Demi Lovato On #DemiLovatoIsOverParty: Cancel Culture ‘Doesn’t Affect Me Anymore’

Published: Friday 24th Apr 2020 by Rashad

Demi Lovato believes its time to cancel the concept of cancel culture, as revealed in a recent interview on Jameela Jamil‘s ‘I Weigh’ podcast.

Taking to the platform just a week after she made headlines for allegedly using a secret Instagram account to slam friend-turned-foe Selena Gomez (click here to read about that), Lovato addressed the massive fallout from the incident – #DemiLovatoisOverParty.

The hashtag swelled to over 100,000 tweets on Twitter Friday (April 17), prompting the GRAMMY winner to turn off comments on her social media handles.

Now, she’s speaking out about the backlash and weighing in on cancel culture at large.  Hear her comments inside:

“I’ve been cancelled so many times that I can’t count. The hashtag #Demiisoverparty, that whole thing doesn’t even affect me anymore. It’s not real. No one has ever been officially cancelled. Otherwise, certain people wouldn’t have GRAMMYs today.  Certain people wouldn’t have OSCARs and certain people wouldn’t be where they are in their positions.

Where is the forgiveness culture? If you have used up your second and third chances with a certain topic – you’re cancelled and you should stay cancelled. But, if you mess up, and you apologize and come forward and say you’ve learned from this, let that be an example for other people so they can change too. 

You can’t change unless you address what’s wrong…” – Demi Lovato


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  1. Bluebird April 24, 2020

    Demi has a GOOD voice when she is not SCREAMING over the track. Shes a MEAN GIRL. She has made comments – about every girl on the charts from Selena to Mariah. How about you STFU and make quality music and not Elevator TRASH or SCREAMING over a ballad trying to be Christina.

  2. Paulo April 24, 2020

    Demi is going nowhere. At the end of the day she has what her haters’ favs will never have, talent. Selessers should stop trying to cancel Demi and start campaigning for her big ass head to seek vocal coaching.

    • Only Facts April 24, 2020

      Hey Paulo! First, you know I love you so don’t take this as any disrespect to you ☺️ But where are Demi’s hits? She’s had less than 4 top ten hits I believe. Selena and Demi have the same fan base soooo how do you think Demi will survive being canceled by the core of her fan base? Where is “I love me” on the charts? Where is “anybody” on the charts? She’s a nasty person and she is her own worst enemy. If you’re going to okay the victim, at least be believable as the victim. This b**** is the aggressor in every situation. She’s mentally unstable. Every album is the “poor me” gimmick. She’s too old for that ?

      • Only Facts April 24, 2020

        Play the victim **

      • Carlitos April 24, 2020

        But where are your hits? Exactly!

      • Paulo April 24, 2020

        girl you had me typing essays here lol I had to delete it all cause it’s not that deep. we always disagree from a place of love, don’t worry about that <3 but at the end of the day, I wasn't debating chart hits, I was talking about talent. Demi still nabs plaques and certifications for all her eras, she has had #1 albums long before Selesser's team managed to jump on Rihanna and Lana Del Rey's bandwagons to create microwave hits for her short breath big head and that is that! I find it ironic whenever people call out Demi for playing victim for sympathy yet praise Selesser. The only time she did not rely on Bieber for a hit is when she fetishized The Weeknd. And it's even sadder that it was the only short time period she ever put out interesting stuff. Everything else is just bland self-help spoken word with gay club beats. Not here for it, never will be. I'd rather stick with Demi's imperfections as she navigates her talent and learns to elevate it.

  3. Only Facts April 24, 2020

    Sure, Jan. How about apologize to Selena you disgusting wh*re! You blame everyone else for your troubles yet YOU are the common denominator. Disgusting fat b****. I know of her ways personally living here in LA.

    • Paulo April 24, 2020

      baby it doesn’t make sense to call Demi out as an alleged bully and then body shame her. come on!

    • Bogus April 24, 2020

      I don’t think you live in LA cause you keep mentioning it…I line in LA too and?

      • Clarksooon April 24, 2020

        And your mom earning from pr ostituation koksucker

      • Only Facts April 24, 2020

        You think I’m giving you my address so you can pull up? Nah boo. Clearly we don’t run around the same circles because I here about all of these queens (Todrick and Doja are the worst of them). Most of LA knows how nasty Demi is behind the scenes. Remember when she punched a backup dancer and then brawled with the girl from twilight?

    • Bogus April 24, 2020


    • PinotNoir April 24, 2020

      She’s a fiery/dramatic Leo. ?

      • Paulo April 24, 2020

        Blame it on her Pisces rising.

  4. Haterz Gon‘ Hate April 24, 2020

    Yah, sure Demi. Welp. Let’s see how much it doesn’t affect you when your album shifts 7k SPS. She needs better management – he media ‘sound bites’ are just too obvious a play for publicity when she has some sub-par cat skinning ceremony of a vocal to inflict on the world. NO DEMI. JUST NO.

    • Susan April 24, 2020

      Management isn’t the issue – she is. Scooter Braun manages her, and her makes superstars (even though I don’t like his ass).

  5. Susan April 24, 2020

    Everyone who says they don’t care actually care. if they didn’t, they wouldn’t spend their breath for it. As for Demi, she should. She needs to learn the difference between being bullied on or being a bully herself as she is the one who can’t give Selena a break while Selena doesn’t say anything about her …. I feel Demi feels unloved and lonely and that’s why she does these things so she can get attention. She doesn’t care whether it’s bad or not. It’s actually sad but I bet my money on it this is reason

  6. BeyRihCi April 24, 2020

    “It doesn’t affect me anymore”

    As she logs on to her private IG to talk s#!t about anyone who’s ever said anything about her in the last 27 years that she doesn’t like…?????

  7. Britney and Madge ? April 24, 2020

    It’s really weird that she compares herself with people with Grammys or Oscars (she hasn’t even won a VMA…let alone a Grammy ?). This ? thinks she is so good. And the funny thing is she’s actually asking for a forgiveness, but she never really asked for that when she was insulting Taylor and Selena so publicly. She’s a BIG LIAR and her music is not good anymore, so, I think she’s really canceled. Sam Smith can’t save her! That career of yours has the ‘rona, Demi. It’s gone and not coming back.

    • Carlitos April 24, 2020

      She didn’t compare herself to people who have won Grammys or Oscars, you dumbass! She was making a point that those who have been so called “cancelled“ ARE STILL WINNING GRAMMYS AND OSCARS! It’s ALWAYS the haters who don’t have the comprehension to understand what they’re reading. ALWAYS.

  8. I love big black c** April 24, 2020

    R.I.P Demi Lovato. Ain’t nobody care bout yo seeking attention a-s-s. Too much drama too much bullls-h-i-t

  9. Jujumanji April 24, 2020

    What’s the problem with disliking people? If she doesn’t like Selena, so what? Demi has talent, all I care about is the music. People are too sensitive and fandoms are dumb.

  10. eric April 24, 2020

    This is the last article I’ll read about Demi until she takes responsibility. In the meantime, I’m deleting her music from my phone. I’m sick of her.

  11. mhmm April 24, 2020

    y’all wouldn’t be able to handle Prince, Michael Jackson, & Whitney if they had social media back then ?

    • Paulo April 24, 2020

      Thank you! I have a friend who’s a huge Xtina stan who used to say “she ain’t a dentist to earn her living from smiles” lol

    • Misty Knight April 24, 2020

      Whitney on social media would have been FEROCIOUS!

  12. #TheTruth April 24, 2020

    Clearly the girl won’t be remembered for her impact on music. She’s had a few hits but zero classic.

    But then on her personal level, she’s made her money and will continue living off of her passion. Or her placements if she’s been smart.

  13. Misty Knight April 24, 2020

    DoMe Clamato doesn’t even have a top 5 hit but she does have about five mental illnesses and disorders that she summons every time she needs some press. She’s exhausting.
    Equally tiresome Selena Ho-mess is running out of mental illnesses to exploit. Next up for her: “I have skid-marked panties, but it’s okay, I’m getting the help the need.”

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