Beyonce’s ‘Drunk In Love’ Certified 3x Platinum / ‘7/11’ & ‘XO’ Hit 1 Million Mark

Published: Wednesday 22nd Apr 2015 by Sam

In an industry rapidly changing by the day, selling singles and albums is a feat that few can boast of. However, for Beyonce it’s proving an achievable feat.

Having already amassed blockbuster success with her 4x Platinum self-titled LP, King Bey now has even more cause to celebrate thanks to a number of its supporting singles.

Details below…

The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has released their latest list of Platinum and Gold honors, revealing Bey has earned several wins.

‘Drunk In Love’ featuring Jay Z has officially been certified 3x Platinum after selling three million copies in the US.

Elsewhere on the count, both ‘7/11’ and ‘XO’ have reached Platinum status – shifting one million units apiece.


Congrats are on most certainly in order.

It goes to show longevity is key. After all, surely it’s better to strive for consistency, rather that hit #1 and disappear four five seconds later.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Centurion April 22, 2015

    But where is her #1 hit? #7YearsAgo kiii

    • truth (icki is OVA honey! THEPINKSHIT Flippidy flipidy FLOP!!! April 22, 2015


      • TRUTH SERUM April 22, 2015

        @Truth(I loveNicki)/doll face!!! Where yo crazy ass been hiding.

    • edna April 22, 2015

      Did A aliyah ever have a #1? It took her to die to get a #1 album and even that MF belly flopped after a couple weeks.

      • Centurion April 22, 2015

        You think I’m an Aaliyah just because of my avi? You’re an idiot. And you’re a disgusting human being. I hope her sudden tragic death happens to you and the rest of your family.

      • Centurion April 22, 2015

        Aaliyah *fan

      • Lolz April 22, 2015

        No you calling someone else disgusting

    • RihYonce April 22, 2015

      Bet she mad more money off of her 3x platinum top 3 hit on the hot 100 than your favs #1

    • You tried April 22, 2015

      The SHADE LOL BUT KING B ALWAYS REIGN SUPREME! At the end of day a #1Single is nothing without going platinum not to mention TRIPLE PLATINUM “FIRST!!!!!!”

    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* April 22, 2015

      When was Aaliyah’s last hit? (NO PUN INTENDED)

  2. You Tried IT… April 22, 2015

    You tried it with FOURFIVESECONDS shade. I love Bey so I”m happy!

    • You tried April 22, 2015


  3. Centurion April 22, 2015

    OMG! It’s all lies. There is no record or receipt of that. It’s just another post to shade Rihanna and her 240 million records sold. XD

    • Ha! Betch! April 22, 2015

      lol @ 240 million records sold. When was the last time rihanna put out a single on her own and hit #1? The b**** is a feature h**. And if I was a riheroin stain I would re-think shading anyone right now after the b**** is suffering from a case of the Mariahs on her latest roll-out. 4 records and they fail to even pop. How dreadful.

      • Rory April 22, 2015

        rihanna’s last #1 hit on her own was Diamonds (which was released in 2012). Beyoncés last number one was Single Ladies (2008). Let’s not compare pls. lol

    • Absolved April 22, 2015

      Rihanna has sold nowhere near 240 million records. You can lie to yourself and the other idiots dumb enough to believe that bull, but don’t try to shovel that malarkey this way. Now…when was the last time Rihanna had an album that was RIAA certified multi-platinum? Why does it take her a year to scan just 1 million? But you wanna try and make up dumbshit about 240 million records sold. Go to bed crackhead.

      • Lolz April 22, 2015

        Lol thats what im saying! Delusion.

  4. Cindy April 22, 2015

    You talking about number 1’s when it is clear she don’t need one to sell. That’s called being an cultural icon. She is the reason album release dates were changed. I’m interested to see how will she and her team tackle next era. Will she do interviews? Actually perform singles more than once at award shows? Will she go back to normal releases? Very curious lol

    • Yonce on your mouth April 22, 2015

      Why are you all over a Beyonce’s post but Mia in Your fav’s post? Oh I know, her flopping is embarrassing! Lamo if writing trash then of course you are welcomed. I love helping the depressed.

  5. Yonce on your mouth April 22, 2015

    Yes Queen! Love her! Lol at shade. You can’t beat the Best! Don’t try to be better than your teacher. Lamo

  6. Centurion April 22, 2015

    Another nobody perched and seething in my reply section. Lol. These thirsty thots just crack me up. A quick search on Google never hurt anybody. 😆

    • Ha! Betch! April 22, 2015

      You’re a riheroin stain and you shouldn’t be mentioning crack right now as we know what happens on a tour bus in barbados. Rihanna hasn’t sold anywhere near 240 million records. I guess Miss Google didn’t tell you that huh? Lmao @ 240 million sales worldwide and the b**** takes 12 months to go platinum in the states. #byefelipe you talkin about 7 years..lets talk. 7 years ago was the last time she even saw 2 million sold in the states girl. #workonthat.

  7. #JACKIE April 22, 2015

    Poor Rihanna!!!

  8. Slay_Hive April 22, 2015

    But they said they were flops because they weren’t #1 hits!!!! Bet don’t need a chart b******!!! Yaaasss slay KINGGGGGG!!!!

    • Slay_Hive April 22, 2015


      • datreddone23 April 22, 2015

        Didn’t the Hive do the same thing when they called FFS a flop because it didn’t go number one but still went multiplatinum?

        Hypocritical much?

        These are lacklaster sales Unapologetic had 25 mill records sold and 4 million sold albums and yet it was considered a flop by the Hive lol

      • Slay_Hive April 22, 2015

        The only reason the hive called ffs a flop is because the navy called drunk in love (#2) and the rest of Beyonce’s singles flops because they didn’t reach #1. Now all of a sudden y’all are claiming top tens and top twenties hits now??? Y’all are the hypocrites and that’s why y’all get called out on it. I want to see the receipts of UNA selling 4 million albums and 25 million records. Post the receipts. Rihanna ain’t selling r&b/urban albums without a POP smash hit and MAJOR PROMO. Can’t wait to see r8’s album sales. Y’all talk too much s*** and imma humble you b******!!

  9. Centurion April 22, 2015

    Screaming @ the lies. Rihanna has 31 singles certified plat. “Stay” is 4X plat; “Diamonds” is 4X plat. This hooker has long long way to go before she catches up to some who used to look up to her. 😆

    • Lolz April 22, 2015

      LOL they’re only 4x plat? I would expect Diamonds to be like 10x plat. And you believe shes sold 240 million records?

      • RihYonce April 22, 2015

        She DID NOT sell 240 million records lmao

    • Ren April 22, 2015

      “Screaming @ the lies.”

      You sound like a f*******…

  10. ISaidWhatISaid April 22, 2015

    Poor Navy. Cant catch a break.

    • datreddone23 April 22, 2015

      What does the Navy have to do with this? We got her a multiplatinum record with FFS and nearing platinum record with BBHMM. Were solidified sweetie and those are only stateside stats we all know she’s sells massively overseas as well

      Waiting for worldwide sales updates on Queen Rihs singles this era

  11. Cake like Lady GaGa April 22, 2015

    NOT at it taking 9/11 and XO 875185441258418 weeks to finally go platinum.. Why is the hive not buying?? Kii

    • Surprise..Dec.2013 April 22, 2015

      The real question is why is nobody buying BALLS TO BALLS????

      • TRUTH SERUM April 22, 2015

        Yes, drag that mud hut living stain back to the bush.

    • RihYonce April 22, 2015

      7/11 wasn’t even a single tho

    • Keri Qween April 22, 2015

      Death @ cake

      These songs have been out 578578 years and finally platinum (streams) and her fans tryna shade Rih kiii

  12. Anne April 22, 2015

    Good for her! ‘XO’ did so with virtually no airplay and DIL & 7/11 only had urban airplay. The accolades just keep rolling in.

  13. UPGRADEBOY April 22, 2015

    And b****** dare to call her à flop, Look at my queen scoring those platinium plaque without à Tv performance except for DIL, without interviews without gimmicks, without Instagram harraselents ,

    • hg April 22, 2015

      ummm she performed all of the songs at music awards.

  14. Royalkev April 22, 2015

    Slay King B! You’ll officially be legendary in 2017! 🙂

  15. Surprise..Dec.2013 April 22, 2015


  16. Chillin April 22, 2015

    You gays KILL me…does it matter how long a single takes to reach platinum status..The fact that it made it speaks volume..why is everything a stan war..OMG its disgusting.

  17. Centurion April 22, 2015

    Słave_to_HÏV with his no anāl walls having ass is hiding behind random names. 😆

  18. Mark111 April 22, 2015

    After almost 2 years, lol. So wait, with all those videos, your singles are just now going platinum and 3 x plat the most? And your album only did 3.7? Beyonce owes the label, music videos aren’t cheap and a whole damn album of them aren’t either. Poor Pest.

    • #JACKIE April 22, 2015

      But Rihanna ain’t selling s*** kii

      • datreddone23 April 22, 2015

        What is Jackie predicted to do first week?

    • DEL BEY April 22, 2015

      Slay_Hive is right, after numerous TV appearances, semi nudity on Instagram, countless borderline pornographic magazine covers, and being at the PEAK of her career, Rhino can’t even grab a number one this era? let alone a release date from her label, your fav is a overexposed junkie and who’s albums will be gathering dust while mine performs at the 64th annual Grammy awards

    • TRUTH SERUM April 22, 2015

      Give up babe… Bey is a winner!

    • Fran April 22, 2015

      Doesnmt Rihanna struggle for ages to go platinum with her albums? And you say, it doesn’t matter how long it takes? Not mention Beys singles especially XO has no promo compared to Rihannas.

      • hg April 22, 2015

        Bbhmm is number 17 this week.

    • RihYonce April 22, 2015

      Her album has passed 4 million honey months ago the year anniversary was just in December so it hasn’t been almost 2 years

  19. Centurion April 22, 2015

    SłavetoHÏV with his no anāl walls having ass is hiding behind random names. 😆

    • Slay_Hive April 22, 2015

      B**** don’t worry about me. Worry about taking your meds and keeping your sanity. K

  20. Slay_Hive April 22, 2015

    All of this is with no pop radio support, payola, #1’s, iheart radio, jimmy Kimmel, every magazine cover known to man, twitter, IG and leaked cocaine videos. Just strictly talent and star power. 😉

  21. Centurion April 22, 2015

    This is actually embarrassing for a woman if her caliber. LOL. But of course her equally illiterate abandoned-at-birth failures-in-life she calls her fans will rejoice. XD XD XD XD

    • DEL BEY April 22, 2015

      But 17+ years >>>>> 10+ years

      • Centurion April 22, 2015

        Where’s your vaginaa beau?

      • DEL BEY April 22, 2015

        Serving your father his supper

      • Centurion April 22, 2015

        Does your adopter “Mama” lack one too?

  22. blue April 22, 2015

    congrats to bey for DIL platinum for a released single with a music vid aint impressive for an artist of her status…

    I dont get the piir rihanna comments, the girl could never have another platinum single again and still have more than most of her peers…

  23. DEL BEY April 22, 2015

    Yassss at DIL being x4 platinum, that single really slayed the public, so close to being number one as well, that’s how you know she doesn’t buy her own songs Navy, she could of easily bought a few thousand more copies and got another number one! Yes at all these platinum plaques

    • Centurion April 22, 2015

      x4 platinum? LOL. It’s 3x plat thanks to streams. She could never. Learn how to read betch. Don’t tell me you couldn’t afford to go to school as well. XD

      • DEL BEY April 22, 2015

        I misread it, but she is still multi platinum, where is your favs number one this era? if she can’t shift albums OR singles, what is she actually good for? lol 4 singles and no album release date to be seen #seeth

      • Centurion April 22, 2015

        She has 3 single out.. Lol. I guess the British education system abandoned the ghetto slums you hail from. Which email account are commenting under btw?

      • DEL BEY April 22, 2015

        Why don’t you run along and take your afternoon meds, stay clinging

      • Centurion April 22, 2015

        I need an answer Del Troll. Which one of your 987463436353354 email accounts are you using? 😆

  24. Killer Bey April 22, 2015

    Slay queen Beyonce. Always showing these lessors who’s boss!

  25. Centurion April 22, 2015

    Surprise… It’s April 2015. Lol. What a horrible name btw.

  26. Killer Bey April 22, 2015

    Where is American oxygen on iTunes? Can’t wait to see it’s billboard hot 100 debut today or maybe its bubbling under position. Haha

  27. Killer Bey April 22, 2015

    Sam what is BBHMM Billboard Hot 100 chart # this week? The update should be out today. I wonder will it creep back into the top twenty for a second week or fall out of the top forty for good? Haha

    • hg April 22, 2015

      It’s #17 this week

  28. Gee April 22, 2015

    Why must there always be Rihanna jabs to big up Beyoncé Sam? Must you be so petty it goes to show you do this for stan wars and hits. On another note even though I still feel that the Beyoncé is a step backward compared to 4 musically congratulations are definitely in order for her latest achievements.

  29. KMilli April 22, 2015

    They spent all the Tidal purchasers money buying Beyoncé singles lol

  30. Killer Bey April 22, 2015

    Looks like FFS will be RL8’s only platinum single or they may take “forever” to reach platinum status. Salvation army is getting so much karma. I live!!!!

    • datreddone23 April 22, 2015

      BBHMM will be platinum as well honey

      • Killer Bey April 22, 2015

        When? Is it even gold yet after all of the promoting?

  31. Centurion April 22, 2015

    Where’s your vaginaa beau?

    • DEL BEY April 22, 2015

      Rather have no v***** than a creaky, dusty and expired one

  32. Yeah I Said It April 22, 2015

    BWAHAHA the Navy must be MADT! They called all her singles flops yet Rihanna can’t even outdo them now! Crine!

  33. Yeah I Said It April 22, 2015

    Not Beyonce having more Platinum singles in one era than the singles Queen. SCREAMINGGGG!

    • blue April 22, 2015

      rihanna has 3 singles out and one is approaching 2xplatinum and the other will make its way there.

      • kingbeybitch April 22, 2015

        This era hunny this era

      • Yeah I Said It April 22, 2015

        So? How does that change what I said?

  34. Centurion April 22, 2015

    But you said you were getting a sèx change. Well that aint happening since you can’t even afford domain name, let alone school in the slums of the UK. #GetItBoo

    • DEL BEY April 22, 2015

      Nobody said that, stop fabricating lies, it only works when we drag each other truthfully, don’t lie now b****

      • Centurion April 22, 2015

        Ehhhh… you did. And I don’t lie.

  35. Fran April 22, 2015

    Death at the last sentence. Congrats Bey!

  36. TRUTH SERUM April 22, 2015

    To all you haters, tell your faves to aim lower. Kii

  37. kingbeybitch April 22, 2015

    BEYONCE was at 3.8 a long time ago ( Mediatraffic) so its gotta be over 3.9 million by now since its still selling (@ $15 may I add). Lmao Navy stop according to Media traffic Unapologetic sold 3.5/3.6 mil WW stop with the lies. Oh and that 4.5 mil Ww yall use for TTT is with shipments

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 22, 2015

      Got to be and facts are two different things so when her sales are actually 4 million then you can say 4 million.

  38. blue April 22, 2015

    UNA was at 3.6mil after just a year of sales its been 2 years since then….do the same logic you did for Beyonce

    • Lolz April 22, 2015

      Nope, they last update UNAs sales a few months ago, its the same. Not to mention Beyonces album is still on the charts UNA is not.

      • Centurion April 22, 2015

        UNa was released in 2012 genius. Lol. Degree you say… think not. 😆

      • MADDIE ZIEGLER STAN April 22, 2015

        All of Rihannas albums are still charting worldwide on iTunes though

      • Lolz April 22, 2015

        @CUNTurion I know when it was released. Im stating that if it is not anywhere valuable on the charts then it obviously is not selling enough for it to be updated.

        Lets not talk about intellegence. Diamonds is only 4x plat yet its one of her biggest hits. You believe shes sold 240 million records with not one album to sell over 9 million? Lol.

    • kingbeybitch April 22, 2015

      But at the end of 2013 it sales was at 3.5 mill ww and it was selling anymore. They haven’t been any updates on unapologetic reaching the 4 million mark lmao stop with the lies. Are you telling me that from the end of 2013-2014 went from 3.5 to 4 million and they haven’t been any updates on that? Lmaoo

      • kingbeybitch April 22, 2015

        Receipts that they are still charting?

  39. MADDIE ZIEGLER STAN April 22, 2015

    Not that impressive TBH

  40. No favs, just here for the music April 22, 2015

    Congratz Beyonce! 10 years in the game and shows zero signs of slowing down. This woman is amazing tbh

    • RihYonce April 22, 2015

      18 years , 12 years as a solo artist

      • No favs, just here for the music April 22, 2015

        Thank you for this very important knowledge oh wise Beyonce stan

  41. Music Lover~ April 22, 2015

    A legend, I love her, congrats!

    Meanwhile i’m going crazy over these two performances!

    Watch “Beyoncé – Deja Vu live Bet Awards” on YouTube

    Watch “Beyoncé – Clique & Diva – On The Run HBO ft. Jay Z 1080HD” on YouTube

  42. blue April 22, 2015

    yeah this era has had 3 singles and FFS is approaching 2xplatinum and bbhmm is headed to platinum…

    • kingbeybitch April 22, 2015

      Girl BBHMM only sold 306k Lool bye

  43. Lolz April 22, 2015

    She should be flopping like the rest in her generation. But shes still rivalling, even surpassing girls at their peak. Like Sam said longevity is key.

  44. Lolz April 22, 2015

    I want to know how BBHMM is nearing platinum. Last time I checked it wasnt even certified Gold.

  45. Stephon April 22, 2015


  46. kingbeybitch April 22, 2015

    BEYONCE is sitting at #34 on the WW iTunes chart she ain’t bothered

  47. RihYonce April 22, 2015

    Queen be is NEVER slowing down ! I’m so ready for her to finish these thots with this 6th Era !!!

  48. RihYonce April 22, 2015

    Wonder is she dropping her album this year or 2016? ….

  49. RihYonce April 22, 2015

    The queen once again proved that #1 singles don’t mean ANYTHING! This is a pure R&B/ Urban record and it sold more than these generic pop songs , only the queen can make R&B sell as much if not more than pop

    • Mark111 April 22, 2015

      Xo, pretty flops, 711 are pure r&b? Hahahahaha the delusion.

      • Centurion April 22, 2015

        Why does that thing have “Rih” in its name, but doesn’t support her? Somebody has “identity” issues.

      • RihYonce April 22, 2015

        I’m talking about DIL idiot

  50. Lolz April 22, 2015

    This is why when people say the Hive is threatened, its laughable. Beyonce can co exist with anyone and she won’t get knocked off… she has proved that time and time again. While others come, peak and burn out Beyonce is still going, still relevant. That alone will make her legendary amongst other things.

    • Lolz April 22, 2015

      Boy you can keep copying and pasting that inflated receipt, does not change logic. Which you clearly don’t have. How can your biggest hits not even be certified 5x plat, you only have one album to be certified multi platinum, no albums to sell over 10 million yet ‘sold’ 240 million records. Can you explain? INFLATED receipts for dumb people like you.

    • XXX April 22, 2015

      Agreed the only person who can knock Beyonce off is her herself when she decides to slow down. She has knocked others off (see: Ashanti) but not the other way round.

  51. Centurion April 22, 2015

    For the 6439742552th time, Rihanna has sold 240 million records. I have the receipt straight from her label. *Sigh* This is exhausting, but here it is: ➡ Lol.
    You schooling ugly ghetto monkeys again and again and again is exhausting. Click on the link, and read it again and again. Hopefully I don’t get to repeat myself Słave_to_HłV.

    • Centurion April 22, 2015

      Schooling you…

    • Lolz April 22, 2015

      Boy you can keep copying and pasting that inflated receipt, does not change logic. Which you clearly don’t have. How can your biggest hits not even be certified 5x plat, you only have one album to be certified multi platinum, no albums to sell over 10 million yet ‘sold’ 240 million records. Can you explain and school me on thag? Because all im seeing is INFLATED tacticle marketing for gullible people like you.

      • Centurion April 22, 2015

        There are rules and regulations to these kind of things. There are regulatory authorities that govern and verify these stats. Do you think that when a company releases their quarterly financial statements, it is just some random amount that they make up? Do you honestly think that these claims are not verified? Lol. Done with your stupid ass. I don’t even know why I bother. Are you even an adult? pshhhh 😆

      • Lolz April 22, 2015

        You must not know how the game works honey. Yes I do think those things. It happenes all the time. The only way they can get sued is if they posted inflated receipts directly directly under the categories that come from RIAA, BPI Itunes etc. ‘WW doesn’t mean ish’. They couldve counted numbers from Timbuktu, in other words no where. Don’t be naive. Its an inflated write up. But since you’re so persistant can you explain the logic please given those statistics I posted. I am still waiting.

  52. moe April 22, 2015


  53. Mark111 April 22, 2015

    Where’s Pretty Flops? Why did Flop O take a year and a half to go platinum? Why is 7/11 JUST platinum when we’re going on the 6th month? These are p*** poor stats for a “queen” whenDark Horse (you know, that Katy Perry song that blocked Drunked Hooker from #1 and now we’re going on another 2 years without one.) Is going on 6 times platinum. Both songs were played on pop and urban radio, so why the gap? Another day of the Pest with their foot in their mouths.

    • XXX April 22, 2015

      Seething. You have bigger fish to fry and thats Rihanna floppage. Worry about American Oxygen sprinting down the charts and why Rihanna has not achieved that 14th #1 like you said.

      • Mark111 April 22, 2015

        We can wait forever for her 14th #1, ket word, 14th! Lol while your Bey is taking a decade to get her 6th. Rihanna name is next to greats with most #1s.

      • XXX April 22, 2015

        You can shade Bey all you want… Why didn’t it happen like you said? At least when the Hive said Beyonce was coming to slay album charts with her 5th #1 album it happened. Why isn’t Rih slaying in her lane?

      • Mark111 April 22, 2015

        You mean when the hive said Telephone and Run The Flop World would go #1? The Pest lowered their hype when 4lop happened. #iDidntForget

      • XXX April 22, 2015

        And hasn’t 4 sold in the 3 million range, the same as over half of Rihannas discography? Yet its such 4lop right?

    • The Beysus Impact April 22, 2015

      Shut up and worry about American Flopyen… I will scream if it doesn’t out chart “Pretty Flops”…

    • The Beysus Impact April 22, 2015

      4 platinum “flop” songs from a “flop” x2 platinum album that’s catching up with GGGB???? HAAAAA!!!! Seethe b****** 😀

  54. XXX April 22, 2015

    Thats great. Especially considering everything was all inclusive on the album, and she didn’t even have much radio support or promo. Anyone who denies this is hating. Not everyone/thing can go platinum.

    • Mark111 April 22, 2015

      She didn’t have much radio pkay because the songs are FLOPS! Lol

      • XXX April 22, 2015

        Yet they’re platinum. So your point is void.

      • Killer Bey April 22, 2015

        No idiot top 40 pop radio didn’t support her album because it was too urban. No other urban artist could pull off these sales without that support, like Beyonce.

  55. XXX April 22, 2015

    Its funny how most the Titanics have disappeared the moment BBHMM came out.

  56. Epic Fail April 22, 2015

    Death! XO platinum after a year? And that time it was one of the leading singles for the self title album

    • Centurion April 22, 2015

      XO was actually the lead single for her album. XD

      • XXX April 22, 2015

        No, ‘one of’ it was released the same time as Drunk In Love, which slayed.

    • Mark111 April 22, 2015

      And a half… year and a half. The flopage!

      • Lolz April 22, 2015

        You’ll be lucky if AO even gets certified Gold in a year. Please have a seat.

      • Mark111 April 22, 2015

        Well according to the beysics, we have a year and a half for it to cross a milli, so no rush, right?

      • Lolz April 22, 2015

        I repeat: You’ll be lucky if it goes Gold or crosses 500k considering its not even sold 30k first week.

  57. Lolz April 22, 2015

    And why are they trying to drag time length when Rihannas albums go platinum at a turtle pace. Such double standards. Didn’t Bey have a multiplatinum album in 2 months.

    • Mark111 April 22, 2015

      The past 4 Rihanna albums went plat within 4 months and 3 to 4 mill with a year. Sit down, how did it take tuis long for Bey first single to crossed this mark?

      • Lolz April 22, 2015

        LIES lmao. Show me the receipts (Whitney voice)

  58. Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 22, 2015

    Death.. The hive is celebrating streams but weren’t they dragging everyone else for YouTube views and Spotify streams? How could she have such a popular song as drunk in lawsuits and perform basically naked at the Grammys only to reach the number 2 spot like why?

    • Killer Bey April 22, 2015

      No the navy was the one who claimed Rihanna was above streaming to chart. Now y’all are waiting on BBHMM video so that streams can help it chart back in the top twenty. Hypocrites. FFS had a Grammy performance and video and only peaked at #4. Without half the impact on pop culture. The self shade

      • datreddone23 April 22, 2015

        BBHMM is #17 this week boo

  59. Killer Bey April 22, 2015

    As much as y’all called XO a flop. There’s no shade in it reaching platinum. How many artists are selling platinum singles that don’t even top The Hot 100? Singles that aren’t even promoted.

    • Mark111 April 22, 2015

      Afyer a year and a half. That’s a flop buddy. 🙂

      • Killer Bey April 22, 2015

        Who else is doing that? With a so called “flop” single. That she didn’t even bother promoting, mind you.

  60. Centurion April 22, 2015

    “XO” was released on December 16th. “Drunk” was released on the 17th, so technically “XO” is or was the lead single. She thought she could tackle various radio formats, but she failed miserably. One became a hit after a raunchy and distasteful performance while the other peaked at number 45, which is not even considered a hit.

    • Killer Bey April 22, 2015

      Wow a day release difference. After Drunk In Love took off as the more popular single, Beyonce didn’t bother with XO. DIL only got one performance. It debuted at #12 before the performance. It was already a hit mam. How many singles that peak at 45 still reach platinum? Your logic is flawed

      • Centurion April 22, 2015

        Did you not see the word “technically”? Oh you don’t know what it means? Pllllllease do something about it. 😆

    • Lolz April 22, 2015

      Dead at you remembering one came out a day before. What kind of undercover stan.

      • Lolz April 22, 2015

        Its ok, theres a fine line between a stan and an obsessive hater. They both share a common interest, Beyonce. In the words of Elusive Lamb, have you asked Beyonce for forgivness from your sins yet?

  61. Mark111 April 22, 2015

    The Pest are so pathetic. These sales are Beysic AF. Beyonce is done, a label wont support low stats like this. Where is she going to go with no masters or a diploma? Lol

    • Lolz April 22, 2015

      Does Aaliyah or Rihanna have a masters or diploma?

      • Mark111 April 22, 2015

        Rihanna have the masters of her music and Aaliyah graduated school with a 4.0 GPA. When will Beysic?

      • Lolz April 22, 2015

        Ha! Yet Beyonces brand is worth more than both put together. Fell for it too easily.

      • RihYonce April 22, 2015

        Stanning for some one who is dead is pathetic

  62. The Beysus Impact April 22, 2015

    Where is she going to go with no masters or a diploma? <<< the top of the BB 200…

  63. Special Delivery April 22, 2015

    Congrats Bey! 3 platinum singles and a multi platinum album. When was the last time your faves did both?

  64. Centurion April 22, 2015

    “How many artists are selling platinum singles that don’t even top The Hot 100? Singles that aren’t even promoted” ➡ A lot . LMFAO. What an epic fail. #BeyhiveLogic

    • Killer Bey April 22, 2015

      Since there are a lot, should be no problem providing receipts……

      • Centurion April 22, 2015

        Rihanna’s FourfiveSeconds and Kneeki’s Only are just some the many singles that did… well… you know what you said. That was stupid and you know it. That didn’t even deserve a reply.

  65. Keri Qween April 22, 2015


    Based on streams, Sam /a/i/d/s/u/s impact don’t try to pull the wool over the eyes of us smart people

    Ratchet/11 is platinum but sold a measley 628k

    • Killer Bey April 22, 2015

      RIAA CERTIFIED sweetheart. Did you bring any receipts?

  66. Centurion April 22, 2015

    “3 platinum singles and a multi platinum album. When was the last time your faves did both?” ➡ *Facepalm* The insects are sooo ignorant and stupid. LMAO!!! #FixItJesus #BeyhiveLogic

    • Special Delivery April 22, 2015

      So can you answer or nah?

  67. Barb B**** April 22, 2015

    The Navy is fuming wow. With all this yapping you would think Rih is slaying left and right. They should just not comment. Clearly mad considering they’re absent from most Rihanna posts.

  68. Killer Bey April 22, 2015

    How can someone be so stupid to say a record label won’t support Beyonce? Still selling multi platinum albums and singles eighteen years into her career in this current horrible industry. She’s at the point in her career where she could be independent and still slay. Mark you’re an idiot.

  69. Centurion April 22, 2015

    “So can you answer or nah?” ➡ Google the word “ignorant”. *Facepalm* I’m done.

    • Special Delivery April 22, 2015

      Oh so you can’t? Ok. That’s all I needed to know 😀

  70. Barb-wire April 22, 2015

    Not me enjoying the meltdowns from the two remaining titanic members kiii. If only they’d put this energy in the buy button on iTunes maybe Mexican Flopgen could crack the Top 90.

    • Keri Qween April 22, 2015

      #90 would be higher than pretty flops kiiii

      Worry about your plastic fave having her second consecutive album not sell a million copies with a 2x platinum single

  71. Charlieyoncé April 22, 2015

    Funy how the Flopvy is bothered about QUEENYoncé’s success! Keep seething! Y’all know damn well if Bey wants a number 1 she’ll get it so quick your heads would spin. She remains unbothered, with NINE number ones (YESS I’m including D.C I need not explain myself) to her name! Bye ho’s! Haah! Xo

    • fatusankoh April 22, 2015

      Congrant to the one and only queen bey May God continue to bless proteict you and your family for life long happy ever lasting long happy more success in all you do and good I dont know what will do out Sam and this wounderful sight

    • african music lover April 22, 2015

      @Centurion you do realise that the same wekipedia is the same website that stated the following..

      The album also went on to become
      the twentieth best-selling album of
      2014.[150] As of November 2014,
      Beyoncé has sold 5 million copies
      worldwide[140] and has generated
      over 1 billion streams, as of March

  72. fatusankoh April 22, 2015

    Congrant to the one and only queen bey May God continue to bless proteict you and your family for life long happy ever lasting long happy more success in all you do and good I dont know what will do out Sam and this wounderful sight

  73. Centurion April 22, 2015

    Screaming @ the British insect adding D.C’s #1s to Beyonce’s basic 5 #1s. They still cling to DC in 2015. Lol @ “Bye ho’s”. They’re so cute. 😆

    • RihYonce April 22, 2015

      Count those 5 number 1 though , how many your fav got?

    • Charlieyoncé April 22, 2015

      But wasn’t she the lead singer of Destiny’s Child though? You make it seem as if her career began as early as your flop fave. Bey’s been churning out number 1 hits both as a part of DC and as a solo artist, so YES she does have 9 number 1 smash hits to her name, and ain’t nobody’s gonna take that away from her. She and us the Beyhive can cling to that s*** as we please cause we damn well deserve to and whatever rubbish you say from now on ain’t gon phase me. Now take a cathedral of sits boo, you seem tired xo

  74. Jewel April 22, 2015

    Lmao the meltdowns. Meanwhile Non American and flopping is out of Top 100 itunes. Stay mad Rihanna has no hit after endless desperate releases so far and Drunk In Love was bigger than all of them. Well done Bey! Looks like they can’t call XO a flop anymore. The only thing they can cling to is pretty hurts, even that is an award winning song LOL. When will Rihs flop singles?

  75. G.U.Y April 22, 2015

    where is pretty hurts though kiiiii Sia is surely gonna choose a better artist next time

    • shut up April 22, 2015

      Where is g.u.y or the other flops from that copper certified album cheek to cheek?

  76. G.U.Y April 22, 2015

    the hive still clinging to DC I see. kii her last hit was telephone

    • shut up April 22, 2015

      Drunk in love outpeaked it though and was just last year. A Top ten hit couldn’t even get gaga a platinum album with art pop. I see why you’re bitter.

  77. G.U.Y April 22, 2015

    the AIDSvy is so pressed that their fave is flopping and once GAGA returns she will
    be irrelevant

    • shut up April 22, 2015

      Gaga hasn’t had a platinum album since Born this way. No ones cares about him anymore

  78. diabetes unbothered April 22, 2015

    CRAZY IN LOVE was da End of Careers!
    IRREPLACABLE was da quite b4 da next STORM!
    [List artist tragically destroyed by HURRICANE BEY:]
    Cristina Agurilla,
    Kelly Rowland
    Letoya Lucket,
    Marry J blidge,
    Jennifer Hudson,
    Mariah Carey,
    Alicia Keys,
    Toni Braxton
    Kelly Clarkson
    Lady Gaga,
    Keri Hilson
    Jessica Simpson
    Keyshia Cole
    Jordin Sparks
    Leona Lewis
    Jasmine Sullivan
    Nicole Switzerlin
    Jonelle monae
    Chrissete michelle

    [Artist Passed out Drunk & still in recovery:]
    TBOZ(TLC), Lauren Hill, Latavia Roberson.
    [Artist that have TEMPORARILY survived HURRICANE BEY:]
    Adele, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Pink, Katty perry & Nikki Minaj.


    Lol at bey album sell in more than una even tho it cost more 4 > 3.6 million

  79. diabetes unbothered April 22, 2015

    Beyonce is the only one out of her peers without a flop era lol and am I the only one that hasn’t heard bbhmm or flop seconds on the radio only once bey is the new singles queen lol

  80. Rory April 22, 2015

    This is obviously from streaming because 7/11 is only at 700,000 copies in sales.

  81. Rory April 22, 2015

    And FourFiveSeconds is already at 1.6 million on sales (US), so Sam if you want to throw shade, let’s talk about how XO was released in 2013 and finally going platinum and 7/11 is only at 700,000 in sales. She needs streaming to even reach platinum. Bye

  82. Charlieyoncé April 22, 2015

    Call me whatever you want, I speak the TRUTH. A cathedral of sits is waiting for all y’all Yoncé haters. She’s up there with the greats, and you’ll continue to seethe. LOL and there’s nothing your sorry ass gon do about it. Now sit! Xo

  83. FutureCIARA April 22, 2015

    SLAY Bey, I would like to go see her on her next solo WW Tour!

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