Report: Destiny’s Child NOT Reuniting At Beyonce’s Coachella Show

Published: Saturday 16th Dec 2017 by Sam

As one of the biggest groups of all-time, Destiny’s Child carved out a success story few can rival.

It’s little wonder when why the ladies still have legions of fans – 12 years after disbanding.

Indeed, the length and breadth of their present-day relevance was highlighted this week when a rumor begun doing the rounds touting a potential reunion at Beyonce‘s Coachella concert next year. A reunion that would encompass members from DC’s various line-ups.

Will it actually happen though? An update awaits below…

The initial speculation started when a Twitter user seemingly pieced together a number of hints from the likes of Bey, LaTavia Roberson, Michelle Williams, and LeToya Luckett:

However, TMZ says fans need not lose their breath because it’s allegedly not happening.

Citing sources close to Bey, the report stresses that there are currently no plans for a DC regrouping at the April spectacle.

Any suggestion that there will be is apparently fan conjecture.


The reality, as we’ve seen time and time again, is that anything can happen.

As such, in as much as we subscribe to the notion of “seeing is believing,” we wouldn’t be surprised if this did come to fruition.

After all, it’s officially 20 years since DC strut onto the scene. Hence, some sort of major commemoration isn’t far fetched. Whether at Coachella, the BET Awards, or…somewhere.

Who knows if it’ll happen, but we know we’d love to see it. Would you?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Yonce December 16, 2017

    I’m so ready for a reunion! Bey has had great solo success and the other ladies have been able to carve out lanes for themselves so I don’t see what the issue is.

  2. Mimi December 16, 2017

    They said the same thing about Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance, and DC3 reunited for that, so am pretty sure DC5 will grace the stage with a possible farewell single and another greatest hits. THEY OWE US THIS ?

  3. Credits December 16, 2017

    People want to speak this into existence, that’s all. IF social media keeps the hype alive, I bet it will happen.

  4. Allure Searles December 16, 2017

    I would have loved to see a Destiny’s child reunion if they decided to reunite that is but I hate rumors I really do that’s messed up how it isn’t going to happen and it’s unfair I have been a Destiny’s child fan since I was a kid but hopefully we’ll see them perform one last time or release a new album

  5. Brent Christopher December 16, 2017

    LET IT GO!

    Beyonce threw them girls a bone at Super Bowl 2013. Let them each survive professionally based on their own merits & individual successes. I’m tired of that lame Destiny’s Child medley she includes in just about EVERY DAMN SHOWCASE. It’s tired.

    • Jeans December 16, 2017

      Yes that medley is very tired

    • Tim Brown December 16, 2017

      Ok then lol

  6. Mami December 16, 2017

    They would literally shut the BET AWARDS done!! Lol…me personally would LOVE to see Bey, Kelly, Michelle, AND Latoya/Latavia all on stage together

  7. Jamie December 16, 2017

    Just because TMZ said it won’t, doesn’t mean a thing. It’s gonna happen.

  8. The Wig Snatcher December 16, 2017

    The reunion will happen at the Grammys.

  9. Ispeakfacts December 16, 2017

    Im just here for Bey & Kelly… the rest I could careless about…

  10. Tim Brown December 16, 2017

    I want this happen for LaTavia! She WAS DC! She needs closure! She literally was with this group from the intial inception! She deserves it! She hasnt seemed to have found her niche in the industry since then like the other ladies! I’d love to see her host and act more! She prolly needs to have a bigger push—b/c those ATL gigs seem to not do much for her career!

  11. Bam December 16, 2017

    I get that Coachella is a big festival but a DC reunion of all members is something that is televised not coachella’d.

    • Miko December 16, 2017

      Exactly! Beyonce would probably do some super extra s*** like have them perform with her at the Grammys lol.

  12. Miko December 16, 2017

    Farrah probably in some jail cell STEAMING right now. lol

    • Nique December 16, 2017

      ??? I’m DONE!!!

  13. A&R December 16, 2017

    Mama Bey as a biz woman needs to see that not only would a reunion do something for her inner being… it could continue to boost her Brand and status. I hate to make this about biz but if the intent is pure and it makes good biz sense… why thee f*** not?

    At this point in her career she can really start to invest in establishing her legacy and helping caultivate the new comers.

    The lion king movie… AWESOME CHOICE!
    A DC reunion at the 20 year mark? It would reintroduce her roots, showcase the origins of her legendary start to the babies of today, and finally provide closure to the drama around them breaking up. It’d also promote more female unity, and show that Bey doesn’t mind sharing her platform with those who aren’t as popular. Awesome move!
    She should add in there a Rihanna collab and or a Ladies Night remake. If anyone could help kill the tension between female artist all together Bey is big enough to reach out and get all the major ladies to do features in a video and or sing on a track together. Imagine a star lined video with Lady Gaga, Katy, Taylor, Nicki, Cardi, Remy, Kim, Trina, Rih, DC, Keri, Ciara, Kim K, even called Mya, and Ashanti back to visit. Don’t have everyone sing but have them show face in the video and there be some kinda of mild storyline. This would be epic! If not 2018… let her giving back and collaborating lead up to it in 2019!

    • Nique December 16, 2017

      The first part sounds amazing but the “Ladies Night” remake needs some work. Subtract Taylor, Katy, Keri, Kim K (Bey sure as hell ain’t doing that ?), GaGa, & Ashanti. The rest sound fire?. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening.

  14. Thebaddest December 17, 2017

    Anything can happen just know when and if it happens Beyonce will be 10 steps a head of us.

  15. Moti December 17, 2017

    Them girls love to shock and awe…. they will come together when we least expect it! I knew they weren’t as soon as it went viral. Plus I only want DC3, don’t see the point in the others coming, I mean you want to regroup to sing back up? Lol

    • Your Name December 17, 2017

      2018 will make it twenty years since they released their debut album. Why wouldn’t the original members be there?

    • Paulo December 18, 2017

      Dc3 still lipsynching to LeToya’s back up so yeah bish

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