Megan Thee Stallion & Normani Reveal ‘Diamonds’ Single Cover

Published: Wednesday 8th Jan 2020 by Sam

Megan Thee Stallion and Normani are set to heat up the 2020 music scene with hotly anticipated collaboration ‘Diamonds.’

The track, which is lifted from DC’s ‘Birds Of Prey’ soundtrack, is expected imminently.

And, after teasing the cut’s video, the pair have unwrapped its accompanying cover.

Check it out below…

Speaking on the duet, Hot Girl Meg said:

“I can’t wait for #birdsofprey to come out ! ???? “DIAMONDS” by thee hottie x @normani coming soon ???”

Normani added:

“I’m so hype for #birdsofprey to come out. finally got a chance to link with the trillest @theestallion hope y’all enjoy “DIAMONDS” coming soon.”

We’re loving this team-up on paper, so excited in earnest for the end-product.

Your thoughts?

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  1. only facts January 8, 2020

    Can we get a release date please? Who produced it? I’m ready, ladies.

  2. Paulo January 8, 2020

    HOT! ?

  3. Susan January 8, 2020

    No shade, but Meg is just not pretty in my opinion. She relies on her body could that face is giving me nothing but Doug and Counsin Skeeter. Sigh..

    I hope Meg is talking about more than cash and a** on this because that is not Normani’s lane.

    • TheTea January 8, 2020

      I beg you, post yo face here, via link so we can judge – or nah????????

    • Lanafan1 January 8, 2020

      You’re f****** insane! She’s completely stunning!

    • ME YOU US January 8, 2020

      This is continued hate of blk women..CLEARLY…

  4. Ugghh January 8, 2020

    I have a feeling they are releasing the song this Friday

    • TheTea January 8, 2020

      I hav a feelin dat STAFF WRITER ClarkShitttt is gon be runnin his mouth fo page clicks cussin out our beautiful dark skin sis Normani when dis track drops. Saddddddd payin’ some1 to pretend to be a site visitor dem.

      • Clarks0oñ January 8, 2020

        Blah blah blah.

  5. pat January 8, 2020

    im ready for this… i hope it bops

  6. Clarks0oñ January 8, 2020

    The hype around normani has died down

    Yall are no more hyping this chic cause u dont wanna be disappointed.

    Top 20 debut and after that it will fall off just like motivation.

    The charts are so competitive right now
    Roddy rich- the box
    Dance monkey
    The weeknd
    Harry styles

    Then u have old song like bad guy, senorita, old town road, that refused to die.

    • Paulo January 8, 2020

      If it debuts on the Top 20 it will have outcharted every solo single by Fake Romance so far. ?

      • Clarks0oñ January 8, 2020

        Liar -200 million streams
        Motivation-145 million streams

        Shameless -80 million views on YouTube
        Normani motivation- 78 million views on YouTube

        And u guys called motivation a “viral sensation ”
        Camila flops are more successful than normani’s biggest songs.


        And seniorita outcharted normani and meg entire discography.

        This is 2019 stop being a clown.

      • You Tried January 8, 2020

        Remover Clark the bot said My oh my was gonna storm the charts and go number 1? Lmao WRONG again

      • Paulo January 9, 2020

        Why are you bringing up streaming totals if you were talking about charts first? ? please change your username to Backpedals

      • Clarks0oñ January 9, 2020

        Dumb àss
        Comparing normani most successful song to Camila least successful songs.

        If u wanna compare Camila to trashmani, compare senorita and Havana.

        My comment still stands tho,
        Camila flops are more successful than normani biggest hits.
        Liar has more streams than motivation which is sad
        Liar video will eventually have more YouTube views than motivation
        Liar- 71 million
        Motivation- 78

        Liar is a short film that’s why it’s taking time, but it will still surpass motivation.

        Shameless has more YouTube views than motivation.
        And u guys called motivation a viral hit.

  7. Nicky January 8, 2020

    Another Hit by Normani


    No album out!

    How’s Camicky concert tix and solo songs doing. ???????

    Flopping. We love to see it. ????

    • Clarks0oñ January 8, 2020

      Another hit by normani


      But u guys said the same thing about bad to u and motivation

      Camila cabello liar – 200 million streams
      Normani motivation – 145 million streams

      Camila flop songs are more successful than normani’s biggest songs.

      Top 4 Spotify artists (monthly listeners):

      1️⃣ Ed Sheeran (65M)
      2️⃣ Ariana Grande (61.1M)
      3️⃣ Justin Bieber (60.4M)
      4️⃣ Camila Cabello (59.8M)
      134- normani.

      Ur faves is number 134. Lol

      • Jam January 9, 2020

        YUP, WITH NO ALBUM OUT and only a handful of singles connected to her name.

        This Camel stan continues to try to drag Normani lmaoooo.

        I think it is quite funny that you go out your way to hate on her, when the machine that is Camila failed to sell her album despite being one of the most listened to artists on spotify.

        I am sure, if streams did not exist, this would have sold like 20K pure album sales.

        Stay mad. The pre-teens are what carries Camila, you must be a miserable ole messy queen to spend all your time hyping up a girl that NOBODY on this site cares for.

        toodles 😉

      • Clarks0oñ January 9, 2020

        Camila album has 1.7 billion streams
        Sold 75k pure sales, u informed trash

        Normani is number 134 on spotify, if that does say FLOP I dont know what else does. After all the hype and free promo.

        Tones and I, has only 1 song, no hype, no free, promo, nothing and she topping charts around the world

        Normani album will flop, then this excuse of normani not having an album, yall will stop saying it.

  8. Clarks0oñ January 8, 2020

    .@Camila_Cabello has Three songs charting on this week’s Billboard Hot 100 chart!

    #11(+15) – Señorita

    #50(+12) – My Oh My

    #72(+28) – South of the Border


    South of the boarder is coming
    We love to see it.

    Seniorita doesn’t want to die
    We love to see it

    My oh my is coming
    We love to see it

    Meanwhile normani doesnt have any song on the billboard hot 100.

    • Lanafan1 January 8, 2020

      Literally, no one but you cares about Camila. Lol

    • Jam January 9, 2020

      Dancing with a stranger has outlasted Senorita technically in terms of weeks on the chart. Love lies slayed and stayed almost an entire year. Yet, you care Normani a flop. a mess

      • Clarks0oñ January 9, 2020

        Dancing with a stranger didnt hit number one
        Neither did it get nominated for a Grammy or have 1 billion streams on spotify
        Dancing with a stranger, only hit number one in Iceland, senorita hit number one in 40 different countries

        Dancing with a stranger didnt outlast senorita, dont be dumb.

        U are comparing a global smash to a song that peaked at number 7. Dont be dumb this is a new year.

  9. Dc January 8, 2020

    Looks cheap

    • Shayla Queen January 8, 2020

      Because they ain’t no Cardi! ??? They are cheap trash.

  10. Around the way filet January 8, 2020

    “Hotly anticipated” lol

  11. I love big black c** January 8, 2020

    Normani is just a Serena Williams clone. Go play some tennis gurl

    • Shayla Queen January 9, 2020

      Yep ????

    • Jam January 9, 2020

      chyle you Venus on one of her roughest days ever, if that.

  12. POPS Muva January 9, 2020

    Ya’ll will hate to see it but this will flop so hard and then you all will realize Normani won’t happen and Megan was left in the summer.

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