Tupac: Weapon Found In Murder Mystery Disappears

Published: Sunday 17th Dec 2017 by David

Tupac‘s murder mystery just got stranger.

A suspicious update below…

In 1998 the gun said to have been used to murder the 25-year-old star was found in a Compton backyard by an unidentified citizen.

Two years later  Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department absorbed the Compton Police Department and seized full control of around 3,800 firearms and transported them away from their original home.

In 2006, Deputy T. Brennan was working on the Biggie Smalls murder case when he started to look into Tupac’s case. Something he found startled him.

He  recognized the address where the gun was originally found to be that home of a Crip gang member who allegedly had issues with the “Dear Mama” singer.

Concerned, he ordered a ballistics test and the results proved that the gun matched the description of the one used to slay the performer.

What happened next? Trouble.

‘Vibe’ shares…

Reportedly, a federal prosecutor assigned to the case claimed news of the gun’s discovery would alert conspirators and ordered the gun not be transported to the Las Vegas Police Department. While it’s not outlined in the document, the belief is fear of renewed gang violence may erupt.

The weapon is now missing.

Your thoughts?

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  1. DanYiel Iman December 18, 2017

    I guess which means what now in “2017”

  2. Gloria Lamb December 19, 2017

    Just remember…NO SIN GOES UNPUNISHED!!!!!!!!
    Touch NOT my annointed, not do my prophets any harm.
    God’s word are the same yesterday and forever!!

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