.
        There’s no blame to shift. What White people did 400 years ago is what the world was doing and deemed acceptable. You cannot blame the White people of TODAY like they share the same mentality their ancestors did. Society has progressed. African American communities need to focus on succeeding (like Asians) rather than where they can continue to find racism.

      • Josie February 6, 2015

        Can you give an example of how you were treated like a criminal the day before yesterday?

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez February 5, 2015

      Ugly m*****?

      • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

        It’s meant to signify the circus monkeys that are used for their attention grabbing antics.

  25. @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015

    Gonna put this out there, asians of all denominations also faced racial scrutiny during the old days.
    Sure the old people bicker among themselves but we don’t cling to it. We moved on. Well most

    • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

      Exactly! Asian people were forced to build the railways around the United States when they first immigrated here. They were, unfairly, put into concentration camps during World War II. And yet do we ever hear them complain about their past treatment? Asians have moved on, African Americans need to as well.

      • Tyler February 5, 2015

        For 400 years Black people were dehumanized, and after they were free they we’re still treated as if they were 2nd class citizens. It takes time for things like that to truly be forgotten and RELEARNED. All of the damage done in 400 yrs isn’t just going to vanish in SIXTY.

      • Alexis February 5, 2015

        Building a railway in a country you CHOSE to move to isn’t the same as being captured, sold, enslaved and tortured in a country you were forced to work in. Let’s just be clear on that.
        Secondly, it’s easy to tell someone to “move on” from something you haven’t been through. The majority of black people have moved on but still live with the consequences of slavery people like yourself get to ignore.

      • @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015

        Wait, YOU were a slave?

      • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

        Gay people have been persecuted for 2000 years (since Christianity started its takeover). We’ve been jailed, hung, burned alive, r****, tortured, brutalized in uncountable ways and yet we still don’t have equal rights. Hell, we’re still being murdered all over the world. Yet, I don’t feel the need to constantly shame straight people for what they haven’t done.

      • Tyler February 5, 2015

        No I wasn’t a slave but my great great grandmother was, my grandmother couldn’t vote until she was 40, and my mother didn’t have her civil rights until she was 6. Police brutality, disproportionate incarceration rates, and unequal education, job opportunities, and justice under the law are all REMNANTS of slavery though.

  26. LB February 5, 2015

    Gay men are the most mysogenistic human beings on this planet anyway. I’ve never met a group of people that hate women and get a pass for it as do gay men. And their pass time is either talking down on women in the pretense of keeping it cute or pitting them against each other. I can totally see Azealia’s point on this one.

    • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

      So many generalizations.

  27. Tyler February 5, 2015

    “As for the idiots on here defending White face, NONE of the current generation of Blacks have suffered what your ancestors suffered.”???

    While slavery is long over its effects still remain. So you can miss me with that b*******. Whether institutional, structural, or ingrained RACISM AND INEQUALITY still persist. If racism is no longer an issue then why were so many people upset when President Obama was elected? Why do anti-immigrant sentiments frustrate so many white people? Why does genocide, police brutality, unfair employment practices, unequal education, and inequities in the judicial process still exist?

    • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

      I never said racism was gone, read again. I said your generation has not suffered what your ancestors suffered which, unless you’re a gay in the Middle East or Nigeria/Uganda, is a fact.
      Immigration is a problem because many immigrants refuse to assimilate to their new country and instead force their culture into ours.
      Your last sentiment can be applied to all people not just African Americans. Police brutality is a problem that needs dealing with. By calling it a race issue you undermine the greater problem that too many police officers are on a power trip and need to be checked into place.

      • @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015

        The police bit is pure logic

      • Tyler February 5, 2015

        BLACK YOUTH are killed at the hands of the police more than any other ethnic group. The numbers are disproportionately high compared to that of their white or Asian counter parts. This isn’t something that just started. So yes…it is a racial issue.

      • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

        Black youth are also killed at the hands of other Black youth in disproportionate numbers. Gang violence is a problem and gangs are far more common in urban neighborhoods. I will never deny the existence of racist cops, but they are the exception not the norm.

      • Tyler February 5, 2015

        B*******! Blacks kill blacks , latinos kill latinos, and whites kill whites. Don’t u DARE try to use “black on black” violence as some sort of blame shift or justification for those type of injustices.

  28. @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015

    I don’t hate the PRIDE Parades. Its just that I hate the attention seeking gays that claim they don’t wanna be a stereotype and that they want the world to treat them as “normal” people but they stand on floats and make a spectacle of themselves showing off “how different” and “special” they are cuz they’re gay. Annoys the f*** out of me. If you want to be normal go to pride and be normal instead of being a walking contradiction. ‪#‎RantOver‬

  29. Suicide Blonde February 5, 2015

    Black people are treated like Gods nowadays in comparison to gay people, especially white gays, are you all aware of what is happening in Russia, that is what i call being dehumanised, put CNN, watch some news, Atlanta is not the center of the world, if a white person offends you, kick them down there, don’t let anybody treat you like that, but don’t blame all of us.

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez February 5, 2015

      Where are they treated like gods? Where are you getting your fantasies from?

      • @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015


  30. Tyler February 5, 2015

    Oh, so 60 million Asian people were kidnapped by from their countries over a course of 375 years, brought to America, and forced to live the rest of their lives building railroads????

    • @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015

      Are you really gonna sit there and compare racial atrocities? Because I can talk about jewish people right from biblical times all the way to nazy germany

      • Tyler February 5, 2015

        You’re the one who initially made the comparison. So I should be the one asking YOU that question. Your ancestors actually had a CHOICE mine didn’t.

    • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

      Is it a competition now? Who’s race suffered more? Be glad that you weren’t born in either time period. Or that you weren’t born gay in the Middle East or in an Islamic/Christian African nation.

      • Oliver February 5, 2015

        You’re the one who made it a competition when you tried to downplay slavery by comparing it the treatment of Asians.
        I’m Korean and can accept that black people have suffered more at the hands of Europeans than we have.
        And when it comes to “leaving it in the past” please stop. I don’t have to be Vietnamese to know that people in Vietman are still suffering from the affects of the Vietman war even though it happened over 40 YEARS AGO.

      • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

        I didn’t downplay anything. I said that a group of people, who suffered tremendously, have managed to move on. Asians are statistically successful because they’re very focused on themselves.
        My point is that African Americans need to move on from the suffering of their ancestors as well and focus on their own success. Stop looking for racism that may or may not be there, focus on the bigger picture and succeed.

      • @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015

        I’m korean too hun. I wasn’t downplaying anything. Iwas just saying that an atrocity is an atrocity no matter what ethnic group it is.
        Also, I just made an example that it isn’t only black people that suffered. There other ethnic groups that also experienced atrocities.
        But hi. I though I was alone here.
        만나서 반가워요.

  31. LB February 5, 2015

    I agree, that’s why I only hang out with gay guys that are either discrete or in the closet. Gay men are generally people with nasty attitudes, especially to women.

    • Danity Slain February 5, 2015

      The same ones that’ll deny knowing you if you said hi to them in public?

    • @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015

      be happy with who you are but many a people that go to pride and put on a spectacle are the same ones that make facebook status’ saying: “why can’t people treat me like a normal person, i’m the same as everyone else? I’m not a stereotype! ”

      Cough cough b****, walking up to me in underware and butterfly wings and sticking your tongue in my mouth when I don’t know you from a grain of sand isn’t normal

  32. Danity Slain February 5, 2015

    The comments in this thread prove that the history books have failed us. People are actually comparing building train tracks to the mass dehumanisation of an entire race of people.
    White people aren’t the problem, RACISTS and ignorant people like the people in this thread are. You want to disregard the black experience so much because you have been taught than an experience isn’t real unless it’s happened to you.
    Are you forgetting that the civil rights movement was only 50 years ago? Do you think you can erase 400 years of torture with one or two “liberated” generations? No. This does NOT mean we give a pass to black criminals but it does mean we need to explore why there is so much anger and hatred amongst a people who have been told to keep quiet when atrocities are being carried out against them.

    And if you don’t think white privilege is real ask yourself why flesh bands only come in white.

    • @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015

      Your history books must be failing YOU then because as far as I know. An atrocity is still an atrocity. The world is far bigger than American history.
      There was the rowanda genocide
      the injustice on the Jews from biblical times right to the 2nd world war
      The palistines Vs Jews
      CHINA vs Korea
      Japan Vs China
      The american Indians that were almost whiped out
      Indians being sold as slaves to work as cheffs ect

      • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

        What the Japanese did to the Chinese pretty much eclipses anything but the Holocaust in terms of modern atrocities.

    • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

      And you come in saying that the suffering of one group of people is of more importance than another. What atrocities are being committed against Black people if I may ask? Are there individual racists? Yes; however, racism isn’t the norm. Society isn’t putting down or denying Black people their rights. Unlike with some minorities…

      • Danity Slain February 5, 2015

        If you don’t know I’ll be happy to tell you. The black people you see today weren’t born in a vacuum, they were raised by people who were raised by people who were former slaves.
        It may be hard for you to understand, but African Americans as recent as my grandmother’s age were raising children they knew could be killed at any given moment because of the color of their skin. That fact alone changes the way you see yourself and the world you live in.

        Also, there’s something called institutionalised racism you should read up on. That’s when an entire system is designed to work against a demographic of people. Some food for thought. Most of the big corporations around today are run by the descendants of slave owners and are still trading with money made by slavery.

  33. Oliver February 5, 2015

    A gay person can walk into a room full of homophobes and leave untouched because he can hide his sexuality.
    Can an Asian man walk into a room full of racists and do the same.

    Think about that before you compare race to sexuality.

    • @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015


    • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

      So gay people should hide who they are? What if that same gay person wants to walk into that room with his/her partner? You also make the idiotic assumption that all Asians are light skinned. You do realize that there are extremely dark skinned Asians right? No, of course someone like you making false equivalencies doesn’t.
      Get educated before trying to make terrible arguments again.

    • Mark111 February 5, 2015

      I hate when people say that. Sure it’s all forms of oppression, but like you stated, one can hid their sexuallity, but you can’t hid your race or s**.

  34. Mark111 February 5, 2015

    1) I’m sick of her.
    2) Even tho she’s too much and have NO point at time. She also make great points every once in a while. Gays talk THE MOST SH!T on this planet next to racist, but they’ll play the victim card in a heartbeat when you call them what they are.
    Now, before some non comprehensive skill having troll get upset, I’m talking about the twitter bullying gays (Periz). Let’s use race for an example. I love Black people, we’re the strongest people on this planet when it comes to survival. But sat me next to some of these ATL rappers or a Chief Keath, I’ll be annoyed and will move. Do I think that they’re n******? No, but I wouldn’t make an argument against someone eles that think so. Same with woman, love them. But if one’s a b****, then she’s just that. Love the gays, but if one an annoying f**, well. Love White people, but if one is DeadBlonde, then yes, I’m going to call you what you are, a racist. So I see where she’s coming from. If they call her a B, then she can call them a F.

    • Suicide Blonde February 5, 2015

      I don’t know why do you think of me that way, i’m actually a nice guy, sure, i have a strong personality but i respect everybody.

      • TRUTH SERUM February 5, 2015

        **side eye**.. I guess racist can be nice guys too… Own it!

  35. Oliver February 5, 2015

    Also, gay people have the privilege of being related to the people they’re being persecuted by which is why the gay rights movement has done so well. That’s not to say gay men haven’t been disowned, but it’s pretty easy to get mainstream society on side when you look like the people you want to accept you.

    The world’s perception of gay has changed because more people are coming out which is great, but the truth is that society’s acceptance of gay men has nothing to do with equality but more to do with how easy it is for Billy to accept the gay guy in his gym because his own cousin came out the year before.

    • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

      And because Christianity has modernized itself somewhat. It’ll be much more difficult for religions immune to progression like Islam.

      • Navi Kiss Kiss February 5, 2015

        You talk about generalizations being bad but then say that Islam is “immune to progression” Why? Because it sticks to what it believes in? The Bible clearly forbids homosexuality and if you don’t agree with it that’s fine but at least Muslims are consistent with what they believe in.

      • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

        Being consistent in this case means not progressing. The Bible also promoted slavery, homicide, infanticide, r***, etc, but as society has progressed so too has the Christianity.

        Islam, however, is a religion tied not only to its people but to its government and as such is not likely to progress. Theocracies block any sort of social progression.

      • Josie February 6, 2015

        Did they update the Bible?

  36. Emmie February 5, 2015

    I am white and gay…and yes i say b**** alot…my straight friends often say homoo or gaaaaay or sometimes f****…so for all those white bitchassgays complaining now….stfu…people trying to come for this girl cause she says what a lot of us would wish to say out in public but dont have the balls… i am all 4 A.B

  37. Tyler February 5, 2015

    Why are you b****** acting like Slavery or The Civil Rights Era aren’t recent parts of history?
    My parents couldn’t legally go to integrated schools until they were SIX! And that was just on paper.

  38. Lana Del Bae February 5, 2015

    Comparing sexuality to race is a joke even if you think (like i do) that sexuality isn’t a choice.
    Like someone above me said, a black or asian person can’t go through life without being bashed for being black or asian by racists.
    I know MANY down low men who are just as gay as openly gay men who have NEVER faced a single piece of persecution for being gay because they can hide it.
    THAT is the privilege of being gay in a heteronormative world.

    • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

      Being forced to pretend to be something you’re not is a privilege now? Living a life in misery because you have to live either two lives or a fake one is a privilege? Let’s not forget that some gays aren’t fortunate to have the same levels of testosterone as others and can’t “hide” who they are as easily.

      I mean I just don’t even know what to say to a post of such ignorance.

  39. Lana Del Bae February 5, 2015

    OMG Logic’s name is DAMN ironic 2bh. Gay bashing is the same as ethnic bashing? I f****** think not. Do you think the tops most of us lust after go through the s*** we do everyday even though they’re just as gay as we are? No they don’t so thank you and come the f*** again with your flawed logic.

    • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

      Bashing is bashing. Sorry that I don’t put a scale on mine.

  40. FutureCIARA February 5, 2015

    Yall need to stop giving this queen life and relevancy! And I like her, but weak a** ppl always fall for her social media gimmicks and strategies to make headlines. This chick is thirsty for the shade and negative attention sh gets, She is addicted to it. And I feel like she wouldnt be able to handle huge success. She is too immature and really needs to chill with her antics

  41. @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015

    I must say, it’s pleasing to see some of the fellow TGJ peeps in here adding substance to a good debate in here.
    Nobody has gotten overly sensitive and this thread shows that not everyone on this blog is a basic uneducated troll.
    To everyone that said their bit, I commend you as a fellow scholar. We all may “scream” and “sips” on here but at least we know when there’s a time and place to stan and be human

    • FutureCIARA February 5, 2015


      Lol, JK

      • @RealMattPhoenix February 5, 2015

        Lol <3 you're thee fave though

  42. SnowBunny February 5, 2015

    She does the most for attention.

  43. madbrax February 5, 2015

    wah wah was always crying. grow up and quit acting like victims all the time. gays call each other b******, call women b****** and everyone b******. women call each other b****** the most, call gays b****** but wah wah always crying.

    • OMG Logic!!! February 5, 2015

      Well when you put it that way… lol

  44. TRUTH SERUM February 5, 2015

    I see all the resident TGJ racist are out in full force. Under no circumstances am I wholeheartedly agreeing with banks but she makes some valid points. I hate to broad brush a whole group of people but there are definitely some racist within the gay community. Banks approach lacks clarity and maturity. She should have this conversation when she’s not angry or emotional. I would go into an entire rant but, think @Tyler handled most.

    @OmG – For Christ sake, if I hear black on black crime as a response to police discrimination one more time, my head will explode. Yes the issue exist but so does white on white crimes. That stament only deflects from the issue. I find it interesting that people can immerse themselves in urban culture ( I.e. Music, blogs, fashion, artist) but can’t empathise or sympathize with the black experience. Hence the reason why certain people are referred to as culture vultures. You want to emulate/mimic me but deny the very things that shaped me. This probably will fall on death ears because you’re clearly not listening and keeping an open mind.

    One last thing, @matt, the African diaspora extended far beyond the U S. Slavery and discrimination is not unique to black Americans. Research any of the areas that slaves where dispersed to and you will see that hundreds of years later there experiences are eerily similar to black Americans. Start with Brazil. If you want to compare atrocities or experiences, compare apples to apples.

  45. P February 5, 2015

    As a mixed race gay male I’m still confused as to why anyone thinks it’s acceptable and progressive to still lump people of the same race together.
    Reading some of these comments I am in shock at the level of ignorance from almost everyone.
    Only when we can stop calling out races and start calling out individuals will things change.

  46. DanYiel Teflon February 5, 2015

    I’m Gay & a Person of color & there are things I refuse to say “N*gger” really bothers me but “B*tch” is a daily for me cuz it sounds cute with things I say & I’m not going to change that!! Carry on folks!!…:)

    • TRUTH SERUM February 5, 2015

      What’s a person of color? I can’t with you. Lol

  47. Blue Ivy Rodriguez February 5, 2015

    The reason why I believe this is an issue for most is because gay men are not females, they are MEN. When you hear some black guy call you “my n*gga”, you don’t get upset or riled up because he’s a one as well. There’s no condescending factor there, you don’t have to feel less or he’s trying to insult you because he knows your struggle and pain due to you both sharing the BlaCK experience.

    With gays calling females b******, it is insulting because these people still benefit from a privilege of being MALE. Where they could live life not having to deal with certain struggles….

    I agree with banks, with calling a gay man a f***** because when they get upset then they want to use slur against women, gays do believe that they are above anything and could get away with anything.

    Racism in the gay community is crazy huge, whither it be stereotypical p*** scenes, images of white males being the most desired and considered “hot” while other minorities are shown as “fantasies” or objectified for their stereotypical myths (black men are big and menacing, Asians are small and submissive, etc). The only reason gays have come so far is because there are white gays, if there weren’t then it would be years before gays get any sense of justice. Hell people rather accept Ellen because she’s a happy non aggressive lesbian.

  48. Carlitos February 6, 2015

    This piece of garbage is disgusting.

  49. Sass February 6, 2015

    I cant say she lied.

  50. Beysus February 6, 2015

    I hope she and her family dies slow and in pain. Evil B****!

  51. The Beysus Impact February 6, 2015

    What a bitter BLACK woman.

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