Behind The Scenes: Camila Cabello – ‘Liar’ Video

Published: Friday 18th Oct 2019 by Sam

Camila Cabello is aiming to land another hit with new single ‘Liar,’ the latest taste of new album ‘Romance.’

The flavorsome jam arrived as part of a series of weekly drops from the former Fifth Harmony singer and is showing the most promise of all the cuts offered up.

Currently making healthy gains on the stream scene, the track may well be poised to top its #54 peak on the Billboard Hot 100.

To assist its cause, Cabello has shared a behind the scenes look at the making of the Dave Meyers directed visual. Check it out below…

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  1. china October 18, 2019

    she is OVER-RATED. Those vocals…………………….

    • Clarkson October 18, 2019

      Go watch her SNL performance of her song easy , then come back to us.

      the goal is not to have an angelic voice,
      the goal is to have a distinctive voice.
      When people hear Camila on the radio they know it’s her cause her voice is distinctive, her voice stands out, her voice is recognisable.

      Besides Camila is a better vocalist and performer than normani.
      That why Camila was nominated for best pop vocal performance for Havana (live).
      When normani get a Grammy nomination come speak to me.

      • china October 18, 2019

        AND…and you are D_ick riding for what reason????? She’s NOT a legacy artist….she’s the female Shawn Mendes and will be FORGOTTEN this time next year. PERIOD.

      • You tried October 18, 2019

        And what will you say when shee gets a nom for something? She doesn’t deserve it?

  2. Only Facts October 18, 2019

    ???no comment necessary ???

  3. Clarkson October 18, 2019

    Congratulations to Camila for scoring another top ten in the UK
    South of the boarder just hit number 7 in the UK.

    This is her 2nd top ten hit this year in the UK. Seniorita hit number one (as it should) and stayed number 1 for 6 weeks..

    4 top ten hits overall in the UK for queen cabello.

    Liar is rising also. (Number 21)
    Liar has outpeaked motivation in the uk.
    Motivation peaked at number 27 in the UK. Lol

    When last did a female artist dominate the US and the UK at the same time? Adele or Rihanna.

    • You tried October 18, 2019

      She isn’t dominating, what us wrong with you??? You hate somebody who doesn’t know you and doing it in the name of Camila who doesn’t know. Get a life outside of this comment section if you’re mentally unstable then I apologize

  4. The Real Jasmine’s Grape ? Juice ? October 18, 2019

    She didn’t need a video for this, because it already flopped Since Normani been on the Scene Camilla has been Flopping Poor Clarkson

  5. High Price October 18, 2019

    Waste of a budget, and I doubt this video will bring back light to the fizzled single. NEXT!

    • Only Facts October 18, 2019

      That’s all I keep thinking about is how she’s running through her budget. And epic is already struggling as it is.

      • High Price October 18, 2019


  6. Camila Ain’t Nothing October 18, 2019

    LOL. Joke

  7. Tyty October 18, 2019

    This is embarrassing at this point it’s obvious her singles ain’t hitting anything with the GP whatever stans she does have ain’t s*** either 4 singles, crappy performances and behind the scenes videos …. chile she will definitely delay the album.

  8. Nicky October 18, 2019

    God she is not attractive. Yikes. ???

    Oh. Let’s see another video for a flop single ????

    #54 peak?

    I can’t breathe. ?????????

    So will any of the 4 solo singles go at least top 40. She’s proven my theory. No feature. No hit.


  9. Nicky October 18, 2019

    ???? @ the photo y’all used.

    That’s her looking at her 4 Flops on The Charts being unable to outpeak Motivation


    SNL , High budget videos, 40 million followers

    Flops ??????????

  10. Nicky October 18, 2019

    Despite SNL promo, Easy currently fell out of iTunes top 40 already. How unfortunate !

    4 Buzz Singles y’all!

    The real lead single is coming!!!


  11. I love big black c** October 18, 2019

    Hot mess…. she never will be JLo, not even on shakira’s level. Zero talent, can’t dance can’t sing

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