Taylor Swift On Justin Bieber Manager: “He’s Never Made Art In His Life”

Published: Saturday 24th Aug 2019 by David

Taylor Swift has revealed that she isn’t surprised by Scooter Braun’s decision to, as far she sees it, buy her music behind her back because he is not an artist.

The ‘Lover’ sat down with the ‘Elvis Duran and the Morning Show’ hours ago to promote her brand new album and revealed that she isn’t shocked by Braun’s supposed lack of respect for her work because, unlike her, he isn’t musically inclined.

Will you agree with her estimation of their expensive feud?

Hit the 16 minute mark below…

Braun is yet to respond.

Do you think he should?

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  1. TheOneAndOnly August 24, 2019

    Can she seriously just shut the f**k up already. The way she fishes for sympathy is pathetic. I can’t believe her white women tears have held up this long. Her fast are the most gullible and idiotic people alive. She really posted her 14yr old selfs diary entries the other day trying to gain more sympathy talking about how excited she was for her record deal with BMG. ?

    • Rosanna August 24, 2019

      Have u heard the interview?
      She was asked abt it but you seem like those kind of people who just read the titles and star criticizing!
      She’s good she don’t need your sympathy ?

    • #TheTruth August 24, 2019

      Do we need to refer to people by their ethnicity ?
      White tears sounds pretty racist to me… So annoying how so many people on this blog have issues with race.

    • Alexin August 24, 2019

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  2. Tyty August 24, 2019

    So im guessing nobody around her is going to tell her the victim train has gone and won’t work again. You are nearly 30 years old grow up. Nobody feels sorry for you. Artists like MJ or Prince who actually had work and masters worth preserving died for protecting their artistic integrity. You sing nursery rhymes with a dose of white privilege. If only that Kanye had never interrupted her speech.

    • Yeh sure August 24, 2019

      As usual, you come in with your hate against taylor on yet another post, and you was the one who said they didn’t an emotion interst in celebrity’s.
      You clearly are obsessed with taylor swift.

      • Tyty August 24, 2019

        I don’t hate people I don’t know I have an opinion on her. Evidently, you don’t disagree since you didn’t dispute in that respect we share the exact same opinion of her. ?? Fyi it’s a blog I will comment on posts regardless of who it is. And you need to look up definition of obsession it doesn’t apply but I suppose its a trigger word that makes you feel comfortable since you know im right about her.

      • Woah Vicky August 24, 2019

        Well you’re the person to leave a comment on every post of Taylors, even though you don’t like her. Why bother?? I bet the next post you’ll do the same.
        I disagree with you obviously, she’s been in the game over 10 years. Only cause she can connect through her lyrics, doesn’t matter the age of her audience. She’s a legend.

  3. Lovelife August 24, 2019

    She is CORRECT..
    one of the biggest artists should speak up about this situation because it could effect future musicians..

    Imagine making art and you don’t own it.. it’s ridiculous

    If anyone actually listened to the interview, you would know she’s not playing victim just saying how she feels

  4. Woah Vicky August 24, 2019

    People are seething at Taylor swift, just admit you like her really deep down. Did anyone see the Lines outside or stores that are selling her album. They was hugeeeee. It’s truly a event when taylor has a new album out.

  5. Meme August 24, 2019

    I’m confused. He is a manager, not a musician. Girl bye

  6. Lex August 24, 2019

    I’m getting tired of her.

  7. Lasko August 24, 2019

    Today is Christina Aguilera’s debut album 20th anniversary.

  8. Gurlwepa89 August 25, 2019

    She’s an artist and has every right to fight and express her opinion. Unlike some so called singer that call themselves “artist” and continuously plagiarized and steal from others. Shout-out to Beyonce Lion King Soundtrack:The Gift ?

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