Report: Beyonce Filming ‘Brown Skin Girl’ Music Video In London / Details Revealed

Published: Thursday 31st Oct 2019 by Sam

Beyonce has made stealth movements one of her trademarks, however it’s becoming clear that the Queen is cooking up something special for her recently released compilation project ‘The Gift.’

Unleashed as a companion piece to ‘The Lion King’ (the billion-dollar grossing flick, which she starred in as Nala), the set received praise aplenty for its rich embrace of Afrobeats.

Yet for all the love heaped on the LP, fans longed in earnest for visuals.

And, in recent weeks, multiple sources have revealed that she’s shot multiple videos.

Now, there’s info on the latest. Join us after the jump for details…

Word is that Mrs Carter is prepping the visual for ‘Brown Skin Girl.’

A source said to be close to production is quoted as telling Daily Mail:

“[She] wanted this video to truly represent the essence of the song.

She may refer to Naomi Campbell and Lupita Nyong’o in the track but she was keen to have normal people step forward and tell their stories.”

It’s claimed that several locations in Catford and Thamesmead have been picked, with members of Bey’s team spotted near the local HM Prison Thameside today (Oct 31st).

Per the report, the video’s casting call requested:

“Black and brown people of different cultures, nationalities, ethnicities, genders and ages’ all with backgrounds in London to step forward.”   

Additionally, different body shapes, ages, and family structures were sought – including “blended, single parent, queer and adopted.”


We’re ready!

We’re scratching our heads as to how she plans to roll this out. But that unpredictability is why we’re so excited.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Paulo October 31, 2019

    Why is she taking so long to release the videos? Must be a re-release/deluxe edition on the way ?

    • Meme October 31, 2019

      U know she’s the queen of re packaging chile

      • AJ October 31, 2019

        How b****?

  2. Are You Kidding Me? October 31, 2019

    Clarkson must be out tricking the trade to bottom for him to not be on here saying Beyonce will never get a #1 like Camilla and the the Mi Gente or whatever Spanish song that was, didn’t count despite all Camilla’s #1’s being features. But that’s none of my business.

    • Clarkson October 31, 2019

      Im not a top. Im a super fem bottom who loves taking multiple loads at the same time and getting fisted. I luv bukakee too. I love being submissive, especially to muscular black men with big pipes. I cant stand nappy headed dark women though. Yuck. Call me Madame slay! Beyonce is no Camilla. Aunt Beyonce can bow down to Queen Camilla who is young and beautiful not old like Beyonce. Both are legends but Queen Camilla is in her prime right now slaying the charts, the stage, and award shows. Beyonce might wish she was latina but Camilla really is latina. Camilla is all that.

      • BlueIvysAssistant October 31, 2019

        Camilla wishes she was an actual Queen. Her vocals are subpar and so is she.

      • Clarkson November 1, 2019

        this isnt me

        By now many of u should know my comments when u read them.

  3. Only facts October 31, 2019

    No shade, I live Beyonce, but why is she filming a video for this? Makes no sense

  4. Gavinluvsbeyonce October 31, 2019

    We shall be patient as The Legendary Icon Beyoncé Gifts ? us all with what we need ? “Brown Skin Girl” as wonderful as the song is, we need to be taught to love the skin we are in especially if it’s dark? Let a young girl (icon in the making) Blue Ivy demonstrate through music for our ears and behold the visuals for those hearing impaired. Not everyone can learn through hearing so let them see. Ultimately, the feeling of this music is what we are blessed to witness ?

  5. Dc October 31, 2019

    Why the buzz is dead n gone but ok lol

  6. Jungle Juice October 31, 2019

    Still gonna flop

    • Dc October 31, 2019

      Already flopped

  7. High Price October 31, 2019

    I’m a bit annoyed by this because I just want this “Lion King” era to be over. I’m ready for Yonce or hell, even Sasha at this point. ! Where is she?!?!

  8. Meme October 31, 2019

    Chile no one cares. The gift album was promising but it’s bin past now. People literally has forgotten this is even out.

  9. Danyboo October 31, 2019

    All I wanted today was Halloween pics of the royal fam.. we’ve heard this news already I’m not in another waiting mood why do she love for anxiety to be all over the place???

  10. Clarkson November 1, 2019

    She’s still trying? Bless her heart.

    The video will be hot for 1 week and after that everybody will forget about it and move on.

  11. Tyty November 1, 2019

    I really don’t think she is filming for the lion king album either its some tour promo s*** like she did last time for on the run. The singles are dead why would she film videos for them. Don’t nobody know what Beyoncé does but Beyoncé .

  12. Mario November 1, 2019

    This smart! Song submitted to Grammys. She’s known for a her visuals, so this will bring back Life into the project so when voting happens they will be familiar with the songs/project.

  13. Boss Up November 1, 2019


  14. Thanos of Titan November 2, 2019

    Why on this green Earth would she be wasting money on a video for this? Wouldn’t her coin be better served releasing new material far removed from the Lion King. It’s come and gone, let it go.

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