Taylor Swift Eyes New Recording Contract?

Published: Tuesday 28th Aug 2018 by David

Record labels from far and wide have their sights set on the cash magnet that is Taylor Swift‘s discography now that her current recording contract is coming to an end.

Full story below…

November will see her contract with Big Machine Records dissolve more than a decade after she signed it meaning she will be free to sign with a brand new label…or go it alone as an independent artist.

‘Variety’ reports…

Swift has already been free to negotiate with rival companies, though she couldn’t sign any new deal before November. Her reps are known to have preliminary discussions with the major label groups, along with talks about returning to Big Machine, the Nashville-based , Universal Music Group-distributed indie that became a powerhouse with Swift as its flagship artist.

There is every chance that Taylor may renew her deal with ‘Machine’ to save it from going under. For, she – put simply- is keeping its lights on. 

Borchetta (Machine’s founder) has signaled in the past that he’s not inclined to surrender what may be the company’s biggest single asset: Swift’s masters. That there’s apparently no breakthrough in sight on that point suggests neither side wants to give in… which might leave Big Machine in the position of giving up a piece of Swift’s future in order to hold on to a bigger piece of her past. “The onus is on [Borchetta],” says a well-placed source. “Does he want to be in the Taylor Swift business going forward? If he does, he needs to do something.”


What do you think she should do?

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  1. Truthtea August 28, 2018

    I just hope this TS craze is almost finished but I’m also worried who the industry will replace her with because each time, the new IT girl gets worse than before!

    • Nina August 28, 2018

      You’re good 😂

  2. The Wig Snatcher August 28, 2018

    Long live the Queen of Mayonnaise Rock and Soul.

  3. Tio August 28, 2018

    If Taylor is smart she’s would’ve started her own label, used the promo from her home label and then when her co tract dissolved sign herself and then add new talent to her roster.

    • Sugar August 28, 2018

      Not as easy as it sounds. She’d have to paybo

    • Sugar August 28, 2018

      Pay people to work in marketing, finance, accounting etc. All from her own pocket.

      • E L Harbeson August 28, 2018

        She already does that for herself, she would have to add to her present staff. She also owns the trucks that transport her tour (rents them to other entertainers when not on tour) and pays for her own stage, and the 250 crew members who travel with the tour. She is pretty much her own company now.

    • Rasputia Lattimore August 28, 2018

      Why don’t you reach out to her and set up a label for her? Maybe she will let you help manage her. Seems like now is the time since her contract is up.

  4. Lake Erie August 28, 2018

    She should just go indie. With the right small team, who needs a label.

    • Casual August 28, 2018

      I totally agree. TS already has major name recognition. She doesn’t need a label at this point.

  5. DanYiel Iman August 29, 2018

    I’m sorry I don’t take her music & voice seriously…🙊

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