Justin Bieber Readies Kehlani & Travis Scott Collaborations For New Album

Published: Friday 3rd Jan 2020 by David

Justin Bieber is to collaborate with Kelhani and Travis Scott on his new album.

Full story below….

The performer released the single ‘Yummy’ yesterday and is said to be be readying tracks with Kehlani and Travis Scott to support the album it comes from.

TMZ reports…

Sources close to JB tell us Travis ScottPost Malone and Kehlani are among the featured performers on his album … Bieber’s first since he released “Purpose” in 2015. We’re told Bieber plans to drop the album by March — his birthday month — and the tour starts in May.

There’s more.

For, he is also readying a tune with Post Malone.


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  1. Lil Jay January 3, 2020

    When healthy Lindsay has a commanding screen presence… when not healthy she has a commanding (& often embarrassing) screen presence. I’m happy to hear that she is healthy and

  2. Justme January 3, 2020

    Desperation.. he supposed to be huge.. why does he need “smaller ” acts

  3. Highbrowthis January 3, 2020

    It’s so interesting to see where culture has gone. I don’t think kids understand just how truly boss it is to have no features. There’s way more integrity having no features and real and true artist shine all on their own. I think if he truly wants to show maturity and growth than it would have been best for him to stand on his own. That’s a true king/icon move. The only respectable feature for him should be a duet if any not just grabbing a bunch of artist to further your own appeal. In a world full of Madonnas, be a Janet.

    • citygirl January 3, 2020

      YES JANET.

  4. J January 3, 2020

    A few more less lonely n?ggers will be featured! How pleasant. Hopefully he doesn’t kill them like he said he would when he was a teenager. ??‍♂️

  5. I love big black c** January 3, 2020

    Oh my my my Justina.., oh my my my

  6. MessyBoots January 3, 2020

    JB is currently one of the biggest cultural appropriators in musicalongside Post Malone.

    The collab w/ both Travis and Post will be massive streaming hits based on THEIR popularity not Justin.

    Everyone likes to claim payola for Cardi but I truly believe Justin is the REAL payola queen of the music industry. His success is all smoke and mirrors. I cant even imagine the budget he is being given for this new album rollout. But if an artist such as Chris Brown or even a Jacquees pit out the exact same music they wouldn’t even reach the bubbling under on the Hot 100.

    JB is merely a music industry hack/plant. Nothing he’s done in music has been authentic or real to him. He cant dance, cant sing live, cant write, cant speak in coherent thoughts, and cant make a classic album after 10 years of recording. ??‍♂️

    • Shayla Queen January 3, 2020

      Yet there isn’t any other male doing R&B/Pop as good as Justin

      • MessyBoots January 3, 2020

        That is an OPINION sweetheart.

        Ppl only like his music b/c it’s coming from HIM.

        He is a brand name only. It’s like buying Air Jordan’s. The shoe design could be ugly AF but they’re Air Jordans so ppl will buy them regardless. Same w/ a popular film franchise like Star Wars or Marvel.. even if they SUCK they will still do well because they have a built in audience.

        I view Justin and his mediocre pop music the same way. But of course, you’re entitled to think he’s the best thing in music.

        His lack a classic single/album has yet to be discovered after 10 years of releasing music speaks for itself. I mean even his older brother in white appropriation Justin Timberlake had released a classic or two (Cry Me A River/SexyBack) by his second album.

      • Shayla Queen January 3, 2020

        Honey, I hated Justin until Purpose came out and I still hate him as a person so don’t presume things, however, his newer music is the s***. Ain’t no Chris Brown releasing music of the same quality as Justin. Nowhere near. You saying he hasn’t released a classic is also an opinion, sweetheart. Don’t contradict yourself like you always do to fit whatever narrative you’re trying to spin at the time.

      • MessyBoots January 3, 2020

        My comment that JB has not a released a classic is not just opinion it is facts. No one is checking for JB except his fans. No one outside of his fans consider anything Justin has done as musically timeless. The general public does not care either. He just so happens to have a large fanbase on social media that stream and hype up his successful brand name. He is not a multi generational star.

        By the way, Im not disputing JB is one of the biggest pop stars releasing music today. I am simply asking where are his classic live performances, singles, albums, looks, dance moves, etc?

        Seriously.. what has he done in the last 10 years outside of Billboard chart success? How did he impact entertainment outside of being a popular teen idol?

        Is he celebrated for simply being Justin Bieber or is it something else I’m not seeing? Whst are his iconic live performances or when rid he dlay choreo and VOCALS… even Chris Brown has classics and unforgettable live stage moments. At least CB can dance and produce/write his own hits!

        What has JB done to really consider him the BEST pop/r&b performer since Purpose came out in 2015?!!!!

        I’m seriously asking… what does he influence, create, or do aside from being Justin Bieber?!

    • Jason January 3, 2020

      We basically got stuck with him because he was a cute white boy with average at best vocals. The Caucasian consumer loves to elevate this kind of thing as amazing. It’s pretty much why we get tons of bland artists, while vocal beasts are left working 9 to five jobs.

  7. Antincia foster January 3, 2020

    This would be awesome

  8. Are You Kidding Me? January 3, 2020

    2020 and a white guy named Justin is still using Black people to top the music charts smh I blame Usher for putting him on.

    Who is he trying to kid with that knife? Looking demonic and human sacrifice as heck.

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