Pink On Super Bowl National Anthem: “I Have The Flu”

Published: Saturday 3rd Feb 2018 by Sam

Pop force Pink has been tapped to perform the US National Anthem at tomorrow’s Super Bowl.

However, it appears rehearsals aren’t going as smoothly as hoped.

Find out why below…

“Trying to practice the flu away. I’ve been waiting to sing this song since 1991 when I saw my idol, Whitney Houston, own this song. And now, my chance has finally come. And it just so happens that this chance comes when I have two small Petri dish kids who literally cough INTO MY MOUTH and rub their snot on my cheek. You can’t write this stuff I swear! And here we are. I’ve arrived at another one of my dreams which is slowly becoming a sort of nightmare. I will tell you, this is one of the biggest honors of my life, singing this song in front of my family, my military family, my dad and brother and step mama and family and the world. And the EAGLES!?!?!

I promise I will do my best, as I always do. As far as the gremlins that got me into this mess, you can cough at me for the rest of your lives. If it’s a contest, babies, you win. #spreadthelove#spreadthegerms#pleasegivememyvoiceback#ificansingimgonnakillit


Nonetheless, Pink is a trooper and the definition of a professional. As such, we’re sure her “flu” vocals still sound better most. (We hope).

Your thoughts?

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  1. China February 3, 2018

    Pink killed the “over the rainbow” performance with vocals I never knew she had. She will kill this. America has yet to discover that she is an incredible vocalist.

  2. Boytoy1814 February 3, 2018

    Pre record the vocals in the studio. Come back & lip sync. Beyonce did it for President Obama’s second inauguration 2013. America still loves Beyonce & they will love u 2.

    • Elio February 3, 2018

      Nah it’s anotha case, u talking abt the queen

      • Memo February 3, 2018

        Queen of what, exactly?

      • Brandon February 4, 2018

        Queen of the music industry if not then who

    • Brandon February 4, 2018

      Girl is Beyoncé all y’all know ? And y’all don’t know anything ! Every single performance is pre recorded from Whitney to Mariah

  3. Suicide Blonde February 3, 2018

    Lmao at “I have the flu” ?

  4. Elio February 3, 2018

    Time to pick bey

  5. Achooo! February 3, 2018

    Oh Pink! Too late for excuses just take some raw garlic and you will be cured

  6. Mark111 February 3, 2018

    Don’t they prerecord these anyway? Not a big deal, lower your range if you have to.

    • Fancy BISH February 3, 2018

      Exactly! You took the words right out of my mouth lol ✅?

  7. JOHNVIDAL February 3, 2018

    Why are you guys making it seem like it is no big deal??? Live singing while ill is impossible. I guess she´ll do it and that´s why she is warning people. She should just lip. Nothing wrong. 90% of people do it for these occasions even while not being sick.

    That said Pink´s voice is good but nothing special. People need to stop living in the delusion her oscar performance was something memorable or anything. It was ok for a good singer. That´s all.

  8. KD February 3, 2018

    Here I was thinking it was because of Kim Kardashians fragrance…

  9. DanYiel Iman February 4, 2018

    Hmm ?…

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