Normani Marvels With ‘Motivation’ Acoustic Performance At KIIS Jingle Ball [Video]

Published: Saturday 7th Dec 2019 by Sam

As moments go, few were as big or booming this year as Normani‘s ‘Motivation.’

Indeed, after nabbing a number of collaborative hits, the 23-year-old rode solo on the track – which, along with its must-see video – very much functioned as a breakout release for her.

Taking a brief break from working on her hotly anticipated album debut, the New Orleans blazed the stage at the KIIS Jingle Ball.

For a select few backstage, however, she also performed an acoustic version of her Billboard hit.

Watch (and hear) ‘Motivation’ in a brand new capacity after the jump…


That said, we’re ready for the new-new now.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Fanciest BISH December 7, 2019


  2. Maxx December 7, 2019

    I wish she would have sung it without the help of the actual song playing in the background…that would have been unique

    • Clarkso00n December 7, 2019

      We all know she cant carry a note.
      She needs a backing track if not she’s gonna sing of key.

  3. Clarkso00n December 7, 2019


    U call that vocals?

    Too much hype no substance.
    She is a dancer not a singer

    Camila will sing circles around her.

  4. ERIC December 7, 2019

    It’s not acoustic if electronic sound is used. I like Normani, but this was not good for her.

  5. Sweetnothings78 December 7, 2019

    Low budget.

    I don’t know her or this Camilla bird but neither have any charisma or longevity in them and forgettable music.

    Jeez musics landscape is a mess. The legends can’t even pull in decent numbers, Kanye is a certified nut yet gets the coins. Katy Perry is stringing singles like a daisy chain and there all boring. Lauren Hill rides on one album! Madonna needs to retire. James albums have one/two good songs. Missy is good but no one cares. Literally whether anyone likes it or not Taylor Swift/Adele/Drake are the only talent out there who pulls the numbers in and have talent!

    • ERIC December 7, 2019

      Taylor, Adele, and Drake who just got booed off stage?? Lol. Ok.

      • Sweetnothings78 December 7, 2019

        Hey I ain’t a fan just stating facts when her releases he kills it… was also someone else’s gig so not the entirely of the buying public (right yes).
        Still pulls the numbers in though and numbers speak for themselves.

  6. 2bad2bme December 7, 2019

    This my girl and I am most definitely rooting for her 100 percent but she has been acting as if she doesn’t have to do much to be seen. YOU ARE NOT A BEYONCE AND RIHANNA YET! You need to be really promoting yourself seriously before people are over you like June’s Diary!

    • Clarkso00n December 7, 2019

      Gurl speak the truth

      Normani was nominated for a soul train award for best dance performance for motivation and she didnt attend the award event.
      Apparently the soul train awards are beneath her.

      While other girls like ari Lennox, summer walker, h.e.r etc all attended .

      Normani think she’s beyonce but she will soon be humbled.

      This is what happens when u hyped an untapented dancer.

      • Sweetnothings78 December 7, 2019

        She’s not reading this blog. I doubt she will see this. She’s probably putting pen to paper in the hope she can write a song that serves some food for the soul and has staying power. It won’t happen.

        Her and Camilla will disappear in time. Then along With the rest of the girls in that band I Seriously cannot remember what they were called will reform and hope people will care. They won’t.

    • Angela D Wesley December 7, 2019

      You are lying June’s Diary is not over, they still out here promoting themselves just like Normani. If don’t like an artist don’t listen to their music or comment on their projectsu
      Some of you here people on sound so childish and silly areeging numbers and statics.

      • Angela D Wesley December 7, 2019

        (typos) I ment say arguing about statics , and I realize that I type u on the word projects.

      • Sweetnothings78 December 7, 2019

        Angela you killed your own post.

        I love all music as long as it has staying power and meaning.

        Happy Christmas and let’s hope to god there will be some good music served by these basic girls and boys from big bands (I doubt they will and will put £100 on them not doing this).

  7. JME December 7, 2019

    They could have kept that one

  8. I love big black c** December 7, 2019

    Too little too late, gurl should’ve done more promo/ performance after the VMA. Not enough of motivation!!!!!

    • Clarkso00n December 7, 2019

      Which other promo did she need?

      Every celebrity on Instagram and Twitter were posting about the song and video to their millions of followers.
      That is the best promo an artist can ever ask for

      Childish Gambino this is America had no promo, celebrities on Instagram and Twitter posted about the song and the song hit number one, and was nominated and won several Grammy awards.

      Go to YouTube and check out the number of views for motivation, 71 million, so low, for a song and video that was talked about by everybody on social media.

  9. Clarkso00n December 7, 2019

    Normani stop embarrassing ur self.

    U have no vocals.
    The public would soon find out that she’s all smoke and mirrors and hype with zero talent.

    Who would pay to see this trash.

    Atleast Camila has proven herself as a master vocalist.
    Camila sings in higher and lower register, falsetto. Etc

  10. Clarkso00n December 7, 2019

    These are the producers / writers normani is working with for her debut album

    Normani’s upcoming debut solo studio album has been confirmed to have songwriting and producing contributions from Pharrell Williams, Max Martin, Ilya Salmanzadeh, Savan Kotecha, Ariana Grande, Tayla Parx and Victoria Monét, alongside others.

    They are trying to make another Arianna Grande thank u next/ sweetener.

    Normani u will flop hard. They are using the same formula they used for arainna for u but what u dont know is, Arianna is a white woman, normani u are BLACK. This sound will never work for u.

    They are pouring money into normani and if they dont recoup their investment with profit normani will be thrown away. The white man dont f**** with his money.

    Which new pop star do u know worked with these top names in the business at the beginning of their career? None.

    Normani u are setting ur self up for failure.

    • You Tried December 7, 2019

      The crowd cheered louder for a Armani than Camila at Jingle Ball..this is in LA so you know who’s liked better

      • Clarkso00n December 7, 2019

        Nobody knew normani songs . The crowd was silence

        Everybody sang along to Camila number 1 classics havana and seniorita.
        Everybody knows the words to Havana and seniorita . The streaming numbers of both songs can testify to that. 1 billion streams each

        If normani is liked then why are her streaming numbers so low
        Why are her YouTube views so low

        Camila song shameless was a flop but the music video has more views tha normani motivation. ????
        After all the hype and free promo she got from 100 different celebrities.

      • You Tried December 7, 2019

        You don’t even live here in LA how would you know??

      • Clarkso00n December 7, 2019

        BÌTCH do u know what the internet is?

        I have seen clips on Instagram and Twitter and YouTube.

        Nobody knows normani or her songs. Everybody were quite as she was performing.

        Everybody sang along to Havana and seniorita., word for word.
        Both songs are already modern day classics.
        U cant fake this shìt.

        Normani is not a singer, shes an average dancer.
        Look at this video for example, she’s the worst singer ever. the people watching are not even hyped cause normani isnt doing anything impressive.

      • Normani. December 7, 2019

        i heard camilos numbers are low on spotify.. is that true clarkcoon?

  11. Johny5 December 7, 2019

    Which of your faves can sound just like the record or better? Love it

  12. Mira December 7, 2019

    I was more taken by the person tapping the drum than by the actual performance.

  13. AnonymousTruth December 8, 2019

    I mean if ur gonna perform a stripped down version of your song which only really Grabbed attention because of the choreo/video…then you better serve vocals . I don’t know how she gets away with serving these basic vocals .
    Why is nobody telling her to up her game .

    She talking bout she has so much more vocally to offer since not being in 5th Harmony… but she has had multiple opportunities now to deliver this with her first few solo singles/features. She is a joke.
    So we must wait for an album to hear her ‘sing sing’ … girl you gotta sing first so people are actually interested in hearing more.

  14. Buzz off December 9, 2019

    So many years she spent in fifth harmony and she still didn’t learn how to sing ??‍♂️
    This is shameful… The fact that Bey is Hyping her up.. she has no vocals..
    they best not waste their time.. might as well.. give the Torch to Dinah Jane Bey..
    Now she can really sing.. and she don’t need a million choreograph moves to blindfold the masses..when you have talent you have it.. s

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