Drake & The Weeknd Battle For Number One

Published: Wednesday 8th Apr 2020 by David

Drake and The Weeknd have their sights set on Billboard Hot 100 glory.

Full story below…

The entertainers are locked in to a chart battle now that Drake’s ‘Toosie Slide‘ is expected to dethrone The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights‘.

‘Toosie’ was launched in partnership with Tik Tok to capitalise on the rapper’s popularity on the platform and is enjoying a meteoric rise on thanks to the sales and streams it has garnered since its release.

Billboard explains…

“Toosie Slide” is currently headed toward wrapping its first seven days of availability with 20,000 sales, 45 million streams and a radio audience of possibly 20 million. Comparatively, “Blinding Lights” may close this current period with a much larger reach on radio—possibly as high as 95 million—but fewer sales and streams.

Hit this link to learn more about The Weeknd’s ‘After Hours’ campaign.

Who do you think will come out on top?

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ April 8, 2020

    Drake is gonna debut at number one.


    Artists with the most Hot 100 #1 hits since 2015:
    @theweeknd 5
    @Drake 5
    @justinbieber 5
    @PostMalone 4
    @iamcardib 3
    @taylorswift13 3
    @ArianaGrande 2
    @BrunoMars 2
    @Camila_Cabello 2
    @edsheeran 2
    @halsey 2
    @kendricklamar 2
    @trvisXX 2

    They hate to see it
    But they will deal.

    Where is normani
    Where is nicki
    Where is dua lipa queen of selling 18k pure sales

    Here comes the excuses,

    • Oh plz April 8, 2020

      This post is about 2 artists battling for a SOLO #1 on the hot 100. I needn’t go any further. The only reason MoM has risen to # 15 is because of the featured rapper (who is VERY popular right now). If that weren’t the case, CC’s parent album would also be seeing a bump on the BB 200. Spoiler: IT HASN’T. In fact, the album fell 8 spots to # 53. Now STFU you incorrigible troll.

      • Nicky April 8, 2020

        ???? Draggedddddd that Camicky the Clown nutjob

        Delusional as hell.

        Camicky does not have one solo hit to her name


        Tell her thank you to Kane Brown, Young Thug, Shawn, And Da baby


      • Clarks0o0ñ April 8, 2020

        Yes people are streaming my oh my because of dababy’s 30 seconds verse

        Da baby has only 1 top 10 hit ,suge, that peaked at number 7 while Camila has 2 number 1’s.

        My oh my is dababy highest charting single in the uk, canada and Australia, Ireland,

        U still didnt answer my question
        Where is normani on the billboard, spotify and iTunes 100?
        I want answers not excuses.

    • Clarks0o0ñ April 8, 2020

      You’re the same clown that said dua lipa was gonna sell 300k first week
      Remember this

      Oh plz
      March 30, 2020

      Thank you. Now maybe that insufferable CC troll will STFU. Also, see below:


      With hit single “Don’t Start Now” notching over 200m streams pre-release, expect the album to be at 250-300k in activity to date after its first week.

      Hold ur L

      • Clarks0o0ñ April 8, 2020

        No response as usual .

        Anytime I expose their clownery they keep quiet

        Ever since dua lipa sold 18k pure sale, @onlyflops has been avoiding me and staying clear of me.
        The bìtch has taken too many L

        Yall are clowns
        The opinions of a clown are invalid, they dont matter.

    • Lizzo & K.F.C. April 9, 2020

      Which song do you like better? Black Widow or Beg for It?

      • Fancy BISH April 9, 2020

        I ❤️ Beg For It! I was playing that bop the other day! ?

  2. Theman April 9, 2020

    Music has fallen completely off. Singers are making songs for apps just to get hits. No substance.

    • Musixxman April 9, 2020

      Toosie Slide is cheap and quick and for TikTok. Have no idea why he even released it like he needs another quick #1, or like he needs some exposure to keep his name out there – he always has a song on the charts no one’s missing him.

      I think it will go #1, the spotify numbers r good and steady and so are the sales – but who knows (Life is Good went #2 because it was behind the Box in streaming).

      Blinding lights is actually a song worthy of #1 so im not mad at it going #1 for another couple weeks. Drake needs to come back with a summer song in a couple months thats actually classed as the lead off his new album. Hes been releasing too many random songs and collabs with no direction its getting sloppy

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