Danity Kane Drama: Dumblonde’s Shannon Shades Dawn / Gets A Clapback

Published: Thursday 13th Aug 2015 by Sam

Despite being one year removed from their dramatic break-up, it seems the ladies of Danity Kane are still brawling.

Thankfully, this time it’s with their words and not their fists.

The messy tea is poured after the jump…

This week ex-DK staples Shannon Bex and Aubrey O’Day performed their first concert as duo Dumblonde at LA hotspot The Roxy.

Beyond being sold-out, the show was notable for a comment made by Bex prior to a lukewarm performance of ‘Lemonade.’

As the band played the intro, Shannon referred to someone being shady and to be weary of said person because they would  “hit you from behind” (a clear reference to Dawn Richard‘s attack on Aubrey, which led to the group’s second – and presumably permanent – split).

Peep the footage here….

Naturally the statement didn’t go down too well with Richard, who offered the following when informed about the drama by a fan…



All these shade grenades.

To be frank, each and everyone of the ladies (Aundrea included) can have an arena of seats as far as we’re concerned.

Dramatic as it may sound, but we’re not sure we’ll ever truly get over the missed opportunity that is the entire Danity Kane narrative. Each line-up, even the last, served as a supergroup and yet the ball was dropped on every occasion.

As such, even though we love a good read, it’s a collective Bye Felicia to ’em all.

Your thoughts?

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    • You tried August 13, 2015

      You better speak DAWN!! They hating because she served the best Vocals and swag in the DK3 group! Carry on

      • pon_de August 13, 2015

        when will she book a stage that’s not at the student union tho?

      • xoxomeg August 13, 2015

        @Pon_de FYI Dawn sold out her show in LA which means she could do another one if she wanted too. Same goes for NYC. Plus she doesn’t have to share her money two ways.

    • You tried August 13, 2015

      The real T here is they sounded a damn MESS! That wasn’t harmony that was flat off key and poorly performed! They are not 25 y are they dressed like they trying to make up for lost time ! They look like FIFTH HARMONY and that’s not a compliment lol

    • ATL August 13, 2015

      On “Adult RnB Songs” take a sit dude

  1. truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) August 13, 2015

    Where dem hatin biitches at??

  2. Boykin August 13, 2015

    Dawn spoke no lies. I still don’t know what Bex’s voice sounds like, and that’s for good reason. Dumblonde’s EP was cute. Let’s see if it goes anywhere beyond a few small shows at a few small, albeit popular, venues.

  3. Paulo August 13, 2015

    YAAAAASSSS DAWN! you betta serve Ms Captain-Save-A-Ho some of that tea!

  4. junior August 13, 2015

    dawn so Petty!!!!! like shut up all yall can sing! didn’t you say that before, now your talking about vocals S*** your weird ass down! like she never made a joke about the situation!

  5. taqui arandi August 13, 2015

    I see no lies…. They cant sing…
    Funny how Dawn never had to do any DK music to make a show…. Still to this Day… Shannon has been influenced by Aubrey too much…

  6. taqui arandi August 13, 2015

    Aubrey was the one who said “Hits you in the head”…. She always been shady like the D.Woods stunt

  7. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig August 13, 2015

    Dawn Angelique Richards you better shade that bobblehead bîtch Shannon, and her knock-off Carrie underwood ass. Shadenon had ample amount of time in the 10 years she has known/worked with Dawn to speak her mind, so why hide behind Aubrey who can’t defend herself against a fly? these hœs were so insecure about their vocals that they went and re recorded over the last person who could actually sing in dk , and got f’d up because of it???? move tf on ladies!

    • Paulo August 13, 2015

      who’s your new man, Ms Annalise? he’s cute

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig August 13, 2015

        LOL honey that’s thirst-trap model jcsef ???? my current boo don’t look as good as that!! LMAO!

  8. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig August 13, 2015

    Actually Sam it was Aubrey who made the ‘knock you upside your head’ comment, and Shadenons follower ass went and said ‘somebody is always *mumbles with no confidence* stepping on you’

    … Ugh I knew Shadenon couldn’t throw that ATL shade like she wanted to ????????????

  9. Lovebug August 13, 2015

    You can listen to dumblonde mess on youtube and still do not know what Shannon sound like because she and Aubrey sound the same!
    their fans still fuming on twitter as I write this, irrational as hell because they believe in hearts that Shannon can throw shade and Dawn can’t *dead*

  10. Molly #September4thSurprise August 13, 2015

    Kiiiiii let ha know Dawn!!!! Dawn shitts on them both.

  11. Shadeed Rice August 13, 2015

    This is imma say about it..I understand fans who want to be cordial. However, no one should be attacking Dawn for defending herself. She’s too busy sitting pretty STILL enjoying the success and critical acclaimed of “Blackheart”… Long story short she wasn’t thinking about those mannequins. If the would’ve stayed in their Lane. She would’ve stayed in hers. Period.

  12. NoTeaNoShade August 13, 2015

    I love Aubrey, but trying to be electro pop when clearly your sound is and voice is suited to RnB Pop, their new material has been bad. They should have buried the drama as a trio they are powerful, without that whatever they do solo is not going to hit the big time. I like them all, but Dawn also needs to ditch the Heart album titles and whole weird videos vibe. There is artistic then then there is too much. They should unite or pack their solo careers now, I don’t see them hitting anywhere near the top ten of the Hot 100 in this millennium, they had a chance as Danity Kane.

    • taqi Arandey August 13, 2015

      This is probably pretty accurate

  13. DanYiel Iman August 13, 2015

    Yes’m indeed Dawn better WerQ! & the Dirty Blondes can’t MANAGE! LOL

  14. Jamie August 13, 2015

    All these b****** dumb for not being able to get along and falling subject to the girl group curse. Now all y’all starving!!!

    • Roe August 13, 2015

      Yes Starving! Like Marvin! LMAO

      • Jamie August 13, 2015

        Hell yeah.lol

  15. Theman August 13, 2015

    Dawn is an ok singer herself. She ain’t have to pay that any mind.

  16. Aj August 13, 2015

    Supergroup? What crack are tgp smoking? Spice Girls, Destiny’s child, en vogue, tlc are supergroups. DK were barely around 5 minutes.

  17. Keep Seething! R8 will be the next album of 2015 to go platinum and yall h*** will cry, seethe, and deal! August 13, 2015

    Um, Shannon needs to shut the f*** up co-signing fat p**** Aubrey and go home to take care of her kids. She was never confident and never stood out in the group. Just go home and hang it up, sis!

    Next, Aubrey can have several with her tired ass attempts at shading the leader of the group. She sounded a damn mess when singing “Poetry”. And kii that their performing material that Dawn created to promote their flop dui. You can’t win when you don’t have talent, h***!

  18. mimi August 13, 2015

    Dumb blondes indeed

  19. Tkuol August 14, 2015

    Lol this is honestly really, really weak shade. All of the members of Danity Kane could sing. Dawn isn’t vocally superior to many of them, so, while I understand wanting to clapback at Shannon for the diss, Dawn might want to sit her ass down – thinking she’s delivering Mariah or Whitney vocals or something.

  20. Jay August 14, 2015

    Dawn was not serving vocals like that to be throwing shade. Sit down, rat. She mad at the dumblonde machine?

    • Cristyal August 14, 2015

      Mess. what machine? From I’ve seen Dawn>>>Dumblonde. And from what I’ve read Dumblonde fans are delusional.

      • Jay August 14, 2015

        Nobody is checking for Dawn. And she comes off like an idiot, talking about vocals like she’s the second coming of Whitney. The vocals were fine enough when they were in a group together…

  21. munchies August 14, 2015

    You Can barely make out what shannon says. And Dawn uses backing vocals, autotune and reverb on everything so should she really be talking? Its just funny how in interviews and comments she says how they were all great singers, now she has that to say? Dawn is the biggest hater yet.

  22. Lovebug August 14, 2015

    DAWN sings better than Shannon and Aubrey, hands down! The truth hurts?

    Best vocalists in DK were in that correct order;

    1. Aundrea
    2. Dawn/Dwoods
    3. Dwoods/Dawn
    4. Aubrey
    5. Shannon

    When it comes to relevance none of them are relevant so don’t throw the ‘nobody is checking for Dawn’ because the same goes for Dumblonde.

    Dawn also has the right to defend herself. If she started something I will drag her too but she didn’t this time, Shannon and Aubrey did so I am not going to be a hypocrite about it.

  23. Indie August 15, 2015

    Dawn can eat ass! That b**** doesn’t even sing live! Always miming to her weirdo unicorn s*** that she calls music! The best work she ever made was in DK, she may have better vocals but she is no more talented than Dumblonde if she was she would be killing it right now and she is not! All the girls can sing but Dumblonde make better songs and everyone agreed they put on a great show!

    If you don’t want people to make jokes stop being a back handed b**** and slapping people in the back of the head!

    • RightBackAtYou August 15, 2015

      Sorry, but Dawn best work to date is GoldenHeart.

      Success, popular =/= Quality.

      Talent doesn’t guarantee success.

      When Dawn sings live she shits all over them both. If it’s not live she still shits on them. Most thinks she shits all over them.

      You twinks are lost, but keep fighting this losing battle.

      • Indie August 19, 2015

        You had somme good points, GoldenHeart i can;t lie was a strong album but since then come on man, she’s gone way to left, it’s not good work, creative yes, good no! Dumblonde have made a great album with really strong songs and that cannot be denied and she does not s*** on the record i disagree! Dawn is a grew performer and vocalist, but Aubrey is undeniable on stage and Shannon is a brilliant dancer has a beautiful tone to her voice as 3 they were EPIC i see no performance of Dawns that was as good as Lemonade with Aubs and Shannon thats why i said her best work was with DK the DK3 album was brilliant! by the way I ain’t no twin bish!

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