Beyonce x Adidas Due To Debut This Year

Published: Friday 3rd May 2019 by Sam

Adidas have big plans for their Beyonce collaboration.

Announced last month, the singer and sportswear giant have teamed up for a global relaunch of Bey’s Ivy Park alth-leisure line and more.

As reported, it was revealed that the partnership is being taken seriously by all sides and is being engineered to deliver colossal results a la Yeezy. Indeed, the performer is said to be so committed to the venture that she’s building a dedicated team who’ll head up operations from either Los Angeles or Oregon (where Adidas HQ is).

Now, more is being divulged – specifically the launch frame.

In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted proudly announced:

“[The] First products will come out in very limited supply by the end of the year. We had more than 1-Billion impressions within 24-hours of the deal being signed.”

Beyond the billion impressions, Adidas shares went up following the announcement of the collaboration.

With this, The Lion King, and more on the horizon, it’s busy times for Bey!

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  1. 2bad2bme May 3, 2019

    I Lve me some Beyonce but I don’t care about no shoes. I need a new single for this next album. Don’t drop the whole thing at once again. We need time to take this new era in peace by peace like the old days.

  2. ??? May 3, 2019

    lmaooooo they better hope they can sell more than 14k shoes, messing with this FLOP I hope adidas covered their asses lmfaoooooooooooo

  3. Keith May 3, 2019

    It will be interesting to see what the product line looks like, its price points and how the public responds….

  4. Ratedxxx May 3, 2019

    She’s trying so hard to be like rihanna…
    She cant sell anything….

    Trust they’re going to act like her brand is selling more than Kanye ‘s brand….
    But it’s all smoke and mirrors..just like dead wrong. Aka dereon..and house of dead a** wrong.Aka house of dereon
    Heck even britney is killing in the perfume department..britney’s perfumes are worth a billion..
    Jessica Simpson clothing are worth a billion…i saw many celebs wearing her clothing and everything

    • Ty May 3, 2019

      You love clinging to white artists to invalidate black stars…. such a sad loser stop obsessing over Beyoncé. You think a brand like Adidas would partner up with someone who isn’t markateble or can’t sell some shoes? Beyoncé can sell a three year old album and have it reenter top 10 billboard I’m pretty sure some trainers and leggings are not that deep she actually has a fan base that buys things unlike your fav over there.

      • Ty May 3, 2019

        And your claims that they gone act like her brand is selling more than Kanye is you admitting your biggest fear is going to happen which is Beyoncé outselling Kanye. You so delusional you think a billion dollar company would invest in something to pretend it sells more than another investment they have? What kind of simpleton logic is that? You so hateful you willing to sound like someone with the IQ of an ant just to validate your fantasy of Beyoncé failing.

      • Edwin May 4, 2019

        No matter what u say the hate is so deep for Beyonce it won’t really matter. They love to talk about mediocre white artist. This woman has put in the work regardless of what most think. I respect her hustle and work ethic. U can’t be rationale with irrational people. So let them build up the kardashians Swift’s and the Hilton’s.

  5. Ty May 3, 2019

    This will be another career milestone and gold mine just like everything Beyoncé seems to touch these days. Love seeing black Woman in positions of power in the music and fashion industry lord knows we need them. But every musician these days seems to do any thing but release new music. But more black people leading in business not just entertainment is always a plus.

    • Clarkson May 3, 2019

      “Career milestones” LOL. Selling 14k copies of homecoming album. She is done. Her sound and voice is dated. She has peaked. She will reach the top 10 ever again in her career unless she features bad bunny or Billie ellish or any one of these young kids that are hot right now

      • Ty May 4, 2019

        She reached the top ten with a two albums a live album of old songs and and a three year old album… so how would she fail to reach the top ten with a new album ?? you people…. I mean it’s like Beyoncé attracts the stupidest borderline simple on this blog.

  6. i hate whyt and blaocjkk May 3, 2019

    beyonce brown skin…..

    b**** wanna be brownskin.. I mean look at the image…wow…b**** will never be like whitney Houston

    stocks go up and down….

    • i hate whyt and blaocjkk May 3, 2019

      whitney Houston was a better wife, mother , daughter and friend…singer/star.

      beyonce is so un.grateful she doesn’t rest in peace to Whitney Houston. she is jealous of her.

      blu iv: she hated her child whitney was a better mommy she loved bobbik she did not slam her face in the pillow…

      destiny child, thief beyonce don’t speak to them

      matthew beyonce don’t speak to him

      jay z whitney was a way better wife she loved bobby brown ran jumped in his arms…

  7. i hate whyt and blaocjkk May 3, 2019


  8. Ratedxxx May 3, 2019

    Unlike you racist bunch of nothing…I dont see skin color…..which is ironic beyondfake she wants to be white and Spanish so bad….

    You sound stupid trying to come for when i didnt send.

    Dead you actually think beyondfake is going to sell more than kanye
    Mad that many legends have outsold her crap.
    Obviously ivy park wasn’t selling hence why she went to a bigger chan
    Its going to flop like all her business..

    Smoke and mirrors

    • Ty May 3, 2019

      Are you sure you’re not schizophrenic cause I think you simply are the stupidest individual on this blog. You actually worser than that other deranged loon ??? You are the one who keeps bringing up Kanye you know for a fact she is going to sell more than Kanye her brand is bigger her popularity is something Kanye dreams of at night why you think his so thirsty for his brother and bey to accept and love him? Even Kanye who you so desperately try to cling onto would give in left nut to lick the sweat of Beyoncé brow. You are not racist you’re just a simpleton you love clinging onto white artists you even once claimed it was Beyoncé fault pink career wasn’t were you thought it should be that’s how deranged you are. As for ivy park your obsession didn’t lead you the simple information that the owner of Topshop who was 50/50 partner in ivy park is embroiled in the #metoo scandal? No viable business wants to be attached to that mess. She simply bought up the other half of ivy park and found another distributor. Why would Adidas invest in a business that was failing. You can’t ever directly respond once you card been called. You type like someone who isn’t working with a full deck anyway. LOSER!!!!

      • 4U2SEE May 3, 2019

        You must be a narcissus since you have to breathe for beyonce to feel like you’re winning. You have to be in denial cause you stalk every comment even to support capitalism in a racist hateful greedy society. You’re not winning with the hate to approve your narcissus narrow mind. Beyonce pay for accolades to go into her favor with your absent mind that feel the need to be accepted from a very low deprived childhhod. You must regret from not knowing beyonce like she gave you a guilt trip vowing for her like a marriage… Hit dogs like you love howling for her, like you her bich.

  9. ihate whyte & bckk ppl they both nt sht May 3, 2019

    BLACK HAIR AND BROWN SKIN… look at the pic….ADIDAS really wanted Whitney Houston ..

  10. Clarkson May 3, 2019

    LOL. Before I let go flopped massively on the charts, didn’t even debut in the top 50 even after she started a lame dance challenge that never took off. Home girl is desperate for a hit.

    Here comes the excuses from the hive.

  11. RebelHeart May 3, 2019

    Good for her!!! She’s making good money

  12. Medellin May 4, 2019

    They should have offered this to Adele or Madonna. At least they are more popular and appealing that beyansie

  13. Ratedxxx May 4, 2019

    So you can’t comprehend words…
    You worship a fraud..

    So whose stupid now.
    Go take your stupid racist axx and have a darn seat
    You stan for the biggest fraud in history….and I’m supposed to the stupid one

    You’re are dismissed

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