Mariah Carey Congratulates Lil Nas X on Breaking Hot 100 Record, Old Tweets of Him Dissing Her Resurface

Published: Monday 29th Jul 2019 by Rashad

‘Meek as a lamb’ may not describe Mariah Carey‘s fan base upon learning their fave’s 23-year-old record for longest running Hot 100 #1 in history was broken today by Lil Nas X‘s megahit ‘Old Town Road’ (as we reported here), but the Pop diva herself has been the shining example of humility.

Just last week telling our friends at The Blast that she wasn’t worried about the 20-year-old breaking the record (click here to watch), today the ‘One Sweet Day’ singer took to Instagram to congratulate X for the achievement.

Read her touching words inside:

Her heartfelt message did little to quell the attack of her fans (affectionately called #Lambs) as they unearthed tweets from X – allegedly a diehard Nicki Minaj fan – slamming the diva in 2016.

Ouch! Needless to say, the tweet above only added more fuel to the fire of the already angered fan base.  The ongoing attack led Lil Nas to Twitter to say:

Despite the continued melee, one fan tried to make peace:


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  1. Reno July 29, 2019

    Queen supporting another queen, we stan

    • Jasmine July 29, 2019

      Um the real queen Nas showed his true colors under that Nas Maraj account. Mariah always tries to be graceful in her comments. Even when Mariah shades hos she keeps classy by simply stating she doesn’t know who they are. Professional (Mariah) vs Distasteful (Nas).

  2. truthtea July 29, 2019

    Um no next! Lil Nas X better enjoy his one and only hit!

    • Shayla Queen July 29, 2019

      It’s why he keeps rehashing it with remix after remix as he knows he’ll never have another one.

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 29, 2019

        Lol does he NEED another one???. He broke one of the biggest Records u can possibly break off a “one hit wonder” u mean the Longest Hit Wonder ???

      • Jasmine July 29, 2019

        Diabetes I think he does need another hit. Remember songs sell for pennies on the dollar compared to the 90s. Artists make money off of the REVENUE the song brings (minus the hefty cut the label takes to pay themselves and anyone who is owed royalties like writers). He’s way too young to not at least put out a few albums whether they are hits or fail….he has contractual obligations to fulfill and he should be setting goals. I think the coming out as gay was strategic but also inevitable because people would keep bringing up his Nicki Minaj Twitter account where he made b.itchy comments like this one. He broke a record but why should he stop there? Elton John broke records for gays but he never stopped. Mariah broke records in the 90s but it was her constant work that made her the best selling artist of the 90s. Beyonce worked the late 90s and 2000s to become the greatest selling group of all time (Beyonce and Dem also known As ‘Destinys Child’ lol). IMO Lil Nas should keep rising the wave and put out new singles.

      • Gworl Bye July 30, 2019

        Correction, TLC is the greatest selling group of all time.

  3. ERIC July 29, 2019

    I don’t know how you can take back a comment like that unless you own it and admit to how immature you were for saying it. Let’s see what tricks he resorts to when he tries to make a comeback after disappearing from the charts. Mariah won’t help him and Nicki won’t either. Good luck.

  4. Jasmine July 29, 2019

    That Queen Nas is hating on Mariah but his favorite Nicki is getting married to a convicted felon who r.apes women and murdered people. She just got her marriage in Beverly Hills today. Mariah would never! Mariah would only marry a man with money and never a convicted felon!

    • None of your business July 30, 2019

      Oh b*tch, he should kill you next.

  5. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 29, 2019

    i cant stop laughing at the MELTDOWNS in the previous nasx post. Ole Town Road the biggest song of the 10s occurs in the last eligible year.

    If u have a hard time understanding why this broke MOOriahs tired record u are TONEDEAF. Streaming Downloads Airplay doesn’t matter.

    Blacks naturally rule the entertainment industry. It would go #1 regardless. It’s one of a kind half Country Half Trap, organic catchy original rich. Lilnasx Voice and Image also breathe of fresh air. Ppl need to stop hating.

    Ole Town Road is one of those Rare INSTANT CLASSICs

    Despacito is GARBAGE, ole town road actually deserves more weeks at #1. It’s a classic MASTERPIECE just like Lemonade.

    • Shayla Queen July 29, 2019

      Wow. There is seriously something wrong with you if you say Old Town Road and Lemonade are classic masterpieces. You are why music is the way it is these days.

    • Gworl Bye July 30, 2019

      lemonade a classic, but it struggled for 3 years just to sell 2 million copies lmao.

  6. Fancy BISH July 29, 2019

    I don’t know where Mariah recorded her songs back in the day, but somehow she found the clearest sound EVER, especially on the Daydream album…just listen to One Sweet Day…it’s so crisp, clean and quality ? Daydream is truly a beautiful sounding album! ? We ❤️ you, Slayriah! Just relax and rest your tittiez chile cause you’ve already done the work and you’re a living LEGEND lol ???

  7. Clarkson July 30, 2019

    Reading that tweet, Damn he sounds like a messy gay. I hope he has changed.

    Nicki has and will never end anybody’s career. Cardi came for her, and cardi won a Grammy some few months later. Barbs sit down.

    • Gworl Bye July 30, 2019

      Nicki still sold more records, has more hits, and has more longevity. So you can go ahead and have that seat.

  8. Jasmine The Real Princess July 30, 2019

    Wasn’t she being shady just a few days ago?
    Lbr her team probably wrote / told her to congratulate Lil Nas so she doesn’t look like the old, insecure and washed up sour loser that she is ?‍♂️

    • emanuel July 30, 2019

      She has sold 241M records worldwide, and is a singing legend with nothing left to prove. What a loser right?

      • Jasmine The Real Princess July 30, 2019

        She is insecure and we all know it. Always threatened by other artists. What a fat flop lol

    • Gworl Bye July 30, 2019

      Exactly, Mariah’s shady insecure ass is nobody’s victim, she just shaded Nas X just last week.

  9. Gee July 30, 2019

    Honestly, this is so stupid he broke the Billboard record but I hope that he can achieve longevity beyond this song. But it looks like the masses are more interested in this song and his sexuality over his actual EP he just recently released.

    • Ropeburn July 31, 2019

      That’s a shame too cause the song with Cardi B is actually decent.

  10. Gee July 30, 2019

    Actually, MC was not being shady at all she was making it clear that she was not sweating it that he was going to break the Billboard record and she was not going to hop on an OTR remix just for the sake of its popularity or to keep the Billboard record. On another note RocNation is not going to make MC do nothing she does not want to do.

    • Shayla Queen July 30, 2019


  11. Tyty July 30, 2019

    Why do people dig up old tweets? If someone is just your average Joe before fame tweeting rubbish their career is supposed to be cancelled cause of some s*** they said pre-fame?? Stans are so annoying.

  12. China July 30, 2019

    The real SHADE is Mariah Carey will go down in History as a ICON/LEGEND with multiple number 1 hits and a legendary career. Ms. LIL NAS will go down in history as A ONE HIT WONDER. Lil Nas is forgettable and only Billy rae Cyrus makes this song a huge Hit.

    • Kurtz July 30, 2019


    • Gworl Bye July 30, 2019

      Somebody’s mad….

  13. Stevone l Jackson July 30, 2019

    This is why I love Mariah she is always humble ❤️♥️? always giving her peers the credit they deserve……Mariah always number 1…

  14. Niki July 30, 2019

    It’s so funny and ridiculous see all you people fighting with completely stranger people for other people’s successes .These are all very popular and rich people who lives their best life’s while you behind a screen spending hours support with your little money and time ,make them even more important .you forget about your whole life and yourself .go back to your life and give importance to your acts.Mariah has some of millions ,and lil nas already is rich for his rest of his life ,wtf people ,it’s good to love your artists and support them but this is ridiculous .you are ridiculous ,poor people .

  15. #TheTruth July 30, 2019

    Is there any proof he’s the one behind that account ? People believe anything they read without any proof.

    • Kurtz July 30, 2019

      I thought this? Just cos someone on the net said it’s him how we know it is? Plus he was a kid then and I’m sure MC ain’t losing sleep over it ?

  16. Casual July 30, 2019

    I don’t think Mariah will be bothered by comments Nas made as a 17 yo. She knows how stans are, and she mature enough to take him at his word now.

  17. Eddylamb July 31, 2019

    She is a DIVA and let me remind you in the past you have to save every penny to buy a record or being calling to the radio stations to listen her song now it’s so way to achieve that with just a click. HONEY YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT IS TO BE WORKING YOUR ASS OFF TO BE MARIAH CAREY #PERIOD

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