R. Kelly Accuser Goes Public For First Time: ‘I’m Not Ashamed Any More’ [Video]

Published: Thursday 28th Mar 2019 by Rashad

A previously anonymous woman who alleges R. Kelly sexually assaulted her is now going public with the accusations for the first time.

Despite the embattled singer entering a ‘not guilty’ plea to the 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving four alleged victims (click here to read more), one of the four – identified in the indictment record as “L.C.” – is maintaining the 52-year-old is guilty of the reported crimes.

Taking to CBS ‘This Morning,’ she shared a harrowing tale of her relationship with the ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ star.  Hear it inside:

As detailed in the video above, Lanita Carter – Kelly’s former hairdresser – says she was an avid supporter of the singer at one time and even defended him at the height of his child pornography charges in 2002.  That changed when Carter, who was 24 years old at the time of the alleged sexual assault, says he propositioned her for sex in 2003.

The hairdresser says she signed a $650,000 settlement to keep quiet about the incident, even though he admitted no wrongdoing.

In 2009 Kelly released a song about having sex with a woman who braids his hair. “Zig-zag braids, got em looking like spaghettay,” the lyrics said. “That was one of the hair styles that I was known for doing, that I never did on him,” Carter said. “We were on the L-shaped couch when the incident happened.”

That song led to another confidential settlement – this time for $100,000. Kelly again denied any wrongful conduct but agreed to never perform the song or include it in future albums. [source]

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  1. Jasmine March 28, 2019

    LOL Where are the underrage accusers at. If you are 24 and going in grown men’s hotel rooms to ‘braid hair’ what do you expect. She should not have been there in the 1st place if she was not down with the get down.

    No women should be going in men’s hotel rooms! Period. I see why the prosecutor did not take her case. This is just he said she said accusations. She say she didn’t want to and I’m sure R. Kelly will say she wanted to.

    • P**** Galore March 29, 2019

      F*** U Ghostmine as a hairdresser, makeup artist and fashion advisor TO CELEBRITIES…you will work a lot from their rooms, backstages and green rooms and you know it you’re just shaming her to protect your lovebird again.
      I’d be deeply shocked if you were really a woman but I’m with all who think you’re just a troll and nothing serious come from your mouth I’m good.
      Ohh and I ask to god something similiar to what happened to her happens to you in a near future.

      • Jasmine April 12, 2019

        A ‘hair braider’ is NOT the same as a hair stylist dumb ass. Look at her. She look a mess. She ain’t no damn ‘stylist’. You are projecting and reaching. I can spot a professional d|ck sucker a mile away and that is what she is! She sucked his d|ck by choice. She wanted to suck his d|ck. She mad cause he ain’t want to lift her stomach pouch to f.uck so he nutted down her throat.

      • Jasmine April 12, 2019

        FYI I am a woman which is why I know more about this than you do F.AGGOT. All you know how to do is pretend to be a woman and take nut up your sh|t hole but I am the real deal so seethe and stay mad bi.tch boy.

  2. ??? March 28, 2019

    R. Kelly f***** her so good in the ASS and mouth…no wonder she was not ashamed anymore! At least R.Kelly can make them have an ORGASM ?. Michael JACKO was into handsome little boys C*** SUCKER and ASS F*****…cause JACKO was f****** CASTRATED GAY C***?…that’s why he paid all those adopted white kids and called them blanket and wigs.

  3. biancacook March 28, 2019

    ssooo im confused he only propositioned her at age 24? why is this a story. what is see speaking out for? did he r*** her or drug her?

  4. I HeATE WHYYYTE n Blaccck BITCHEZZ BOTH NOT SHT March 28, 2019

    Robin roberts needs to breaK these bitchezz dooown, she did good with bobby brown interview when lied and said it was Whitney who pass him the drug, , Robin should do kelly not Gayle.

  5. tashmaxx@gmail.com March 28, 2019

    They didn’t really make it clear what happened. Did he just ejaculate on her after he asked her to perform oral? I guess we will find out at some point.

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