Chris Brown’s Lawyers Drop Him In The Middle Of Rape Case

Published: Tuesday 4th Feb 2020 by David

Chris Brown‘s lawyers have dropped him as the legal case over a rape said to have taken place in his home intensifies.

Full story below…

A young woman claims that Brown offered a party of drugs in his home shortly before she was attacked by Lowell Grissom Jr.

Chris denies any wrongdoing but has now discovered that the legal team he employed to represent him is stepping away from him because they say he has made it difficult for them to argue his case.

Over the past several months, Mr. Brown has not met his material obligations under the terms of our engagement letter, and has rendered it unreasonably difficult for Tarlow & Berk to carry out the representation effectively. Our relationship with Mr. Brown has come to a point where Tarlow & Brown and I can no longer adequately defend or represent him.


The ‘Wall to Wall‘ singer is yet to respond to the news publicly and was recently ordered to turn his phone over to the alleged victim because it may hold evidence which supports her claim.

The case is ongoing.


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  1. GG February 4, 2020

    At this point Chris it’s time to grow up and be a real man! You always getting in trouble due to your Entourage! Now it’s r***! That’s why your music stalled and everything! Move out of LA and reinvent yourself!!

    • No Glory February 6, 2020

      What does this have to do with someone LYING on hime about being r@p3d? That’s a big deal! Worry about that and not the adolescent sh1t he gets in, Save that for the appropriate post. @GG

  2. only facts February 4, 2020

    Yikes, I didn’t even know he was dealing with this. Absolutely disgusting. He is nothing but trouble. All of that talent, just wasted. Had he never messed up his image, I’m sure he would’ve performed at the super bowl by now, gotten several #1’s, etc etc. He could’ve been the biggest male star by now. Sigh…

    • TC February 4, 2020

      Yeah, his career will always have that glass ceiling due to his poor choices. The sad part about it is that he was poorly prepared for this industry. Once his labels saw he could be more than just a one hit wonder, his team should have made sure to get him the help he needed to endure fame.

      • No Glory February 6, 2020

        Last I checked the phrase “Glass ceiling” meant that someone would always make it close to the top and the glass would abruptly shatter. Being symbolic for their career never taking off. That being said, HOW? He has 7 gold/platinum albums. 7th most hot 100 songs on that charts with 97 of his songs hitting the hot 100. Has 1 grammy under his belt…. SEVERAL platinum selling singles. ..Currently the most successful RNB MALE artist of this generation. I mean I could go on but the point is that he definitely surpassed the glass ceiling in that retrospect.

  3. Sonia griffith February 5, 2020

    Well Chris brown r*** is no joke you are famous, you alway have your friends and they friends friends at your house so you do not know who is there to say you r*** them. They will plan and set you up just get money ? cause they see you and see dollar sign. Regarding your phone it today Technology You need to get a book write down all your phone numbers put all your pictures on a flash drive and anything that is important to and only any email addresses write them down. Chris Brown this is very important get a New Phone New Email Address and wipe your old phone back as factory do import any of your emails to that phone. Use your computer to check your email to see any things you may have under the emails.

    • No Glory February 6, 2020

      You are right he needs a new team

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