Lil Nas X Thanks Mariah Carey After Snatching Record: “You’re A Legend”

Published: Tuesday 30th Jul 2019 by Sam

Lil Nas X officially bulldozed Mariah Carey‘s 23-year Billboard record after his hit ‘Old Town Road’ spent its 17th week at #1 on the Hot 100.

As reported, Mimi offered a hearty congratulations to the 20-year-old.

And the rising star has responded with an overflow of gratitude.

His words below…

wowwww thank you so much mariah! you are a legend and an icon and i’m blessed to even have you acknowledging me right now! growing up to your music & now having you talk to me directly is unreal! ❤️❤️❤️

We’re loving the love.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarkson July 30, 2019

    Queen things.
    A chat topping queen acknowledging another chat topping queen.

    Nicki minaj this is how queens behave, classy and graceful, learn something from this *Tyra banks voice*

    • Lil nas tee aws July 30, 2019

      **rolls eyes** in order to bring someone else down to build someone up, you must understand that they are at a much higher status (even without any number 1’s [payola]). Case in point, how you brought her up and the post had nothing to do with her. Such an undercover fan.

    • China July 30, 2019

      Lil Nas is FAKE AF. Isn’t this the same Nicki STAN who hated on Mariah years ago. He’s a D_ickriding Queen. HE’S A ONE HIT WONDER who we will NEVER HEAR FROM AGAIN. MARIAH IS ICONIC.

  2. Skarr July 30, 2019

    Mariah and her kids probably love OTR. Lol. Congrats to Lil Nas X.

  3. Gworl Bye July 30, 2019

    I’m over all of this mess, neither one of these songs is all that great or special lol.

  4. Bey Best July 30, 2019

    A former Nicki stan who doesn’t acknowledge her anymore gets a number-one single before she does (despite having over 100 charting singles). Lil’ Nas X praised Mariah publicly and has a Cardi B duet. That’s the ULTIMATE L for Nicki.

  5. I hate bllccck n whyyyte July 30, 2019

    Noooo the f*** she did not….. Did you forget what you posted yesterday she said the song should never even be remixed. Mimi a haateer . She dissed his song

    • What would Whitney do. WWWD July 30, 2019

      Get em cowboys… Mariah b****

      riding on someone’s back again.. riding coattails just like she did with Whitney Houston. B**** disssed his song said don’t remix that …

      • King July 30, 2019

        She said osd otr remix should’nt happen. People hate her just to hate

  6. Pat July 30, 2019

    Ciaras influence

  7. ERIC July 30, 2019

    He can’t say she’s an icon and he grew up with her music after we’ve seen him insult her by saying her career was over in 1997 which is two years before he was even born. I’m one of the real fans who grew up on Mariah — Daydream is the first album I ever owned — and I NEVER had something nasty to say about her. Nas needs to go away and do it soon.

    • High Price July 30, 2019

      Well it’s still ALLEGED that, that account was really even his.

  8. JOHNVIDAL July 30, 2019

    Yes she is a legend. He will never be probably. Either he is TRULY talented and keeps releasing songs with the right “touch” or he will be done in 2 years. He doesn´t scream “supertalent”. I like the moment the song has meant in music in general. But that´s about it. I doubt masses would even recognize him outside the USA. There´s no possible comparison. Macarena did it too 🙂 Lack of competition is key. But it is kind of cool the songs at least.

    • Patthepuss August 1, 2019

      @JOHNVIDAL my friends here in the UK only knows the song cause of the remix with RM from bts lol.

      • Patthepuss August 1, 2019


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