Camila Cabello Announces Postponement of ‘Romance Tour’

Published: Tuesday 24th Mar 2020 by Rashad

It’s true:  ‘Liar’ singer Camila Cabello is pushing back her highly anticipated ‘Romance’ tour.

Designed to support her sophomore album of the same name, the global jaunt – with European dates (click here to see) and North American dates (click here to see) announced – was set to kick off in the United Kingdom on June 1.

Now, weeks after production was paused on her forthcoming ‘Cinderella’ film due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Pop princess is seeing another of her ventures halted for that same reason.

Details inside:


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The announcement comes as little surprise.  Just two weeks ago, Live Nation revealed its intent to pause all of the tours on its roster due to coronavirus pandemic.  Originally announcing plans to re-evaluate the potential for restart by the top of April (as we reported here), as the disease outbreak has only worsened since then, shows scheduled for a late spring or early summer kickoff are now being pushed back to a yet-determined date.

Keep it locked to That Grape Juice for updated ‘Romance Tour’ information when it arrives.

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  1. Ughhh March 24, 2020

    She is probably jumping up and down and having a kiki with Shawndra about not having to cancels shows and be publicized for the lack of tickets sales.

    Good for you bîtch! Luck is on your side ???

    • Kisstt March 24, 2020


    • Only Facts March 24, 2020


    • JohnY March 25, 2020

      The shady part is the tour was about to be cancelled long before Miss Rona came along… Myself and everyone in the industry knows this #FACT.

      • Gworl Bye March 25, 2020

        Lmao exactly, Rona came right on time for her lol.

  2. Nicky March 24, 2020


    Another L

    • HavanaONana March 24, 2020

      Normani is cancelled even before c********** outbreak came
      Another L for Nicky and ONLYFARTS

      • Only Facts March 24, 2020

        Look at the sophomore albums of all the other pop girls. Camilas is the only one that suffered the sophomore slump in the past 5-10 years. Oh, and Meghan Thee Trainor lol. The sophomore album is what makes or breaks you…and clearly, this was a mess all the way around. Epic Records will give her third album the same attention they gave Meghan Trainors third album. Watch.

  3. Kisstt March 24, 2020

    Lmaooooo this rat is a joke

    • Lizzo & KFC March 24, 2020

      The GP love her and not your fave Normani.,sorry to say this. Camila is the true Superstar of Fifth Harmony and Normani is the dancer of Fifth harmony

      • Gworl Bye March 25, 2020

        Riiiiiight, thats why her tour is canceled, and her album & all her solo singles she released flopped, because the GP “loves” her. What a superstar.

  4. HavanaONana March 24, 2020

    Since the outbreak of the c********** disease at the end of 2019, more than 184,000 people have contracted the disease, resulting in more than 7,500 deaths according to the World Health Organization. As the disease continues to spread, live event organizers have been canceling or postponing large gatherings from technology conferences to major concerts.

    With the disease reaching more than 150 countries and every U.S. state, Billboard has compiled an ongoing list of major concerts and events that have been postponed or canceled due to the outbreak.

    Dua Lipa
    Josh Groban
    Pussycat Dolls
    Alicia Keys
    Camila Cabello
    Kelly Clarkson
    Shania Twain
    Foo Fighters

    All artist that are scheduled to have concerts in next 7 months are postponing their concerts due to restrictions and pandemic.. thank you

  5. Nicky March 24, 2020

    Perfect excuse to cancel tour. Poor Camicky!

    Many artists rescheduled. She doesn’t have new dates


    • Lizzo & KFC March 24, 2020

      Perfect excuse? Stop being a dummy and watch the news. There’s an international travel ban right now until further notice which may last for few weeks or months. Any artists cannot have any concert in US and international due to c********** pandemic and everyone including u has to stay home unless if working. Nevermind u are sti waiting that unemployment checks since three years ago. Lol

  6. Kisstt March 24, 2020

    The tours a straight up flop ?? she needs to cancel it all together like the world canceled on her album

    Hmmm Lets see shall we..

    OMG = FLOP!

    Crying in the club + HEAVY promo + numerous live performances + big budget video = MEGAFLOP

    Sangria wine + pharrel ft + heavy promo + Billboard performance = FLOP!

    Living proof + heavy promo + numerous live performances = FLOP!

    Liar + heavy promotion + big budget video = FLOP!

    Real friends + heavy promotion + swalee ft = FLOP!

    Easy + snl performance + heavy promo =!FLOP!

    Consequences + heavy promotion + AMA performance = FLOP!

    ????? the MAIN pop girls would never!!

    • HavanaONana March 24, 2020

      Nicky new username.
      Take an L

      • HavanaONana March 24, 2020

        Oh nevermind it sounds oblyfacts lol

      • Nicky March 24, 2020


        All those receipts

  7. Nicky March 24, 2020

    Weren’t they just announcing opening acts a week ago?

    The virus has been serious for quite some time


    Fake chick

    • Lizzo & KFC March 24, 2020

      Stay at home and stop spreading virus???

      • Only Facts March 24, 2020

        Clarkson, you’ve posted under every screen name except the Clarkson account on this post ? you’re exposing yourself you moron.

      • Kisstt March 24, 2020

        Lmao @ onlyfacts
        ??? icant

    • Only Facts March 24, 2020

      They sure were Nicky! They announced Kim Petras mid/late February. C******* has been an issue since November overseas, and that’s where her tour was set to begin. It’s a flop being disguised as a safety concern. ??? We all remember when HDD dragged Camila and this tour for being a flop back in December ? A kii

      • Nicky March 24, 2020


        I cannot ?????????

        Camicky is a sneaky rat

        Why are artists rescheduling and Camickys tour is cancelled indefinitely


        Camicky can’t afford to postpone. She’s a new artist. She’s not LadyGaga, Madonna, janet etc.

        MOM will be on deathbed by then. ???

        Bromance is already dead

        Another L for Camicky

      • Only Facts March 24, 2020

        Not on deathbed by then ????

  8. Klara N March 24, 2020

    Setting all the jokes and nonsense aside. With current pandemic of C***** virus especially in Europe, no one is allowed to travel internationally until further notice with the exceptions of military, health Care or politicians. Camila’s concert is like 80-90% sold out but it is not safe for any artist to continue on with concert. Her and her team will definitely reschedule it. Even the legendary Shania Twain and Metallica are postponing their concert.

    • Kisstt March 24, 2020

      Lmao, LIES.
      ??? that tours defiantly not “80-90” % sold out

      • Lizzo & KFC March 24, 2020

        @kisst, no one can have concert from now until next few months due to international travel shutdown. Did u see the news? Even locally, people are advised to stay at home unless working. Lol. Nevermind you are bored at home. ????

      • Kisstt March 24, 2020

        Or you could take yourself and your odd obsession with lizzo to another to commenters section and let my nuts dry ; )

      • Lizzo & KFC March 24, 2020

        Why what’s wrong if I Stan for LIZZO? She’s pretty and successful. Deal with it.

      • Gworl Bye March 25, 2020

        Lmao ok she tried it, 80 -90% empty is more accurate lmao.

    • Tori March 24, 2020

      Not being shady or funny, generally asking is there any receipts of her concert being 80-90% sold out? I know she’s pretty successful streaming wise but lacks with traditional or digital sale and the general public can do with or without. Not being funny, seriously asking.

      • Gworl Bye March 25, 2020

        No. Receipts don’t exist because its a lie, her tour was not even close to being a sellout.

    • Only Facts March 24, 2020

      You moron! If the tour was 80-90% sold out, Camila would’ve announced rescheduled UK dates like Dua Lipa did today. The tour is CANCELED! The tour was a flop from the day they announced it, and now they’re disguising it as a safety concern. THE ROMANCE TOUR WILL BE RESCHEDULED WHEN XTINA’S BIONIC TOUR IS RESCHEDULED! SIP THAT TEA ☕️

  9. Nicky March 24, 2020

    So fake!

    All this love. Blah blah

    Sweetheart you were posting racist memes a few years ago and it took you YEARS to apologize.

    Go suck a fat one , fake moose! Can’t stand fake b****** ?

    Karma is a B I T C H

    • Only Facts March 24, 2020

      Yasssssss Nicky!!

    • Kisstt March 24, 2020

      Ikr! I couldnt even keep reading that BS
      This chick is a racist fraud and the GP Just isn’t here for her

  10. IKNOWTHETRUTH March 24, 2020


    • NormaniLoveLies March 24, 2020


      @ikonwthetruth Clarkson, havanaonana, shaylaqueen and their legions are going to attack us. LOLLLLLL

      • Shayla Queen ? March 25, 2020

        B***** I got more important s*** to do during these times than argue with a bunch of clowns over your jealousy for a certified SUPERSTAR. So back it up höe!

    • Only Facts March 24, 2020

      Facts!!! Big facts!!! HDD confirmed the tour was a disaster back in December.

  11. Only Facts March 24, 2020

    Postponed? Lol girl it’s canceled.

    • Normani Love Lies March 24, 2020

      Preach it gurl, ????

  12. Realhousewives March 24, 2020

    “Pop princess” i think whoever meant royal fool instead..Fact of the matter is that this was inevitable.

  13. Clarks0o0ñ March 25, 2020

    The key word is POSTPONED

    They hate to see it dont they.

    More receipts to use in the future.

    Keep doing clownery, the clown is gonna back to bite.

    Receipts for the future

    Just like this one

    Only FactsMarch 12, 2020

    The girl has taken so many L’s this week. “My Oh My” being removed from some stations due to DaBaby’s alleged slapping incident, “My Oh My” falling down the charts, now her tour most likely being canceled (But, we all knew this would eventually happen…HitsDailyDouble exposed the tour as a flop last December). And she doesn’t even have her looks to fall back on.


    • Gworl Bye March 25, 2020

      Lmao its canceled sis. Stop.

  14. Beam Me Up Scotty March 25, 2020

    A WHOLE FLOP so early in her career. Gurl, hang it up, flatscreen.

    • HavanaONana March 25, 2020

      And her name is… Normugly????

  15. Normani The Flop Whisperer March 25, 2020

    Normani Mc Donald parking lot mini concert is postponed
    Normani Steamy Awards performance is postponed

    Tickets are non refundable. ?????

  16. Normani The Flop Whisperer March 25, 2020

    Normani three stans tryna get messy in March 2020 and try to come for more famous girl named Camila Cabello?…lmfao. what the fackk is happening lmao but lemme go stream Dancing with the Stranger cause it’s a good song and I ain’t heard it in a while. ???

    • HavanaONana March 25, 2020

      That’s exactly what ratchet and flop Normanly gets. All that slick talk and your career and single flops aka
      Bad to You

      Be humble.

      At least Camila has #1s singles, albums, and a second headliner tour. And also $20 million met worth and counting. Cashchinnggg

  17. Nicky March 25, 2020

    All these fake Camicky fan accounts ?

    poor Camicky. Didn’t even give fans rescheduled dates like other artists.

    That’s not a good sign. Awww. I’m so sorry Camicky fans

    • Normani The Flop Whisperer March 25, 2020

      Flopmaninandbher two Stan’s, hunty all that LOUD MOUTH you did on Twitter and interview against Camila lol. now look at what your career and singles look like you’re a whole flop you weak b**ch you will never make it.

    • Gworl Bye March 25, 2020

      LOL i know, its so pathetic its hilarious. Clinging to Normani as if that would erase camila’s entire FLOPPEDT sophomore era. Where was all this energy when her album tanked and her tickets didn’t sell? Lmao.

  18. Ratchetec March 25, 2020

    Camila we will wait for your tour. Love you queen

  19. Ratchetec March 25, 2020

    Camila is an incredible performer I will be waiting for the tour.

    • Gworl Bye March 25, 2020

      Lmao stop it clarksoon, camil is done, that tour aint gonna happen hon lmao.

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