Explosive: Dumblonde Dish On Danity Kane Break-Up On ‘The Breakfast Club’

Published: Tuesday 15th Sep 2015 by Sam

The fall out from the latest Danity Kane break-up continues.

As reported, Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex are pressing on as Dance duo Dumblonde – a journey which brought them to The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 this morning.

In a rare move, the ladies did not hold back.

Indeed, each – with detailed depth – shared their account of the group’s second split – which they say has its roots in dramas from a decade earlier.

Needless to say, it’s unlikely ex-bandmate Dawn Richard (who infamously punched O’Day in the head) will be any kind of pleased.

Get ready because all sorts of tea is poured below…


As titillating as the tea was, it can’t wash away the reality that most people would sooner prefer a Danity Kane reunion (even now) than any of these spin-off projects.

Your thoughts?

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  1. #JACKIE September 15, 2015

    No one was checking for them in the first place but everyone knows Dawn is a b****.

  2. Lil Kim thee ONLY QB September 15, 2015

    “Who infamously punched O’day in the head” kiiiiiii. I died omg. Yall got the link?

  3. Sage September 15, 2015

    Meh. Who even cares? Anyways…LOL@Tranet’s hideously bad placing on iTunes and Amazon! Bwhahahahahaha!

  4. ENOUGH ONIKA September 15, 2015

    F*ck the music, I’m here for the tea!

  5. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 15, 2015

    These untalented h*** will continue to PRESS the DK breakup and shade Dawn all for publicity because they know good and well that no one is checking for them aside from DK. Shame on Breakfast Club for cosigning this foolishness as usual. Shannon, GO HOME and take care of your child. You’re the weak one! And Aubrey, go find something else to do because clearly its not working out too well.

    • Indie September 15, 2015

      Dawn please stop! We now know how you like to talk s*** about your band under different names! Girl bye!

      • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 15, 2015

        I’m so f****** confused. Are you insinuating that I’m Dawn? That same woman to f*** that skinny and light skin boy from that didn’t r&b group? Girl, I would NEVER even dare to although he did have a big you know what. And shame on you for not knowing that I can’t be trolling. I’ve been on here long enough with the same avi and username. Bye, and come correct the next time you approach my throne.

    • Love September 15, 2015

      They are desperate because these lies do not add up or make any sense. Btw who the fvck cares what happen in DK 10 years ago? Dawn is not in Dk. They need to give it up. They dying to get a reaction from Dawn too and for her to lash out.

      • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 15, 2015

        Please speak the truth so them deaf ass h*** can here it. Dawn is UNBOTHERED with her OWN LABEL getting ready as hell to release her THIRD ALBUM while those seething, tired h*** can’t even get a single project off the ground. Kii! They are dying for her to respond but she stay minding her business and WORKING, NOT TALKING S***!

  6. x_x September 15, 2015

    Too bad i couldn’t watch the video with all these damn ads!

    • SCREAM QUEENS September 16, 2015

      Download adblock on your browser

  7. Love September 15, 2015


    So many lies, so little time.

    Girls get your lies straight. Dawn did not have to work on Blackheart. The album was done and ready to go before the reunion. The album had a release date before the reunion. Get your lies straight.

    None of these rumors involving Diddy, Dwoods and Aubrey started online via a fan site. *dead* For those of us older DK fans know this is a lie.

    Dawn can say the n word. She is a black woman.

    Dawn punch must have given Aubrey amnesia she forgot to add that Dawn was working on her solo project in her 100 page letter.

    So many lies, so little time.

    • Credits September 15, 2015

      But you were never a member of the group so for you to say any of the stuff Aubrey said was a lie, you’re gonna have to get some receipts a back it up.

      • Love September 15, 2015

        No I don’t have to back anything up with receipts because everything I said is documented. Blackheart was put on hold from DK reunion. And the rumors Aubrey said Dawn started was actually started by celeb blogs. There were no DK fansite runned by the girls back in the day. I have been a fan from the beginning so I know. And TBh it’s Aubrey who should show receipts for her lies. Where are her receipts?

    • credits September 15, 2015

      So you are saying that all the stuff about the IP address and that username are made up? it sounds way too elaborate to be a lie and this would explain why D Woods did not return for the reunion.

      • pon_de September 15, 2015

        do even reply to that simpleton anymore. listening is so fundamental. Aubrey said the fan-site was for HER, run by one of her stans….not a DK site. but Dawn jumped on there slandering D. Woods and the stan pulled a steve jobs on that a** with the IP address and Dawn was too stupid to even delete her browsing history. Aubrey’s receipts are in order, unlike Dawn’s original jaw line.

    • Tali September 15, 2015

      Just because there is an album release date does not necessarily mean the album is completed. Many albums have a release date before the project is finished. And Aubrey did not say Dawn was still recording the album. She stated that Dawn wanted to shoot a video for her solo project on a day they already had a prior obligation and none of the girls knew she was working on a solo project

  8. Indie September 15, 2015

    I’m sorry but this was THE BEST interview i’ve seen since Azealia Banks on Breakfast Club! How anyone can hate Aubrey O Day is beyond me, that girl is the truth, she didn’t just spill the tea honey she poured out the whole cup and Ms Shannon is the perfect side kick! I Loved the interview so much i had to watch it twice! Dumblonde I salute you! And tea aside these girls are really intelligent it’s actually nice to here an interview where artist now haw to put there point across brilliantly and address any issue thrown at them

    • Love September 15, 2015

      How can Aubrey be the truth if she just told a bunch of lies?

      • Credits September 15, 2015

        Dawn is that you? I love the video for ‘Titans’

    • Love September 15, 2015

      No I am not Dawn. These two blondes are trying their hardest to trash Dawn and I am asking myself why? I am a die hard DK5 fan who hate lies and being deceived. Instead of building up their Dumblonde brand and promoting their music, why are they tearing down Dawn? Why are they doing this and telling lies?

  9. Credits September 15, 2015

    Wow…that six years ago tea definitely casts Dawn in a different light. Shame, because I like her independent grind and her music….but damn! What is she going to say about this?

  10. Credits September 15, 2015

    And I knew that Dawn was acting brand new with the pronounciation of her last name…lol

    • UnXpctd September 15, 2015

      its not being brand new her family is from Haiti and that’s how it’s pronounced…please don’t speak out of ignorance

  11. Carey Like Mariah September 15, 2015

    They both seem friendly and pleasant. I wish them the best in all of their endeavors. ☺️

  12. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 15, 2015

    They are trying so hard to hurt that independent black woman’S hustle, but they’ll only add to the downward spiral of their own careers, if they even have careers. Diddy payed them dust and so shall Dawn.

    • Love September 15, 2015

      Dawn should pay them dust. Kill them with love and kindness in her next interview.

  13. What now September 15, 2015

    They need 2 give up. If there is no DK, there is no relevancy.

  14. Biting Truth September 15, 2015

    I’m stunned that anyone actually cares about any of this.

  15. Navy Nick September 15, 2015

    See, I was on dawns side, but I really feel Audrey/Shannon are very honest and real…. Totally gonna support them now!!! This is y I miss actual shows that allow people to come speak and talk about their music, u get to know artists more than this reality crap that is all scripted! Good job coming here ladies…..

  16. Shane September 15, 2015

    Aubrey’s ass sta playing the victim , how about you comment on how you went behind dawns back to taker her vocals off songs … Go and have a 106 and park bench seat

  17. rxvv September 15, 2015

    I call it now this duo is gonna last just one album! Aubrey has to be the main attraction of everything and that’s proven fact! This b**** knows how to pick her battles just fine. I fine it quite interesting people is actually falling for this b******* when everything is clear as day that Aubrey is the reason for all this b*******!!!! S/n if dawn was the trouble maker why even f****** bother in the first place considering dawn did contribute to Aubrey solo ep that’s why I’m calling this B*******! Aubrey can’t get anything music related off the ground because she does bad f***** business and Shannon is gonna be the next to go upside her head once she see who Aubrey for who she is… a manipulating c***!

  18. RihYonce September 15, 2015

    Those b****** could never get it together maybe if they made s comeback 5 years ago I would’ve atleast cared to know that they came back ! Lol I didn’t even know they released an album ! I only really cared for Day 26 it sucks what happened to them they were one of the most vocally talented male group within the last 20 years they were amazing & ALL of them could sing lead

  19. cocobutta September 15, 2015

    Well Dawn didn’t hear about Brandy until she was in college ???? !!

    Dawn is a creative star but she a messy chileeee. Diddy prob broke up Dirty money cus of her and I know Kaleena also had an issue with Dawn.

    • cocobutta September 15, 2015

      Lord im overdosing on
      ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕

    • Credits September 15, 2015

      Yeah kalenna did say that she had issues with dawn in the past but more recently she has been saying that they are on good terms now. Dirty money was a one album deal so I don’t think that’s why they disbanded. But it does go to show you that dawn may be a common denominator. Not everyone is meant for a group situation.

  20. Matt September 15, 2015

    How about when Shannon said “LET ME TALK CAUSE I NEVER GET TO TALK!”

    • rxvv September 15, 2015

      But people missed that tho! Dumblond 2015-2016!!!

  21. Tasteless September 15, 2015

    Dawn did all this and y’all still wanted to work with her?! Aubrey how could Dawn spread false rumors about you and you still wanted to be her friend? You trusted her enough to hook back up with her in LA and let her back into your life when you dumped Wanita as your bff. You were the thirstiest for a DK reunion. Dawn’s friend outed Aubrey for bad talking about Wanita the whole time on DK3 tour. Let me find out Wanita is back to being your lap dog after you disrespected her so publicly.

    • rxvv September 15, 2015

      Also to let dawn be on her ep and write as well!!!HOW SWAY

  22. UnXpctd September 15, 2015

    It’s funny that people have jumped from supporting Dawn to being on Aubrey tit, when I caught two lies off top. First the solo project, black heart was complete before the dk reunion. Second D woods didn’t want to work with Dawn so she opted out, but at the mention of the reunion Dwoods said she knew nothing about it and Aubrey trash talked her in multiple interviews for saying that. Then how are you so quick to claim she sucker punched you when u ran to call the police…you wouldn’t have done anything diff if y’all were face to face

  23. Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me September 15, 2015

    That interview was crazy! Very entertaining! I like these girls. I think Dawn is talented too. Somewhere in the middle lies the truth, that’s all I am going to say. I am digging dumblonde – are they the most talented artists EVER?! No! but they are creative and have talent! I am here for them and obviously so are some other people.

  24. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig September 15, 2015

    I’M SO TIRED OF HAVING TO GET THESE B*TCHES TOGETHER! Let’s get a couple of things straight!
    1. The Diddy/Aubrey rumor was floating on the blogs from Season 1 of MTB way before Dawn even auditioned
    2. If they didn’t reunite for the money, why did they reunite with someone they claim is so bad?
    3. In the DK3 lineup, Aubrey was acting like she was bestbuds with Dawn, to the point where fans started calling them ‘Dawbrey’. What you doing sis? if she’s the enemy, no amount of money is worth working with her and faking a friendship
    4. Why wasn’t this whole trolling name thing exposed earlier?…. What did they have to lose from hiding it for 10 years especially when they were on multiple reality tv shows. Did they sign non-disclosure agreements? Enquiring minds want to know.
    5. The only thing that has a degree of truth to it, is probably the D.Woods vs Dawn thing because they both were fighting for the ‘token’ position.

    • Credits September 15, 2015

      All you know is what you see on the outside and most of what you see On the the outside is motivated by money, not truth. It’s possible that dawn and Aubrey temporarily made up and it’s possible that they were pretending. Even if the Aubrey and diddy rumor started before dawn, her IP address was still perpetuating it.

  25. Tasteless September 15, 2015

    One last thing I will say is I think some of what they said about Dawn is quite defamatory and bad for her business, especially for someone who is building something for her self and need to be seen in a positive light. If Dawn is thinking as a businesswoman then she should get them to stop talking about her, legally that is. She is not looking too good right now since they said they caught her through her ip address spreading lies about them. If this is in fact lies she should do something about it. Doing a similar interview airing them out would just continue the circle and for them to make up more lies.

  26. Royalkev September 15, 2015

    What the hell is going on with this group?! It’s just sad! I know a lot of people feel a ways about Aubrey, but I saw this group form and was a fan from the beginning (when they were competing on MTB). Aubrey’s the truth! She stands up for what’s fair (when others don’t) and that’s probably why she’s got this reputation for being a bit*h. Of course, I wasn’t there to know what really took place, but I find it hard not to believe Aubrey. She’s ALWAYS come across very straightforward and real. Shannon appears to be quiet mature as well. I doubt they’d accuse someone of the things they have if it wasn’t the honest truth. Unfortunately this is a drama-filled situation. Now I truly understand that this group is just not meant to be!

  27. King Mark111 /.\ September 16, 2015

    Who knew Aubrey was so smart? I knew she had a mouth on her, but the Black Lives Matter and Trump &Kanye was very well spoken. I kinda like the style of their group and their video, even if it won’t work out.

  28. munchies September 17, 2015

    Im surprised Aundrea didnt get aired out too. She was starting fights too. The first bit of drama started with Drea acting crazy over their first single. Aubrey got tired of defending Aundrea’s crazy ass so she teamed up with dawn who always hated D. Woods. they paired off because of that. Shannon was always neutral and was able to center them. Dawn also tried to take vocals of DK songs f.e. Damaged. She didnt get a lead in the song so she tried to rerecord over D. WOODS vocals. Also take into consideration the fact that everyone from the outside was planting in their ears and causing drama. ALL of the girls knew about Dawn solo recording with Diddy because their A&R told them. The Stereotypes were really messy in both situations too. Other producers were making the girls fight over positions in the song which brought about the divide between d, drea & dawn (the 3 with most vocals on the 1st album). This interview only exposed a small amount of the s***. Dawn, as were all the girls was a huge component to their demise but Aundrea played a bigger role. Even the 2nd time around, she was quitting every 3 days and starting fights with everyone even dawn. Dawn & Drea were only cool because of their shared detest for other members. Plus they got dropped from MULTIPLE managers because 1. Bye Baby leaked because of Dawn.
    2. Aundrea’s image and lack of motivation
    3. Dawns further promotion of her solo career (aka releasing solo music/videos while the girls were recording and promoting DK)
    4. The Stereotypes perpetuating their drama by allowing Dawn to rerecord over the other 2, Making them fight over Aundrea’s removed vocals and planting seeds on all 4 sides.

    D. Woods was contacted to rejoin by Shannon and Aubrey in which she told Shannon that she was basically too busy and telling Aubrey hell no and that she shouldn’t return either. Aubreys frustration with d. WOODS came from hearing D lie to the media about her contact with the girls.
    Also why is it that none of the girls talked to Dawn up until Aubrey contacted her about a reunion? Her and Drea were supposesly always cool which is another lie. Dawn dropped Drea soon as Diddy did. They didnt speak for years but Aubrey & Drea were hanging out like 2 weeks after diddy dropped everyone.
    Drea & Aubreys relationship is/was another issue but not as big as people think. They both were tired of eachothers b*******. Aubrey was/is/always will be more recognizable than the other 4 and Drea was always more conservative. Aundrea kept fighting with everyone mainly management. Aubrey and Aundrea teamed up most of the time as far as management but Aubrey always took the fall for standing up. D didnt care and Dawn was already in line for the solo deal. Aubrey & Drea have always been friends but Aubreys not keen on doing business with her because Aundrea singlehandedly ruined just about every business deal then and more recently.

    All 5 of them are crazy but Shannon & Aubrey didnt lie at all. Dawns been stealing and lying since Making The Band.

    Theres so much shady s*** that could and SHOULD be aired out. Like one of the girls reportedly being pregnant which f***** up another deal (Suprise it wasnt Aubrey!) They also were given advances that they were then forced to pay back which is why they were in debt. Diddy created the group to find his Beyonce which originally was Aubrey but because she saw through his s*** and cared about the group more than a solo career. Diddy moved to Dawn. Theres so much stuff I could expose lol

    • jomamathick September 18, 2015

      wow. very interesting! so what went down on their two tours – the christina aguilera and the mtb3 tours? and i remember there were rumors about two DK members getting into a physical fight in las vegas? is it true and if so which two members was it?

      • munchies September 20, 2015

        +Imani J I mean the s*** started with showstopper. the fact that MTB3 cut out all the drama was crazy. the girls were fighting to be heard cause everyone kept getting cut on songs and the girls were rerecording songs and the producers were being catty too. it started with Aundrea hating Showstopper and flipping out on everyone and causing a crazy ass scene. the b2b show was a mess too. christina was shunning all the girls except surprise, Aubrey. this is where Aubrey built relationships with other celebrities namely PCD which perpetuated the rumors that she was joining them. Johnny Wright dropped them in that time frame between the first album/tour/hiatus. They were dropped via text message when JW saw the s*** Diddy was doing to the girls and the fact that they werent united. dawn then took to her social media and announced that her, drea & shannon were moving on as a trio. the s*** was that the early fighting had to do with aundrea/dawn and d. woods. D. woods wanted to be the lead singer and Aundrea was more equipped. Dawn also wanted to be lead singer and it was easier to manipulate shannon & aundrea. Aubrey literally on her own got in contact with all the girls to try and patch the s*** up to move forward with the 2nd album. Diddy never expected to give them the 2nd albumbut the sales of the first assured him of their worth. they werent allowed to write on the first album because diddy wanted to control their control and pockets. he gave the girls an advance for their touring with ca & the kiss108 tour and after they got paid for the tour diddy swiped all of their money grossed on top of the advance he gave them. their broke asses had to move back home but because Aubrey was smarter than the rest of them, she used her connections to make an income something the others couldn’t do

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